Baby On the Way for Tony Romo

10/25/2011 at 08:00 AM ET
Michael Loccisano/Getty

Jessica Simpson may be keeping mum about what may or may not be impending mommyhood, but her ex, Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo, is playing it more direct.

During a visit to Cedar Hill High School near Dallas, a student asked if he has any children.

“Um, no, I don’t have any kids,” Romo replied, following up with, “I’ve actually got one on the way. My wife’s pregnant.”

As the students clapped, Romo, 31, smiled, raised his fist and said, “It’ll be fun.”

Romo and his wife, Candice Crawford, 24, were married on May 28.

The Cowboys star dated Simpson from 2007 to 2009 and football fans at times wondered if their relationship had anything to do with the Cowboys’ shortcomings.

Guess they’ll soon be able to blame their QB’s diaper duty and sleepless nights instead.

— Rennie Dyball and Darla Atlas

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Ashley on

Congrats to them.

Lis on

How ironic…………….

Congrats to them, though! I predict a baby girl ๐Ÿ™‚ Wonder when she is due?

Mina on

That sux, the guy is happily married with THEIR kid on the way and the article mentions Jessica Simpson…twice. He is famous for his own reasons. Jessica hasnt released squat in years. So if Angelina gets pregnant are they going to mention Jen Aniston??

Ashley on

Great news! Congratulations to them, very pretty mama!

Diane on

I just watched/listened to the clip. I just want to clarify something. Tony is NOT the one saying he doesn’t have kids. That is his teammate Mile Austin. The video is not showing who makes the first statement so you have to know their voices. Then Tony makes the statement about having one on the way.

Jacqui on



Tee on

Wow, I’ll bet they’re excited! And I’m really going to laugh if it turns out that Jessica Simpson is pregnant at the same time!

klutzy_girl on

Congratulations to them!

I find it hilarious Jessica and Nick got engaged around the same time, and now Jessica and Tony are both having babies around the same time.

Miche on

I’m sure his wife just loves that that the first two words on their baby announcement are “Jessica Simpson”. What a downer.

AmandaK on

She looks like Chase Crawford in wig. Congrats anyway

Amber on

So true Miche! If Jess is pregnant, maybe this news will have her confirm hers. Congrats to them & Uncle Chace!

Anonymous on

tony vs. jessica

who will win? stay tuned
dun dun dunnnnnnnnnnnn

June on

What does Jessica Simpson have to do with this announcement…absolutely nothing!! Stories like this are why tabloids can’t let go of past relationships that are long over.

This should be about this couple and this couple only.

martina on

She is soooo gorgeous. Congratulations!

Anonymous on

That baby will be gorgeous if he/she looks like Candice of Chace! Congrats to the couple ๐Ÿ™‚

Mel on

Not to start anything (or maybe I am…) how come no one is freaking out yet about her only being 24? Lots of people did when Hilary Duff announced she was pregnant.

Mandy on

There you go again People, just HAD to mention Jessica didn’t you? Its ridiculous. They also posted a picture on their main site with the tagline “Jessica’s Belly Laugh” and she has a serious look on her face. So stupid. Its starting to turn into a tabloid like Star.

I do with Tony and his wife all the best on their new bundle of joy whenever he or she arrives.

Lady on

Funny their both expecting at the same time, but does she really have to be brought into this? They dated in 2009 PEOPLE…time to move on. She’s gorgeous, congrats to them. Wonder why people don’t blame him playing bad on her like they did Jessica?

Brooke on

Mina – if you are laughing about Jessica not “doing squat” as you say, you obviously are not aware that her clothing line is making her almost a BILLIONAIRE, so who has the last laugh there?

Steph on

I am sure Candace and Tony are so thrilled that the announcement of their first baby is mostly about Jessica Simpson- real classy journalism…booo

Jillian on

Congrats to them!

Steph, my thoughts exactly! Too much talk about Jessica during a time that should be THeIR moment. Classless, but that’s the way People is going lately!


Terri on

That was fast! Congrats to them.

Jillian on

Brooke, it is projected that her clothing line will bring in a billion this year. That doesn’t make her a billionaire though. As of the end of last year, after bringing in 750 million she was only worth 100 million. The amount you bring in doesn’t equal your Worth.


Kasee on

Mary, how I wish I could “only” be worth 100 million!!!

Maryanne on

Congrats to them. But I wonder if he spilled the beans (in a moment of excitement) before she wanted it out.

Marissa on

For all of your complaints, I do see the same group of people posting here day after day. If you have such issues with the content and writing, wouldn’t you stop reading and giving them the traffic? Just sayin.’

Congrats to Tony and Candice. I always liked him, except for the whole dumping Jessica on her birthday thing. That was cold.

Jillian on

Sorry if I was confusing. I think the word only may have been misunderstood. Another example is someones salary may be $100,000, but the “only” take home $80,000. I made up the figures but the point is still there.


Janna on

@Mina… I agree completely (well, not with the bashing of Jessica Simpson), there was NO reason to mention her in an article about this man and his wife. Let it go already, People!

Traci on

I can’t stand Tony Romo. I think he’s an A$$. I think Jessica Simpson’s a wonderful person so all you “HATERS” out there, leave her alone.

So what if she’s pregnant. She’s 31 and can make her own decisions. I hope she and Eric Johnson have a great married life together. They’ll make wonderful parents.

Love ya Jess!

Karen on

How sweet that he didn’t wait for a 6-figure deal like Jessica is waiting on. I hope no one pays Jessica for what is an obvious story of her being pregnant.

Congrats to Tony & his wife.

ecl on

I’ve always thought that the problem with People is that it’s not enough of a tabloid. All the articles seem to be pr spin pieces put out by publicists. At least other magazines acknowledge the dirt.

Janna on

@Traci, I’m just going to assume that you don’t know Tony Romo **or** Jessica Simpson, yet you think one is an ass and one is a wonderful person. Based on what? What you read in a tabloid? That’s rich, my dear, rich.

Nannette on

I beleive Jessica Simpsons name should have never of been brought up this is about Candice and Tony and their future family so please leave Jessica out of this