Paul Walker Sad to Realize Meadow Has ‘Bloomed’

10/22/2011 at 11:00 AM ET

It seems like just yesterday Paul Walker was playing Barbies with his daughter Meadow Rain, but now the Fast Five actor says he’s entered a whole new chapter of fatherhood.

“She’s bloomed!” the new face of Davidoff Cool Water tells PEOPLE of his little girl, who turns 13 on Nov. 4. “She’s got boobs now and it sucks. It was a really sad day for me … most dads out there can relate.”

Excited about Meadow’s recent move from Hawaii to California to be closer to him, the proud papa describes his daughter as a good mix of her parents.

“She’s a bit more like her mother [Rebecca], but she’s also how I am innately,” Walker, 38, says. “[Meadow]’s more of a free roamer and she appreciates the little stuff.”

As for how he’s been adjusting to having a blossoming teen on his hands, the actor admits it’s been no easy feat.

“You don’t get as much feedback as a couple years ago,” he notes. “You ask a question and get a two-word answer, so there’s a little frustration with that. But if I just shut up and sit back, she opens up and reveals a whole lot — the trick is to just listen.”

For any boys who may take notice of Meadow, the protective papa’s got some words of warning: “If they don’t go through me, they’re getting shot,” he jokes.

— Melody Chiu

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What of it? on

He refers to his daughters breasts as “boobs”? Grow up buddy.

Lillian on

That is a very crass headline CBB. I think Paul would be embarrassed by that headline to say the least. Paul is starting to show his age but he’s still hot!

Megan on

Why? That’s what he said. It’s not like they put words in his mouth. Now, if they had written a headline about her growing breasts, that would be crass.

It’s not the most comfortable of topics, but something I definitely think dads can relate to. I’m 18 and when I recently asked my mother to pick up some tampons on her way to the store, my dad visibly cringed! Many fathers just don’t like dealing with the lady stuff when it comes to their little girls.

And agree – Paul’s still a hottie!

Harley on

Well said Megan.

Sarah K. on

It’s a sweet sentiment, but something tells me Meadow’s going to be mortified that her dad told a reporter that she has boobs. Teens are forever embarassed by their parents, haha.

Robin on

I would be mortified if my dad was sharing this…and being that Meadow is 13 hopefully she won’t be made fun of because of this remark…this can be ammunition for someone to use to tease and embarrass her. People need to learn to censor themselves and some things should best be left unpublished…it’s hard enough to be a child of a celebrity…

Lourdes on

His comments made me laugh… I think a lot of parents can relate to what he is feeling.. I’m sure my dad felt the same way when i “bloomed”.. they want their little girls to stay little..

I also agree .. he’s still a hottie

Shawna on

Completely inappropriate of him to say that. How embarassing for his daughter. And how sexist to refer to a girl/woman’s natural development as sad. Way to encourage your daughter to be proud of her body!

Tee on

While I am sure that most parents… especially fathers… can relate, I’m not altogether sure this was the most appropriate subject for an interview. I have no idea who this man is but I feel kind of sorry for his daughter!

JMO on

When I read this I laughed thinking wow his 13 year old is gonna kill him for this comment.

Steph on

I totally understand Paul’s comment about his daughter having boobs! Teens are embarrassed about everything their parents say! It does suck- people (teen boys) look at your teen daughters differently…it’s an awkward age for everyone involved!

Sarah K. on

Shawna, I think he just meant it’s sad because his little girl is growing up. Every parent feels that way and it has nothing to do with not wanting your daughter to be proud of her body.

klutzy_girl on

Yup, I also took his comments as he meant he’s sad his daughter’s growing up. I’m 22 and my mom still comments occasionally that she wishes I was a baby again.

Angela on

It’s something we all go through, but I agree with the previous posters who said it’s inappropriate for him to discuss it.

I’m 36 and married with three kids and it’s still a bit embarrassing for me to acknowledge that my dad knows I’ve had sex and produced three children, even though I know that’s what he and my mom did to get me. Fathers seeing their daughters as sexually mature has always weirded me out a bit.

Remmy on


Aimee on

Lol Paul probably how the father of your 19 year old fiance felt 6 years ago.

Shannon on

Why would he say something like that about his daughter? Yeah I’m sure the girl wants the world to know “she’s got boobs now…” Tells you what kind of father he is. He could’ve said something like his baby girl is growing up and left it at that. No need to make the poor girl more self-conscious than she probably already is! Lame!

Amanda on

Wow, makes me glad my dad wasn’t a celebrity! LOL

It is sad to see your ‘baby’ growing up and boobs are a sign of growing up. Yes, I said boobs and I’m a middle aged woman with 4 kids, cause they are boobs, I don’t feel the need to classify everything by its proper name in order to prove I’m an adult.

Jurnee on

I totally agree with Shawna. This guy sounds very immature! Totally inappropriate thing to say, and rude. It’s like he has no respect for his daughter and the naturally occurring changes she’s going through, or what her feelings might be if she heard his remarks.

Father’s need to be very careful of how they talk to & respond to their daughters about their emerging womanhood. A girl gets a large sense of her self-esteem and a blueprint of what to expect from men, from her relationship with her father. Girls need fathers’ support, kindness and protection.

This guy might be well-intentioned, but he sure sounds like he needs a parenting class.

Shan on

What of if!!! get over it, they are boobs, we all have them. I totally understand what he is going through, i want my daughters to stay little, i got the boobs, boys and pms…Give me babies anyday

Chris on

I agree with Amanda, I call them boobs or boobies with my pre-teen. I do not see using these terms as immature. As far as Paul, he has always been very sheltering with his daughter, as far as the media is concerned. He would never intentionally say something in an interview to hurt or embarrass his daughter.

Meela on


Give me a break, the guy (and a very hot one) simply just means that his baby is growing up and he doesn’t like it.

Most parents that I know want their children stay babies forever.

Knockers, the girls, jugs whatever, not bothered by any of those terms.

KMC on

All of you criticizing his choice of words (boobs). Get over yourselves. It’s a word. He is not immature or insensitive. He is a father of a near 13 year old girl. He is saddened that she is not a baby any more. What is wrong with that? I imagine he probably even calls them boobs if there are discussions with his daughter.

It is obvious he is protective of his daughter, because if he wasn’t, there would be pictures of her with him all the time in the media. He keeps her well protected from the media glare. Not everyone parent in this world is 100% politically correct when it comes to discussing things with their children. Nothing wrong with that.

robinepowell on

I feel sorry for his poor daughter. Too have your famous father announce the world you’ve “blossomed” and have “boobs”, must be embarrassing for her.

Doesn’t Paul realize that this will eventually get back to her?

Anonymous on

haha all you people are so immature just by him saying his daughter has boobs is not like he is telling everone a big secret most girls have boobs by that age anyways its kida hard to hide plus it is nothing to be ashamed of. Everyone is being over criticl

RKF on

I’m 34, and say “boobs” all the time. How is one more mature by using the more clinical terminology of “breasts” or “mammary glands?” Sheesh – it’s not like he was crass, spouting off about her growing “tits.”

Marky on

People get way too serious and over-reactive sometimes on this site! I am nearly 70 years old and was one of the few girls my age whose father explained the “facts of life” to me (rather than my mother doing it) in an amazingly accurate and non-embarrassing way.

He also frequently went to our little store to buy whatever personal items my sister, myself and our mother needed each month. I remember him once shaking his head and saying in his inimitable fashion, “they must think I’m a hermaphrodite at that store, since i buy so much in the way of Kotex and tampons every month!!” We all laughed and went on about our business.

He would never have said anything or done anything to deliberately embarrass us, and I think Meadow knows the same about her father.

It’s hard to see our children grow up and leave their childhood behind, turning into a teenager who is very little like the darling child we’ve known so long. Down the road, it gets better, as we know it will, but we miss that sweet child we once knew.

ecl on

I am actually pretty sick of hearing all these male celebrities freak out about their daughters dating. No one ever freaks out about their sons dating and getting older. Double standard.

Sarah M. on

Their boobs, it is what it is. When the subject comes up within my group of friends sometimes they are referred to as breasts, but generally as boobs. And we’re all mature adults.

My dad has never had an issue getting me anything I needed at the store or talking to me about anything. He also gave me ‘the talk’. I would now, and always have been, more comfortable talking with him that with anyone else, male or female. The 1 time I was uncomfortable his response was “Listen, I lived with your mom. Just tell me what you need and I’ll get it for you!” Haven’t been awkward sense!!

I don’t disagree with the topic or how he phrased anything, but I’m kindof surprised that this would be one of the things we’d hear from him about Meadow. Given how he is about his private life, especially his daughter.

KMC on

@ecl – I have a 4 year old son and I am not looking forward to the day he starts dating. I will miss him being my little boy. I think it is hard for any parent to watch their child grow up, whether it is a boy or a girl. It goes by way too fast. I think part of the problem is that some think it is great to be over protective of a girl but if a mother is over protective of her son she is considered over bearing and that she can’t let go. Like mothers aren’t supposed to worry about their sons. Boys need protection too, they are just as vulnerable as girls are. I definitely think it is a shame that there is a double standard.

showbizmom on

He did nothing wrong. He did what every dad does Hell what every parent does, embarrass their kids! Sometimes we do it intentionally and sometimes though no fault of our own.

I was raised by two dads and everything they did embarrassed by the time I got boobs and my period. Looking back all the things I said I could never forgive them for, like bringing home two huge boxes of Pads from the Price Club and telling me it was a gift I should be happy about it. I hated them! but now laugh.

She’ll get over it. We embarrass our kids, it’s life. It could be in the eyes of Hollywood, or the eyes of our communities, our kids will always shake their heads and say, “God why can’t you just be normal!” As my dads would say, any man with a daughter(s) should get a medal, a shot gun, and a shot of whiskey as soon as she gets her first bra cause ya gonna need it!

Cyn on

WOW. There are some SERIOUSLY uptight little women, with their panties in a tight twist.

BOOBS, ladies! He sounds like a typical father being blindsided by his daughter’s growing up.

Get over yourselves. You’re probably the types who refuse to get their daughters the HPV vaccination, because “my daughter’s not a sl*t!”

Hea on

It’s kind of natural for a dad to be a bit sad that his little girl is growing up and leaves the nest. He’s probably spent all his time making sure she’s loved and protected and now he’s starting to feel a certain loss which can easily be blamed somewhat on puberty. I’m sure a lot of moms feel that way about their sons as well.

Kayleigh on

His choice of words could have been different, but he meant well. I fel bad for Meadow though.

LEC on

I would be a lot more embarrassed at my dad saying breasts than boobs and I think he would be too 🙂

Debbie k on

@ CYN people dont get their kids vaccinated cause maybe 21,000 thousands of girls had side effects and over 20 have died,,, My daughter has all her vaccines and I am not afraid to vaccinate at all, but Gardisil is not up there yet, and not because the think that their daughters dont sleep around, your comment is childish.

I think Paul”s words were fine and funny sure his daughter is going to be mortified.. but ahh that’s life and she will get over it.. He was REAL, people, that is all, WE all say Boobs,, who cares… OMG you woman are judging a person on a few words that he says,, maybe we should judge you and trust me my words wouldnt be that nice.. Grow up you prude women just grow up and learn to keep your mouths shut

soph on

Debbie k: please go lie down.

Jessica on

I honestly laugh at the commenters on this site all the time. Some of you need to get a life and stop worrying so much about what a celebrity said or did that you don’t like. Get over yourself, no one cares!!

KG on

I love how people like to assume another person’s intentions just based off of reading a measely interview. I highly doubt his daughter’s friends are scanning the People/CBB website for embarassing comments he may have made. Stop making something out of nothing!!!

Kelley on

I think everyone is taking this wayyyyy to seriously. Everyone needs to just chill and get off this guy’s back. You people all expect these celebrities to ALWAYS say the right things and to NEVER say something they probably shouldn’t–like y’all haven’t?? It probably was embarrassing for his daughter, but it’s not like everyone knows who his dad is anyway. His daughter will get over it. It’s just a joke, and he’s addressing something that is a bit more uncomfortable to talk about – get over it. And, as a girl, I call my lady area “boobs”. It’s not sexist, it’s just a term people use nowadays. So all the people who are femenists and those who try to look at every single fault–go away. You really annoy the crap out of me and I’m still a teenager. Ugh.

Kelly on

Wow! Some of you need to lighten up. You’re a bunch of prudes.

sinclair on

ahh, the irony, men having daughters. paul is probably s*&ting his pants and praying that his daughter does not encounter the cads that probably are just like he was in his youth.

THAT is what scares men, not the physical changes–it is remembering how they treated women, slept around, and now it is full circle, and perhaps he realizes and maybe regrets how he treated some of the women he was with. Seen it happen many times.

Dee on

OMG people…RELAX a lil, Paul is talkin about his daughter growing up. I say my niece has boobs, who cares. It is completely appropriate as he is her father and its his right to talk about his child.

If you guys dont want to read it or have to cringe then, skip to the next article. As for his daughter, I’m sure she will get over it. chances are she probably wont even read this article.

Now as for Paul…..AS IF HE IS 38!!!!!!!!!! There is no way, I still remember him being the studly goofball in “She’s All That”…..but oh my, he is aging very well!!!!

Beth on

I LUZZZZZZZ me some Paul Walker!!!!!

JenLaw on

Be glad for ANY dad that is involved in his daughter/son’s lives. There are few enough that give a sh*t.

Deya on

Eh, no biggie. His comment made me laugh. He’s a young father who loves his kid and is sad she’s growing up. The boob comment is really no big deal. Atleast he cares enough to talk about his daughter. Relax everyone…

Olivia on

Wow, I hope his comments don’t get back to his daughter. I would be so embarrassed if my dad (or mom) said something like that in public.

Traci on

So what if he calls them boobs. He could’ve said something worse. Why don’t you “GROW UP” stupid.

Terri on

Oh my, so funny, but poor Meadow is going to be mortfified when she reads this.

Lisa on

I think Paul is very honest, open and innocent. He doesn’t seem to be able to think before he speaks and censor his comments. He has always been like that. I think he loves his daughter a bunch, but that was an embarrassing comment he made about her body! What annoys me is that Paul started dating a 16 year old GIRL while he was a 32 year old MAN. If in 3 years Paul thinks it’s ok for his daughter to date a man in his 30’s, he is a BAD dad. Maybe he wouldn’t have a problem with it. He should!

Marnie on

“She’s got boobs”. Just what a 13 year old little girl wants to hear from her father……??????

JL on

Jeeeeezus. Boobs.

Boobs. Boobs. Boobs. Boobs. Boobs. Would you rather he had said “titties”?????

Lighten up, people. Take the stick out of your butt and learn to laugh about it. My father still embarrasses me with inappropriate comments, and I’m 39.

D! on

This interview is being completely over analyzed! Get over it people!!

Candy on

Seems everyone is only commenting because it’s the father saying she has “boobs” now. If her mother had said the exact same thing, no one would have had the same reaction I bet. At least he is around to see her blossom and is realizing that their father-daughter dynamic is going to shift some and is trying to prepare.

Let’s hope that Meadow is just as embarrassed with the boys her own age making reference to her body enough to keep them in check as kids are growing up so much faster today.


REALLY PEOPLE? who cares if he says boobs or breasts…he is simply a dad who loves his kid, loves that she is closer to him now and acknowledges that she is growing up…will she be mortified that he said boobs…who knows? none and i mean NONE of us know how their relationship is..IF any of you have ever seen an interview with Paul or heard him speak he is a laid back dude with an open mind…sort of carefree…It does not Make him immature…In fact its refreshing that he is so peaceful…Meadow will continue to rock his boat because thats what teenage daughters and SONS do….I mom of three and trust me Im surprised i havent capesized yet…..He seems like a great dad….leave him be and stop all the negativity…jeez

Jenn on

How embarrassing! Poor Meadow. I remember how that felt when your dad starts treating you differently after you “bloom.” I’m 32 and I still cringed when I read this.

mastalife on

What teenage world did all of you live in??

We couldn’t wait to get boobs when we were teenagers! There was always that one girl who got her boobs early and we all hated that she had them and we didn’t!

Also pretty sure his daughter is aware that she has boobs and because most 13yr olds do…it’s not like he said something seriously shocking!!

Good grief people, get over it!

Erika on

I am a mother of 2 girls (3 1/2 & 1 1/2) I know one day they will grow up and get “boobs”, “knockers”, “tits”,”girls”… So to criticize gorgeous Paul Walker for using the word boobs, make you all boobs. It’s a word people, leave him alone. I know I am not looking forward to getting either one of my daughter’s thier first bra.

Plus we don’t know if this was the entire interview or a subject brought up during an interview. Leave it alone and stop being so sensitive.

My mother ran around our neighborhood when I started my first menstral cycle, I had to go to school the next day. Live with that in your neighborhood with kids you go to school with. 😉

Stacey on

I can’t believe the uproar. Paul Walker sounds just like my dad when I turned 13, except my dad’s coping mechanism was to pop my bra at least daily. And make me promise not to date until I turned 30.

P.S. When I got my period, my mother called our entire family and cried while all of her friends screamed with glee. One of them brought me a sheer white lace bralette and THONG set! I was mortified!!! (I didn’t even look at a thong until college)

My mother also conveniently forget my bra size whenever we were in a store where a bunch of my high school classmates worked. She’d scream, “Stacey, what size bra do you wear, again?” across the store and expect me to answer. At the time, I was the only Stacey at my school (and there were only 2 of us by graduation).

Kris on

I think he could have phrased his daughter’s private bits a little more tactfully. “Boobs”…I hate it when guys use that word! Paul is still hot but sheesh. Paul is a boob!

Ariel on

I didnt even know he had a daughter, so obviously he is doing well with raising her out of the lime-light, which is all that really matters.

Shannon Barlow on

Well Paul may have issues with dealing with his daughter growing up, but I can help him through them lol. He’s the type of guy you wouldn’t kick out of bed for eating crackers haha!!!!

Cyndi H on

He was answering the question honestly. She will someday have children and embarrass them.

tori on

I’m sure she’ll get over the boob remark, most 13 year olds have them and he’s just being a dad talking about his little girl growing up. Most dads say stupid things,it’s expected. I’m in my 40’s and my dad still says embarassing things and I’m over it. Should this be the most embarrassing thing in her life she’ll be very lucky. Paul is hot though:)!!!

Anonymous on

HA! The daughter has only moved because her mom got knocked up again by some other loser.

Katie on

Stop making bad comments about Paul. All dads feel this way at one point or another. And I definitely agree, Paul is one of the hotties there is.

Jess on

This article was written in 2011. People just copy and pasted it to theirs. Nice going people magazine.

Paul Walker was a great actor. I’m definitely going to miss him as Brian O’Connor. And I pray his daughter gets through this tough time. Poor baby!

Hypatia on

RIP Paul Walker

vladimir obradovic on

I can’t belive,! that young man with the angels face died in car crash yesterday,3 days ago i watched the movie with Susan Sarandon ,,Noel,,Paul Walker also acting in that movie.He has a great potential to be a massive star,like a Robert Redford and good father and husband as well.Big family tragedy ,only his mother knows what is the pain now.

crystal crewse on

I just won’t to say REST IN PEACE to Paul Walker u will 4 every be misses I’ve been watchn his movies all morning and it brings great sadness to my heart he was one of a kind will never be another like him and u are in our hearts and my prayers go out to his family and the family of roger rodes I hope that people will relize that likfes to short grab the ones u love and hug them tell them how much they mean to u cause u might not ever get the chance to again I hope this world starts makeing peace instead war theirs so much hate in this world and it makes me scared of the future for our children

trisha on

This Blow’s what little Mind I have. How some on here “NOT ALL” but the ones saying oh not Boobs, there boobs breast, oh and lets not forget save the TATA’S. and oh yes I had a large lump in My bump as I say. Because I never have had big ummm BOOB”S but I guess It just wasn’t in My dna or some kind of bull, Im sure Some will have to say about that. But I say Get over it. and if I was Meadow. Hey walk proud . You have them . I didn’t lol… Like OMG You people need to get a life. or stop living in the 1030, 40 etc. You go Meadoow and I am pretty sure it did not bother you a it what a Dad said. ” LIKE THAT IS RIGHT AT THE TOP OF YOUR LIST RIGHT NOW, OR JUST DRAGGING DOWN YOUR MIND ” ” NOT ” I’M So sorry You are hurting right now and these sick one’s want to talk about BULL- I mean BOOB”S. Instead of telling You, We are sorry Meadow for Your sad loss, But know “some” have too jump on what He said about BOOBS. please. are you really that bored or as Me didn’t get that much “Boob’s . Do some Have a little envey going on there. ? I’m small and proud. She has Boob’s . Ummm Im sure She is proud. Ya dewits. Hey lets start again. Here. Meadow, I’m very sorry for Your loss . You are in My thoughts . I’m so sad for You. He was AWESOME . JUST BY LOOKING AT YOU TWO IN THE PICTURE HE LOOKED TO BE A AWESOME DAD. I’m so sorry again. Best of luck and please know You are thought of. You. Not Your boob’s. Thinking of You and Your Family. God bless . God speed . and yes God made Boob’s for any come backs on that one k,.

Lisa on

Love him xx

NBA on

Sustain the good job and delivering in the crowd!