BumpWatch: Jennifer Garner Dials In

10/28/2011 at 01:00 PM ET
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Call time!

A black-clad Jennifer Garner proves she’s a pro at multitasking, catching up on her phone while running errands Tuesday in Santa Monica, Calif.

As mom to two daughters with husband Ben Affleck, the actress, 39, recently said that having a son join Violet Anne, 5½, and Seraphina Rose Elizabeth, 2½, this winter would be “cool and different.”

A boy would be especially “fun” for Affleck, she adds, because “he likes baseball and all that stuff.”

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MEg on

I think it will be a boy. She’s carrying differently than she did with her girls.

Karen on

She is expecting a boy. I hate when they use those stereotypical remarks about having a boy….like her 2 daughters aren’t capable of doing “boy” things?? I have 2 boys of my own, but if I had a daughter, she sure as heck would be “fun” with baseball and “stuff”.

Hanna on

She is so beautiful

Alivia on

I hope it’s not a boy because when you have a boy after you have two girls, the dad is so happy to finally have a boy that he forgets all about the girls.

TV on

What a completely ignorant comment you have just made. My cousin and his wife had two girls within eighteen months of each other. Six years after their youngest daughter was born they had a baby boy. My cousin is one of the best fathers around and spends as much time with his son as he does with both of this daughters. Not all fathers completely forget that they also have girls in addition to a boy. In fact sometimes, if they’re like my cousin, they make sure to take some time to have daddy/daughter dates periodically just to ensure they have a strong relationship with each other.

Anonymous on

Karen- The RUMOR is that she is expecting a boy…but that was the rumor du jour when she was expecting Seraphina too, so who knows! 🙂 And I personally think that people are reading a little too much into Jen’s comments about baseball. I think she just meant that Ben wouldn’t mind balancing out all the estrogen in the house a bit! 😉

Anonymous on

Alivia- I’m sorry if you had a bad experience, but I’m sure there are a lot of daddy’s girls out there (myself included!) who would beg to differ with your statement!

Emily on

I don’t normally express my opinion on her but would just like to say my parents had 2 girls and then a boy and I can certainly say my dad doesn’t treat my little brother any different to my sister and I. My sister and I are both daddy’s girls and yes it’s nice for my dad to have a son to play golf with etc etc but I have never felt and I know that he never forgot us about us girls as soon as my brother came along! He was just blessed to have 3 healthy children!

sara on

MEg, you know that how you carry doesn’t actually mean anything, right? You cannot tell the sex of a baby from looking at a pregnant person. It’s an old wives’ tale.

SAR on

Girls can play baseball too.

Cassie on

I understand what Alivia was meaning. I think she could have phrased it a little better to really get her point across. But what I think she was just explaining her personal experience (not attacking anyone).

Please keep in mind while a lot of you are commenting on how it doesn’t happen and hasn’t happened to you (which is great! Consider yourselves blessed) – it has to some of us. It hurts, forever – and you would’t want anyone else to ever have to go through that feeling. Just sayin’.

Terri on

Jennifer has been looking great lately. Even better than usual.

saydee on

What a beautiful woman! She seems like a great role model!

Siera on

@sara. Thank you. I swear it seems like everytime a woman is pregnant and carries a certain way, the old wives tales start coming out. Old wives tales are exactly that, old wives tales, myths, fiction.

Laura on

I have had the same personal experience as described by Alivia. It’s not ignorance just a fact that some men prefer sons and after daughters the much wanted son, or sons, get the majority of the attention. It is what it is. Let’s just hope and pray that Ben is an enlightened man and will love, care, and enjoy all his children equally!