Jessica Simpson: Yes, I’m Going to Be a ‘Mummy!’

10/31/2011 at 04:00 PM ET

Believe it: Jessica Simpson is expecting a baby!

“It’s true — I’m going to be a mummy!” she Tweeted Monday, posting a photo of herself dressed up as such for Halloween and cradling her belly.

The singer and fashion designer has been the subject of pregnancy buzz for weeks after photos surfaced of her shielding her midsection at the airport.

Simpson, 31, has also been recently photographed in New York City in form-fitting clothingΒ with what appeared to be a burgeoning baby bump.

This will be the first child for Simpson, who has previously expressed her desire to have fiancΓ© Eric Johnson‘s babies.

“I definitely see myself having a family with him, so that’s exciting to think about,” Simpson said shortly after her beau, a former NFL athlete, popped the question last November.

The baby on the way will be grandchild number two for Simpson’s parents Joe and Tina, who first became grandparents in November 2008 when daughter Ashlee Simpson and her ex-hubby Pete Wentz welcomed son Bronx.

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Brooklyn on

I think that was a cute way to make it official. Congrats to her and Eric.

Cindy on

HUGE congrats! ❀

Alexandra on

How far along is she? Congrats!

Holiday on

It was obvious she was pregnant but its nice she made an official announcement. Congrats to her.

saydee on

Ha now that’s a funny announcement! πŸ™‚

klutzy_girl on


LOL, in all seriousness, congratulations to her!

saydee on

….well I mean that’s a funny way to announce it. I didn’t mean that the announcement itself was funny. (I’m sorry if I accidently offended anyone)

Amanda on

A cute way to announce, though I don’t think anyone is too surprised πŸ˜‰ Congrats!

My guess is she’s due in March or April, possibly February if she’s carrying small

Jordan on

Cute announcement. Didn’t realize they’ve already been engaged that long.

Shawna on

That’s a really cute pic! One for the baby book lol.

She didn’t need to make an official announcement (she doesn’t owe anyone anything) but it’s nice she did. And maybe now all those idiots who were saying she was wanting someone to pay her $500,000 to announce it will shut up, because obviously she announced it not for any profit.

Marky on

I know I’ll catch it from some of you for saying this, but I hope they are either secretly married, or they get married before the baby is born. There are lots of people having babies without being married, but for many of the children, it really matters as they grow older. We have seen that in our own family; the kids often do care and they matter as much as the adults in life.

I like Jessica and hope they have a healthy, happy baby and love each other for many years! Cute announcement……

Iris on

Girl, Stevie Wonder could see you were pregnant, lol. But congrats!

Julia on

@Iris LOL!!

Nikki on

This is as shocking as Kim Kardashian filing for divorce! LOL. Congrats to Jess…she’ll be a fun mom!

Iris on

I agree, Shawna. I couldn’t believe people were knocking her for keeping it to herself. Um hello? It’s nobody’s business but hers and if she chooses to announce the day before she gives birth, or not at all, that’s her right.

Iris on

@Marky I believe they’re getting married next month.

K on

Congratulations! I think it’s great that she kept it to herself until she felt like announcing it.

cct0303 on

@marky, I’m almost positive that Jessica Simpson or her fiance can care less about what you or anyone else thinks about her getting pregnant before marriage… Who said that it has to be in that order?? Society!! No. I can go on and on about this matter! She and everyone else should do what they feel is right and not what YOU and EVERYONE else feels is “right”!!!

Lori Stewart on

Congrats Jessica & Eric!!!!!!!

Lillian on

I was wondering when the announcement was going to come, lol…very cute way to announce her pregnancy btw. Congrats to her and Eric.

Kitty on

Not trying to be judgmental or anything but I completely disagree with this celebrity “trend” of having kids out of wedlock. Or getting pregnant, announcing engagement, then shotgun wedding (a la Ashlee Simpson-her sister and Jessica Alba and so many others). Whatever happened to marriage before kids??? I’m sorry. I’m very traditional and this irks me.

A child is a blessing nonetheless. Congratulations to the proud parents to be.

Julianna on

@Amanda- April??? Have you gotten a good look at her belly in recent pics? I say she’s 6 or 7 mos and due early next year. on

@Iris – You are a riot!!! πŸ™‚

Tee on

No real shock there!

Marky and Kitty, I agree with you. It really bothers me that so many people choose to have children before marriage. But I realize that’s just my opinion and that the majority of people don’t agree with me. That’s fine!

meghan on

Marky, Ashlee and Pete got married so fast because she was pregnant and that turned out SO well…she’s a grown woman and she’s engaged, why force it faster to please other people. They will get married when they are planning to.

Shannon on

So both Ashlee and Jessica were pregnant brides? And both have been divorced already? Papa Joe must be wondering where he went wrong. Eek.

Katie on

what is right for some of you, isn’t “right” for others.

Rosy on

Finally! πŸ˜›

I wonder if it is a girl, then.

Siera on

Wow People! Late much? I’m pretty sure she announced this at least a week ago.

Marissa on

^ Wrong, she hasn’t said a thing. This IS her announcement. It’s everyone else talking, she hasn’t said anything until today.

Ali on

I love the “Mummy” announcement! Totally cute!

On a side note…I wonder how Jessica’s father feels about this? He is a minister isn’t he? I was raised Catholic so I know it can be devastating to devout parents to find out their unwed child is pregnant. I am wondering how he has been about both Ashley and Jessica doing the out of wedlock pregnancy stint? I could care less if someone is married or not! I think a child just needs love and a rocky marriage is worse then two seperate people working together in the interest of the child.

I see too many marriages end in divorce so I respect anyone’s decision to NOT marry. People put too much stigma on unwed parents. It’s so strange to me. I get it since I was raised to think that way but It never resonated with me and I think people should just relax about it.

Amber on

@Ali, well said.

Meela on

No worries Ali, Papa Joe has been converted to a Man of Money!

I’m sure religion no longer plays a part when your daughter is gazillionaire.

Jessica could sprout wings and the YES people her around would look the other way.

My experience has been the “uber” religious are generally the biggest sinners, don’t you know that for a fact.

Siera on

@Marissa. Oops, my bad LOL. I could’ve sworn I had seen an announcement on another celeb site last week.

eribri on

I love her way of announcement! So Clever and cute.

Can’t wait to see their baby bundle πŸ™‚

I’m guessing she is due early in the year?

Harley on

@Ali – I was about to say the same thing! Well said πŸ™‚

No celebrity/famous person owes anyone any kind of announcement if they so choose not to. I’ve never been a big Jessica fan by any means, but she and her fiance seem quite happy with one another and that’s all that matters. So long as this child is loved, shouldn’t that be all that anyone cares about?

BTW, adorable picture!

Liz on

@Alexandra I would say she is six months pregnant. At least.

evie on

I’m due April with my 3rd and I’m no where near that round. I’m not tall and not chubby either πŸ˜‰ I’d say she’s due late Feb. Cant wait for the birth announcement. I think it’s a girl.. but I’m usually wrong!

Rachael on

Thought this was a funny comment ~ β€œI definitely see myself having a family with him, so that’s exciting to think about,”

Ahh… Jessica, it looks like you are well into having a family with him, ha!

Congrats to them both, it’s been obvious for quite some time she’s expecting… Cute way to announce it!

Anonymous on

Congrats to Jessica! She has a right to announce when she is pregnant. It shouldn’t be up to the public to decide that. Also to the people judging her and Ashlee for having babies out of wedlock, did you forget that Jessica waited until marriage to have sex in her first marriage.

Annie on

Rachael, that quote is from LAST November. She was not pregnant at that time, so she could only imagine having a baby with him. Her dream is now reality.

Congrats Jessica and Eric. This will be a beautiful child.

Tee on

Anonymous, honest question here. What difference does it make if Jessica waited to have sex with her first husband until after they were married? If she really believed the Biblical mandate against premarital sex, she wouldn’t have gotten pregnant. Now, please don’t misunderstand me. I know that my beliefs are not right for everyone and I respect that. I’m just a little confused about your comment.

Doreen on

AhhhhhH!! I’m SO excited for her!! πŸ™‚ Cute way to announce the pregnancy!! Hope it’s a girl!

Anonymous on

Rachael- That’s an old quote. PEOPLE uses old quotes (that are related in some way or another to the current article) in their articles, especially ones like these, when they literally only have one sentence worth of an annoucement to work with! πŸ™‚

Stella Bella on

You know, Jessica tried to do it all perfectly moral the first time around and it didn’t work. Maybe she’s just trying a different tactic. I’m not saying I condone doing it this way, but I can certainly understand. Best wishes to them as they start their family!

Anonymous on

Shawna- I was just thinking the same thing! Isla Fischer never confirmed either of her pregnancies (heck, she didn’t even confirm her younger daughter’s birth!), and despite the fact that Angelina Jolie showed up to the 2008 Spirit Awards obviously pregnant, she never actually came out and formally announced her pregnancy with the twins. But nobody so much as blinked. Yet a lot of people were saying Jessica should just confirm?! Okay then!

Julianna on

The Simpson clan TOTALLY sold out their religious beliefs for money.

chris on

When I was pregnant with baby #2, I was mummy and my 9 month old was mini-mummy (spray adhesive and rolls of gauze tap over white thermals was the key to success!) Jessica’s picture and post brought back happy memories!!!

Ali on

I do have family that is very religious and I know that I faced a ton of scrutiny from my family when I simply moved in with my husband (who was then my boyfriend). It was apparent that we were sleeping together but it was also no ones business.

My family, conservative Catholics, were very-very upset yet I shrugged it off. I think that is what more people have to do. I did wind up getting married to my husband and having three beautiful kids but I totally respect people who say that marriage isn’t right for them. I think it’s commendable to be that honest with yourself in a relationship.

Bottom line: As long as Jessica & Eric are happy and this baby is LOVED…that’s the most important thing regardless of a marriage certificate.

Moore on

I thought I just read a People article about her not being able to find any announcement takers. Maybe not. Either way, I don’t think anyone is surprised. She’s obviously pregnant. At least she got to have fun with it.

Lady on

Very cute way to announce the obvious, Congrats to them!

Nancy on

ITs just so interesting. She makes a super big deal about being a virgin before marriage and now she has a child out of wedlock.

anon1 on

I believe in marriage first and then sex and kids, but i realize that many people do not share my beliefs. that being said,I feel that when one becomes pregnant they should not rush to get married before the kid gets there though. A marriage is a commitment and shouldn’t be done just because one is about to have a child. I think that it is something to discuss with the partner and if that is right for the couple then get married. But i think the most important thing is that both the mother and father put the child first and don’t put themselves in a situation where they will have any regrets. if they rush to get married and then find out it isn’t working and start feeling animosity towards eachother that is worse for the child than two parents who are not married but committed to raising the child together.

Nancy on

I wonder if Nick Lachey and Vanessa Manillo have an impending announcement too? Tono Romo sure has.

Bancie1031 on

Congratulations! Though I have to say that this was a poorly kept secret …..

Maryann on

Good for them. But, it is a shame that the photo was altered to make her waist look trimmer (compare the waistline with the line of her bottom). Will we never cease to promote unreasonable beauty ideals…even of the pregnant form?

Lia on

Congratssss… !

I remembered Jess was always wanting to be a mother and happily married since her first marriage with Nick Lachey. Well done for her and her fiance. Although I’m a moslem , I considered that marriage should be done in the perfect timing and no-pressure condition, even pre-marital pregnancy. Am sure that the baby will be loved and nurtured well by both parents and big family. If they feel comfortable to get married, they will get married eventually. Jess doesn’t owe any announcement to anyone, It’s her life and her decision. Hollywood already had enough public obsession towards celebrities. Give them a break !!

jeepers on

Seven months pregnant? I would be shocked if she is that far along. I am 6 1/2 months along and my belly is much more prominent. Obviously, everyone carries differently and this is her first baby, but I would guess 5 months.

I have to agree that all the babies out of wedlock bugs me, too. And I am neither religious or conservative. I just think that people should be in strong and committed relationships before they decide to have a baby. I have never known a baby to make a relationship easier. So many of these relationships seem temporary, proven by the fact that so many of them break up or divorce in such a short period of time.

And I am not saying that pregnant people should quickly get married….I am just wondering why so many loosely committed people in Hollywood are having babies together. A child deserves more, in my opinion.

Hoopla on

@ Nancy
Well, she has been married before, so she probably lost her virginity to him, if not before. I get what you’re saying, but just thought I’d point that out.

And to everyone else, who cares if they’re married? It’s not affecting you, why make a big deal? Yes, you have the right to comment and state your beliefs and opinions and that, but it gets very annoying to see the same conversation in every announcement where the couple is engaged. Get over it.

AmandaC on

I knew she had to one up Nick & Venessa since they got engaged first and are now married! Congrats thought, I bed s/he will be beautiful.

mmh on

Sometimes the “right” way doesn’t work out — Jessica learned this with Nick and I learned it with my ex-husband. I am not a fan of Jessica, but I totally understand her desire to not worry about it this time… Heck, my religion says I don’t even get another chance, so I really can’t win doing it any sort of way, “right” or “wrong”!!!! =) It’s kind of fun and freeing to learn that you just can’t care what others think…

Mira on

Maryann, I noticed the airbrushing too. Quite stupid.

cara on

Well spotted Maryann, I thought there was something ‘off’ with her bump but couldn’t put my finger on it.

JMO on

omg I am so shocked over this announcement totally didn’t see this coming like at all πŸ˜€ I bet she was holding onto that tweet for a month or more!!!! lol

So just curious what are the general rules of purity these days before marriage? I know she said she was going to remain a virgin before in the past then she married Nick. But once your married and you’ve already done the deed does that mean the celebacy thing just goes out the window for good?

I could careless as long as people are happy but people who talk up the purity thing should really think twice about it if they’re not committed to continue on with being celebate until marriage. Then again maybe none of it matters once you’ve given it up.


I am gonna say she is due in January:P

Ashley on

That was an adorable way to tell people. Congrats!!! Babies are soo much fun

MollyF on

It bugs me that people like to judge someone they don’t know. Jealousy? Jessica is a grown woman and she can do what she wants. She doesn’t need people telling her what she is doing is wrong. I hate how people who are religious think they can tell others what they are doing is wrong. Keep your religious beliefs to yourselves.

I think this picture is cute. And she didn’t have to announce it. I love Jessica and am very happy for her.

Lissette on

First of all, the ignorant and rude person who used to post on this username is no longer employed with us so she will no longer be bothering us. Unles she feels she still has no life and goes on somewhere else.

Anyways, I’m happy Jessica left it up to herself when she wanted to tell everyone. I bet she was enjoying all of the publicity her ‘maybe pregnancy’ was receiving. This is the most attention she’s gotten in a long time too so I bet she was thrilled.

I don’t see it a bad thing, she’s an adult and engaged. Look at her sister… she got pregnant and immediately married the father. That doesn’t always work out as is evidenced with Ashlee. Not to say that arrangement always fails but yeah.

I think Jack Osbourne’s engagement is numbered too.

Danielle on

I happen to agree with the fact that marriage should come before children. if it doesn’t okay, but it’s because of people like you who bash people’s opinions, that people like Marky I believe it is and I don’t always say our beliefs. it doesn’t mean that everyone has to agree it is just what we believe,

Noelle on

Obviously not a shocker but I think it’s an adorable way to announce it!

River on

I personally don’t believe in marriage at all, because it is a religious tradition and I am an atheist. Also, I don’t want to support something that discriminates against same sex couples. However, I *DO* believe that children should be brought into stable, loving homes to two parents. I don’t think that two people should just get together and create a child without giving it any thought. It must be confusing for a child to be brought into a family where the parents are not together and they are going from house to house their whole lives.

I am not saying that is what Jessica Simpson did, though! It is perfectly possible that she and her partner have been dating a while and made an agreement to settle down and commit to each other despite not being married. Children should be planned, 100% wanted, and should be brought into an emotionally (and financially, but that is besides the point in this situation) stable environment.

meghan on

River, they got engaged almost a year ago.

Shawna on

Based on the size of her belly I am guessing she is 5-6 months along due end of February-beginning of March.

alisha on

I’m guessing she’s due feb or march, she’s pretty big already, seeing other pics. Congrats to her and who cares that she makes an official announcement or not. I just can’t wait to hear the news when the baby is born πŸ™‚

Allison on

I too was shocked to find out that Jessica, who celebrated being a virgin bride following her wedding to Nick, was expecting before getting married again. As a fellow pastor’s daughter, I know that my father would’ve been surprised had my sister or I taken a similar course, and his congregation would’ve talked about his “failures as a father,” though he would’ve loved his grandchildren just the same! I’m sure Joe Simpson is the same way!

jo on

congrats to them πŸ™‚ shes wanted kids for a long time.

my partner and i have a 14month old son and another baby boy on the way and not married. i was brought up as catholic and my parents are over the moon that my sister and i both have kids πŸ™‚

they werent shocked at all! πŸ™‚ my sister isnt married also to her partner. its old fashioned what does a piece of paper do..? it wouldnt bring my partner and i closer together.. πŸ™‚

it was either get more of a deposit on our house or get married and we chose to put money on our house rather than spend thousands on one day in our lives.

each to their own i say but its no longer shocking to everyone to have kids before marriage in society πŸ™‚

TJ on

This was in OK magazine a week or so ago. . .

Maggie on

OK is a tabloid. Please tell me people don’t actually take what they print as fact – I saw their cover in the store and picked it up because I was surprised she would confirm to them, and it turns out it just a sensationalized story. She didn’t say anything publicly until this announcement.

Ashley on

I am not a fan of Jessica Simpson at all. I kind of can’t stand her actually. BUT I love children so much I can’t hate anyone who is joyfully expecting one. Plus she never did anything to me obviously so good for her, she seems very happy and will be bringing the baby into a very happy, loving family and that is always exciting to me so even though I still don’t like her.. I can follow her and happily await the arrival of a cute and wanted baby. Nothing wrong with that :]

Siana on

OMG you do make me laugh with this “one should be married before having children” story. Like a bleeping signed paper makes a difference…

Anonymous on

Siana- It does for some people. Everyone has a right to their own beliefs. πŸ™‚

Holiday on

Even though I would never purposely have a child without getting married I do not see why other people care! Does it really matter if Jessica Simpson or anyone else has a baby and is not married?? Does it affect your daily lives? As long as a couple is happy and can afford their kids and do not have to have the state pay for their lives then I could care less if someone is married or not!

Mina on

I cant wait to see what she names it….any guesses?

Sandi on

Oh Jessica you are going to be a breathtakingly gorgeous pregnant mom.


soph on

How would anyone know, Mina?

Leanna on

This Simpson family is funny to say the least. They do care more about cash than morallity. Jessica Simpson made such a big deal that she is going to be a virgin bride and that she thinks having sex before marriage is a sin. Morals out the window. Now anything goes. Huh? Shows how superficial people can be. The Simpsons.

Shannon on

That is cute! I am happy for her and glad to hear some good news for her instead of the negativity. Congrats to them!

Angel on

OMG she’s due in MAY!! I am so surprised.I hope her pregnacy goes well and that she has a happy marriage with her man.

Stella on

Jessica made morals an issue when she didn’t sleep with Nick before marriage. It is not surprising that many would wonder what happened to those morals now that she is pregnant before marriage. They might even ask does she respect her father a pastor given their christian upbringing. Of course her sister did this to so she paved the way for Jessica. I personally don’t care what Jessica does but she shouldn’t bash christians for reminding her what the Bible says.