Selma Blair: Paparazzi Pics Provide a ‘Scrapbook’

11/01/2011 at 08:00 AM ET
Jeff Vespa/Getty

Selma Blair knows how to pick her battles — and for the new mom, a daily run-in with the paparazzi isn’t one of them!

“If I were terribly rich and famous, I would say it comes with the territory. But I’m just a regular actor trying to get a job,” the Dark Horse star, 39, joked with reporters at amfAR‘s Inspiration Gala in Los Angeles, Calif. on Thursday. “You’re [perceived as] an ass if you complain about it.”

Instead, Blair puts a positive spin on the photos, particularly when it comes to those shots of the actress’s 3-month-old son Arthur Saint.

“One day they will provide a scrapbook for me and that’s how I want to look at it,” she says. “Like, ‘Look, there’s a picture of me and daddy [Jason Bleick]. There’s me and baby.'”

As for the photographers themselves, Blair admits they’re just a part of her day. “When you talk to them, the guys are all pretty nice,” she shares. “I learn their names, say, ‘Hi.'”

After maintaining her exercise routine throughout her pregnancy, Blair attempted to do the same following Arthur’s birth; Despite her best intentions, things haven’t gone quite according to plan.

I went to Pilates twice. I was too tired and falling over,” she explains, adding that she follows The Kind Diet. “I’m breastfeeding. I have lost maybe one pound since I left the hospital, but it’s tightened up a little.”

The serious lack of shuteye since welcoming her son has quickly caught up to Blair, and although she nurses through the night — the “best time” of her day — the new mom has recently hired an extra set of hands.

“I just hired someone to help me at night a few days [a week] so I can get some sleep,” she reveals. “I would say I sleep about 45 minutes a night. It’s a special situation — Momma cries!”

— Anya Leon with reporting by Vanessa Diaz

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cct0303 on

pretty cool outlook on the paparazzi’s, she’s humble about the situation and doesn’t seem to have her head stuck up her behind.. I really like her after reading this article!!!

amw on

good papparazzi attitude and i appreciate her honesty about life with a newborn. congrats and kudos.

Hannah on

That is a really good way to look at it, because I’ve seen some really great paparazzi shots. I think many paparazzi out there really do try and be respectful.

However if they’re completely swarming someone who is out with their kids ( which is why I think so many choose to carry their kids so often ) or getting close to a child’s school then I say they have every right to complain.

Courtney on

Geez, I’ve had a newborn and have another on the way so I know about sleep deprivation… But 45 minutes a night? Where’s the dad? Pump some milk or fill up a bottle of formula and let Dad take over a few night feedings! The extra few hours of sleep is HUGE to a new mom.

Siera on

@Courtney. Maybe she wants to strictly breastfeed, not bottle feed. If that is the case, then yes she will continue to have to wake up at all hours.

Romy on

she kind of sounds like an ass to make a blanket statement like that. she doesn’t exactly know what it’s like to be a huge star and have the paparazzi swarming you and your family every single day everywhere you go.

Courtney on

@Siera – yes, I know, I breastfed strictly for about 4 months before my sleep exhaustion forced me to understand that sleep was important, too. I’m not judging, just saying…you can’t go on 45 minutes for long, and it sounds like she figured it out, since she hired someone to help her at night!

Lizzie on

SELMA has always seemed like such a CLASS ACT!! May she & her baby enjoy many, many HAPPY hours together in health & SERENITY!!

Scooter on


The paparazzi tailed her relentlessly throughout her entire pregnancy and she always seemed upbeat and friendly to them without playing to the camera. A real genuine girl – that one.

Her son and boyfriend are gorgeous! What a lovely Hollywood family. I hope the paparazzi continue to be respectful to them.

Mia on

She is beautiful!

Lori on

@Siera….think it through. You are criticizing someone who suggested the dad help out by saying maybe she wants to nurse rather than bottle feed. Now comes the critical thinking part—> how will the ‘extra pair of hands’ feed the baby? Sneak in and attach the baby while mom sleeps through it all?

mother on

i think she means you are perceived as ass if you complain. not that you are an ass.

Anonymous on

Courtney- I have to somewhat agree. I have to admit that it seems somewhat odd to me that she went out and hired a night nanny when her son has a father, too. Obviously she IS pumping or there wouldn’t have been much point in hiring someone to help at night (since if she wasn’t using bottles, she’d have no choice but to get up whenever Arthur needed to be fed!), so why can’t her boyfriend help her with the nighttime feedings? I don’t mean to judge either, but I think it’s very important for dads to do their part, too!

Jillian on

Lori,she could put the pumped breast milk in a bottle. Pretty darn simple! How do you think the nanny she hired is doing it??? Clearly bottles are not an issue.

Melanie on

@Romy LOL, is that comment serious!?

KH on

Oooo, 4 whole months, Courtney? That must make you an expert on lactation! Few things: Not everyone responds well to a pump, pumping itself is not a pleasant process, and not everyone considers formula an option.

I’ve spent 17 months (and counting) of my life nursing. No matter how exhausted I’ve been at different points, having someone give my children a bottle (especially of nasty chemicals) while I was around to feed them would never have been “helpful.” Chances are her nanny is holding and comforting the baby between feedings and nothing more.


I breastfed, my little girl only had a bottle once I went back to work, I was up all the time, but it was my choice and killed my sleeping time. I loved the closeness of breastfeeding and to help sleep a little more at night we as a family decided co-sleeping was the way to go,baby could get her “food” and Mommy & Daddy could get their sleep.

Selma seems great, I’d glad she seems positive and she is doing what works for her family.

Siera on

@Lori. Excuse me, but I did think it through. I think you misinterpreted my comment. I was not criticizing Courtney’s comment, nor was my comment meant to be negative in any way. I really don’t know how you can say by typing a comment is critiquing her in some way like this is some sort of in-person open discussion panel. I was just stating my opinion. Thank you.

Courtney on

I breastfed for 12 months, total. I exclusviely was the sole provider of food for the baby, without any pumping, for 4 months. After 4 months, it became too much with the sleep exhaustion and my husband was able to do a few night feedings with my pumped milk.

People take this all WAY too seriously. I was merely commenting, in my first comment, that Dad could help out. Lay off.

Siera on

@Courtney. I apologize if you thought I was being critical or insensitive of your comment because that was not my intention. I meant no harm, I was just stating my opinion.

mother on

Just a thought…. night nurses can bring baby in to feed and Selma can go back to sleep while Nurse puts baby back to sleep. Maybe Daddy has long hours at work and can’t wake at night or works out of town…. That is what my night nurse does. She takes care of burping and diaper changes and mom provides the breast.

Janna on

Maybe they got some help so they could BOTH sleep. Sheesh…. you people can nitpick the hell out of a single sentence like nobody’s business.

Pat on

A baby sleeps more than 45 minutes a day. Mom sleeps when baby sleeps. It’s not that difficult.

Nina Sortino on

Her baby has the most adorable blue eyes!!!!!!!! He looks very observant 🙂