Beyoncé Gets Maternity Fashion Advice from Sister Solange

11/03/2011 at 10:00 AM ET
Justin Campbell/Startracks

It’s no secret that Beyoncé Knowles and sister Solange are super close.

And now that the singer is a mom-to-be, she’s looking to her younger sibling, who is mom to 7-year-old son Daniel Julez, for all kinds of pregnancy and parenting advice — including what to wear while expecting.

“I go straight to and I copy and paste URLs and send them her way,” Solange, 25, told recently.

“We also go shopping together. She’s getting bigger. It’s so fun when you’re actually really showing and you’re able to showcase that.”

So has pending motherhood changed Beyoncé’s signature sexy look at all?

“Her style is the same,” her sister, pictured here Sept. 13, assures. “Wonderfully glamorous.”

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Kes on

She asks for maternity fashion from a clown?

Chase on

Kes that is too funny! LOL, I totally agree. Thanks for the laugh.

Lulu on

Whatever. Solange is the bomb dot com, and way more original than Beyonce will ever be.

Romy on

I think that gold dress was J Crew, but it looks like Blanche from the Golden Girls on her.

Mommyfresh on

@ Kes-that is so funny an unfortunately so true! Seems as if Solange tries to separate herself and stand out on her own. Beyonce usually looks beautiful, but sometimes she looks a little whacky too! I hope she has a great pregnancy.

tlc on

Is this a recent photo or an archived one? Once again, her bump is barely there. Is she wearing a girdle or binding it up???

THe last photo, her bump was quite large and very visible..this dress should show that.

I agree and LOL at the poster who said her sister looks like a clown…it’s the hair no doubt! LOL!

LPW on

I’m just glad these two are still close.

Margaux on

I don’t think Solange is a “clown”, just being natural. Gotta love her hair, though!

Karen on

Why does Beyonce’s belly keep getting smaller? It looks smaller than it did last month! And I can’t stand Solange… did you ever see the televised interview where she gets all snotty with the interviewer about something and she is dead wrong about what she is saying?

alexanne lambert on

That picture is from early september so that’s why her belly is small!

as for the pictures with the red coat, if you go on another site showing more than 1 picture, you can see it’s just the angle of the photo posted on cbb that makes her belly look small…

there’s also pictures of her with a blue coat that shows a definitely there growing belly 🙂

maybe cbb should just stop choosing to post pictures with a bad angle that fuel rumors.

cris on

Oops, it appears Beyonce put the wrong size bump on!

Shannon on

Is that a recent pic?

Solange is very beautiful and talented in her own right. Let both sisters be great! 🙂

Maggie on

It’s so sad to me how reading comprehension seems lost on so many of you. Hint, the answer to your question is in the post.

Crystal on

I am a HUGE fan of Beyonce and I am deeply saddened by the horrible comments people are making regarding her pregnancy. This is one of the happiest times in her life yet JEALOUS people try to steal her joy and thunder. Does it really matter that her belly keeps changing. Maybe if would post RECENT pictures on here then the naysayers would SHUT THE HELL UP!

Chris on

This picture is at least a month old you guys.

tlc on

Sorry, Crystal, no jealousy here. I have children and a fufulling life, I am not jealous of Beyonce one bit. I just think it’s odd that her belly is so many different sizes in so many photos. Nothing to be jealous of if she is, allegedly, faking a pregnancy and too ashamed to admit it if she is using a surrogate. But hey, her life….however, she is in the public eye like everyone else and is open to critiscm just like every other celeb.

Nobody who asked if the photo was recent (and nothing wrong with my reading comprehension thank you, I didn’t see the last sentence) was snarky about it..we were just asking.

But hey, you go on with your bad ass self girl…

Fab on

Once again all the Stooooooopid people on here… Her belly is”getting small” ???? Really dumb ass’s this is an old photo!!!!! AND…. Check out pics of other preggo celebs they dont always LOOK as big in some photos as others.. Depends on angles and clothing!!!! Damn y’all are!!!!!

Leigh on

Can you, the cbb not do something about the “strong” language on this site?????

Anonymous on

Maggie- I’m not entirely sure, but I don’t think the part about the picture being from early September was in the post initially. PEOPLE probably added it after seeing all the comments wondering if it was old or not.

Jillian on

So if I don’t think she is pregnant I am jealous and a hater?? Hilarious!! You people are a joke.


Crystal on

No Mary/Jillian. It doesn’t make you jealous or a hater. It makes you an idiot! 🙂

M-Dot on

Love Solange! She’s pretty and very much herself, which I appreciate.