Meet Monroe and Moroccan Scott Cannon!

10/22/2011 at 02:00 PM ET

Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon‘s babies are ready for their close-ups!

The star couple’s 6-month-old twins, Monroe and Moroccan Scott, made their TV debut on 20/20 Friday night during an interview their parents gave to Barbara Walters.

Along with the joy and pride of being a first-time mom, Carey — who told Walters she does not want to have more children — spoke about her difficult pregnancy.

“I don’t think I understood the enormity or the magnitude of what it really does to your body,” Carey, who admits to fertility help and progesterone therapy and suffered from gestational diabetes and pre-eclampsia before delivering via c-section at 35 weeks, explains. “It’s not just, oh you don’t look pretty and you have a bump.”

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Donna Svennevik/ABC

But parenthood certainly seems to suit the couple. “My family gives me everything,” Cannon gushed.

“It’s just love,” Carey said. “It’s a beautiful place to be.”

While dad expects Moroccan and Monroe “to get a PhD,” Carey suggested that she wants them to follow in her footsteps.

“They really respond to music,” she said, before singing to the babies in their Manhattan nursery.

Lullabies may come easy for Carey — who brought them into the world to the tune of her song “Fantasy” — but opening herself up to marriage again was a different story.

“I never believe that anybody really likes me,” she admitted after Cannon – who showed off his huge “Mariah” tattoo on his back – told her she’s been his crush from day one. “I always think it’s some kind of joke or something.”

While Carey doesn’t specifically address her music mogul ex-husband, Tommy Mottola, she does say that her failed marriage in 1998 made her hesitant to say “I do” a second time.

“Initially I was afraid of the concept of marriage [again],” she said. “But this is a different situation and a different time in my life.”

Now, Carey insists, “No one will steal my spirit.”

— Dahvi Shira

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Pam on

Oh dear, they are PRECIOUS.

Brittany on

Those are some ridiculously adorable babies!

klutzy_girl on

They are so adorable!

Sarah K. on

so cute!

Alexandra on

Soooooooo cute!!!

Shannon on

Aaaaah so adorable! Not surprising. Just look at their parents.

LOL @ Mariah saying they really respond to music. Don’t most babies? lol Especially if your mother sings like Mariah Carey. Nick seemed very mature and thoughtful in that interview. Lucky kids!

Lady on

They are seriously SOOOO cute, not surprising, but still….adorable!!

Pamela on

Okay, whether or not you like Mariah/Nick, you have to admit that those babies are ADORABLE!!!!

And that Mariah has an amazing voice 🙂

Phyllis on

Simply gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!

Jen DC on

Pretty, pretty, pretty babies!

Tigerlee on

Very precious. I adore Nick. He clearly loves his wife, loves his children, and loves his life. What a good man. Mariah has seemed very content since she met him. Good for her.

Tigerlee on

I’m sympathetic to Mariah. I had a difficult pregnancy with a single baby and after the birth it took a long time and physical therapy and acupuncture to recover from a frozen shoulder and sciatic pain. I still have the sciatic pain but I’m learning how to manage it without using too many pain medicines. Mariah if you’re reading this, LOL, I recommend hot yoga. I hate yoga and find it boring but it works wonders for any residual pain or nerve damage.

JMO on

When we watched it on 20/20 last night both my mom and I had an out loud “AWWWW” moment! We thought they were so adorable. I was curious to see if they’d have more of Nick’s skin tone or Mariah’s and it looks like they are a nice mix between the two! Such cutie pies!!

Rebecca on

The little girl looks just like Nick, and the little boy looks just like Mariah! 🙂

kelbelle on

beautiful babies…I have had miscarriages…its devastating..I amm s happy they were able to have those precious babies after the heartache of miscarriage.

Lissette on

Here are more photos including some newborn pictures.

KM on

Gorgeous children, but unfortunately, still the dumbest names ever. 😦

Lissette on

An ugly name for an ugly baby. Poor Moroccan looks very odd. Monroe is going to a supermodel with dem looks she got.

Mariah, SHUT UP! You arenot the first woman to go through pregnancy and you won’t be the last. You need to be grateful for the opportuinty because alot of women dont even get that. Stop whining. Nothing you experienced was anything new that another woman has not gone through.


klutzy_girl on

Lissette – Did you miss the part where she went through pre-eclampsia and was on bedrest for several months? The several false alarms about going into labor and multiple hospital trips?

Not to mention the previous miscarriage. She had a pretty high risk pregnancy. That’s not being a drama queen. Mariah did have a hard pregnancy.

And wow at you calling the baby ugly.

Toya L. on

Awww gorgeous babies!

mochababe73 on

Those are the cutest babies, and I’m glad that their parents made a conscious decision to keep them out of the spotlight.

kendrajoi on

They are so adorable. I admire her for admitting that she had fertility treatments to conceive them. There are lots of celebrities who bold faced LIE about having had fertility treatments. -cough-JLO-cough-Angelina Jolie-cough I don’t think they should have to answer such a personal question, but just say “no comment”!!!!!

Anyway, I am happy for Mariah and Nick- the twins look healthy and happy.

cara on

Good on her for admitting fertility treatment.

Those are 2 gorgeous looking babies!

Corrie on

Stay classy, Lissette.

Those are seriously two of the cutest babies I have ever seen. D’aww.

Mom*of*Boys on

I think they are adorably gorgeous! My pregnancy was like hers but a single baby and it was extremely tough so I totally understand where she is coming from. But look at those cute babies, it is all worth it in the end.

Sharon on

cute. cute. cute. What more can I say?

Lissette on

She complains about everything. I understand it was hard and such but she’s not the first person to have comploications. Yeesh. No one wants to hear your whining.

I am sorry but the boy looks odd. Maybe not ugly. Just odd. Sorry, that was a very harsh term to use.

But still, she PLAYED HER OWN DAMN SONG DURING THE BIRTH OF HER CHILDREN. Who does that?!! Someone who is stuck up and full of themselves that’s who………..

Amanda on

Lissette- all I have to say is ugly is as ugly does…the ugliest people are ugly because of their actions.

I think those babies are absolutely adorable, if you watched 20/20 last night they showed Mariah’s baby picture and he looks JUST like her, and that little girl is just precious! Definitely a little beauty already.

I’ve had 4 pregnancies and I’d say Mariah did have a hard pregnancy. She had many complications, carried 2 babies and delivered prematurely. She wasn’t saying it to be a contest, she was just telling her experience and how it was nothing like she expected it to be.

MollyFa on

Lisette, all I have to say is shut the heck up.

What has Mariah personally done to you? If you don’t have anything nice to say keep your mouth shut.

Megan on

Lissette, you consistently make some of the nastiest comments on this blog and then on top of that usually come back later and try to pretend it’s not you or that someone is using your name once you see the response. If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen.

I think Mariah and Nick are ridiculous but watching the show last night you could see they are definitely very much in love. Cute kids.

Liz on

Just beautiful babies!

Mari on

Wow! Those are some cute babies!

Lauren on

adorable times a million.

Big City Lady on

They are seriously gorgeous babies…

Lotus on

Cute kids, sweet family. I love Mariah and Nick together and I find her honesty refreshing.

Stella Bella on

I had gestational diabetes and it was not a picnic. Glad I didn’t have Mariah’s pregnancy!
Both those kids are SOO CUTE!!!!

katie on

Cuties! Cant wait to see them as they get older 🙂 I’m sure they will continue to get cuter and cuter!

Gigohead on

Adorable children! I have to say, I do not judge Mariah. I too had a child late at 40 and I too had developed preclampsia and delivered early.

If anyone were to ask me, it was the hardest pregnancy I’ve endured and it nearly cost me my life. My placenta was tearing and my son had to be born at 31 weeks at a mere 3 lbs. I am dealing with hypertension due to it and I am at risk for a heart attack due to the one incident of preclampsia. Today, I am grateful for the new lease on life but shudder to think I would have left my older 3 children without a mother.

So for someone to say, well be lucky you were able to get pregnant while others cannot. Trust me, when I say this..please don’t ever say this to someone like me. One has NOTHING to do with the other. It’s in poor taste to even say something like that to anyone.

You won’t like the answer I will give back.

Elisa on

I don’t think Mariah and Nick are pretty at all but their baby are GORGEOUS.

Lau on

They are seriously adorable!

And as Shannon said, well yeah, most babies respond to music, so I’m sorry Mariah, that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re going to be musicians! It’s like saying they’re going to be artists because they like to draw.

And I can understand why she would say that she doesn’t want to have any more kids, since all of what she said she went through sounds pretty exhausting. Sure, many other women have gone through that too and worse, but if we compared everything to something else there would be no point in making opinions. We can all only talk about our own experiences.

B.J. on

Aww!! They’re both super cute, and their parents look overjoyed :)!!

Shannon on

When some celebrity mothers discuss their difficult pregnancies/deliveries, PPD or weight issues, they’re praised for being open and honest. Yet when Mariah talks about her pregnancy challenges she’s being a drama queen? Interesting.

The babies are cute. Roc looks like Mariah and Roe looks like Nick.

The twins already have their own website with all proceeds going to charity. The photos posted there are beautiful.

Tigerlee on

Mariah does not complain about everything and has actually done very few interviews before, during or after her pregnancy. If anyone was doing a lot of talking it was Nick and even most of what his said was vague but implied all was well. Mariah has not taken a life like Matthew Broderick, or spread her legs making porn for a dollar, so all the vitriol aimed at her is unnecessary. She and Nick did an interview with BW to discuss the babies and their birth story. That’s not complaining.

Lillian on

Those babies are so adorable! They are a beautiful family. I had GD with my last pregnancy and it was horrible. I couldn’t imagine have that with pre-eclampsia and being on bed rest half the time PLUS carrying twins at that. I think she has a right to complain about it! lol

Tigerlee on

Gigohead, I’m with you. And, congratulations to you too. All the douches love to get on their high horse about infertility and difficult pregnancies and gosh forbid a new mom dares to talk about their difficulties.

With my pregnancies I expected things like morning sickness and swollen feet. I didn’t expect nerve damage, frozen shoulder and being hooked up to monitors with scary alarms the last 4 months of pregnancy. Yikes!

Mariah has every right to tell her pregnancy and birth story just like a gazillion women have done since pregnancy was invented.

Tanya on

I know this is cliche by now, but, YES, what beautiful babies!!! A true God send! God bless and may they grow up with a lot of faith and love (sorry this is cheesy, but it’s simple and true!)

anon on

Lissette, I take this story in a different way than you. I feel that by sharing her struggle through pregnancy she shares with other women who have gone through complications. I feel that she isn’t whining so much as just sharing her pain and struggle. I think by sharing her story Mariah is sharing with other women who have had similar struggles that they are not alone. She is showing that not all pregnancies are perfect and some women do struggle with complications.

Julianna on

She stated she was on progesterone,and for some people, it can make you absolutely miserable. There are some women who cannot take birth control because the progesterone makes them crazy and miserable, so I really feel for Mariah. She had that on top of carrying twins and being an older mom (it’s way easier to be pg in your 20s than it is in late 30s and 40s).

I’m really happy for her. She may act like a diva, but she has been thru a lot of hard things in her life. I’m glad she had 2 healthy babies, and having a boy and a girl is a bonus.

Mia on

They are gorgeous babies-Congrats to the family! How lucky-a boy + girl off the bat.

Many celebs have had fertility help because they are older-but Jolie was natural…plus she was only 32..not in her late 30’s/40’s.

Boy/girl twins are the most common set of twins.

Tara on

They’re beautiful babies!!! Their son is going to be a big heartbreaker! Nick will have to fight off a lot of boys once his daughter starts dating! 🙂

Holiday on

Her babies are adorable!I can understand what its like to go through a traumatic pregnancy. I had severe pre eclampsia and HELLP which almost killed me and had to deliver a baby almost 5 weeks early as well. It was horrible and it is a life threatening situation.

Lady on

Dearest Lissette: You’re always negative on every single post on here….i’m sorry your life sucks so much you have down other peoples but please…go out, away from the computer & find one…you are a really sad, mean, negative person. God bless you!

Colette on

Lisette I will pray for you.You can heal from whatever happened in your life that caused you to be so bitter and negative.Love and positivity attracts more love and positivity.

Margaux on

How darling!

JMO on

Lissette Mariah actually stated in the interview that she doesn’t want it coming off as complaining because she’s blessed but that this for her was harder then she thought it would be. Some women have a pre-conceived notion of what child bearing will be like. For many it turns out to be nothing like they imagined and in fact some of the worst months of their lives. Doesn’t mean women are not grateful for having a child but it also doesn’t mean they have to enjoy pregnancy and all that comes with it!

And I also don’t get why women are so shy about saying they’ve had IVF. Do some women feel it makes them less of a woman bc they can’t conceive the old natural way? I think women need to let go of that. If you want a child it shouldn’t matter how it comes to you and you shouldn’t be embarrassed. It actually is inspiring I’m sure to certain women going through IVF struggles to see happy outcomes.

kristen on

Even though I am not a fan of the little boy’s name I still have to say that these children are absolutely beautiful.

As for Mariah discussing her difficult pregnancy; it was a welcome change to the usual “I loved being pregnant/my pregnancy was a breeze.”

Not all of us enjoyed the process, many of us were miserable and sick and in pain. Doesn’t mean we love our children any less or are total drama queens.

Indira on

Aww they made cute babies!! Monroe looks sassy.

Traxie on

They are SO cute. Unbelievably cute. I don’t know what I was expecting but they are the perfect genetic blend of their parents!

Brooklyn on


Amber on

Is Scott both their middle names?

Kate on

Amber, Monroe doesn’t have a middle name, I believe.

Amy on

Oh my! So precious! They look just like mom!

Rosy on

WOW they are stunning! For some reason I didn’t expect them to be quite as cute as they are, what beautiful babies…

sat on

What precious photos! Congrats!

Mother of 2 on

They are super cute!!! I wish them a lifetime of health and happiness! I also had a hard 1st pregnancy, with gestational diabetes and preclampsia, so I know where she is coming from. I had a c-secion at 37 weeks, so I was thankful I was able to carry that long. People who have not experienced anything like that shouldnt comment. It is very scary and potentially life threatening. I am not a fan of Mariahs, but regarding this subject, I dont think she is complaining. She was just saying.

Ali on

Wow, those babies are gorgeous! I really hate the names though, but oh well.

Hea on

@ Lissette – You are the one complaining and bitching. Not Mariah.

They are very cute, both of them.

tlc on

Those babies are freaking cute!!!

I sympathize with Mariah on her difficulties. I too had bedrest and it’s NOT fun. I also had miscarriages before my beautiful boy was born. I’m glad the babies turned out healthy and happy and they were able to be born with no complications after all her difficulties. That I can respect her for..

What I do NOT like about her is that she is *SO* self absorbed! I rolled my eyes when she said she’d rather the kids follow in HER footsteps. Sure it may be said tongue in cheek, but I seriously think that Mariah was serious. That’s the impression she turns out about herself.

Nick seems like such a great guy. He must have the patience of a Saint to deal with her issues!!!!

Catca on

I also didn’t expect these babies to be sooo adorable (I thought they’d be cute, but these two are ridiculously cute!) The quote Mariah gave about marriage and how she was hesitant to rush into a second marriage is kindof hilarious though. Didn’t she marry Nick within a month or two of meeting him? That’s hesitation???

AllisonJ on

Those are some seriously cute babies!

Charlie on

I am torn. While I applaud Mariah for saying she had fertility issues and used help to get pregnant, I can’t get over something she said in the interview. She told us her pregnancy was “unique”. That doesn’t sit well with me. Millions of women have given birth. There is not really anything unique about pregnancy.

Yes, I understand she had difficulties, and yes, it is good to share those difficulties and shattered notions of what pregnancy is, but do not call it unique. It made her sound out of touch, which I’m sure is inevitable for all celebrities, just because of their environment. But there are thousands of women in the world RIGHT NOW dealing with exactly what she dealt with. Her pregnancy was not unique. High risk, yes, but not unique.

That being said, their babies are so cute. Monroe looks especially like Mariah.

Kayte on

The babies are super cute! Mariah sounds really self-absorbed. It seems she overcompensates for her self-esteem issues (not believing anyone really likes her). I thought it was sad that she told Walters that she trusts her husband only ‘sometimes’ because he’s a man. Why would she marry someone that she didn’t trust completely? Mariah has issues.



I hope their marriage lasts forever.

They seem very dedicated to each other and what a way to raise children…..when their parents have and show such love for each other and for them.

Very refreshing.

J on

Poor Lisette, jeez people. I love the look the girl baby is giving; little diva already.

The One on

I agree J – people can be so cruel on this site. Funny how they get so mad at someone for being mean, and then turn around and say far worse things! Hypocrites….

Anyway, these babes are GORGEOUS!!!!

Carrie Jo on

Gorgeous babies! I don’t think either of them look more like one parent than the other. I think they are both a great mix of both parents.

Anonymous on

C’mon people, DON’T FEED THE TROLLS! Ignore the ignorant comments and move on….don’t let it actually get you worked up!!

MiniHipster on

Loving the yellow on these gorgeous twins!

Guest on

Beautiful babies! Monroe is a nice name but Moroccan…What was they thinking? Saw the interview and Mariah made Nick look like a damn fool. Why would you marry someone if you can only trust them ‘sometimes’? If I was Nick I would have been pissed!

Chloe on

These are not cute babies..

and before anyone gets all angry…if there are no “ugly” babies, how do you get ugly adults? Hmm?

And no, I’m not saying they’re ugly, they just aren’t cute babies.

I was not a cute baby…

KGurley on

I don’t usually comment on these articles but it always seems like Lissette always has 2 have something negative 2 say about other people. Do us all a favor, Lissette! If u don’t have anything nice 2 say about the celebrities that are allowing us 2 take a glimpse n2 their private lives and see personal photos of their families, SHUT THE HELL UP AND LEAVE UR COMMENTS 2 URSELF!

Gossip on

Am I the only one who understands Mariah’s honesty and I am so glad she did not fake it! She expressed what she felt. She loved him enough to marry and have babies. Nick loves Mariah so He was not as upset as some of you by her. Nick was 10 when he fell for Mariah! Don’t ever forget that Mariah is dealing with Midlife insecurities and the pressure that hubby has a career that places him in constant temptations!

tori on

Both are very cute!

Terri on

So cute! Monroe is going to be beautiful, you can see it already.

anon on

J and The one, I agree with you. people always get outraged over some comments and call them cruel but address the commentors in much worse ways. I do not agree with what Lissette said, i feel mariah is just sharing her story truthfully. but Lisette has a right to express her opinions and should not be attacked for them.

Beck on

My goodness…what precious babies!

I can’t imagine anyone thinking these sweet faces anything but perfect!

Babies are innocent and full of hope…who cares if a few low-life commenters have negative words…they hide behind their computers and would NEVER say these things to any mother’s face because ANY mother would cease their ability to chew food. Ignore the losers that post. The world is full of bullies that would pee their pants if confronted.

Sarah S. on

Such beautiful babies!!

Audriana on

Oh my Gosh their babies are BEAUIFUL!!!!!!!

Carol on

They are beautiful!!

Jackie on

the babies are soooo cute! and some of ya’ll need to get a life…so Barbara Walters came into Mariah’s house and asked HER about HER pregnancy and she’s being

blessedwithboys on

Those babies are really white for being almost three quarters black.

apple on

I think the kids are adorable. I feel for Mariah and her pregnancy. I just turned 44 in August and my husband turned 57 in June and on top of that I had my son in September. The pregnancy was a shock for me and my “Fixed” husband but certainly wanted, welcomed, and loved. I too had Gestational Diabetes. I had mine from 4 or 5 weeks. I also had a history of high blood pressure but somehow kept it under control during my pregnancy. Although I did not have bad complications I had a few. I had severe anxiety attacks putting my pressure dangerously high and not being able to eat much really started to get to me. But I kept with my low-carb low-salt diet and all went fine. Now if I could just stop eating the chocolate. LOL

Congrats again Mariah and Nick, gorgeous kids, what a blessing they must be.

Pat on

I love babies and have the most beautiful g’babies and I have to say these are beautiful babies, the little boy is adorable.

Kim on

I dont think shes complaining at about how hard her pregnancy, most women dont have one of those things she had let alone twins/PE and GD! No wonder she doesnt want more kids, she has a beautiful pigeon pair 🙂 I had my son at 32 weeks with my first pregnancy and my second I had to deliver my daughter at 36 weeks due to PE. Its not fun, its scary and the amount of tests and appointments I had to do was insane, for weeks. Don’t ever trivialise how dangerous PE can be and Gestional Diabetes but to have both I feel for her it must have been difficult and worrying. Her twins are gorgeous and healthy and happy looking and I’ll bet she counts her blessings for them two.

Honney on

The babies are too cute! I love Roc and Roe, bound together for life. Congrats!

Everyone does not wish to have babies in their 20’s. That’s why people have free will. I chose to grow up first, live, get my education, buy a house, and be able to provide for my child so that he will be comfortable when he is brought into this world. That’s MY life and my choices.

Being in your late 30’s or early 40’s DOES NOT MEAN you WILL HAVE fertility issues or a difficult pregnancy. Don’t believe the hype. Your doctor, if it’s the RIGHT doctor, should do the best for you to make sure YOUR pregnancy receives the care and attention it needs. I had my first child at 37, (pregnant at 36) and had absolutely NO problems during pregnancy. In fact, I did much better and had less issues than ‘younger women’I knew who were pregnant around the same time. Case in point, my sibling, 9 years younger, just had a devastating experience and unfortunately or fortunately, there is now a little angelboy in heaven.

Every woman’s health status is different, every woman is different, every pregnancy is different, whether it’s the first child or not.

You do not know, nor can one predict how a body will respond during pregnancy. Pregnancy is a stressor on the body and it is amazing how the body transforms to bring a life into the world, therefore, many things can go occur, so proper prenatal care and attention to the body is pertinent. The ultimate blessing is a happy and healthy mom and baby! Peace!

Marti on

Congrats on the babies… but seriously boo hoo…i had a difficult twin pregnancy, i delivered early and i had 2 beautiful children also, a boy and a girl too. Im glad she got her children and good fro her admitting using fertility treatments(i did not), but thats what bein a mom is. Good for her it all worked out…but now welcome 2 the real world, money cant buy an easy pregnancy. Enjoy the babies.

cattywood on

Those babies are simple beautiful!

Now…on to the parents. I thought Mariah was just horrible to Nick during her interview with 20/20. I felt so sorry for him but hopefully they will stick together for theose gorgeous babies.

Honney on

We are on the outide looking into their relationshp. How can you make a real judgment on a relationship, or by what was said? If Nick nor Mariah went running or thought anything was awry during the 20/20 interview, then why are we concerned? It seems to me that they are real in their relationship, so they are not surprised by anything said. Relationships are not all roses, sugerplums, and daises; it takes a lot for two people to deal with someone else’s stuff. Plus you cannot judge by one 5-10 minute interview. I felt they were honest about their feelings, especially Mariah. It was true entertainment. Now let’s go deal with our OWN ish. That’s the real!

Mia on

Technically Mariah Carey’s mother is white + father is Black/Venezuelan…so it’s closer to 60/40.

Charlotte on

Goodness, those babies are perfection!

Cassie on

beautiful babies!!

Is it just me or does Mariah look “off” in the pic? :/



Latisha on

I really Love Mariah and her kids is soooooo precious and I wish them the best<3

Cara on

Mariah, people do love you, and those babies are ADORABLE!!!

Anonymous on

Beautiful babies !!!

sandy on

Mariah and Nick are so blessed! What beautiful babies they have. They are both sweet people. I am glad Mariah could have these beautiful bundles of joy at her age. I remarried at age 38 after being a divorced mother of three. My husband was 46. He had never had children or been married before. I wanted him to experience having his own children, so we went through fertility treatments, etc. since I had my tubes tied in the 1980’s. Things went really well in the beginning. I had 17 eggs removed and then 8 good ones that were used at two different implantations over a two year period. However, we never became pregnant after all the shots and all the expense. It was a heartbreak, but God has blessed us in so many other areas in our lives that I could not complain! There are so many people hungry and hurting in this world. Who am I to complain? I think Mariah was being very honest about her pregnancy. She should be more mindful about her husband’s feelings when being interviewed. Nick is so sweet and funny with the contestants on America’s Got Talent. If he is that way at home, then Mariah and the kids have a great husband and dad!

Anonymous on

Pretty, pretty babies. I am happy for Mariah and Nick. May the future bring their family many blessings.

nikki on

Those babies are so adorable and blessings.

tori on

Sorry – adorable,cute you must be blind these kids are fugly:)just like the Jolie/Pitts – strange looking sort of distorted!!!!

Rachelsun on

No the only blind and evil person is you! Those babies are beautiful. The Jolie-Pitt kids, biological and adopted are ALL beautiful. you my dear are ugly and I don’t have to “see” you to know that.

meagan on

omg they are adorable god bless

Arielle on

kendrajoi- twins can happen without fertility treatments you know. They run in families; it goes by age; how many kids you’ve already had, etc. Do don’t go saying who had treatment if you don’t know the facts.

Sarah on

So cute

brianna villanueva on

they are so adorable!!!!