Jared Padalecki: We’re Having a Boy!

11/02/2011 at 04:00 PM ET
Tony DiMaio/Startraks

No Supernatural powers here: Jared Padalecki had his bets on a baby girl!

However, the actor and wife Genevieve Cortese will be welcoming a son when their first child arrives in March.

“I originally had the intuition that it would be a girl — shows what I know!” Padalecki, 29, tells Tonic.com.

“I grew up in a family where the oldest sibling was a boy and I appreciated the extra guidance and protection.”

But while the couple are thrilled to be expecting a son, Padalecki admits a preference for baby’s gender was never a priority.

“As cheesy as it sounds, I really want, and wanted, nothing more than a healthy baby,” he says.

As they await the arrival of their firstborn, Padalecki and Cortese, 30, have been burying themselves in parenting books — which comes as no surprise, according to the dad-to-be.

“With Gen being an English major, and me being the son of an English major, and both of us loving to read, we have taken to reading all of the books that we can,” he shares.

Among those stacks of literature? Baby name books.

“We’ve thrown around countless names, probably every one in the books and a few that we kind of made up,” Padalecki reveals. “But we both agree that we’d like to meet our child before we decide [on] a name.”

Following their pregnancy announcement, both Padalecki and Cortese were showered with support from their fans. And while many planned to send gifts for the newest member of the actor’s family, the couple have requested that the presents be passed along to St. Jude Children’s Hospital.

“The outcry of love and support, by way of Twitter, that we received … was so moving and touching that we were once again reminded of how blessed and fortunate we have been,” he explains.Β “We thought it might be a great opportunity to give back by having those gifts go to a charity that we’ve supported.”

Padalecki will Tweet one lucky fan who makes a donation to St. Jude. To find out how to get him to Tweet you, read the couple’s complete interview.

— Anya Leon

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klutzy_girl on

Aw, so sweet! Can’t wait to hear Padababy’s name! (And I’m wondering if he’ll be born on Jensen’s birthday)

Love these two so much, and absolutely cannot wait for SPN on Friday. This season has been amazing.

Harley on

Aw!! A little boy! That kids hair is going to be amazing, just sayin’.

I love that they are asking for gifts to be sent to St. Jude’s – such an amazing charity/organization! Such big hearts those two have; it makes me like them even more.

Vicki on

These two are a class act. How awesome to want to help others…I’m so impressed with these two.

Ozzie on

Happy for Jared and Genevieve.

ImpalaGirl on

Jensen is better. I wish it were him and Danneel having a baby. Or Misha and Vicki having another baby. All this excitement is kind of wasted on Jared and Gen because nobody really cares about them. So sad.

Nikki on

@ImpalaGirl Pretty rude comment. After meeting both Jensen & Jared in person I can vouch that they are BOTH very sweet, funny guys and they are equally entertaining! I wish Jared & Gen all the best.

Miffy on

A boy provides extra “guidance and protection”? How sexist.

JC on

ImpalaGirl you must be a very pathetic and sad person. I pity you. That comment was totally uncalled for and I hope People removes it. Grow up!

TheSparklingDiamond on


Please stop spreading your hate, it’s bad enough that you do it on Twitter and Tumblr now you are doing it here…what do you do all day? Do you look for anything that mentions Jared and his wife, for someone that supposedly does not care about him, you seem way over the top invested.

Laura on

As an English major you’ll better find baby names on the Internet. There are websites on baby names, a much easier search you know.

Susan on

What ImpalaGirl? Some folks are just out there when it comes to obsessions with a character or star. So sad that they’re having a baby? Lord have mercy, what a pathetic soul!

If an actor, actress or celebrity pair can put their popularity to good use, that makes them even more attractive! St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital has long been supported by my family, starting with my parents, the work they do is phenomenal & I’m proud of my family’s continued support. Very proud that this lovely couple are having a baby & using their celebration to support children that are facing down nasty cancer.

trina on

Aww..Love this man. Best of luck to them both.

Terry on

They’re such a sweet couple. I love that they are turning their joyous occasion into something good for charity.

Jenny on

Jared and Gen are excellent actors and very fine people. This is a new baby they are welcoming into the world. It doesn’t matter if they are celebrities or not; there is no reason to be rude to them or try and put down their joy over Gen’s pregnancy and hopefully a healthy and happy baby. I wish them the best of luck and I think they deserve the best of luck. Jared has always been a great joy to discover as an actor/celebrity, because he makes me laugh and smile so much when I read about him. He just makes me happy, so I wish him happiness as well. Good luck, Jared and Gen!

debie24 on

jareds gonna be such a great daddy,and gens gonna be a super mom!

Anon on

Jared should pick someone who already donated to St. Jude in his and Gen’s name, there’s a buttload of them.

ImpalaGirl on

Dear Jared,

Boys are not the only ones who can provide “guidance and protection” as you seem to insinuate. I have an older sister who provided me with much more guidance and protection than my older brother ever did.

The more you talk, the more and more I think you’re one of those backward, sexist, Texas-people. And it’s a shame because you’re otherwise very pleasant and a darn fine actor.

ELO on

@Miffy- There is nothing sexist about his comment. I have a big brother and have always loved the guidance and protection he has given me and my younger sisters. Its just part of being an older brother.

C on

@Miffy: WOW, just because his older brother provided extra guidance and protection doesn’t mean he’s saying that having an older sister would have been any different. It’s just all he knows. That doesn’t make him sexist; he’s just speaking from personal experience.

Liz on

Its nice to see some celebrities supporting charities like St. Jude. Childhood cancer is real! 47/6!

TheSparklingDiamond on

@Miffy and ImpalaGirl

o.O Both of you have a reading comprehension fail as no where in Jared’s comments does it state that only boys can provide guidance as it’s in HIS family that the oldest is a boy. In my family the oldest is a boy, but he was no guide or comfort to me. It varies from family to family.


Don’t even try to dampen your hateful post with the last comment of how “And it’s a shame because you’re otherwise very pleasant and a darn fine actor” according to your nasty comments on your Twitter and Tumblr you go on and on about how terrible an actor Jared is and how you met him at Chicago Con and he was so boring. Why the change all of the sudden?

I noticed that you deleted your Twitter, too.
link to the hate posts


Sara Jimenez on

Soooo happy 4 them! They are the cutest couple ever!

JP4ever on

aww!! jared and gen, i wish you guys all the best. boys are so much fun, jared will be the funnest dad ever LOL!!


ecl on

I’m with Miffy. The implication of his statement is that an older brother provides more protection and guidance than an older sister would. That’s an assumption a lot of people have, hence all the discussion of older brothers protecting younger sisters. No one thinks they are being sexist when they say something like this, but they are implying that girls are in need of protection.

Mari on

Why not receive baby gifts? Why so often to give to charity? That is what baby showers are for to start off babies lives with the necessities as they are expensive. Opening the gifts and sharing the event with friends and family is what it’s all about. Sorry, but I say thank you all for the baby gifts.

pamela on

what matters is Jared & Gen will have a healthy baby .. & its a boy how sweet .. that child going to be adorable like his parents

TV on

Mari, maybe it’s because they have already been inundated with gifts from family members and friends for their unborn child? Why not donate the gifts they don’t need or already have to those who otherwise are unable to purchase the same items? Sometimes helping out those in tough situations is the best gift to give especially when they too are expecting a child or have a child that is too sick to think about getting the most basic items.

Meg on

It’s wonderful news for wonderful people.

But man, it’s amazing how much some want to read into a little comment about guidance and protection from an older brother. I doubt it meant anything other than in his personal experience, having an older brother was a good thing. Why can’t that just have been taken as a ‘positive’ thing towards an older brother, rather than turning it towards a negative ‘anti-older-sister’ type of a comment?

cindy on

@Mari…Why not accept gifts? Why give to charity? Because Jared and Gen understand that they have the means to provide everything that their baby will need and instead of gifts directly to them, they are asking for their ‘gifts’ to be given to those less fortunate than them. What a beautiful thing. In these days of celebrities who have it all and still have their hand out saying ‘gimme, gimme, gimme’, how refreshing to see two wonderful people want to ‘give, give, give’. And Jared repeatedly thanked all of the fans who wanted to send gifts.

To the ones saying Jared is sexist because of his statement that his older brother provided guidence and protection, where do you get that from? He is basing it on his own personal experience as he has an older brother, not an older sister. Seems you’re just trying to find fault with him where there is absolutely none actually there.

Reese on

Mari, if they can afford to buy the necessities for their child on their own, why wouldn’t they ask their fans to donate to families in need? I’m sure friends and relatives will buy the child a gift on their own accord so it’s not as if the little boy will be deprived.

Then again, as with so many other celebrities, they’re damned if they do, damned if they don’t. I’m sure if they mentioned an impending baby shower, people would call them selfish.

LisaS on

I love the fact that they asked for donations to St. Jude in place of the tons of gifts that they won’t need. Anyway, congrats to the happy couple on their forthcoming new bundle of joy! He is sure to be one beautiful-looking baby!

J on

Mari, I agree. Some people here get so fussy when celebs get baby gifts just because they have more money than others. Just because you are wealthy doesn’t mean that you can’t possibly use two of the same item like the rest of us at times.

Anonymous on

Jared could have done so much better.

Mary on

I love Jared, so amazing man πŸ˜‰

Bree on

It is so sad that such an exciting announcement has become so negative to so many people. Who cares who the parents are, a baby is being brought into the world by two loving parents, what else matters??

Cannot wait to see pictures of this little man!! Looking at Jared and Genevieve you know he is going to be a cutie pie πŸ™‚
I had to laugh at his comments about his initially instincts on the gender being wrong. My husband and I went through the same thing but with the gender reversed. He was absolutely convinced that we were having a boy but we have had three different doctors/ultrasound techs all confirm that we are definitely having a girl (In less than four weeks too, time flies when you are having fun!!)

Congrats to both Jared and Genevieve. This is such an awesome time in life, enjoy every second of it πŸ™‚

Anon on

I tried to comment on the Topic.com article but it wouldn’t let me…said: That email address is already in use…anyone else having that problem?

RKF on

I’m actually shocked (or, maybe not) that anyone could make a negative comment about this couple, or the article. Personally, I think it’s incredibly sweet they want their gifts donated to St. Jude’s.

Additionally, he never said a sister couldn’t give extra guidance and protection, so why nitpick a harmless remark?

It’s actually quite refreshing to hear a celebrity sound so grounded and genuinely excited about having a child, as opposed to it being a Hollywood production done for extra publicity. I’m sure they will be exceptional parents.

MiB on

@Mari, I bet they are keeping the gifts they get from friends and family, but from fans they don’t even know? Why not spread their fortune to those less fortunate in that case? Apparently it’s darned if you do and darned if you don’t when it comes to celebrities and baby showers, some get chritisized for allowing people to shower them, while others get chritisized for asking people for donations to charities insted.

And J, two of the same items is probably fine, but what about 50 or 100? I recently saw the wedding gifts that a famous couple got from the public, and seriously, they could have equipped a hospital with the number of vases they had been gifted, no one needs 100+ vases! Not to mention that they had requested donations in their name to some of their favourite charities in lieu of gifts!

So seriously, maybe they have already have had 100 fans asking where they can send gifts and decided that a donation would be better than 50 cute little outfits (in newborn size) and 50 cuddly teddybears (that they would probably end up giving to charity anyways).

Shauna on

I assume this guy gave impromptu responses to a reporter. I doubt he had time to scan those remarks for political correctness. After reading comments a couple of you huffy ladies typed-out, I can say he did a better job off-the-cuff than you did with a delete button handy. You sound like trite little tantrum-throwers. That’s low-brow feminism, darlings. If you want to take it up a notch, put on your grown-up panties and prove your worth instead of mouthing-off about this insignificant (and, probably, willfully misunderstood) detail. You give us all a bad name.

Beth wilson on

Haters are going to hate. A baby is a beautiful thing. Being a boy, Jared’s experience with his older brother was a source of guidance to him. He praising his own brother not dissing females. Jeesh, you people.

Impalagirl or whoever you are this week, based on your horrible behavior you have zero moral high ground to criticize anyone.

And just like with Misha’s charity stuff, some people will not be satisfied unless they dictate exactly what the celebrity does for charity.

I am happy for them and admired them for wanting to give to a children’s hospital which seems appropriate to me. So many famous people just take.

Jared and Gen, just ignore those hateful people Congratulations.

Lila on

They are both such sweet and giving people, it doesn’t shock me that they are donating all the gifts. They do lots of charity work.

I can’t wait to see this baby boy! I bet he will be adorable, like his parents.

Bella on

How awesome! I am a huge Supernatural fan and I, too, am due in March and just found out I’m having a boy! πŸ™‚

Kacie on

Aww I just love Jared. Dont really care for his wife but if he’s happy, then thats all that matters.

feistywildheart on

I think what Gen and Jared are doing is wonderful. They seem very grounded and down to earth. I wish them all the best! Congratulations!

Latoya B on

What wonderful news! How incredibly sweet of the couple to encourage their fans to support an organization they may not have had prior knowledge of. I wish them the best and await news of the arrival of their happy little rugrat (this kid is going to have some stellar locks, mark my words).

Julianna on

How awesome! Little boys are just so fun and exciting (I have a 22-month-old brother and his arrival was just the best thing ever to happen to my family). It’s sweet of them to have baby gifts given instead to charity. I wonder if they’re going to name him Samuel…

JR on

Miffy, don’t think Jared was being sexist, sounded like he was speaking of his own experience as a younger brother in having an older brother, not in general.

Evil_knitter on

Huh. I didn’t see his remark as sexist at all. It was a throwaway comment… he appreciated the extra guidance his older brother gave him. I take that to mean the guidance that was in additional to what he already received from his parents.

Some people are hip to tearing down ANYthing Jared says. How truly sad.

All that being said, I’m super excited to hear about the play date stories with Padababy and West Collins!

Victoria on

Wouldn’t it be funny if Jared’s baby was born on Jensen’s birthday (March 1st)? What happens if Jensen and his wife become pregnant and their little bundle was born on Jared’s birthday? That would be the most adorable thing. XD Congradulations to Jared and his wife. Best of luck to the both. (:

ecl on

Why so nasty? I certainly wasn’t nasty and I’m allowed to disagree. And I’m not one of those people who goes to every article posting mean things. Putting out an idea is NOT the same as having a hissy fit and how am I not “proving my worth’? I think some people have some very weird ideas about feminism – ones they get from popular culture that are completely stripped of any real meaning and collective action.

Lena on

Aw, congrats to them! That is going to be one beautiful child.

Vanessa on

Aw, I love this couple! That’s so cool that they know they’re having a boy! Now they can start with the planning and start calling him by his name…so exciting!! πŸ™‚

Linda on

I am so impressed with their request regarding gifts. They are both young but still aware of their good fortune and want to do good where they can. While I am very impressed with Jared & Gen, am really troubled by the seriously brain-cell deficient fangirls out there who seem determined to find something mean to say. The internet was the worst thing that ever happened to people like you–because you make crap comments like that without having with impunity or dealing with the normal response to such assbackwards comments [my reaction being: YOU ARE A PIECE OF SH*& DUMBASS.]

soph on

Well, you certainly “found something mean to say” yourself, didn’t you, Linda? Idiot.

Linda on

Yes, I find it quite easy to be mean to mean-spirited people. Call me crazy, but I think it’s a far more reasonable position than being hateful to people who have said and done nothing even remotely rude. I can see why that would make me an “idiot” in your eyes.

meghan on

Yeah soph, you’re not crude AT ALL…

Jen on

Love the show. Can’t help but think…Jude Tristan Padalecki sounds nice……

Desislava on

Hooray!!! Congratulations!!!! Crazy for you happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!

nana07 on

I’ve been watching spn sense it came out. Nothing wrong with the actors their all great.Good luck to both of them. I think it’s a shame that ppl would even let impalagirl leave a comment on their web site.She has said some very hateful things all over the internet world and she is a disgrace to this mag’. Someone needs to put her in her place. Or like a sick dog, put her down. good luck to both of u.

soph on

Aww, stalking me, meghan?

Still no examples, I see.

meghan on

Every word out of your mouth soph. That’s the example. And this may come as a shock to you, but most people view more than one thread on a website. You’re not worth stalking.

soph on

If you say so, sweetie.

Lisa on

Little boys are the BEST!!!! Happy and healthy hopes for the rest of her pregnancy!!

Tawrens on

How about John?;) Sam or or even Bobby wouldn’t be amiss. I’m thinking though Eric because if Eric Krikpe hired them and they met on his show.

B.R. on

Congratulations to Jen & Jared. They have made the perfect couple since the first time she appeared on SuperNatural. I think a little boy is perfect for this loving couple. Congratulations and good luck to them in the future!! I can’t wait to see pictures of them as a family and get a good look at the little Padeleki!!

rosie on

Just wanted to add all the best to this talented couple! I loved Jared and Genevieve on SPN and think this child will round out their already full and productive lives.
Can’t wait for baby pics and wish you all the best of luck in your bright futures! Congradulations!

Anon on

Jared is awesome, but unpopular as it apparently is to admit it, I don’t care much for Gen. Still, hope they have a happy, healthy baby.

Denise Razzak on

I am a pediatric Occupational Therapist and I have been blessed to work with children with various disabilities. These children don’t dwell on what they ‘can’t’ do; when the opportunity is given them to play or accomplish a new skill, they bring such joy into my life! My husband and I have been truly blessed with two healthy sons. It brings tears to my eyes that these two actors are bringing further attention to St. Jude’s. I am so grateful for St. Jude’s because I know personally the blessing it has been to many, many families! I cannot thank you enough, Jared & Genevieve! I absolutely love “Supernatural”!! I’ve watched it since the pilot. You guys do such a “magnanimous” job!

Denise Razzak on

I just surveyed the comments. What is wrong with you people??? This couple is promoting a wonderful cause!! They could choose to stay in their little corner of the world, but they have put others ahead of themselves! THAT is a true marker of a beautiful human being! (I could’ve gone for marrying Jared, but I certainly am not going to dislike Gen for getting that position. πŸ™‚
Both sound very fortunate to have each other. That’s a wonderful feeling in our culture today.

Anon on

Yes, it’s a nice thing that they’re doing, but it’s hardly putting others before themselves as they’re just trying not to be overwhelmed with baby gifts and are having the largesse going towards a worthy cause.

No denying it’s a good thing. But every time I see Gevenieve all I see is Ruby, and I’m very much aware it’s just a character that she played and it’s totally not her, but stil…. bleah!

Maybe if she had made an effort (perhaps she did and am just not aware) to be seen seperately from the show (and Jared), for example in conventions, so that people see how she really is, rather than just the character.



guest on

yeah, its definitely hard to tell if he meant he wanted a boy because the boy would able to provide “extra guidance” or whatever, or if he was just speaking from personal experience. The way it comes across is like he really believe that stereotype, but these interview are edited so much and it was probly just a random thing he said off the top of his head, not such a big deal. but i can’t stand girls like Shawna who are so scared of having guys not like them that they bitch about other girls who actually have the balls to argue with guys. Guess what darlin? they’re just gonna fuck you and leave you without a second thought. you can suck up to them all you want, not gonna make any difference.

just me on

Has anyone even seen pictures of Genevieve lately? She doesn’t even look preggo??? Congrats to them though

mary on

i have two boys and yes they are more protective,im the younger sister of two brothers and i was always protected they were a little mean to me but nobody else could be LOL congrats you two and God Bless your little bundle of joy!!!!!! See you guys in Nashville in Feb,cant wait mmmmuuuuaaahhhhhh

Kathy on

omg i am so happy for jared and his wife i wish them all the best i love jared he is a great man. πŸ™‚

supernaturalgirl2012 on

Hey Impalagirl, lose your name you don’t even deserve to use that, your a poor excuse for a Supernatural Fan.

J4J on

Obviously they have better PR people for this then they did for their wedding. They got so much flack for the insanely priced gifts on their wedding registry, I would hope they learned their lesson, and went the charity route this time.

A on

When is that baby due? Since its March right now and her duedate seems to be around anytime now.

Leah Jade on

Impala girl did you know Jensen is from Texas as we’ll??!! I’m from Austin and have an older brother who protected me, guided me and helped me make important decisions in my life. You are just jealous of Gen and dislike Jared bc he’s a man who would never take a second look at a so called woman like yourself.