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10/28/2011 at 12:00 PM ET

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Steph on

There is a dentist in Vancouver doing the same thing…buying candy for a dollar per pound and sending off to the troops in Afghanistan. Great idea!!!

Steph on

Maybe there was no visible abuse in the family home, but it shows absolutely TERRIBLE judgement to name your children such hate-filled names!

fuzibuni on

I agree that those names are horrible, and I feel bad for the kids if they have to go through life with those monikers… but if there wasn’t any physical abuse, and the children are well cared for, it’s not right for the children to be taken away from the family.

Freedom of Speech (and I would argue that this falls under that statute) must extend to everyone.

In the words of the ACLU: “It is easy to defend freedom of speech when the message is something many people find at least reasonable. But the defense of freedom of speech is most critical when the message is one most people find repulsive. “

meghan on

They were not taken away for their names. The parents are full of crap. There were sufficient grounds to remove the kids.

Amy on

I have to agree with Meghan, the names were just the tip of the iceburg. The Bakery did call CPS about their names but that wasn’t what really got them taken out of their home.

The house has swastikas (SP?) all over and the father claims they’re art. Call it what you want its a symbol of hate. And it did appear the the kids and the parents were unkempt. The photos I’ve seen were taken prior to them being taken away. Their house could have been a mess there were other factors in them being taken away.

I’m not surprised the parents are trying to say that was the only reason. My sister is a foster parent and I’ve sat with her in court while the parents plead their cases. They always refuse to acknowledge the real reason they were taken from their custody. One such mom hadn’t fed her newborn in 18 hours, the living room had piles of dirt in it and she said in front of the judge that if the baby girl wanted something to eat she could go into the kitchen and make it herself.

To this day (the little girl is now an adopted member of our family) the bio mom refuses to acknowledge what she did and tells people (we’re all in the same town) that the little girl was taken for another small reason but they all know better as it was in the paper. She has two mental illnesses and refuses to take her meds.

Also the baby girl was given back to the bio mom at 10 months old, she spent 4 months with her bio mom (neighbors would call cps and complain she was being left home alone) and was finally taken for good when the mom was caught drinking and driving with baby girl in the back seat without a carseat. She’s now a happy healthy almost 5 year old and has thrived in my sister’s care.

dsfg on

It IS abuse to force your kids to go around with cruel names like that . . .

Amy on

Also it doesn’t look good for the parents if the children have been out of the parents home for as long as they have, it’s been my experience there’s a lesser chance the longer they’ve been in foster care.

I read the quote the father says about the case being racist, well what do you think those names convey? People truly amaze me. I hope those children are not placed back in that house of horrors.

MiB on

Being European (no matter how much I hate the generalisation, but it is vital in this case) I cringe every time I hear those kids names. The name Adolf in all it’s formes has quite litterally died out because the connotation it still bears and naming a child Adolf Hitler or Aryann Nation would be percieved as child abuse in most European countries.

Basically, the only people who would give their children these names would be neo nazis (who incidentally quite often claim to have been subject to racism when things don’t go their way). Naming your child Adolf Hitler would actually be illegal in Germany.

marina on

The Nazi’s ideology happen to be quite violent, I remember reading that THAT was why they took the children away, not only for their names. The fact that none of the parents worked and where ready to sue everyone for some easy money didn’t help.

And how stupid do you have to be for namining your child Aryan Nation? I understand, but not share, Adolf Hitler and Hindler, but Aryan Nation??

That being said, this time must be very hard for both parents and children.

Amanda on

I hope the children are never placed back in their care. The last thing we need is these parents creating more messed up people in the world. I agree with Amy, I’d say it’s highly unlikely that the ONLY reason they were taken were their names.

Though I do think the US should be like many other countries and have names that are just not allowed. Imagine having to grow up with a name like that? It’s different than just giving your kid a ‘weird’ name, those are names most people downright dislike and you are judged for your name, no matter what it is.

Laura on

I completely agree Amanda. Those children will go through abuse from society simply for their names. I mean most of us posting here are appalled and some could be offended by those names. Now of course we know they are just children and had no way to choose their own names but still. Think in 20 years when they go to get jobs. People wouldn’t want to hire them. Hopefully wherever they end up, their names can be legally changed.

Stella Bella on

I hope they weren’t taken away just because of their names. As repugnant as those names choices are to me, this is (supposed to be) still a free country.

Steph on

I am a social worker. There are a lot of steps to go through before children are removed from a home…especially for longer than a few days. There is a lot more than to this case than just removing children from immediate danger while an assessment is done.

Freedom of Speech does go too far sometimes! Why does a parent have a RIGHT to name their child such a hateful name? Where are the child’s rights?

Sarah M. on

I don’t agree with these names at all! They aren’t just too unique or off the wall for some, they are beyond hurtful to many, many people! I understand that Adolf/Adolph is still considered a name. But when you pair it with Hitler, you’re just trying to show your racism.

Then to name your other 2 children Aryan Nation and Hinnler, it’s even more apparent. I, and most people I know, still wouldn’t use Adolf for the Hitler reference. But to give your children names like these just makes the parents reek of racism. And it’s not like they only use Adolf and Aryan and whatever the 3rd’s first name is (I don’t remember), they actually use the first and middle name combos.

Whether I agree with the names or not, there are not currently laws against any names one could come up with in America. So I very highly doubt children’s services would take a child for the name they were given at birth! The names themselves might make them take notice, but they’d have to find other things going on for them to take it any further!

fuzibuni on

If, as some people are saying, there were other reasons for the children being taken away besides the names then that is another story.

But I completely disagree with Amanda that the United States should make a list of names that can or cannot be used. That goes against the idea of a free society. It’s not the government’s job to tell us what to name our children.