Alicia Keys, Swizz Beatz Hope to Raise a Charitable Child

11/05/2011 at 02:00 PM ET
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It’s not surprising the son of Alicia Keys and mega producer Swizz Beatz would want to follow in their footsteps; It is surprising that Egypt Daoud is already on his way to being a musician and philanthropist.

“He’s on the drums,” Swizz, 33, told PEOPLE Thursday at Keep a Child Alive’s Black Ball, hosted by Keys, the organization’s global ambassador.

“He’s messing with the piano — [Alicia’s] practicing and he comes in and adds a couple keys. It’s fun.”

Although the proud father insists the couple would support any of 1-year-old Egypt’s future aspirations — musical or not — Swizz and Keys are more intent on raising a charitable child.

“For him to be able to see what happens in the world and be able to see different cultures and people and happenings — I think it opens your mind wide up,” says Keys, 30, who has included her son in her philanthropic work long before he was born.

“While I was [in Africa] shooting [a documentary for World AIDS Day], I was pregnant. It was so powerful being there … I thought to myself, ‘Wow, here he is experiencing this and he’s not even here yet,'” she recalls.

The songstress hopes Egypt will, one day, find his own cause to support.

“I think as a compassionate person, which I really want to teach him to be, you naturally want to lend and be a part of change,” Keys explains. “I know that naturally he’ll find the thing that he’s passionate about and wants to change.”

Part of grooming him to be giving is keeping the gifts in their house under control.

“His birthday came [last month] and there are like a hundred, billion, trillion thousand gifts,” she laughs. “That can’t happen for Christmas. I need to figure this out now because he’s not going to be this terror 5-year-old child [shouting], ‘Give me!'”

— Sabrina Ford

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KL on

Kudos to this couple for trying to raise a grounded child who understands the value of helping others!

BM on

Love her! She sounds like a great Mom, and it’s nice to see that they are raising him well. Good for Alicia and love and blessing to her family.

jenn on

It definately doesn’t count if hes in your stomach. he isn’t “experiencing” anything.

jenn on

can you be a compassionate person and a homewrecker at the same time? a compassionate husband stealing homewrecker?

Denise on

I love that idea. I’m inspired by another friend of mine who raised her kids not to buy them everything they wanted especially in the stores. Her children are so well behaved and they dont have a fit when they hear the word “No” They say “okay” There is a bigger world out there and if we saw just a glimpse of it we would take our lives for granted.

Julia on

Glad that she will teach her son charity. Hope she shows some kindness to his siblings. She sure did not show charity to the ex wife and children who were left behind as she builds a great new life.

Ashley on

Agreed KL! I’m not particularly fond of either of these people but I was aware that she does a lot of charity work and that should always be applauded so yay for them planning to raise a compassionate child!

Jane on

Horrible name, I hate fool parents that saddle a kid with a name they will always have problems with. All the nice names to name a boy and they name him the name of a Middle Eastern country, pathetic.

Nik on

I absolutely adore Alicia Keys as an artist and a humanitarian. Sounds like she’s an excellent mother as well.

Kevin on


Anonymous on

Amen, if everyone in the world had this attitude imagine how wonderful it would be.

Kat on

Alicia is so amazing and has the most kind and giving heart, there is no question that Egypt will follow in his mother’s chartiable ways. God Bless and good luck with keeping those present out of control!

Baby Libya on

I wonder when Baby Libya will be in Ez-lisha Key’s tummy?…

Wh’onces day home wrecker… all-wayz a homewrecker!


fatima on

Jane, you’re an ignorant bitch.

lillat on

This article is about the message she passes down to her son, not about her being a homewreaker. If how she got her husband bothers you then don’t read the article or listen to her music. I am a fan of hers and the things she is doing to help the world is awesome.

ladym on

I didn’t know anything about her (other than the obvious about her singing) and so I googled what you’re all talking about. I found an interview on his ex, Mashonda, and it is heartbreaking! (

I think it’s interesting how Alicia talks about wanting her son to be compassionate yet where was her compassion for Mashonda? Ouch! If you’re still a fan after what she did to this woman, that’s really sad. And you’re right, I won’t be clicking on anymore articles about her.

colleen on

why must people comment on the fidelity and circumstances of couples getting together….unless you were there and know the intimate details….keep you mouths shut….and why is the women always to blame…this is the guys third marriage and fourth kid….but you are all trashing Alicia!

Guest on

Charitable homewrecker? Sounds like a serious oxymoron. Hate her.

Kelly on

Umm I don’t know why people are saying that she broke up their marriage because I read that him and Mashoda divorced in 2008 and then this other woman had a baby, whom swiss beatz fathered and then in 2009 he started dating Alicia, so how would that make Alicia the home wrecker when the home was already wrecked by the woman who he fathered a child with before him and Alicia were even together?

Also, I am so against adultery it’s not even a joking matter but I also firmly believe that when people call the woman a home wrecker (which btw I just proved to be not true)and do not say a single thing in the comments about the man who committed the adultery (and fathered a baby before he knew Alicia) I think that says a whole lot about how society views adultery!

Kelly on

I am surprised at all the people who have said that Alicia broke up his marriage which I don’t believe is true because he fathered a child that was born a few months after him and his wife split up and then him and Alicia started dating the next year so how is that logical in a chronological sense?

Dangerousdebbie on

I agree with lallat, it is about the message she is teaching her son.

If you don’t know the story about how she got her husband then you should not judge. Everdently something was wrong with his marriage and that’s why he strayed. The saying goes; if you don’t take care of your man there’s always someone waiting in the wings. I am also a fan and I think Alicia is a beautiful person inside and out. I wish for nothing but the best for them and one more thing as far as the name that was they’re decision, no one can talk about what someone names they’re children, it is none of your business.

Lauren on

I think it’s refreshing that she’s trying to teach her child there is more to life than material things. She doesn’t want him growing up to be a brat that expects everything handed to him. This isn’t the time or place to speculate or comment on whatever happened between Alicia/Swizz/The Ex. None of us were there, and therefor cannot know the details. It seems there are always 3 sides to a story, Alicia, The Ex, and then the truth. If you don’t like her because of that situation, then don’t read articles and comment on it about how you can’t stand her. And as far as the little boy’s name, it’s her child, she can name him what she wants. Get over yourselves already.

Markita Shanay on

I luv Alicia & ALWAYZ will…… People be “HATING”. I think it’s a beautiful thing on how she’s raising her son. It definitely gave me something to think about because, I give, give, & give my son. I guess cause he’s the only child & I have no plans on birthing another so why NOT spoil him. I do understand Alicia message she’s sending & looking @ the bigger to life it’s NOT all about “giving”. Now as far as how she got w/ Beats & all that is NONE of OUR B.I. Honestly, people fall in & out of love all the time; I’m sure Mashonda will survive & move on. Who’s to say their relationship was “peaches” anyway. I mean, (honestly) it’s A. Keyz “if” my man left me for her then I’M RESPECT IT (fuck it). Alicia I will support you & your music REGARDLESS of what you do outside the studio, lol. Your a beautiful person (inside & outside). I’m sure your NOT worried about these ignorant ass comments cause, your money gone still grow with or without Beats…. FUCK ya HATERS, live your life & be happy for your BLESSINGS. **EXCUSE MY FRENCH but, ppl PISS ME OFF w/ the BS**

Markita Shanay on

Alicia I salute you & ow your raising your son….. You definitely changed my mind about just giving my son. As far as U & Beatz enjoy every moment of it. Regardless of how you got him, U got um. People leaving comments (hating)… Who ever said that him & Mashonda relationship was “peaches”, PLZ. If my man left me for Alicia Keyz then I would respect him. You are BEAUTIFUL (inside & outside) let them ignorance ROLL. Yall look good together anyway….NOT saying Mashonda was a bad batch but, she’ll be alrgt.

james on

How can she speak about compassion when she destroyed another woman’s home? She is so desperate that not only would she marry a man 3 times divorced with 3 other kids, but she would destroy another woman’s home to do so. Truly pathetic. In addition to compassion, she should try to get some SELF ESTEEM.

MollyF on

Colleen, people say these things, because they THINK they know these people and THINK they can comment on their lives, even though they only know what they read. they don’t know them personally.

Alicia Keyes is a beautiful singer and I’m not going to comment about what she might have done. Gossip only makes people ugly and commenting rudely about someone makes them look even uglier.

M-Dot on

Alicia should probably fall back from discussing compassion for a few yrs after the whole mistress-turned-wife scandal…but her baby is beautiful. BTW,I love the name Egypt…which is an AFRICAN country.

Anonymous on

I totally agree with her. A child does not need a million toys when there are children out there with no food never mind toys! For Christmas i told all the aunts and uncles please do not buy toys for my children, instead donate to sick kids hostpial. I know this sounds rude, but i told them all that all toys will be donated to Childrens Wish. Don’t get me wrong i am not going to take out all the fun out of Christmas for my kids. The only toys they will get are from “Santa”, Their Godparents and of course a gift from us their parents. three toys is more than enough! Good job Alicia!

Booo on


You’ve just given me more cause to bash her. This is his 3rd marriage and fourth child? If that’s true, I feel ill. Alicia is beautiful, talented, wealthy, famous…She’s been given things that others only dream of. And she chooses to share her life with this fool? He’s not on her level. He’s not even goodlooking. I could see if she ignored her brain upstairs for the one down below but I don’t see how anyone of her stature could look at him and do that.

I was a fan. If she came out with a decent song again, I’d listen. But her choice in life partner is severely disappointing and the fact that he was married with a child on the way before, makes it 10x worse. Didn’t he have IRS trouble, too, recently?

Sarah K. on

People trash Swizz when the article is about him, but Alicia is giving this interview. For the most part (on this site) people have dropped the comments about fidelity in Alicia posts, but this article is about being a good, compassionate person. A lot of people feel that Alicia has not demonstrated that in her own life. They made their issues very public (e.g. Mashonda’s public letter to Alicia). They were openly in a relationship before Swizz was divorced. They didn’t even try to hide it. So now they have to deal with the public response. I agree that we don’t know anything and shouldn’t assume, but they absolutely chose to go public with their lives.

This is a celebrity blog so people can read and comment on what they want. That being said, Fatima, it was completely unnecessary to call Jane a b*tch. Are you incapable of expressing an opinion without name-calling?

Jan on

Now somebody matters….but it takes two to cheat on JUST one person.

And make babys and run.

Megan on

Sarah K, it’s an interview with Swizz AND Alicia.

Sarah K. on

Megan, you’re right. My mistake.

Anita on

It really doesn’t surprise me that Alicia plans on raising her child to be compassionalte and charitable because she is a very beautiful and intelligent person who is very compassionate and charitable herself. There should be more parents like her, who are concerned with how their children will behave later. Seems a lot of parents today could care less as long as their children are not bothering them. Stick them in front of the TV, give them a video game, then they don’t bother with them anymore. It’s sad. I think Egypt is a very lucky child to have such a wonderful mother.

As far as the homewrecker name callers. You are very pathetic to believe everything you read. If you weren’t there, you have no right to assume anything. So the ex wrote her a nasty letter (along with bashing a party and publicly humiliating Alicia) and accused her of stealing her husband. Does that mean it’s true? I don’t think so. Right therer was another London female who had a child with Swizz before Alicia’s marriage. Also remember recently there was another woman who admitted to having an affair with Swizz during the Mashonda marriage. Leave Alicia alone. She’s just the one who could bring attention to Ms M. If all the other affairs were alright what gave Ms M the right to only pick on one woman who more than likely really came along after they separated? People can be so ignorant and cruel. Btw, Egypt is a beautiful name for a beautiful child.

Lina on

Hey Jane, racist much? What is wrong with the name Egypt, especially after the brave people of egypt overthrew a corrupt dictator i think it’s a great name I would be honored to have it! 🙂

reagan on

Alicia has always seemed like a down to earth artist and I’m sure she will raise her child in the same way. For those of you using this article to bash her as a man stealer, you need to get your facts straight. I don’t believe she was to blame for his last marriage to Mashonda to fall apart and yes I did read Mashonda’s interview and her side of things. She came off sounding completely pathetic. Swizz cheated on her, got someone else pregnant (not Alicia), she stressed and lost the kid so she has a lot of issues. “They” had a lot of issues before Alicia ever came around. No, I was not there nor am I an expert on what happened in this triangle. Mashonda was putting people on blast and giving interviews to Vibe. She told the whole world how she felt on Twitter. Alicia hasn’t spoken a single word to this day. I wish Alicia all the best.

Anita on

Alicia is a very beautiful person and good for her for thinking ahead. Many others should do the same and spend more time with their children and really try to influence them in a good way. She seems like a very sincere person. To me, she is one of the most charitable and compassionate celebrities. Yes, like everyone else I am aware of all the gossip, but I won’t stoop to believing everything I hear. Two sides to every story and some things are better left unsaid. Ex’s can usually be very manipulative and mean. I’m not even going there.

Lady on

GET OVER IT PEOPLE!!!!! Were you there, do you know what happened or do you automatically believe Moshonda? She’s not the most credible person – anyways, good for her…she looks gorgeous here too!

Monica on

Wow. I read that article with his ex wife and he sounds like a total loser. He fathered another child while he was married to her and then she lost her own baby because of the depression from it. So she really shouldn’t have been too surprised when he left her for another woman later on. But still he sounds like a total loser and I feel sorry for Alicia that she will probably end up left for another woman too. I’m glad she is raising a charitable child because he probably will grow up without his father around. Good luck to her!!

Joy on

will she raise a honest child? will she tell him how mommy dated daddy while he was married to someone else?

Layla on

Wow, so much anger toward Alicia, when it is Swizz (her husband) who constantly cheated on his wife Mashonda. Yes, he had baby with another woman (a random groupie no less) while married to her. Obviously, her marriage was in trouble for a while. She focuses a lot of her anger on Alicia, but her husband was no prize. A leopard does not change its spots. It’s only a matter of time before Alicia finds that out.

That said, they are now a family and are trying to do the best they can by their son and I respect that.

Momof3girls on

I think it’s great that they don’t want to raise a spoiled child who get everything he wants!!! As far as the homewrecker comments…you can’t take a man from a happy marriage or relationship!!! You know what else, none of you know the truth about their relationship so stop with your bashing and grow up!! This article was about how their raising their child, they weren’t giving relationship or marriage advice!!!

Tee on

Oh my word! I can’t believe that a commenter here actually said that they would “respect their man” if said man left her for this woman. And rest assured that’s not a slam against Alicia either… I would say this if it was any other woman! Lady, you need to get your priorities straight in a hurry!

Amanda on

I actually feel bad for Alicia and Egypt. He doesn’t have a good track record and cheaters cheat, that’s what they do. He’ll get bored and think he can get away with it and do it again. I can guarentee it. He should get a vasectomy so at least he doesn’t leave anymore children in his wake.

Serenity on

Hmmm…’terror five year old’….I wonder if she was insinuating anything about Swizz & Mashonda’s son. He just happens to be five, right?!

Anita on

Only if the shoe fits, but really I think it was a random remark.

Sasha on

I love them as a couple and now as parents. People need to stop criticizing their personal relationship and let it go. It is not up to us to call anybody a “homewrecker” when we are not sure of the actual circumstances of his previous marriage. Some people are just not meant to be together. If it wasn’t him ending up with Alicia, it would’ve been someone else. I’m assuming that all of you with negative comments have a perfect relationship, huh? Maybe you should write a book.

Anyway, kudos to Alicia & Swizz on their effort to raise a good son. Maybe that’s what some of you should dedicate your time to do, rather than bash someone’s relationship that has nothing to do with you.

Go raise your children.

KC on

First off people….NONE OF US KNOW THESE FOLKS! Stop judging stuff that you don’t anything about. There’s two sides to every story and I’m sure some of you have created messes in your own lives and relationships, so to get on here and talk crap about a relationship that you have no knowledge of is hypocritical!

Cecilia on

I don’t really follow celeb gossips, so I had to google what homewrecker ppl were talking about. It seemed like Alicia Keys’ husband did have an affair while he was married to his ex wife and had a child with his 3rd baby mama, but I don’t think he and Alicia Keys got together until he and his ex wife were separated. I’ve always liked Alicia Keys’ music, so I’m going to stick to being her music fan. I gotta say though… 4 children by 4 different women is a bit much.