BumpWatch: Beyoncé – City Slicker

11/04/2011 at 03:00 PM ET
Dara Kushner/INF

It’s a white out!

An expectant Beyoncé — who is due in February — shows off her gleaming smile while running errands in New York on Thursday.

So who can the songstress, 30, thank for her stylish maternity wear? Sister Solange, who is already mom to son Daniel Julez, 7.

“We go shopping together. She’s getting bigger,” Solange told PEOPLE recently. “It’s so fun when you’re actually really showing and you’re able to showcase that.”

The baby will be the first for Beyoncé and husband Jay-Z.

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Fab on

Bey is beautiful…. **waiting** in 1…2…3… All the ignorant folks from http://www.sheaintpregnant.com about to pounce!!!!! Go Bey Goooooo!!!!!!

klutzy_girl on

Kelly Rowland let slip they’re having a girl!

Christina on

I’ve seen some other pics from this day and you can definitely see the bump when the shirt blows in close to her belly. I can’t believe people think she would actually fake a pregnancy. lol She’s glowing, her face is full, her boobs are huge. I know a pregnant lady when I see one. Can’t wait to see Baby Carter!

MollyF on

People who think she’s not pregnant hate her, plain and simple. I love her music, and so happy for her and Jay-Z. 🙂

Brooklyn Carter on

I’m not understanding y people think she’s faking as well..now I’ve never been pregnant but I do know that women carry different. Women who keep their bodies intact b4 pregnancies are bound to kind of stay “small” while they’re pregnant. Correct me of I’m wrong….OAN Kelly Rowland just told the world it’s a girl.


i like her and yes, i think she’s really pregnant. i just wanted to make a funny by saying she looks just like the dentist from the Rudolph Christmas movie on this pic 🙂

Niche on

…actually really showin…
Hmmm… Yeah, ok.

I’m more of a Solange fan than her sister but seriously, what’s up with that choice of words? And that interview was recent, the picture of the two of them was not.

Beyonce has lost a lot of respect from a lot of people for this stunt. I’ve never doubted her being pregnant but I have recognized the embellishing of her “bump”… Pathetic. Who does that? All attention isn’t good attention, dear. This type of foolery makes people question your um… Sanity.

J on

Fab why would you even bother bringing that up and posting a link unless you just want people to complain about it. Troll.

Christina on

Niche I’m questioning your sanity if you really think she’s embellishing her bump. Smh…

She’s preggers and looking fab! Get over it.

Shannon on


Tigerlee on

Embellishing her bump? Gotta love the obtuse haters.

Reese on

Molly F, just curious but how do people not believing her = they hate her? I fully believe she’s pregnant and due in February, as she has said, but if others are skeptical, it means they are skeptical.

Anonymous on

Beyonce looks great! I think she maybe DID enhance her bump a bit at the VMAS to make it more obvious for the announcement, but I don’t think she does that now. Interesting about Kelly Rowland’s slip. Hope Bey and Jay aren’t too upset about it!

Niche on

Beyonce has a huge fan base… Fans often turn a blind eye to things that are smack in front if their faces. Like I said, yes I believe she’s pregnant. But babies don’t grow in reverse, lol. If she wears or has worn a prosthetic “bump”, I guess she thinks it’s no different than those hip pads, but pads, and lacefronts.

Don’t be foolish, her VMA belly (orange dress) was wayyyyy bigger than she is now. Pregnancy is a joyous time, who wants to remember their pregnancy as a game of charades or now you see it, now you don’t?

Lady on

Just stunning, so happy for her & Jay!

First time Mom on

This is like when Mariah was pregnant, i was over hearing about it the minute it was announced. But I like her outfit

Anonymous on

Niche- Like I said, I think she DID enhance her bump at the VMAs to make it more prominent for the announcement, explaining why she suddenly looked so much smaller afterwards. However, that doesn’t mean she’s doing that now! It’s true that babies don’t grow in reverse, but it’s also true that pregnant bellies can appear to change size and shape from time to time.

Clothing, the way a woman is standing, and the angle a picture is taken at can all affect how big or small the belly appears to be. Also, babies move around and change position in the womb all the time (at least until the final couple of months, when they finally run out of room to do so!). That, too, can affect the shape and size of the mother’s belly. Perhaps Baby Girl Carter (assuming Kelly Rowland was telling the truth) already enjoys playing hide and seek with the paparazzi! 🙂

NickyAngel on

What bump?

Bc on

It looks like it’s going to be a girl.

Fab on

J…. STFU !!!!! The link is not a real link dufus!!!! It’s a joke!!! And I brought it up because I have freedom of speech.. Troll…. Look in the mirror.. There u are…. Name calling isn’t cute!!!! again…. Go Bey GOoooooo!!!!!!!!

Jillian on

Freedom of speech is great! And all of those that think she is wearing a fake bump can say it! Loud as they want and as much as they want! Doesn’t mean I don’t like her. I just question what she is doing. So many of you say that we are wrong….have no proof. Maybe you are the wrong one! None of us know for sure.


Indira on

Mary or Jillian?