Momma’s Jewels: Chic Sterling Silver Teething Jewelry

10/26/2011 at 04:00 PM ET
Courtesy Momma’s Jewels

Babies love to put everything in their mouths while they’re teething, which means they’ll bite on anything that comes within six inches of their mouths. That’s why we’re loving the beautiful teething jewelry from Momma’s Jewels.

Made with sterling silver, these gorgeous pieces are designed to be chomped on by mini gums. And what could be better? Since mom is wearing them, they won’t get lost like other teethers. And because they’re elegantly designed, they’re the perfect keepsake for you and your baby.

Our faves include the chic and simple 1-Ring Bracelet ($149) and the splurge-worthy 3-Ring Necklace ($339), both of which are great holiday gift ideas for mom and baby.

— Stephanie Phoenix

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Kat on

Cute, but I’m not paying over $300 for a teether.

I have an heirloom colonial teething spoon (in my family collection), probably ranges in the same price range….

Nicole on

Silly. If I am actually going to dress up enough to wear a $300 necklace, you can be sure I don’t want baby drool all over it!

cn tower on

Is this a joke?

laurel on

Given that sterling silver sometimes contains lead, I would not think this a wise choice for an infant.

Shannon on

Ridiculous idea. Other teething rings cost a few bucks. And who wants their jewelry to be covered in drool? No thanks.

AVI on

I thought amber was for teething?

I would try amber necklace for teething instead, I think, if there were to be a next time. But, first I would read up on it, of course. It is best to do one’s research before introducing metal or stone teething devices to one’s baby.

kimmie on

That is the grossest idea ever. To wear jewerly covered in drool? You can get teething rings for few dollars and get few more, if you worry they get lost. Or tie them on the pacifier clip.

evie on

Ceunei amber teething necklaces are for babies to wear, not to chew on, and in my opinion work really well to combat the pain of teething! I could never justify spending $300+ on a teething necklace of me. I guess it’s all relative to what you earn though. Nothing wrong with regular baby toys to chew on 🙂

mochababe73 on

For some reason, this doesn’t sound safe. I hope that this product has had extensive research done on it.
I think that there’s a reason why teething rings have been made out of plastic and not precious metal.

Gale on…love it, it’s a great idea!! sterling silver has always been the safest metal for babies spoons/teething on and so on…I want to be able to go to family functions looking great and with this jewelry I get to dress up and baby has a piece of jewelry that I don’t have to worry about not being safe for them. I am a firm believer you get what you pay for, my baby is worth quality combined with safety. We spend so much money on baby items that can be just as expensive and used very little, with this piece of jewelry, it functions as both, so I can wear it even after baby grows out of it.

Katie on

Best baby gift ever. I received a necklace for a gift 2 years ago and have been purchasing them for family & friends ever since.

Dana on

My daughter loves this necklace and so do I. Absolutely gorgeous!

Gale on

I love this necklace and so does my baby!! So nice to not say “don’t touch” when holding her. Very soothing for her and me! Even my husband loves it when walking a crying baby. Great idea and a beautiful piece of jewelry that I will always treasure.

Nina on

Gale, Dana and Katie…. do you work for this company?

Gale on

Nina, I don’t work for this company, I have bought their jewelry and just happen to love them.

4815162342 on

Ahh. Look, it’s the next generation of spoiled brats!

Gale on

Aawwww…feeling left out..? be realistic, every generation has had their spoiled brats in one way or another…you should buy one of these pieces, it will make you feel better.

Fran on

Love this necklace and so does my husband. He wears it when walking a crying baby loves it!! Who knew?

jorjie on

I have the single ring necklace. And although they are not for everyone I LOVE mine! I wear it every day. If I forget, my 5 month old daughter is searching for it. SS is a very traditional material for teething, it is self sanitizing and it drys quick. In addition if you are BF baby’s tend to get distracted this gives them something to hold their attention in the direction we want them. Plus when feeding out in public and I have to cover my daughters head the neckless really helps, she is not pulling the cover off. Although you can buy $1 teething rings what chemicals do those have in the plastic that your child is chewing on and at least the few I have end up on the floor. I looked in to the rubber donut necklaces but I did not wear plastic jewelry before I had a baby why would I wear it now. I have talked to my ped. Doc and Dent both said there is no danger. So for the mom who wants to be stylish with out the hazards of traditional jewelry or plastic toxins, this is functional and is a keep sake ( that starts closer to $100)

In response to the spoiled brat comment, 1. How does choosing to wear necklace (even if it is a $300 one) make my child spoiled or a brat? And 2. What happened to if you don’t have something nice to say….

Sorry about my typos I am typing one handed ( it’s a mommy thing:)

Ava on

My sister gave me one as a shower gift. Best gift I’ve gotten!!! It’s the only gift I received that also felt like it was for me and my son loves it too.

Caro on

I don’t even want to feed him with a metal/silver spoon since it’s too rough! Come on, this is a ridiculous idea.

Shannon on

rotfl @ the paid testimonials

Amber on

hmm…to some of these comments…

MiB on

Caro, how on earth can a silver spoon be too rough? Just wondering, I was fed with a silver baby spoon when I was a baby and drank from a silver cup until I was school age (no plastic cups for me other than when camping!). They are smooth, hygenic, keep cool things cool and hot things hot, and my children (if I’m ever blessed with some) will be able to drink from the same cup I drank from as a child. How many plastic cups could you say that about?

That said, I don’t think I would buy the jewelry even if I had the money (I would rather buy an old fashioned teething ring with a silver chime), but don’t bash the material!

Nilondra on

I can not believe this … that’s totally unsanitary …. garments are exposed to sweat, perfumes, microbes … that is so gross as to give the car keys so that sucked …. would never do that with my baby …

Emily on

Yikes! What’s with all the cat fighting ladies? Whoever smelt it dealt it! Looks like a bitter competitor.

Emily on

My mother wanted to give me something that nobody else did, so she gave me the necklace as a shower gift and had it engraved. It’s so special to me, and I plan to pass it on to daughter when she gets older. I look at it as an heirloom.

I started wearing it even before my baby was teething and got so many compliments on it as a piece of jewelry. I even have a friend (who works in the fashion industry) who bought one just because she thought it was cool. It’s a really fun statement piece. And I’ve gotta say, now that my little girl is teething, I won’t go anywhere without it. Way easier than a pacifier, which constantly drops on the floor (yick!).

I was a bit skeptical about germs, etc., and talked to my doctor about it. He told me that silver is the safest thing a baby can put in her/his mouth — and told me to wash it every day. Pretty simple.

I love mine!

Melissa on

Both my mother and I have the two-ring necklace and we love it. We get so many compliments on the necklaces that some friends who don’t even have young children have purchased them because they love the look. As far as safety, I much prefer to have my baby teeth on silver than plastic which could contain chemicals.

Soña on

I don’t have this product but it looks lovely. I do have a sterling silver baby rattle that was a perfect teether for my daughter. It’s always cool to cold so it soothed, it’s easy to clean, it has no paint to worry about, it was very easy for her to grasp even when she was first teething at 4 months. Sterling teethers are not new, they certainly pre-date the plastic stuff you see around now. This just looks like a lovely piece of jewelry for mom and baby.

Kristin on

This is a wonderful gift! Wish they had it when my kids were little. I gave it to both my nephews and both baby and mom love it and use it regularly.

Ingrid on

I love my three ring necklace! Both my boys have enjoyed it as well. I have done my research, researching products is part of my job, and have also confirmed that silver is perfectly safe for a baby. Like anything else clean it often especially if it comes into contact with something that may harm your baby. I’ve gotten so many wonderful compliments too!

Little Silver Prints on

I bet bubs would love chewing on this braclet as it would be hard and cold on there red raw gums.