Spotted: Pink and Her Shady Little Lady

11/03/2011 at 08:00 AM ET
TC/Splash News Online

California girls!

Back out West after a month spent in New York City, Pink and her rock ‘n roll mini-me, 5-month-old Willow Sage, keep it cool during a sunny day of errands on Tuesday in Malibu, Calif.

“She was in the frank breech position, which is head up with her legs up by her head in a pike position. We tried everything to turn her around,” the singer, 32, told PEOPLE of her daughter’s unplanned delivery by c-section.

“Turns out this little girl had other plans — she is my daughter, after all.”

Willow is the first child for Pink and husband Carey Hart.

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Amy on

OMG those little sunglasses are adorable!!!

Shawna on

Adorable but that baby should have a light sun hat on her head.

gaga on

how cute ❤ ❤

mm on

OMG cuuuuute! Pink looks so happy! They both look adorable!!

mm on

@Shawna lol give her a break! it’s just a short walk to her car and the baby won’t get sunstroke within that time.

J on

Oh no, no sun hat???? WHAT?? That baby is doomed! (rolls eyes)

Cassie on

TOO CUTE! And Pink is looking great herself!

It always amazes me the people that put in their 2 cents on how others should raise their children. I doubt they appreciate the reciprocation.

clara on

I think a little vitamin D is great for babies! I hate to sound like a complainer too, but why do celebs always have baby bjorns? They are so uncool & uncomfortable compared to becos & ergos, bamberoos & bobas! If I was a celeb I would have a carrier to match every outfit 🙂

Bridget on

I just love her and her little lady. My son was also in the frank breech position, we didn’t try to turn him though. He ended up being a pretty big baby and the doc said that he wouldn’t have turned even if we tried.

ELO on

What a little cutie. I just love this mommie/daughter duo.

Brooklyn on

Aw, those little sunglasses Willow has on are too cute! Perfect size for her face!

Mrs. J on

I really wish she would look into a better carrier that is not a crotch dangler!

Siera on

Why is it that on every article where a parent is carrying their baby in a bjorn, the critical comments come out? Geez people like to nitpick at every little detail.

Lucy R on

Mrs.J, I thought the same thing. I’m actually surprised that she’s using the Bjorn, since she has an Ergo.

carla on

If she has an Ergo but obviously chooses to use the Bjorn perhaps it is the Bjorn that is better suited for her and her child. I for one did not like the Ergo, too bulky and my baby was never comfortable in it.

JMO on

I love little Willow Sage. She’s so cute!

Shannon on

Where did those baby sunglasses come from? Too cute!

JCool on

She looks fabulous and the baby is adorable. Pink is refreshingly authentic. Love this.

Jacqui on

Those of you who regularly comment on this site and criticize the Bjorn are just parroting something you heard or read somewhere. There is absolutely NO hard evidence to suggest there is anything wrong with the Baby Bjorn carrier. To suggest otherwise is pure ignorance. And if you’re going to post a link to that old, ridiculous theoretical paper that ONE PERSON put out there a number of years ago to counter what I’m saying, don’t bother. It’s NOT scientific and proves nothing. if you can actually provide hard, scientific evidence, then please do — I will eat my words and apologize. Otherwise, stop making false statements.

MiB on

Maybe Willow prefers facing forwards? Can’t do that in an ergo or beco.

Kelly on

Thanks Mrs. J for the huge laugh at “crotch dangler”. Congrats to Pink and Carey, she looks like a happy and loved little bebbe.

Ebenezer on

Willow Hart. Cutest. Name. Ever.

Hea on

While everyone is nitpicking I feel like adding my two cents of complaining. It’s BabyBjörn, not Baby Bjorn.

Mrs. J on

I have done my research and the damage these carriers can do to their spines is something I would not chance with my babies! I don’t need to come out and prove it to some strangers it is what it is. And to the PP that said you can’t face outwards in an ergo or a beco…actually you can if you own a Beco Gemini. It sits baby ergonomically even when facing out, however it is good to limit their time facing out as to avoid over stimulation.

Mrs. J on

Oh and I just want to add that I LOVE Pink and I was actually kinda proud that she has an Ergo. I am sure once she realizes how uncomfortable the BabyBjörn is she will go back to using the Ergo!!

N on

Avoid “over-stimulation”? Oh boy.

Sandy on

some of these comments- whew!!! I’m sure both carriers work just fine. And unless she is walking 50 miles, I doubt willow will be over stimulated!! lol

love Pink and she sure is looking great! that baby weight is falling off, that’s for sure. willow is a beautiful little girl.

Sandy on

by the way, have you seen how the baby is pressed against the parents back with the beco gemini? the baby’s poor legs are so far apart that to me it seems like it would do damage to the hip joints! I would much rather have my child forward like this with the legs down in a normal position!