Spotted: Ali Larter and Her Playdate Pal

11/04/2011 at 11:00 AM ET

Mommy and me!

Ali Larter takes her 10-month-old son, Theodore Hayes, to an infant play class on Wednesday in Brentwood, Calif.

“I’m never going to be one of those moms that puts hand sanitizer all over my kid,” the actress, 35, told PEOPLE earlier this week.

“I mean, hopefully, heโ€™s going to be dirty in the playground or in the streams, hiking in the mountains. I want him to always be a child of nature.”

Teddy is Larter’s only child with husband Hayes MacArthur, whom she wed in August 2009 in Maine.

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stephanie on

Ali looks different with short hair in pic with her child.How could you leave the house without putting your son shoes on and bring the stroller he looks heavy.

Amy on

I have to say I’m not loving her hair in this pic – although it may just be the picture. I do realize it is probably 100 times easier to manage with a baby, though!

Bree on

Stephanie why does it matter if he is wearing shoes or not?? And more to the point how do you know she didn’t put shoes on him and he took them off?? When I was that age my mom could not keep a pair of shoes on me for more than 5 minutes. And why shouldn’t she carry him, who is she hurting?

Scary how judgmental people are!!

Theodore is such a cutie, love seeing pictures of him ๐Ÿ™‚

Kat on

Stephanie, she is sleeveless so it is probably not too chilly. My daughter around that age refused shoes, and she was quite skilled at getting them off. Unless it is freezing out, let the little one his freedom.

bones_addict on

Aaawe his little face is scrunched up. He’s a few seconds away from a meltdown

Siera on

@stephanie. Wow, some people really do feel the need to nitpick and criticize every little detail of a picture. In case you don’t know, most infants tend to kick shoes off or lose them because they don’t like them or are uncomfortable in them.

Second, if you took the time to read the article, it says she was taking him to an infant play class. They could have very well been walking to the car, or even walking a few steps to the place where the class was.

KLS on

LOL, he looks like a little fat old man!!!

Sarah K. on

Why would they need shoes and a stroller? Clearly Ali can carry him.

Bones, I was thinking the same thing. He is getting ready to cry his eyes out ๐Ÿ™‚

RKF on

I love her, but a pet peeve is when parents don’t put shoes on their children, particularly babies (please spare me the excuses, posters, as there is no excuse for a baby to not have socks and/or shoes on.) Do adults go out in public without shoes on? Then why should children? It’s so tacky.

ClaireSamsmom on

I love Ali’s shorter hair! Looks so good on her! What a cute little guy, too!

Catca on


The purpose of shoes is protection from the environment. Most babies are not walking yet at that age so he probably isn’t walking on a sidewalk, at the park, etc. and at home, the best way for him to learn to walk is barefoot. I also think Ali looks beautiful with her hair short. Teddy is a total cutie!

Sandra on

Teddy reminds me of a little boy, Adam, I used to babysit. They are both so chubby and gorgeous. I ADORE this family – wish they would have more babies.

I actually like this haircut on Ali; it makes her look fresh and young. And just have to say this again – Teddy is MY favourite celeb-baby. Just gorgeous ๐Ÿ™‚

Bree on

@RKF Adults don’t go out without shoes because they are walking for themselves, not being carried or pushed in a stroller.

And like so many people have already said, most babies kick off their shoes and socks so unless it is too cold out I know of alot of parents who figure it is not worth chasing the shoes and socks around and let their kids go without until they start walking. I really hope you never have kids because you are in for a big wake-up call when you do!!

RKF on

So, your lame excuse is that the child isn’t walking, so therefore they don’t need shoes or socks? Or that a parent is too lazy to fully clothe their child… I don’t see the logic. I was stating a personal (non-threatening) pet peeve of mine, and whether you agree/disagree is no reason to proclaim to a person they “shouldn’t have children.” If you are a parent, you should be ashamed of yourself.

Sasha on

I really like her hair, it’s youthful. She is in awesome shape!!

Karah on

He is so cute!!

Most babies don’t like shoes and if it’s not cold then why does it matter? He is to young to walk so it’s pretty much pointless. Besides that there has been a lot of research supporting the fact that babies who walk barefoot do better then those wearing shoes and it’s better for foot development. When my kids start walking up until age 2 or so we only put them in leather soled shoes then in extremely flexible soled shoes. If we are in an area where it’s ok to go barefoot like the grass in the park, our yard or the beach they do.

Oh and my three kids have sat in a stroller maybe five times between them. There isn’t anything wrong with that.

Sus on

Love her “mom cut”. ๐Ÿ™‚

ForeverMoore on

@RKF – wow, you are getting so riled up over shoes/socks…what if it happens to be hot outside? The poor kid has to suffer because he has to be “fully dressed” in your eyes? We had a few hots days this week in So Cal and I had flip flops on because there was no way that I was about to wear shoes/socks. I think calling it tacky and lazy is a bit extreme. You must be of the old-fashioned persuasion, which is your prerogative of course.

Sarah K. on

RFK, we wear shoes to protect our feet when we walk. Theo is not walking and therefore, he does not need shoes. It’s really that simple.

Anonymous on

RKF- How do you know Teddy didn’t kick his shoes and socks off right before this picture was taken?

Bree on

@RFK you called a total stranger tacky not to mention any and all parents that do not feel the need to fight with their kids who do not need shoes at that age, how is that not an attack and threatening, you basically called out every single parent that doesn’t agree with you, and took it a step further by calling all said parents lazy.

I am a parent and I have no intention of fighting my newborn daughter on wearing shoes and playing chase the shoe and chase the sock all day as I have seen so many parents do. It is not about being lazy or not caring about your child it is about being realistic. When you have a baby you are way more worried about making sure they are in a clean dry diaper and clean clothes to worry about chasing shoes and socks which at that age are 100% for appearance. Many children go so far as to cry when they have to wear shoes and socks, what kind of parent is going to force their child to wear something they don’t want to when it is completely unnecessary.

And further more all I did was use a fairly common expression to tell you that if you hold yourself and your babies to the standard of always wearing shoes while out in public you are screwed, I have seen countless people use the exact same expression on this site, including someone with the exact same name as you. Telling someone, a total stranger, that they should be ashamed of themselves if they are a parent is very low and very uncalled and speaks volumes about the type of person you are.

eyeswideshut on

I love the comments here. I was sure there would be a lot of mums getting upset at her comments about not wanting to be one of those mums who uses hand sanitiser. But no, the upset people are upset over the lack of visible shoes. Well done ladies!

jone on

@RKF – no excuse for no socks or shoes? babies kick them off constantly. I dont know how many times my daughter would reach down at that age and pull shoes and socks right off. And my last child pretty much refused to keep shoes and socks on. She loved to be barefoot. babies are not adults, and should not be compared to adults. Adults also dont burst out crying in the middle of a restaurant and throw their food on the floor, but babies do.

Anonymous on

LOL @ Stephanie. No seriously peeps, just don’t react to silly posts like that. It’s what they feed off. They probably wont read responses because they just type things like that to get a rise- and it works!

If he looks heavy, “stephanie” would have a field day with my beefy “little” man!

Bugsmum on

Hehe I was thinking the same thing eyeswideshut!!!

ari on

Very cute, that shorter hair. I think it is very flattering on her.