Hugh Grant Welcomes a Daughter

11/01/2011 at 03:30 PM ET
Tristan Gregory/Camera Press/Retna

Hugh Grant has become a dad after the birth of his first child, a daughter, his rep tells PEOPLE.

“I can confirm that Hugh Grant is the delighted father of a baby girl,” the rep says in a statement.

“He and the mother had a fleeting affair and while this was not planned, Hugh could not be happier or more supportive. He and the mother have discussed everything and are on very friendly terms.”

The longtime bachelor, 51, who famously dated Elizabeth Hurley for 13 years, then Jemima Khan for three, has not revealed who the mother is. He was last romantically linked to Chinese actress Tinglan Hong.

The actor, who has never married, said in 2009 that he “hadn’t given up hope” of becoming a parent, adding that he “finds I’m not as bad with children as I used to be.”

— Sara Hammel with reporting by Julie Jordan

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gimma a break on

WOW! What a surprise. Congrats to the new Dad. (hope he’s keeping out of trouble)lol

klutzy_girl on

Congratulations to Hugh and the mom! Have always loved Hugh! (And ironically, since I first saw him in Nine Months.)

Hope we get to hear the baby’s name soon!

Sarah K. on

I guess it was only a matter of time! 🙂

Congratulations to Hugh!

Pamela on

Wow what a pleasant surprise!! I love the fact that the momma hasn been in tabloids selling her story 🙂

Nancy on

You would think at his age, he would understand what a condom is if he is not planning to have a child.

Alexis on

Okay, NEGATIVE NANCY (har-har). Just be happy for him and stop being so sour.

Congrats to Hugh! I bet she’s adorable.

Eliza on

Congratulations to Hugh! I recall seeing some tabloid rumors a few months ago that his (then) girlfriend might be expecting, but I took it with a grain of salt – am very happy to see it’s true. I’ve noticed he’s said a few times in recent years that he wanted to be a dad, so I’m so glad that it’s happened for him.

Brooke on

LOL at “Fleeting Affair”. Codeword for “One Night Stand”

evie on

who cares.. he’s not getting and younger and he obviously didnt want a long-term relationship at that point in his life. Not only females get a yearning to have children. I’m really happy for him he’s finally got a child of his own 🙂

Sarah S. on

Whoa, this came as a complete surprise (and a nice one at that) to me!! I hope he gets a lot of bonding time with his daughter, despite him not having a relationship with the mother any longer. Congrats to Hugh!! 🙂

Mandy on

Yes, yes let’s all congratulate the man who couldn’t practice safe sex on the birth of his baby. You would think he’d know by now being as old as he is. My kudos to the baby for being born a Grant and who will never want for anything in her entire life. Excellent job. Or maybe I should thank the mother for her ‘convenient’ pregnancy. Mhmm.

meghan on

Brooke, we don’t know that, it could have been a brief casual relationship. Besides, if they had said one night stand, people would be taking him to task for being crass. Sometimes tact is in order.

Ann Marie on

He is not aging well at all.

A ‘lucky’ lady just guaranteed herself some luxury living for 18 years.

MollyF on

Mandy, are you related to Nancy? Why do you people who spew negative comments always act like the celebrity attacked you so you HAVE to spew the negative comments? Why not be happy for them? If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say it at all.

Meghan on

I’m glad he’s thrilled about it, but if any other celebs had a “fleeting affair” that resulted in a baby, the comments on here would be a lot more vicious.

Reese on

Unless you are Hugh or the mother of the child, your assumptions are foolish. Discussion about him not knowing how to use a condom properly is comical, as well. He’s done so effectively for 30 some odd years. We’re not discussing a 15 year old teenager who got his girlfriend pregnant.

The only guaranteed form of birth control is abstinence and “accidents” can happen regardless if the situation involves a marriage, a long-term relationship, or a one, night stand. For all the public knows, this child may have been planned. Women are not the only people that can desire children.

Both mother and father seemed thrilled by the new addition and as long as she is loved and cared for, that’s all that matters.

Brooke on

Oh Please, Reese…what is he SUPPOSED to say?? “OMG…this chick totally screwed me over and now i have a kid I don’t want”…Come off your high horse.

Sarah K. on

I’m going to have to agree with Brooke on this one. If this was more than a one (or 2-3) night stand, his rep would trying to spin it as a “brief relationship” as opposed to a “fleeting affair” since that’s much more palatable to people like Nancy and Mandy. Either way, as long as the people involved are happy, who cares?

River on

Just what we need, more unplanned children being born to parents who are not even in a relationship. And more old men who don’t know how to use condoms impregnating much younger women during one night stands. Nice!

Reese on

If anyone’s on a high horse it’s you, Brooke.

Do you know for a fact that the mother is a fame whore or that Hugh hates his kid? No? Even if the situation remotely resembled the scenario you put forth, why would the mother be looked at negatively? She didn’t conceive on her own.

ELO on

@River- How do you know that this woman our “old man” Hugh impregnated is so much younger than he is?

fuzibuni on

ELO, Considering that Hugh is 51, I don’t think it’s a long shot to assume the mother is much younger.

Grace on

@MollyF: This may come as a shock to you, but you don’t get to decide how everyone in the world is going to respond. If you want to slap on a happy face and pretend like everything in the world is good – even when it isn’t – then go ahead. The rest of us get to decide for ourselves whether we want to making positive or negative comments.

Shawna on

Wow, why is everyone blaming Hugh for lack of birth control? Is the woman not just as much responsible? I mean seriously, what decade are we in? They may have used a condom and it broke. She may have been on the pill and it didn’t work or she may have said she was on the pill but wasn’t.

Any number of things could have happened. But guess what? NONE of that matters anymore because that little girl is in the world and has two parents who love her and want her. That’s all that matters.

MariBee on

“He and the mother have discussed everything and are on very friendly terms.”

^ The most important quote of the story. End of story.

Nancy on

I think Molly F and Alexis are related. Har-Har Really??? I get tired of people saying that they had a “Surprise” pregnancy when they dont use birth control. Especially with a “fleeting affair”

Dawn on

What happened to Hugh’s face? Has this man not heard of botox? Yikes. He looks like a sharpei.

Anonymous on

Reese- “Discussion about him not knowing how to use a condom properly is comical, as well. He’s done so effectively for 30 some odd years.” Exactly! Considering that he is 51 and has only just now had a child, it’s a pretty safe bet that he knows what birth control is and how to use it properly.

Why everyone seems to think that birth control can never fail is something I’ll never understand!

And now I’d like to throw out a possibility that no one has mentioned yet: Hugh has talked about wanting a child in the past, and at his age, waiting around for the right woman to come along isn’t all that feasible of an option (although men can theortically father children well past the age that most women can have them, they have biological clocks, too!).

So perhaps he and the mother made an agreement that they would have a child together even though they weren’t interested in a relationship together. Basically, something like what Clay Aiken and his friend did (I realize that a big part of the reason for Clay’s situation is his sexual orientation, which Hugh does not seem to share, but even so!).

Really, as long as they’re happy and fine with the situation and the baby is loved by both her parents, what’s the big deal?! Congrats to Hugh and the mother of his child! 🙂

MiB on

Hear, hear MariBee!

But the number of people here who still think that birth control is 100 % safe is a clear indicator that better sex ed and information about birth control is needed. Abstinence is the only 100 % safe birth control out there. A correctly used condom is pretty safe, but still not foolproof, the pill used correctly is a pretty good contraception, but still not foolproof, heck, even vasectomies/tubal litigation is not 100 % safe.

There is a reason out there that every woman I know who really doesn’t want to get pregnant uses 2 kinds of contraception, even if she is in a stable relationship, and some of them have still fallen pregnant because sex, a condom malfunction, a pill malfunction and ovulation happened to concide.

Anyways, congratulations to Hugh and the mother!

RachelJane on

The mother has been named in the British press as a Chinese actress, Tinglan Hong, who is 32. They dated in January, but there are apparently photos of the two of them together in April – and given that the child was born on September 26th – they must have known she was pregnant then.

Shannon on

They DO still make condoms, correct?

Shannon on

I read that the mother is 32 years old.

Johanna on

I think it’s wonderful news. I wonder if the baby is a Chinese citizen? (Unlike most countries, China doesn’t allow dual citizenship, and I think I’ve read that a child born to a Chinese mother will automatically have Chinese citizenship.)

Hea on

Wow, he’s grown old.

Kat on

No, let’s congratulate a man who doesn’t run from the new life he helped create, but embraces it, supports it and the woman carrying it, and plays an active role in his child’s life.

Too many men run from these surprises and we’ve seen it even in hollywood… fame doesn’t make these men more likely to be men (because a MAN wouldn’t run away from a beautiful child he helped create), so I congratulate Hugh because, from this decision, will come one of the most special and meaningful relationships he’s ever had… the relationship of a father and his child.

Lissette on

If this child was planned they probably would have said it and not a ‘fleeting affair.’ So all of you saying the baby was planned are probably not right.

They had an affair and that resulted in a child. Plain and simple.

And unlike some men (Eddie Murphy) he is not denying the baby and taking responsibility for the life he has created regardless of the circumstances.

Dee on

Congrats to Hugh….

I do find this board hilarious!!!!! When Ne-Yo announced his second baby with the mother of his first child….OMG the backlash.

Nia Long took flack for not being married to her baby’s daddy.

Just recently Fantasia went under some ugly scrutiny from people on this board.

But, Kimberly Stewart had a baby with Benicio Del Toro and that was a fleeting affair and everyone congratulated her.

January Jones also just had a baby and no man in sight and everyone congratulated her!!!

I’m not saying anything, I just think it’s funny!

But I wish Hugh all the best in his new role 🙂

Momma on

Wow, the man announces he’s HAPPY and supportive of his daughter and everyone bites his head off. I think it’s great. That little girl is going to grow up loved by both her parents, which sadly a lot of people can’t say.

And just because it wasn’t planned, why do so many of you automatically assume some type of birth control wasn’t used?? I’m sure if he didn’t use protection he’d have more than 1 child by now. Birth control doesn’t always work. Whether it’s pills, patches, condoms or both people use birth control, you can still get pregnant. I know this from experience.

Congrats to the happy parents!!

ecl on

Over 50 % of pregnancies (in the US) are unplanned. Unplanned doesn’t equal unwanted.

Keli on


Ive been biting my tongue for a while on this subject but I cant hold it in anymore, lol. I HATE when people have an unplanned pregnancy others just assume they didnt protect themselves.

I have two boys, one planned one not. My first was born with me religiously using birth control and him always using condoms and I still got pregnant. Seven years later I am still baffled to how it happened. No birth control is 100%, except not having sex at all. And yes granted its probably a small chance you can still get pregnant even protecting yourself it still does happen even to famous people.

So its really not nice to be negative and assume they were careless. And as long as the child comes out to a loving home, im happy. But it seems like some people here are never happy with any situation.

Hea on

@ ecl – Exactly!

Shannon on

Another baby daddy. Nice.

River on

I find it funny that people are quick to defend him, saying “no birth control method is 100% effective”. Um, condoms and birth control pills are 99% effective. Yes, it is POSSIBLE that he wrapped his tool and she still fell pregnant, but it is highly improbable. There are way too many unplanned pregnancies, especially ones that we’ve heard about in Hollywood recently, for it to be a birth control failure that only has a 1% chance of happening..

Alexis on

Nancy, your life must be so miserable.

I’d love to see all of you negative little girls (because that’s how you’re acting) say this to Hugh’s face.

Anonymous on

River- It’s just that no birth control method (except abstience) is 100 percent effective. The fact of the matter is that Hugh is 51 years old and this is his first child. That right there indicates that he DOES practice safe sex. Otherwise it’s a pretty safe bet he’d have more than just one child by now. Now granted, it’s possible that he’s just gotten lucky up until now. But it’s not very likely.

Also, it takes two to tango as they say, and the woman, in my opinion, should be held just as responsible for using birth control as the man.

Jillian on

Dee, I think you need a pair of glasses or contacts. People bashed Kimberly…January not as much, but the situation was for sure. Ozzy osbornes son got bashed. Jessica Simpson even got bashed by some! So your point of naming only black people who get bashed by posters couldn’t be more wrong. There are plenty white parents who have got bashed.


Mia on

If he’s ecstatic about it-congrats to him! *Maybe he’s not good-@ relationships + now he has the chance to be a father considering he is a lot older (51.)

However-I do think it’s a shame that the 2 parents are not going to be together….

Even Jessica Simpson is not getting married until after the baby is born-ridiculous…

Stef on

Anyone who thinks that abstinence is 100% effective better get pretty specific, because as most people define it, it isn’t even close to 100%. Activities that fall within the accepted definition of abstinence (no sexual intercourse) that can still result in a pregnancy involve heavy petting, ‘dry humping’, and even oral sex (depending on how careful you are with *ahem* ‘cross contamination’). Sperm can live for several minutes outside of the body, longer in warm, moist, humid conditions like folds and creases of skin- especially sweaty, aroused skin. All it takes is for a SINGLE sperm cell to be deposited in or NEAR the vaginal opening and pregnancy CAN occur.

It’s pretty unrealistic to expected that a GROWN MAN abstain from sexual relations just because he is single. As long as people accept that there is a possibility of pregnancy from intimate acts, and are willing to shoulder the responsibility and LOVE THE CHILD if and when that possibility occurs, then why do you think you have any right to pass judgement on them?

Congratulations to Hugh Grant and the unnamed mother on a healthy baby girl! All the best to the new family!

AmandaC on

how do we know that this baby wasn’t planned even though they are not going to be together? he was money & security so why not. congrats to him (and the momma).

granny to 3 on

Hugh is looking old……………….

Linda on

We don’t know what went down between Hugh and the mother and hopefully won’t as it’s none of our business. Hopefully they can maintain a cordial relationship for the sake of the child. All babies are blessings.

soph on

Alexis, sweetie…please tell me how your comment was positive.

Martini27 on

That photo of Hugh Grant is shocking, he has not aged well, poor guy.

Tanya on

Congratulations goes to Hugh Grant on his little baby girl!

I never thought he would have a child because he once said he`s not very good with children, but I`m happy for him that this little child came as a surprise into his life, giving him the chance to be a father to someone. I`m sue he will be a good dad to his own child.

annachestnut on

not a good pic of Hugh Grant. Lighting is everything!

Shan on

WOW..he has not aged well. I am shocked.

Mary on

Gross! He had a one-night stand with an Asian girl and now he’s a baby daddy. He’s too old.

Victoria on

Smart woman. Now she can count on child support for the next 18 yrs. No doubt being a Chinese actress hasn’t been very lucrative. But being some Hollywood actor’s baby’s mama will be! LOL

Anonymous on


Anonymous on