Kaitlin Olson and Rob McElhenney Expecting Second Son

10/27/2011 at 11:00 AM ET
Mark Savage/Startraks

It’s an Always Sunny baby boom!

Kaitlin Olson and Rob McElhenney are expecting their second child this spring, the couple tell PEOPLE exclusively. The new addition will join big brother Axel Lee, 13 months.

“We’re having a boy! We’re so happy that Axel gets to have a brother so close in age. And that I get to add another set of balls to my very, very male world,” the actress, 36, jokes.

“We found out I was pregnant during my mom‘s birthday weekend in Ojai. I was instantly so proud of this baby for already knowing how to make someone else’s special day all about him.”

Married since September 2008, Olson and McElhenney, 34, star on the hit FX sitcom, which has seen its on-set family grow quite a bit over the last year.

Costars Glenn Howerton and David Hornsby each welcomed sons in September, while Charlie Day and Mary Elizabeth Ellis expect their first child in early December.

— Liz Raftery with reporting by Jennifer Garcia

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Marissa on


So crazy, all these baby boys! Wonder if Charlie and Mary Elizabeth will break the streak.

Tons of congrats to Kaitlin and Rob, love these two.

ariana on

Axel is a beautiful baby! congrats to both!

stef on

Another Dumpster Baby!!!!! LOVE this show! Hoping Charlie breaks the boy cycle and has a girl in December!

ASA on

Love them. They’re so funny and seem very normal. Wishing them all the best with their two boys!

klutzy_girl on

LOL, why am I even still surprised by all these pregnancy announcements anymore? There’s no end in sight for this baby boom!

Congratulations to them!

Jessica on

Aww, that’s awesome. Congrats to them! There’s definitely something in the water on that set! Haha.

ForeverMoore on

YAY! Love this couple! My boys will be less than 18 months apart too…I’m due in early December! We are really excited to have two so close in age – I know they will spar but hopefully be best buds too

Guest on

Congrats! I love them and I love “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.”

Nella on

Congrats! Love these two! They are both hilarious! So many baby announcements!

Sasha on

Whoo hoo!!! Congrats!!! Keep up the great work (on the show lol 😉

Someone You Know on

I agree with Marissa…what IS in the water on that show?

Many blessings to the family on their new ray of sunshine.

Smokey Joe on

Maybe it was just sympathy weight…

kathy on

Congrats Love You Guys And love the show lets try for some girls though too many BALLS in the family

Kristi on

Love them! I read an article that he gained 50 lbs for his character on the show. That’s a lot of weight to gain for a role…that’s committment!

Aubree on

i love these guys and i love the show! hooray for a story on people about real actors and not the famewhores of the Kardashian variety. Seriously PEOPLE, enough already.

Tara on

Congratulations guys! Love you both!!

dayman on

May the McElhenny boys be blessed with their mother’s bird-like grace and their father’s cat-like reflexes.

Jen on

Love this couple so much! TOO FUNNY Kaitlin! So hope they get her sense of humor =)

Reese on

I love this couple and their son is absolutely adorable. Best of luck for a healthy pregnancy and another beautiful little boy.

SadieA on

lol at dayman, I love the bird jokes

Candy on

I agree with what Kaitlin said about having babies close in age of the same sex. My two younger sisters are 13 months apart, and 40 years later, are still like twins.

look on

“another set of balls to my very, very male world.” that’s just gross.

Holiday on

Congrats to them! Same gendered siblings can be very close too! I have a almost 6 year old boy and 17 month old little girl and they are so close and even hold hands in the back seat of the car, its just adorable! Personally I am glad to have had one of each but everyone has their own preferences and in the end you get what you get!

meghan on

@look, she’s a comedic actress. Lighten up. She is the only regular female cast member. She is surrounded by men at home and at work. Forgive her for injecting humor into her situation.

J on

Ooh congrats!

Cathleen on

I LOVE it’s always sunny! Such a good show! Congratulations!!

Robin on

I WILL EAT YOUR BABIES BITCH!!! just kidding but seriously wow the cast of sunny is very fertile and now charlie/mary elizabeth’s baby will be close in age with their second… Awesome though, awesome for both!!

Ali on

How insanely funny! I can’t believe all the boys being born to that cast! I am soooooooo feeling a boy for Charlie as well! I wonder if my gut is wrong and he and his wife will break the testosterone streak and have a little girl!?? 🙂

Courtney on

Conceited much? “I was instantly so proud of this baby for already knowing how to make someone else’s special day all about him.”

That is just disgusting.

Megan on

^ She’s clearly making a sarcastic remark…

Mel on

@Courtney: Apparently you were absent the day they taught sarcasm.

SunnyinBoston on

This is great news! Wishing them all of the best.

lw on

@Courtney and @look:

Maybe neither one of you has ever seen the show before (which I love). Their brand of humor is extremely edgy, bold and sarcastic (to say the least).

My point is, while you are most certainly entitled to your own opinions, I think it’s plainly obvious that she is joking and not everyone has to make their pregnancy announcement sound like a Hallmark card.

Reese on

Courtney, I think it’s sad that you fail to recognize blatant sarcasm. I could never go through life so uptight.

Anonymous on

Congrats to Kaitlin and Rob, looove the show!!

soph on

“@look, she’s a comedic actress. Lighten up. She is the only regular female cast member. She is surrounded by men at home and at work. Forgive her for injecting humor into her situation.”

It was crude. Plain and simple. But hey, maybe that’s how you talk too…you seem pretty defensive.

meghan on

soph, you are as adept at picking up on defensiveness as Courtney and look are at picking up on sarcasm. Don’t quit your day job. I’m surprised someone as nasty as you always are doesn’t appreciate crude. Cause if anyone around here is crude it is you.

soph on

Right. Show me where I’ve been crude, meghan dear. I’ve never uttered a vulgar word on this blog, which is not something that can be said of the rest of you, sorry to say.

A. on

It’s amazing and funny how many people lack a sense of humor. People really need to lighten up. Congrats to Kaitlin & Rob! They are both so funny.