Niki Taylor’s Blog: Time for Tacos for Two!

10/24/2011 at 09:00 AM ET
Courtesy Niki Taylor

Thanks for welcoming our new celebrity blogger, Niki Taylor!

Since making her debut on the cover of Seventeen at age 14, Taylor has become one of the industry’s most recognized faces, at one point appearing on six covers in the same month.

After a near-fatal car accident in 2001, Taylor underwent 41 surgeries and multiple blood transfusions during her recovery. Earlier this year, she appeared on Celebrity Apprentice, with the American Red Cross as her charity of choice.

Taylor, 36, currently makes her home in Nashville with husband Burney Lamar, daughter Ciel, 2½, and twin sons Jake and Hunter, 16. You can find her on Twitter.

Alright — recapping my last eight months pregnant: oh, where to start?!

I know, let’s start with cravings — what is that? That thing that goes off in your head or that smell that rises up your nose or that commercial that screams, “You must have a soda and French fries RIGHT NOW!!”

I don’t really get it — is this little tiny baby that is growing inside of me writing out his or her order down there and making demands to be satisfied right now? Yes, that is exactly how it happens.

My baby is “thinking outside the bun” daily, and that thought is three hard tacos with no sour cream, a bean burrito with no red sauce and of course, a Sierra Mist to wash it all down. For those of you who want to do the quick order, it would be the no. 8, to be exact!

All I can say is that I live in a neighborhood where nothing and I mean NOTHING is open past 10 p.m., so this little one is already dialed in to the fact that Taco Bell is the only restaurant open until 3 a.m. — enough said.

Courtesy Niki Taylor

If his or her kicks and movement are any indication, I think this baby is going to be wild. I know he or she will be a great distraction for ever-busy big sister Ciel. Lord, a mom needs some distractions every now and then!

I have never seen a girl with quite so much CONSTANT energy!! Sometimes I’m like, “Don’t you want to go play with Barbies?” Not this kid — she is all sneakers, dirt mover, stick collector and monkey on the jungle gym. I really can’t believe that we are at 2½ years already. I know that this new baby will be constantly entertained by Ciel and big brothers Jake and Hunter.

Courtesy Niki Taylor

When you have multiple pregnancies, it’s funny how you remember how much weight you’ve gained with each one. Now, I can’t remember what I just did 10 minutes ago but I can clearly recall what those numbers were with each pregnancy. I don’t even really know why it stands out in my mind, but it does like a neon sign.

With the twins I gained 75 lbs. (Yes, I said 75!), with Ciel I gained 60 lbs. and it looks like I am headed towards a better target of 45 lbs. with this one. (I seem to be a 40-plus kind of a gal!)

With baby no. 4, I’ve learned by now that it is much better to be aware of the numbers if I want to be able to breathe during my ninth month. When you’re 5’11” and you realize that your respiratory system sounds like an overweight pug breathing in your ear, it’s time to watch the numbers!

I have never shied away from the challenges of taking the weight off though; I actually enjoy that part. I’ve learned that about myself over the years — I like to create shock values every now and then. But as I write this blog right now, all I am thinking about is one number … and that would be a no. 8 with a Sierra Mist.

— Niki Taylor

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Heather on

She is gorgeous! But missing a belly button..

J on

She is? I see it at the end of her belly. 🙂

Kerry on

I think they did a lot of doctoring to the photo; if I remember from the time of her car accident and all the surgeries she had many scars.

Always loved her though, beautiful girl. on

I ordered almost the same thing yesterday, three hard taco supremes, a tostada and a Sierra, and my husband came home without the tostada! I almost cried!

tori on

Gross,not attractive at all!!!

Kim on

36???? She is older than 36.

Sophia on

It would be so lovely if ‘mean’ people would have a holiday and leave the rest of us alone.

Anonymous on

She looks like she is having a boy since she is due next month. Also to the comment about Taco Taco Bell. I am big time craving it right now. I could actually make it at home but no sour cream and too cold to go out. ugh.

Katie on

HA! This is hilarious! I’m looking forward to your blogs as you go on in your pregnancy. Looks like we have a lot in common, including love for T-bell.

KC on

Not too many people know about the cult favorite tostada! Its not on the menus here but I MUST order it about once a week. No mystery meat for me, but I have to have the Taco Bell craving cured and tostadas work like a charm.

LoK on

I’ve loved her ever since I was a pre-teen (I’m almost 30 now). She is stunningly beautiful and I’m sure her next child will be just as gorgeous as the last one.

e on

if Niki Taylor isn’t 36, then she’s been lying about her age since she was a teenager! i feel like she’s older than 36, but that’s because i’ve been seeing photos of her since the early 90s, which feel like a lifetime ago.

i didn’t have any cravings and hardly gained weight (less than 20 lbs) with my first pregnancy, but this time around i’m dealing with both nausea (even at week 17) and cravings. last night i just HAD to have sour patch kids. funny how my cravings are for candy and chips instead of kale salads 😉

sassy on

I respect Niki for being so open, honest, humble, and down-to-earth. She is sweet and no doubt a wonderful mom. She is beautiful inside and out. It is no wonder Keith Urban loved her.

Steph on

I agree, Sophia…mean people skip this blog, please! I am almost 9 months pregnant and haven’t got much of a belly button either…it’s almost smooth and does look strange! I am looking forward to reading Niki’s blog as I’ve been a fan for a long time too.

Janna on

@Kim: And you think she’s older than 36 because . . . . . . . ?

If that picture is her +40 pounds, then wow! We should all look so good carrying around 40 extra pounds!

Krystal on

@Kerry, she does have scars, they’re on her back….

DLP on

I am kind of missing my belly button, too. I had triplets, which caused me to have an umbilical hernia. I had surgery to fix it when they were about 9 months old. Now, what belly button I do have is in a different place than before.

Anyway, Niki Taylor is gorgeous, gracious and grateful. What a beautiful woman in every way. She loves being a mom, and it shows.

Nicole on

Oh Niki…how I love you for so many reasons, but seriously, your love of Taco Bell and being able to admit to how much weight you gained while pregnant, is really, darn refreshing. I am on baby #2, and vowing not to gain 60 like I did with the first one. I am also tall, and always had high metabolism, but pregnancy makes me as hungry as I have ever been…constantly!

Can’t wait to meet your new little bundle. Best of luck to you!

Traci on

@Kim: Niki Taylor is 36 years old. She was born March 5, 1975. 2011 subtract 1975 and you get the figure 36. I think she’s absolutely beautiful.

Pam on

@Kim — Niki is not lying about her age. She began modeling when I was a teenager,and I am 38. Also, I remember when she announced her marriage and pregnancy. It shocked me because she was so young and at the top of her career. I couldn’t understand why a 20 year old would want a husband and children. Her boys are now 16. The numbers add up perfectly.

Big Fan on

Niki looks great pregnant or otherwise. She is a class act.

Nancy on

I went to high school with Niki and a friend’s cousin lived next door to her. I remember her first day of school and sitting in detention with her a few times. She is as kind as she appears!

Katie on

Love this girl!! She is so sweet and down-to-earth, not to mention beautiful inside and out. I am thrilled for their family she is adding another baby!! All 3 children so far are beautiful, and so will be no. 4!!! Love this blog!!!

Madeline on

Gorgeous and classy all the way! Congratulations Taylor and husband

Sue on

Nikki Taylor is 36, born March 5th, 1975 as per Google. A beautiful woman and a gorgeous family. Many blessings to them all. I agree with another poster. I wish the mean people would all go away.

J-Nelle on

Gorgeous lady, but that is a horrible look! Fire the stylist!

Heather29 on

@ Torri Was it absolutely necessary to make a rude comment about a women who is blogging about pregnanacy and her children? She is talking about babies and family and you attack her apperance. Congratulations did that make you feel better?

Niki Taylor has been through alot in her life more that most women her age. She has overcome all of her life trials with grace and dignity. She is beutifull inside and out wish there were more people like her in this world.

Harley on

Truly a brave and beautiful woman. To undergo 41 surgeries, blood transfusions, and be able to come out on the other side – truly amazing. In case you need 41 surgeries put into perspective, that’s equal to and sometimes a smidge bit less than our troops go through after suffering a traumatic amputation in a blast (that includes removing shrapnel, scar tissue, etc.) So for her to be able to recover from that and carry Ciel and now this child, freakin’ awesome. Regardless, I look forward to reading this blog!

Hayley on

She is gorgeous! How could you possibly hate on a pregnant woman? We all carry differently, gain varying amounts of weight….but the glow of an expectant mother cannot be rivaled! Congrats to her and her beautiful family!!

Jana on

She seems like a really good person…beautiful family.

ParrotsX3 on

She is inspirational with all she has lived through and overcome! She must be blessed since she is having another child and is healthy and happy…Any negative comments are just sad, jealous, uninspired people.. who can’t get out of their own way! Ignore them!

Lauren H on

I too am 5’11” and now feel so much better about gaining 25 pounds with still 2 months to go.

Thank you Niki for being a real celebrity who discusses cravings, weight gain etc so the rest of us in the real world feel better about not eating organic 24/7 and doing yoga 3 times a day. I do strive to be healthy while pregnant but appreciate hearing your openness and honesty.

Best of luck for a healthy, sweet baby!

Liz on

So many haters, so unnecessary! Always loved Niki, as others have said, and of course she is 36. I remember my older brother loved Krissy, who was his age, and he is 33 now. Gorgeous family!

Bree on

she has been thru a lot. She also lost her younger sister a year or so before she got married, I believe. I remember when her sister passed away suddenly, and then she had that horrible accident. Wish her all the happiness in the world!

Anonymous on

With both my boys I totally craved Taco Bell once a week, just a bean burrito supreme…crazy good, always hit the spot. If there was a Chipotle around here when I was pregnant I definitely would have substituted.

Shannon on

She is beautiful and seems so sweet. Looking forward to reading her blogs.

googlemaster on

Niki, you and your family are beautiful and you are a talented writer!

erika on

Niki- I am 9 months pregnant (37 weeks) and ALL i have wanted this pregnancy is Taco Bell! LOL! They know me there by now, and they know my order when I drive up. I live in Los Angeles (near the beach)- and everything shuts down at 10pm!

This is also my fourth pregnancy (technically my fifth because I had a miscarriage in between my first and second pregnancies). My first was a girl- my second were identical twin girls who passed away at birth due to a rare disorder (TTTS), my third was another daughter, and now I am pregnant again!

I am 34 years old- so we are the same age, but I feel like an old pro at pregnancy by now! Ha!

I am also one of those people who gains a bunch of weight even though I am small pre-pregnancy. I gained 65 with my first (!!!), then 65 with my twin girls, then only 50 with my last baby, and about 50 this pregnancy. BUT- i always lose it (with a bit of hard work).

So, I am really looking forward to your posts after your baby is born about how to lose it! 🙂 Nursing helps me, plus being active and eating well. This time I think I am going to do a lot of juicing at home. 🙂

Love hearing about your beautiful family. Your family has been in my prayers for years…since Krissy passed away. I see a lot of Krissy in Ciel. xoxo, Erika

fuzibuni on

What a refreshingly honest and funny blog. Love it! Niki Taylor is a class act and seems like she would be fun to hang out with.

Stella Bella on

Love Niki! Haters gonna hate, apparently.

Julie on

She is just beautiful!! Very authentic…..just precious!!!

Marie on

Born in 75 makes her 36.

ForeverMoore on

I’m always gain a lot while pregnant too, around 50 pounds but you wouldn’t guess it by looking at me. I’m on the tall side as well. Like others have said, I’m always hungry…I was still nursing my son for the first 4 months of this pregnancy and I was insatiable!!! Can totally relate to Niki…can’t wait to see what she is having and the name…she is due only a few weeks before me!

a mom of 1 on

OKay, Niki is not lying about her age. As a fan of hers for decades, I know that she had the twins before she was even 21. She has worked in the industries for many decades.

The twins are sure handsome young men.

Sue on

It’s funny about numbers, I gained 64 pounds with my daughter and 86 pounds with my son. They are now 30 and 25 respectively. Time flies when you’re having fun!!

a mom of 1 on

She she has been through a lot in her life. I remember the headlines of her being heartbroken over her sister whose only dream was to walk in her older sister, Niki’s shoes. She has alwys been a family person.

Natasha on

Niki’s Seventeen cover was in August 1989 and she was 14… meaning she was born in 1975. That means in 2011 she’s 36. It’s not hard to do the maths.

Lauren on

She actually has scars on her abdomen AND her back (google Niki Taylor scars for an interview where she says it looks like she has a “16 pack”). Assuming she requires that the scars be photoshopped out, and if so, good for her! She wants to talk about her baby, not about her accident (plus, she said in a lawsuit against Redbook that photos of her scars could damage her career).

She has always been one of my favorite models, and I’m glad to see her so healthy and happy!

Lis on

Oh Niki Taylor (and erika too! 😉 ) – you are a God send! This blog couldn’t have come at a better time…at 7 months pregnant, I am feeling HORRIBLE about the amount of weight I’ve gained…and I still have 2 months to go!! I’m pretty sure I’m gonna hit the 50 pound mark this time… Thank you for being honest, and hey – if a supermodel can gain that much weight during a pregnancy, it doesn’t make make lil’ old me feel so bad. 🙂

Good luck on the remaining month! Can’t wait to hear what you’re having! I too, am having a delivery surprise 🙂

Susan on

Love her! She is a true beauty inside and out, and the world is a better place for her being in it. With all she’s been through in life, her positive attitude is amazing.

jessicad on

She’s such a natural beauty and seems down to earth, it’s inspiring to see someone who has been through so much come out happy.

Cheryl Lage on

Love her as a twin mom “representing!”

(And our twins to this day love Taco Bell….wonder if it’s from in utero familiarity? 😉 )

JC on

Niki’s birthday is March 5, 1975 making her 36. She has been modeling since 14 so 1989/1990 which is why you have seen her photo’s since the early 90’s.

Carey on

Niki Taylor is 36 3/5/1975 is her birthdate, for all of you who have to make a comment she talked about having plastic surgery to correct her stomach scars this is just her being real. Unlike some other people, Niki has been consistent in her life to be someone who overcomes and succeeds. I hope we see her soon back in mags! Now off to Taco Bell

librarylady75 on

No tostadas for me, it’s chalupas all the way. YUMMMMMMMMMMM

Anonymous on

She is not gross..but I bet you are …and green and jealous poor you

Susan on

I sat next to her on a 3.5 hour flight a couple of weeks ago and she was the sweetest, most down to earth person I’ve talked to in a long time. She talked about how much she loves her husband and family and I was just so impressed by her. She even showed me pictures on her cell of her kids.

If I didn’t know who she was, I would have never thought she was as well known as she is. Not a pretentious bone in her body from what I experienced.

I feel sorry for the people that have to speak negatively about her because she seems like a loving, happy individual.

april on

I do not understand people just being mean. Niki Taylor was born in 1975, she has just been on magazine covers so many times people think she could be older. Also, she is gorgeous! Pregnant, not pregnant, it does not matter. She has always been a very graceful and elegant lady.

I know she does have scars from her car accident in Atlanta but she wanted them taken off. I work for a photographer of CHILDREN and you would be amazed what PARENTS want taken off their children. Thanks for sharing Niki…you have always been a favorite of mine and will continue to be. Good luck with the new bundle of joy!

Milly on

She gained 75 pounds yet no stretch marks or saggy skin? Life’s not fair!

cole on

Niki is one of my favorite models. I, too, am 8 months along. Loved to give in to the cravings until gestational diabetes popped out of nowehere. Be careful moms over 35…

Mimi on

Niki Taylor seems like a beautiful person, inside and out! With all the Kardashian crap in the news, it is refreshing to see such a wholesome family woman. I watched her on Celebrity Apprentice and was impressed how a genuinely nice person she seemed to be. And it isn’t easy on that show!! Good luck with baby number four!

marie on

She seems like such a genuine and sweet person. I wish only happy and positive things for her. She’s also beautiful.

Mary on

Niki said she had really bad scars all over her body from 40-60 surgeries. I don’t see any scars unless they were air brushed out? Niki- you are beautiful but your 16 tattoos are nasty. They might look cool when you are 20 years old, but once you are 36, 46, 56 year-old grandmother, the tats will sag and wrinkle and you’ll like an idiot.

kate on

I am so relieved and grateful that Niki, against all odds, survived such a horrendous accident and was able to endure what it took to get her life back. That and losing her beloved younger sister would have undone any one of us. The level of suffering she went through physically and emotionally over those years we shall never really know, but suffice to say she has a strength that goes far beyond her wonderful personality and her incredible beauty. She deserves every bit of happiness and then some. I wish for her and her family all the very best: happiness, health, and satisfaction in the coming years. Blessings to your newest little angel.

Michelle (Mev) on

Hey Niki! What a great gig – looking forward to all that you will be sharing with us as a mom of soon-to-be four! Being down here in your old neck-of-the-woods (P. Pines/C. City – my Jake is 4 and actually plays t-ball/basketball for CC Optimist and at your old HS). I remember you from way back then and have been following you since. Can’t believe it’s been so long since your sister passed. I remember hearing about the the vigil at West Lake. Beautiful girl – I am sorry for your loss, Hon.

As for me, just had my second miracle baby – my little girl just turned 11 weeks – following a transplant, multiple surgeries, blood transfusions, life-support, etc. Just wanted to let you know that you have been a BIG inspiration to me as we were going through our life-threatening health issues around the same time. Knowing you were making it helped me fight, too.

I’m 38 and know very well that you are 36 – what is wrong with people?! You just keep eating your Taco Bell and enjoy. Down here Pollo Tropical was what I craved with my 1st (quarter white with rice and beans, LOL!) and I gained 45 with him at 5’8″ and it showed. With my girl I only gained 25 but still need to lose another 12, so I am looking forward to your tips.

And only because people mention it – did you have platics to help with the scars? I have many on my belly and airbrushed them all for my maternity photos. I’d love to diminish them. Please let me know or even write about them as I am sure I am not the only one who’d like to know as you look amazing as always. Nothing to be ashamed of as that is why we are alive.

Looking forward to your blog and the photos of your newest addition. Blessings to you and your family.