Look for Less: Naleigh Kelley’s Pretty Polish

11/01/2011 at 10:00 AM ET
Fern/Splash News

Look who’s perfecting her wave!

On Oct. 23, we spotted Naleigh Kelley strutting her stuff down the sidewalk during a visit to her grandparent’s house in Los Feliz, Calif. with mom Katherine Heigl and dad Josh Kelley.

The adorable 2½-year-old rocked a head-to-toe ensemble from Elaine et Lena (tee, $52, shorts, $76, and tights, $36) with a stylish velvet peacoat and floral-accented ballet flats.

Love Naleigh’s toddler chic? You’re in luck. We’ve rounded up similar items — all under $45!

Courtesy Pumpkin Patch


Talk about luxe!

From the tulle trim and silver buttons to the floral applique, Pumpkin Patch‘s Velvet Jacket ($45) is a perfect topper for the holiday season.

Courtesy Roxy


Who says tees have to be boring? Check out Roxy‘s Hello Deer Harmony Tee ($16), which features an oh-so sweet graphic of a deer on ice skates.

Courtesy Roxy


The warm weather is gone, but pair Roxy‘s Jinx Shorts ($18) with tights or leggings and your mini fashionista can rock them all winter long.

Courtesy Gap


Cover up her little legs with babyGap‘s Cableknit Tights ($13). Made with thick cotton, they’re cozy and warm.

Courtesy Target


With its chic jeweled flower, Cherokee‘s Darlita Flats ($15) are more than fit for the little princess in your life.

— Anya Leon

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meme on

what a sweet picture.

Alyssa on

It’s sad how much celebs blow on clothes for a child that will grow out of within a couple months, especially in this economy where people are just scraping to get by.

annachestnut on

Alyssa – celebs are spending money the rest of us cannot. They are helping someone somewhere by buying stuff. Not spending is not supporting a local economy. Thanks Katherine. Your daughter is beautiful and so are you!

bones_addict on


I’m sure the person that made commission and was able to feed his/her family based on Katherine’s purchases would beg to differ. Not to attack you, but it’s a proven economical fact that everyone “saving money and not spending” is more detrimental to the economy. Macroeconomics 101. Take the boost the ecomonmy gets from tax returns and the holiday season for example. Just thought you should know 🙂

Sarah K. on

Anna and Bones, perfectly said. Also, their finances look a lot different than the regular person’s. You can’t fault celebrities for spending money they earned. They’re living within their means, just like we are.

scandiababe on

I agree with alyssa.that’s way to much to spend on a kids outfit.even the substitute outfit is too much.I notice that angeline jolie does the same thing.you’re not proving anything to anybody by outfitting your kid in over priced clothes.kids don’t care how much things cost as long as its cute & comfortable. As for keeping people working, buying stuff at target or walmart will keep someone just as easily as buying stuff in a over priced boutique.not that its anyones business but I do earn more than enough to buy whatever clothes at whatever price for my kids & family. I simply don’t choose to. Id rather put that money to better use by spending $550 to donate sports equipment to my kids school cause the state can’t afford playground equipment. That’s where expensive clothes money was better spent.

abc on

Naleigh couldn’t get any cuter! She’s going to be a pretty little lady. 🙂

Reese on

Scandiababe, while I agree with you about not spending that much on clothing for my own children, Naleigh is not my daughter nor is she yours. The money isn’t coming out of your pocket so it’s none of your business.

If you wish to donate money to various organizations, charities, or the community, that’s wonderful but don’t assume Katherine or other celebrities aren’t doing the same and simply throwing their money away. Last year, in fact, she donated $1 million towards animal shelters in the Los Angeles area. Her donation helps spay and neuter programs, obedience training, transportation of shelter animals, and rescue groups.

Dawn on

All together, the “similar outfit” People put together still totals over $100. Too expensive for a toddler I would say. If I was wealthy I would by those kind of clothes too though so I can’t fault Katherine Heigl for dressing her daughter this way.

marlee on

How cute is that picture! She is adorable. I love her little outfit and the wave. Precious.

annachestnut on

cool about Katherine donating towards animal shelters. very nice.

Shannon on

She is so cute!

Lia on

How in the world is it a problem if she wants to spend more money on clothes for her daughter than you would? Kind of a trivial thing to complain about.

Anonymous on

Naleigh is adorable, I love the fact that she’s waving to the camera. The outfit is cute too and, as several people have posted, the money didnt come out of our pockets so who cares? We’ve all splashed out on ourselves or others once in a while havnt we? Even a night out could cost hundreds of dollars so what’s the harm in purchasing clothing that Naleigh will get lots of use in and eventually be donated?

K on

She is so sweet!

NickyAngel on

How cute is little Miss Naleigh? Kat & Josh is doing a great job…beautiful fam 🙂

MiB on

That is an adorable picture!

bevvie on

It’s sad when people try to tell other people how to spend their own money. She looks cute in her outfit that HER parents bought for her.

Janna on

If I make $2,000,000 this year and want to spend a hundred bucks on an outfit for my kid, who the heck are you to tell me I shouldn’t?

What judgmental self-righteous B.S.