Jay-Z Gets Animated for Warren Buffett’s New Cartoon Series

10/24/2011 at 10:00 AM ET
Courtesy A Squared Entertainment

While not busy preparing for his new baby, Jay-Z is lending his likeness and business acumen to pal Warren Buffett‘s new online animated series, Secret Millionaires Club. Geared towards kids aged 7 to 16, it was created to teach smart financial habits — which includes everything from how to balance a checkbook to how to develop sound business ideas — in a fun, creative way.

Along with a cool cartoon, they’ve also launched the “Grow Your Own Business” challenge where entrepreneurial children can submit their innovative business plans to compete for a $5,000 prize. To watch any of the 26 webisodes or play any of the fun learning activities, go to smckids.com. You can also catch episodes on children’s network, The Hub.

We also have a sneak peek below:

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Brooke on

Because what could be more fun for a seven year old than to learn about responsible spending habits?

J on


peggy on

Why would I want my kids to watch someone like Jay-Z who was at one time a drug dealer? Not exactly a good example for kids to look up to when it comes to learning about financial responsibility.

Leigh on

I’d normally agree, Brooke, but when I was a kid my favorite besides Doug, Alex Mack, and the movie Grease (I know – what were my parents thinking letting me watch that?) were old episodes of School House Rock.

So, while I seriously doubt this series will have ANY of the brilliance of SHR, I do know that teaching kids things when they don’t even realize they’re being taught is a good thing.

Also, Peggy, sometimes the road to adulthood is paved with bad choices. Jay-Z obviously made some very bad decisions in the past and while he may have at one time been proud of those experiences he’s now grown up and knows that he was wrong.

I know from experience that someone who has been so near the bottom is a formidable teacher. There are many ways to the bottom and many ways up, but the one thing the people who make it out almost always have in common is the fact that they wanted out. He’ll be able to teach that kind of determination to his child.

Beeno on

Jay-Z never looked better. He should have himself permanently cartooned!

Good luck to Beyonce’s baby….hope that it takes after her!

ParrotsX3 on

HA HA hahahahah..That’s what Jay-Z must THINK he looks like! Not even close! Thinking he needs a mirror outside of never-never land!

Shannon on

That looks nothing like him. lol

Shelby on

And I care because?…

MollyFa on

You guys disgust me. I’m not a fan of Jay-Z, but what has he personally done to anyone here to make you react so ugly? Did he attack you in anyway?

This is one thing I don’t like about this place, some people act like certain celebrities have attacked them in a personal way. That’s why they act so ugly. Yeah, you don’t have to like them, but ugliness makes people look ugly themselves.

Mia on

I think this is a great idea-I’ll probably watch it myself + I’m in Grad school!

I’m a huge Jay-Z fan both musically + from a business perspective–the empire he was able to develop once he started making music (i.e after his hustling days) + also-being a Finance major in college…>Warren Buffett was always a topic.

Kids should learn finance/business from an early age-too many don’t + are in trouble when they’re a little older…late teens/early 20’s.

Dee on

Personally I would rather my child sit and learn about finances and about money than sit and play some violent or no brain video or computer game.

It is never too early to start learning the value of a dollar and realizing that when mom and dad go to work they have to WORK in order to provide and money doesn’t grow on a tree somewhere or they just stick the magic plastic card in the machine and VOILA….money comes popping out.

My hubby started a paper route when he was 10 yrs old and saved every single penny and bought his own ticket to England to visit his childhood friend who had moved there.

He continued doing that until he was old enough to get a “real” job and started contributing to the RRSP his mom set up for him. She taught him the value of a dollar and that hard work does pay in the end. My parents taught me the same values and as such we will be passing these traits on to our kids.

So I dont understand why people are being so negative about the concept. Admittedly I am not Jay Z’s biggest fan but I am pleased he is doing this than being animated with a cheque book in his hand as opposed to a gun!!!

Lighten up people!

ParrotsX3 on

– MollyFa
So don’t read the posts! Go somewhere else if you don’t like it here!!! No one invited you or forced you to read these posts you idiot!

Celeste on

ParrotsX3 how about YOU go and take your hatin’ friends wit ya!