Heather Locklear Wishes She Had Ava’s Confidence

10/31/2011 at 02:00 PM ET
Stewart Shining

Heather Locklear and daughter Ava Elizabethย wear the same clothes, enjoy the same shows and share an equal admiration for each other.

“I always say I want to come back as Ava Sambora,” Locklear, 50, jokes to PEOPLE. “She has such confidence.”

The sentiment is reciprocated by Sambora, 14, who says she admires her mom’s humor and likeability.

“She is really, really funny. And even if she doesn’t know someone, she can click with them like that,” says the budding actress, whose father is Bon Jovi rocker Richie Sambora.

Stewart Shining

Sambora’s admiration has her following in her mother’s footsteps, and she recently landed a role in an upcoming Judd Apatow comedy.

Locklear says her daughter, who has already tried her hand at modeling, nailed the part.

“She’s amazing. I was like, ‘Ava, did you do the thing where you have to get on your mark?’ And she was like, ‘Oh yeah Mom, it was fine,'” explains the actress, who’s engaged to Jack Wagner.

“Like she has done it forever. It’s not like we do this in our house! We don’t go, ‘Let’s play movie making — get on your mark.'”

Stewart Shining

When not working, the mother-daughter duo love going shopping, where Locklear says Sambora takes over the motherly role.

“Ava always says to me, ‘You already have that!'” she laughs.

The pair have also been known to indulge in a little reality TV.

“We watch Toddlers and Tiaras together,” admits Locklear.

“I can’t believe she TiVo’d it — it’s unbelievable!”

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— Mia McNiece

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Nickelle on

What a stunning duo.

Amber on

I LOVE this. I have the same relationship with my mother now but I’m 34…at 14 her voice drove me insane. Good for you Ava and congrats to you Heather (& Richie) for raising a wonderful young lady.

nick016 on

Ava is stunningly beautiful and a total carbon copy of her mom

saydee on

Wow! What beauties!!

robbie on


Laura on

That 2nd picture looks weird to me… a little sexual to be a mother/daughter picture. Just sayin’.

mj on

She is a stunner like her mom.

gina on

laura…what is weird is you seeing anything sexual in this beautiful mother/daughter picture.

Daisy on

What a stunning Mother-Daughter duo. Beautiful photos. Ava does favor her mother a great deal. She is growing up to be a real beauty like Heather. What is sexual about a mother hugging her child? They are just turned toward the camera for the shot, but it is just an embrace. I hug my 15 year old daughter daily, multiple times. And I will be hugging her 50 years from now. That’s my baby and I love her. It’s pure. Nothing sexual in that photo at all.

CTBmom on

Ava is absolutely stunning! She looks so much like her mother, but I see a resemblance to her father too.

nick016 on

I wish we could see more pictures of them. Gorgeous mother-daughter team.

happy halloween on

I think Heather Locklear is one of the most beautiful woman ever. I bet heather would agree with me that her daughter is even more beautiful than her. Plus, she’s a teenager with confidence…kudos for a good job raising her Heather and Richie…

mdr on

She is like a clone of her mom! So pretty!

Yummyyo on

Yeah, I’m with Laura, the second picture is a little off. And it looks like she’s cupping her daughter’s tush. I’m sure it’s nothing, but just saying, this pic is a little odd.

john on

ava looks like her mom. heather locklear is classy and sassy.

Mary on

Ok Laura, are you serious…I agree with Daisy, you have a twisted mind if you find anything sexual about these pics..the one in the hammock??? Have you ever tried sitting with someone in a hammock??? Heather is hanging on to Ava’s hip/butt to keep them from rolling off…you are sick girl, it’s people like you that make the world bad.

evie on

Ava is an absolute stunning girl. She’s going to go far ๐Ÿ™‚

big fan on

She is just as stunning as her mom. They are both beautiful.

kjc on

I agree about the second picture. They are clearly straddling eachother. It looks like how a couple would pose, not a mother-child. Both ladies are stunning though.

L on

She is very pretty and they look great in these pics..but heather was more of a knockout beauty when she was younger. They look alike now but in her day heather was prettier

Jen on

I agree that Laura is totally sick about sexual inuendos in this photo shoot

B on

It’s too – not to.. too sexual. And actually it’s a beautiful photograph of a mother and daughter who clearly love each other. There is nothing sexual there. It’s a mother who has overcome some serious problems and is probably extremely grateful that her daughter has not suffered because of them. As one who lost a mother who was just a few years older than Heather, I wish I had a photograph of us hugging and laughing. Ava, treasure those photos forever! They are beautiful!!!!

Aexis on

Good for Ava. I had the same relationship with my Mom until the day she died at 84. We shared everything, books,clothes, clothes, movies, food, and had the same likes and dislikes. My Mom was also very beauitful and I loved going places with her when people would say we looked alike. A Mom is to be cherished every moment of every day , I am sure Heather is very proud of Ava.

rw on

Mom’s hand is on daughter’s bottom in second photo – that’s where the sexual overtone comes from.

Indira on

Uhh, what’s the purpose of this article? The whole thing seems a little odd.

pammy on

I am 50…. would never wear any 14 year olds clothes. I can’t imagine that any 50 year old woman would look good in something that a teenager that age would wear. Heather is trying too hard to hang on to her youth….

Robin on

I think these are beautiful pictures. These picture seem to show their special relationship. Also, just because Heather may wear some of her daughter’s clothes does not mean it is something skimpy or too young for her. These days most 14 year olds don’t dress like they are 14. I’m a 39 year old country girl and I love to wear western shirts and wranglers with boots. My 10 year loves to wear the same thing. Just sayin..

Shannon on

They look so much alike. I can see the Native American in their features.

Jane on

Shannon “They look so much alike. I can see the Native American in their features.”

I am not sure what Native American features you see because there also have African ancestry. The same feature you see in Native people black people have like high cheekbones and slanted eye blacks have that all over Africa. Maybe what you see can also be black features.

NickyAngel on

Both these ladies are so beautiful

Tee on

My goodness, Ava is absolutely beautiful! What wonderful mother/daughter pictures! She certainly does favor her mother, ain’t so?

Jill Scott on

Heather Locklear, you got lucky. You’re daughter is every bit the beauty and sweetheart you always were. What a beautiful family you have.

Ella on

I think both ladies look beautiful in the pics. The first one is my favorite.

Ken on

I have to agree with the majority. The people that read sexual in the second picture are sick and need professional help. As soon as possible, before you do yourself or someone else harm. There is absolutely nothing sexual about the way Heather and her daughter are hugging each other so get over yourselves and like I said, get professional help as soon as possible.

Susan Albert on

Ava is beautiful. and yes I agree that she looks exactly like her beautiful mother, Heather. I have been a fan of Heather”s ever since I first saw her on Hooker. She should be very proud of herself, because she is a role model to so many young women.

Liz on

Ava is just beautiful. She looks so much like Heather but there is a tiny bit of Richie tossed in there somewhere too. I so wish they had had more children, I know Richie wanted more and I’m surprised he has never had any with another woman after Heather.

Tammy on

I’ve always loved and adored Heather. And her daughter is so beautiful.

Kelley on

Stunning photos!!

abby on

They are both very beautiful, it is weird that they share their cloths given their age difference. I hope Ava stays centered and doesnt get in trouble.

Julia on

And no one finds it strange that mother (50) and daughter (14) wear each other’s clothes. While they are beautiful, and I’m sure they’re friends (instead of mother and daughter–weird), I am disturbed by the shared clothing. Someone’s not dressing their age!

JMO on

Beautiful duo.

Let’s hope they keep this little one more grounded then some of the other young girls today!

I was always so happy to grow up very close with my mom and today we still are very close. We do just about everything together. My friends used to be so jealous and couldn’t figure out why we were so close and got along lol. I think my mom really gave me my space and I knew my boundaries and we’ve always had a cool open communication where she’s never made me feel uncomfortable talking to her about stuff.

btw the second pic I don’t think has any kind of sexual pose to it. That’s her daughter! Ya know the one she birthed, changed, bathed. It would only be sexual if Heather was getting something out of it sexually which most mothers don’t think that way about their children!!!!!

LF on

Wow…Ava is so beautiful!

stacey on

Amen Ken!!!!!!

Heather Lynn on

Beautiful mother and daughter! It is so great that they have such a close relationship- I’m the same way with my mom. To those who find it weird that they share clothes.. fashion has come a long way recently and teenagers often shop in the adult sections. I know many teenagers who wear clothes that I could definitely see on adults so I don’t find anything wrong with Heather & Ava sharing clothes… I think it’s sweet!

rebecca on

Oh paleez get over yourselves and stop calling the poster who thought the second picture seemed like a sexual pose sick. They didn’t say that Heather and her daughter were inappropriate or there isn’t anything other than a loving, mother/daughter relationship. You people are the ones reading into that! The photographer on the shoot posed them…and that is the way it looks to some people. Like a sexual pose that may not have been the best pose for a mom and daughter.

Hea on

I think she looks a lot like Richie actually. I clearly see both of them in her.

Kandy on

To all the haters – are you insane? This is a beautiful mother daughter picture. In a time where teenagers barely talk to their parents and are disrespectful to them, this is terrific to see. What a warped perspective to look at a picture – and life – with, and to read something so ridiculous into the most basic love – parent/child.

abc on

Ava is gorgeous! Wow!

Sarah S. on

Beautiful shot mother-daughter photos…

Lisa G on

Exquisite. Great genes in that family!!

Jessie on

Hey pammy, there’s nothing wrong with taking care of your looks well into your 50s and beyond! ..and what’s wrong with wanting to have a youthful look?!, at any age! Heather looks gorgeous and wears her clothes well, ..why be frumpy and shapeless just cause you’re a bit older..ppuuuhllleaaase!.. People that make f’en ignorant, snide comments are either just jealous or unhappy with themselves or their own lives, ..get a life, look in the mirror, and make some positive changes, ..stop being so damn negative and judgemental!

km on

gotta agree with those of you scratching your heads about pic 2. It isn’t a mom/daughter pose. There are, like it or not, purposeful or not, sexual undertones to it.

Heather on

They are both gorgeous! Am I the only one who thinks she looks more like her dad? Clearly she has her mother’s coloring and smile, but when I look at her I see Richie Sambora!

Janet on

How beautiful! Nice pics of Mom and Daughter. I see nothing wrong with the pose you demented pervs are speaking of. Man and daughter I would possibly agree. But not with the photo above. Two Lovely Ladies.

Shenae on

Wow! Ava is gorgeous, and looks so much like her Mom, except her nose is slightly larger than Heather’s. I’m sure the modeling agencies will encourage her to get a nose job.

Mary on

There is absolutely nothing sexual about the second picture. Sick, twisted minds think like that. They are 2 beautiful women and you can tell how much love there is between them. I wish I still had my mother to hold me. Great job in raising such a wonderful daughter.

Allie on

I agree with some of the comments on pic #2. It’s a little odd but nothing more. These two are absolutely gorgeous.

Trish on

I don’t know how anyone right in the head could make a sexual comment about the pics of this mother and daughter. I find it a little disturbing that is anyone’s interpretation of what they see. Locklear has had some challenges but she seems like a good person and a good mother despite this. Give the woman a break. And…nice to see a 14 year old girl look her age and not like a tramp.


Lila on

Beauties, both of them!

I am close with my mom like that, and hope I will have the same relationship with my daughter. I loved being the only child, and so does she- it’s makes a very special bond even more special IMO.

Debbie on

How could she not be gorgeous, Heather is a stunner and her dad is gorgeous too.

As for the picture being sexual, please, some people have strange minds.

Kristy on

Ava is so pretty…she looks like her father to me as well. I great blend of both. Its great to see such confident young girls.


GOD I call upon you to save these people that see a picture as sexual between mother and daughter. If any of you that read that much into a picture please get help and GOD will forgive you for your impure thoughts. By any chance were you people, molested? Only demented people see what you see.

Pandabear on

Beautiful duo! Sorry, I just don’t see anything sexual in the hammock photo. They are sitting with knees touching and it is hard to balance in a hammock. I thing they are both sitting Indian style to make the weight even. Eew gross, nothing like taking a beautiful moment and perverting it!

Vicki on

They both look beautiful. Lucky daughter and mom.

smiavs on

@Jane, why does it matter what ethnicity their features come from, anyway? Perhaps Shannon is of Native American origin, and recognized familiar features. There was no need to call her out for a simple comment.

Also, people are just stating that the pose in the second picture is a bit sexual, not that there’s anything sexual about there relationship.

My mother is a two-time survivor of breast cancer (stage IV this time, we don’t know if/when it will come back) and I cherish every moment (which, due to living on separate continents, are few) I get to spend with her. Does it make me “sick” in some way because I don’t want to pose for a photo in which my mom and I are straddling each other? I don’t think so….

danielle on

They are both so beautiful and seem to have a great relationship!

Nothing but happiness ๐Ÿ™‚

Mel on

Wtf why is heather’s hand on her daughter’s behind, it’s so innapropriate!

look on

pictures too evocative for a 14-year-old girl. I’ll never understand mothers who allow their daughters to pose provocatively before they even turn 16. What do these mothers want and why would they serve their little girls up like meat in a world where Joe Paterno is getting fired for a child sex abuse scandal…

angiem on

Wish I could fit into the clothes my teenager wears. Beautiful mother and daughter

Carol on

How could Ava not be gorgeous with Heather Locklear for a mother??? I’m so happy for them that they have such a GREAT mother/daughter relationship. All young women need this kind of a relationship with their mothers especially during their tweens and teens to become HEALTHY adults.