BumpWatch: Beyoncé Is on Red Alert

11/02/2011 at 01:00 PM ET

Sound the alarm!

Mom-to-be Beyoncé continues to dress to impress while stepping out Tuesday in New York City.

Due in February with her first child with husband Jay-Z, the singer, 30, created quite the buzz earlier in the week, dressing her bump as a bumblebee for Kanye West‘s Halloween party, held Monday evening at The Darby.

“[Pregnancy] is the most incredible gift anyone can have,” she told E! News.

“I’m very excited. I’m probably the happiest I’ve ever been.”

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Sasha on

Love this look! Casual and classy.

Mandy on

And where exactly is the bump? Beyonce, just give it up and confess already. There’s no shame in hiring a surrogate because you don’t want your perfect body to go through pregnancy. Actually, for that reason, there is a problem.

Its natural, your mother did it and hers before her, why can’t you?

Karen on

I was thinking the same thing, Mandy…she’s pregnant?! Doesn’t look like it to be due in Feb. or whatever they are saying.

J on

The biggest bump I saw on her so far was when she announced it at the awards show and that time she was at filmed at the beach in a bikini, but now all the photos her belly looks so flat. Except for that photo where she sat down to an interview and her belly folded in on itself..lol!

Shannon on

Gorgeous! Great outfit.

hahzu7 on

People PLEASE! You are starting to sound stupid. apparently you have never been pregnant. not all women carry children in the mid-section. some actally get bigger hips or a huge butt. Beyonce has a shape that is all about the hips. which is where she is probably carrying her weight. just because she is not showing a 9lb belly doesn’t mean she is not pregnant. GROW UP.

marie on

I agree she isn’t pregnant. such a joke!

Mandy on

We aren’t trying to be negative just truthful. Your stomach doesn’t cave in when you are pregnant.

And her bump has changed size so many times I have lost count. Its ridiculous.

And yes, we saw a photo of her in a bikini with a belly but that is sooooooo easily duplicated with prosthetics. Have you people not seen movies? They can easily make an actress look pregnant showing her belly and all.

I just wish she had been truthful from day one and just admitted she was not the one going to be giving birth to her child. This is so overdone. Bree from Desperate Housewives anyone?

Brooke on

After the folding belly debacle, I am too beginning to believe that she is not pregnant. She should be getting bigger by the day, not smaller. i think there is a surrogate involved.

Jillian on

Brooke and Mandy, I agree with both of you! The more I see her…..the less I believe.

I don’t sound stupid and have and am pregnant.

Mandy on

I just think it is a odd thing to do, faking a pregnancy. I guess she’s doing it for vanity reasons and maybe that’s why she feels she needs to pretend? Maybe she is afraid of getting bashed if the truth got out?

I don’t know. But I know many women who are unable to get pregnant and use surrogates or adoption and they don’t hide behind it, they glorify it. They are so proud to be able to share the news as if it is them having the baby.

carrington on

You all sound so dumb, what does she have to lie to you for? I don’t know but faking a pregnancy takes so much work. It would be so stupid of her to be out in front of people with a fake stomach; and on a daily basis no less.

And what about everybody else around her? Why would her husband go along with something like this. You mean all of her friends and family and collegues are going to play that game and lie for her? why would they do that? Gwyneth Paltrow, kelly rowland, Kanye west, her mother, her sister; it’s such a stretch to call all these people liars.

I just need everyone to use common sense. I feel so bad for her, it’s just disgusting.

Amber on

Beautiful (fake) bump.

As much as I want to believe that she is pregnant, I have strong doubts. She was bigger at the VMA’s than she is now, and I am sorry but bumps don’t become concave when you try to sit down. I had my son 15 months ago and while I admit that women don’t all carry the same, they certainly don’t get smaller.

She would be doing a service to many women if she admit that she has a surrogate carrying a baby for her. Lying accomplishes nothing but alienating your fan base.

Dee on

Well I cannot speak for anyone else but I had my son 16 months ago and I know when I sat down it was hard to tell I was pregnant.

Sure I am thicker than Beyonce but I’m just saying, when I stood up my belly stood out and was hard, when I sat it was soft and just looked like fat…lol

Every woman carries differently besides, there was a bikini picture of her and she looked quite pregnant there!!!!

Surrogate or real, who cares. I’m not her biggest fan but I wish her and her husband all the best in their new roles!

Dina on

is she like 5 or 6 months pregnant?

her face should look chubbier, and also her hips.

and pleaseee, what are they friends going to say? no, she is faking it..

wpsegura on

People need to get a life, what evidence do you have that Beyonce is not pregnant. Everyone is different, my best friend did not start showing until she was 7 months so until you have PROOF that she is faking her pregnancy please stop posting all this negativity.

Karen on

I agree again….her belly has changed size SO much! She was huge at the VMAs and now I would not even say she looks preggo. Just fess up already!…do it now while Kim K’s divorce overshadows you!

JRW on

People had no problem saying Katie Holmes was faking her pregnancy… why can’t people have the same thoughts about Beyonce??

Her bump seemed to be bigger at the VMA than it’s been lately but who knows?? Who cares??

Maria on

So weird that people are saying she is faking- why would she fake? she is a healthy young woman- and since coming out as pregnant she has had a happy glow on her face in every picture I see. I think she is just not far along yet- and I know some women who carried small and had perfectly healthy full sized babies!

Maria on

okay- I was curious so I looked up the video people are talking about where her bump supposedly collapse- not! It just looked like the folds of her dress. People are just jealous of Beyonce and try to stir up drama

Anonymous on

Maria- I also watched the video and did not see anything that looked remotely like a bump collapsing. All I saw was a fold in her dress. And really, it’s not like Beyonce couldn’t invest in the best fake bump money could buy. Why in the world would she use a fake bump that would collapse like that? Wouldn’t she want to make sure that nobody could tell that her bump was fake if she really were faking it?

Also, her belly size means nothing. Not all women carry big (and it’s entirely possible that she padded her bump a bit at the VMAs to make it more prominent). Nicole Kidman and Gisele Bundchen barely looked pregnant until their third trimesters (and ironically, people accused Nicole of faking her pregnancy based on that fact!)! Clothes, the way the baby is positioned in the womb, the angle of the photo, and various other factors can also make a woman’s belly “shrink” and “grow”.

Anyway, Beyonce has been looking fuller up top and she has that pregnancy glow, so I think she really is pregnant. 🙂

Anonymous on

Just want to say that I also definitely don’t think that Beyonce is faking her pregnancy and adopting, as some people have suggested on other threads. After all, if she adopted the baby wouldn’t look anything like her or Jay-Z….so her secret would be out in no time!

Lady on

You guys really sound ridiculous, this woman doesn’t need to FAKE a pregnancy she’s not KIM K & desperate!! Go look at the rest of the pictures from this set, she definitely looks pregnant & beautiful + her face is much fuller.

Shanice on

You don’t think her face looks fuller? Compared to her in May this year http://cbskzon.files.wordpress.com/2011/05/64575753mralexc54201124143am1.jpg?w=600 to now?

Do you need my heavily prescribed glasses?

My mama said she was pregnant before Beyonce revealed it and I refused to believe a mother of five, grandmother of 14.

Fatima on

I hope that Beyonce does a photo shoot in a bikini, lingerie, topless or nude. to show all of the haters that her preganancy is very real so ya’ll can shut up about it!!!!!! first of all Bey would never fake a preganancy to get attention she is not a tabold media attention whore. (like other celebs) and, 2nd. that whole “Fake Preganancy Mess” is a big fat media lie, made up by some tabold website called MediaTakeOut.com all of there stories are nothing but lies!!!!! and 3rd, all ya’ll doubters & haters should really stop believing everything you hear & read, because the media lies too. I believe that preganancy is 100% real!!!! if you dont believe me please watch this video http://www.YouTube.com/watch?v=PbhfnaQp22s it’s so sad that Beyonce can’t even enjoy her preganany without all of the haters & naysayers believing in all of this fake preganancy BS. like “seriously” if she wasn’t preganant she would be on tour, shooting a movie, or traveling all the world promoting her album. but, she’s not doing that right now so that should tell you something, Beyonce is a about to have a baby that’s a gift from God . instend, puting her down ya’ll need to hope & pray that their is no truth to those rumors and that Beyonce will have a very healthy preganancy & baby 🙂

Bree on

From this angle and with this outfit I wouldn’t even look pregnant and I am due in less than four weeks!!

Not a huge Beyonce fan but really have no reason to doubt her pregnancy. Like so many people have said here every woman carries differently. My sister is due two weeks before me and started showing well over a month before me and her bump is easily twice the size of mine. From behind I barely even look pregnant and if my belly is hidden I don’t look pregnant at all, I am all belly, I haven’t gained anything anywhere else (Okay my chest has gotten bigger but I have never exactly been small in that area so any growth there is not that noticeable!!)

Give the poor woman a break and let her enjoy being pregnant!!

Fatima on

Beyonce is only 6 months preganant not 8 or 9 her belly will get bigger!!!!! I hope she has a very healthy safe preganancy and very healthy beautiful baby 🙂

Kewky on

I think the logical conclusion is that she wears an extra bump to emphasize her small bump. Which is probably why it folded in.

NickyAngel on

I think B 4got to add the baby padding…there’s no way in hell that this woman is preggies

MiB on

@Maria, that’s what I have been trying to say all the time (my mother was a dressmaker, and she agrees). Besides Beyoncé hasn’t really worn figure hugging clothing since she announced her pregnancy. Moreover, she has worn clothing that has been lose around the middle, or had patterns that hide the extra weight, or had layers and scarves covering her belly and creating a thinner midline (these are all tricks that you can read about in books and magazines telling you how to make your tummy look smaller).

Let’s face it, some women do everything to enhance their bump, some prefer to cover it up (like Victoria Beckham or, as I believe it, Beyoncé) and there is nothing wrong with either approach, it’s just a matter of what you feel comfortable with. In fact, I have a friend who wore nothing but body hugging outfits with her first pregnancy, but with her second she didn’t feel comfortable to wear anything that restricted her belly, so she basically wore muu muu’s or wide tunic’s for 9 months (her belly got very tender and sensitive already during the first trimester).

Leslee on

I really am disappointed in knowing that some people really are so petty that they will question a woman’s pregnancy, speculating over every little detail to rip a woman apart for their own satisfaction.

Shanice, it seems your mother is a very smart and observant woman. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist but someone with common sense and wisdom of experience in reality.

Cassie on

Look at all the tin foil hat theorists out today.

She is definitely pregnant. She has far too much to lose is she faked and lied about this.

bones_addict on

Really people?!?!? Hilary Duff baarely has a baby bump but I have yet to hear anyone utter that she’s faking it. This isn’t a Lifetime movie for crying out loud. She’s pregnant. She and Jay are having a baby. Right now, she’s enjoying her impending motherhood. Please please PLEASE get a life and stop declaring that her pregnancy is fake.

t.roberts on

While I agree, she does not look pregnant at all, I wish people would stop with it already. As all mature and logical people know, EVERYONE CARRIES DIFFERENTLY.

Speaking from someone who went through a whole pregnancy last year, up until my 38th week individuals at my place of employment could not tell I was pregnant. I rarely showed, and also depending on what you wear and what angle you’re at the bump has a tendency to show differently or not even show at all. I even had my OB tell me at one point during the last stages during my pregnancy, say wow I almost forgot how far along you are we’re at the home stretch.

Also speaking on the whole “folding bump” debacle. If you watched closely enough you could see that the material of the dress she was wearing at the time folded over when she sat down, it was the type of fabric in which it clings to you while upright but when sitting it spaces or “gaps” a bit.

Alaina on

Ignorance. Don’t you all think if she was hiding a pregnancy she’d never be seen? Who on Earth would risk being exposed?! She’s pregnant, happy & glowing! Her hips, butt, thighs, face & boobs are MUCH fuller. She’s never been this big. You all sound real ignorant. Being that her wallet can crush yours, don’t you think she’d have the best prosthetic bump if it was fake?? I can’t wait to see the baby & I am SO happy for her & Jay.

Her style throughout this pregnancy has been effortlessly fly!

Fab on

All the dumb ass’s on here talking about she’s not really pregnant and collapsing bellies… I found all of you at http://www.DumbAndIngnorantAsHell.com….