Spotted: Victoria Beckham’s Galaxy Girl, Harper

11/04/2011 at 01:00 PM ET
Sidney Araujo/Startraks

The game must be good!

While Victoria Beckham keeps a watchful eye on her daughter Harper Seven, the almost 4-month-old’s focus was on the field — and on dad David! — during Thursday’s soccer match in Carson, Calif.

Also joining the mother-daughter duo? Pal Eva Longoria.

The actress took a turn holding the bright-eyed brunette as they watched the L.A. Galaxy play the N.Y. Red Bulls, which ended in a 2-1 win for the home team.

The Beckhams are also parents to sons Brooklyn Joseph, 12, Romeo James, 9, and Cruz David, 6½.

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Sidney Araujo/Startraks

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Sam on

Aww, such big big blue eyes and she looks like she’s really paying attention to someting. So glad they have a little girl too. Wonder if in 20 years she’ll be a soccor star? LOL

Y on

She’s cute. She looks like her brothers.

Elisa on

Oh my God, could she be more cute?

She looks like Cruz but cutier. She’s the most beautiful famous baby of the moment!

Sara on

I was so focused on the cuteness of Harper that it took me a minute to realize that Eva was holding her in the second picture! I love the bow headband.

Sarah K. on

I love how Victoria dresses Harper. It’s so classic and coordinated (I would expect nothing less). The boys were actually also at the game. Eva and Brooklyn were photographed together.

Brooke on

Her double chin and fat rolls!! Love it. She is a sweet baby girl.

me on

She looks just like her mama! Too cute:)

RealityCheck on

You all need to take off those rose-colored tints, that baby is NOT C**E!

afan on

Harper is such a beautiful baby. She looks like her mother more than anyone else. Wow, Victoria and Eva can pass for sisters – such a resemblance!!! All three are gorgeous and I think Harper is the cutest celeb baby!

Ashley on

Yeah kind of with you…although she seems to be her mother’s daughter in that she’s not smiling ;–)

jenny on

She is adorable! So sweet and snuggly.

Amy on

Aww!!! She is adorable! And I have to say that I love Posh’s hair longer.

Lillian on

Harper is getting so big! Look at those chubby cheeks!

Bree on

LOVE her expression the the first picture!! She is such a cutie!!

Seeing pictures like this makes me even more anxious for my due date to hurry up and get here or for my little girl decide to make an early appearance (I am due in three weeks, so close but so far away!!)

Tee on

My goodness, what sweet pictures! I didn’t realize how much Victoria and Eva look alike! I had to do a double take at the second shot. It’s nice to see Victoria’s friend enjoying some snuggle time with Harper!

Reality Check, I sincerely hope any children you have or will have in the future have a better attitude than you do.

Siera on

@RealityCheck. Wow…if you feel the need to post a comment to insult an innocent baby there is definitely something wrong with you.

meghan on


stacey on

oh my gosh, she is just delicious. SO CUTE!!! i love her hair. i think she looks like brooklyn.

Sarah S. on

Harper is so adorable–such kissable cheeks!!

RareGoldenEyes on

umm her eyes look dark not blue. Dark eyes can be nice too ya know! not just white people’s blue. people are being racist without even knowing it.

Hayley on

She might be the cutest baby (besides mine! 🙂 ), that I have ever seen!!!!

Maeve on

lol @RareGoldenEyes what are you talking about?? How is anyone in any of the comments being racist??

shes adorable! she has cheeks like my little girl, ones that you just want to kiss all day! 🙂

Reese on

RareGoldenEyes, going by your logic, it’s racist of you to assume that only white people have blue eyes, which they don’t.

Whitney on

Love this family! Huge LA Galaxy fan… What a cutie… As are all his kids. And so down to earth for being so famous and rich!

Debbie on

Harper is such a cute baby.

RareGoldenEyes: what is your comment supposed to be? Are you trying to instigate? There haven’t been comments even close to racist.

Sus on

Beautiful baby. 🙂

Cammy on

One word – CUTE!!!

Anonymous on

In the first picture, she reminds me a bit of Satayna Denisof when she was a baby! 🙂

Ali on

She is adorable! I think she looks so unlike all of her boys but I can see a lot more of Brooklyn in her then the others. Sooooooooooooo cute!

River on

I agree with raregoldeneyes. Where is anyone seeing blue eyes?! Her eyes are clearly dark brown. You can compliment a person’s eyes without calling them blue. Brown eyes are just as beautiful. People are so brainwashed.

Sam on

RareGoldenEyes – do not come here to play your little game. Go away and stay away until you can behave yourself and not run to your little ‘corner’ calling no fair. For shame. It’s people like YOU that are racist. Good bye.

A on

I have a question: why are middle names always so important to mention? Is that a US thing? Because where I live, middle names only appear on your passport and are almost never mentioned or known.

MariBee on

Truly adorable baby. Love the expression in the first pic – reminds me of the Gerber baby. 🙂

mks on

Harper’s a cutie. Love her expression in the first picture. RareGoldenEyes, I don’t think anyone was being racist as you said just because they said her eyes were blue. When someone has dark blue eyes, like I think Harper has, their eyes will appear dark without the blue really showing in pictures unless the picture is a close up of the person. Or at least that is the case with pictures of me and I have dark blue eyes.

No matter what color her eyes are, that doesn’t change the fact that she’s a cutie.

Dazzle on

awwww!She looks like Cruz and also so adorable baby girl 🙂

Lady on

Oh goodness she’s just too cute!

Brooklyn on

Adorable! And I agree that Victoria and Eva look so similar! Same hair and everything!

A. on

What an adorable chunky baby! Harper is precious. This site is always so full of trolls…

abc on

I know I’m gonna get bashed for saying this, but I don’t care: she’s not a pretty baby at all! Quite ugly, actually. Sorry, but I just had to speak my opinion since everyone else was lying through their teeth saying “she’s so cute!”

cara on

She is such a cutie !

suda on

Excuse an MD for saying this, but this child’s ears appear to be set very low. Combined with the age of the mother, this indicates problems in the child, more often than not.

Suda on

Excuse a doctor for saying this, but this child’s ears are set very low. Combined with the age of the mother, this indicates problems in the child, more often than not.

Ali on

abc, what a horrible thing to say!! I hope you never experience someone saying that about YOUR children.

minurse87 on

Suda, as an OB nurse, I find it hilarious that not even being a doctor, I can see nothing wrong with that baby’s features. The outer canthus of the eye is perfectly in line with the top of the ear. That’s a normal feature. You’re just being rude. Go back to your Caribbean school.

Mia on

I think she looks just like VB!

Amy on


I agree that Suda is trolling but I am appalled at you telling someone to go back to their “Caribbean school”!!

I am a white girl from Barbados (in the Caribbean…don’t know if YOUR school taught geography…) who went to school both there and in Canada. The education is far superior in any Caribbean school I have ever known.

I’d also like to mention that my island, which has only “Caribbean schools” (in case you failed to comprehend that fact), is ranked number 5 in the list of countries by literacy rate. Unless you live in Georgia, Cuba, Estonia, or Latvia I feel you should keep your ignorant comments to yourself and your amazing non-Caribbean schools. And if, by chance, you do happen to live in any of the above-mentioned countries (with literacy rates so high I seriously doubt it)…well, you’d still be wise to keep your comments to yourself.

On baby Harper… She is SWEET FUH DAYS!!! I think she favours Cruz. A beautiful little girl if I’ve ever seen one. Love her little clothes! She’s lucky to have 3 elder brothers to look out for her!!!


KRS on

I don’t know how anyone could say this baby is not cute….she is adorable! Makes me wonder what constitutes a pretty baby in their eyes. She is delicious from her hair to her delicate little eyebrows, her chubby cheeks to her button nose to her little chin. One of the prettiest babies I’ve seen in a long time!

Jillian on

Amy what does “she is sweet fuh days” mean?


Amy on


“Sweet Fuh Days!” is a Bajan expression meaning too sweet, wonderful, etc.