Meet Natalie Portman’s Son Aleph!

10/21/2011 at 04:00 PM ET

Look at that face!

Natalie Portman holds tight to adorable son Aleph while visiting a friend in Hollywood on Thursday.

The Oscar-winning actress, 30, and fiancé Benjamin Millepied, who reside in New York City, have already taken their 4-month-old baby boy on a tour of Paris, and now he’s getting a look at sunny California.

Born in June, the cute little guy is named for the first letter in the Hebrew alphabet.

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Melissa on

OMG, what a cutie! So adorable.

Loving that Natalie has a pretty normal postpartum bod too.

RKF on

Wow- he’s adorable! I love how he’s hugging her arm. Too cute.

Brooklyn on

He’s adorable!

Ashley on

Aleph is adorable!!

Karen on

He is so cute! And I also love how he is holding onto mommy’s arm!

Anonymous on

How cute!!! Aleph is also the first letter of the Arabic alphabet

River on

He’s really cute, but no one compares to Flynn Bloom!

Candy on

Very cute! I too like to see she is more on the normal side with pregancy weight loss.

sara on

River, I wasn’t aware there was a contest.

Leslee on

He is a beautiful baby, she is very blessed.

Stella Bella on

Cute kid.

Indira on

cute baby, silly silly name.

ForeverMoore on

He is absolutely gorgeous…looks so much like Daddy who isn’t too hard on the eyes either 😀

Monica on

He’s beautiful!

Tee on

That is one seriously cute baby! Like RKF, I really love how he’s hanging on to Momma’s arm!

Shannon on

What a cute little guy. He must look like his father.

Holiday on

He is adorable!!

Sarah S. on

Awww, what a cutie pie–just look at those kissable cheeks! 🙂

River on

Amy, there’s no contest. I’ve just become desensitized to cuteness after being exposed to Flynn’s outrageous, unbelievable cuteness. All other babies seem pretty average to me now. Sorry for offending you.

Mia on

He is such a cutie 🙂

A on

Is he big for 4 months? Or is she really small? He is so cute! His hair looks auburn.

Bugsmum on

What a beautiful chubba bubba!! He is about the same age as my wee bug and looks heaps bigger in this photo. She holds my arm like that too, it’s a really cool feeling.

ClaireSamsmom on

I love how he is holding on to his Mommy….soo precious!

Lissette on

He seems to be saying… “Back off, this is MY Mommy.”

Haha. Sooo cute!

guest on

hes beautiful like his parents, his dad is the new face of yves saint laurens fragrance for men –llome libre-which smells incredible by the way!!

annachestnut on

He’s cute. She has a huge forehead

Sharon on

what a beautiful face….so precious!

What of it? on

I don’t think the name is silly at all. Aleph/Alif as the first letter of the alphabet in Hebrew and Arabic has cosmic / spiritual connotations. It wouldn’t be like calling your chlid A (“eh”). It’s more relatable to the notion of Alpha, symbolizing “first” or “beginning.”

ParrotsX3 on

So then, is it pronounced just ALF or does the E play a part as in AL-EPH (Al-EF)? Don’t be hating I am Just curious!

Tee on

Lissette, you’re right! It does look like that’s what he’s thinking!

abc on

River, you’re rude and obnoxious. I think all babies are cute in their own way. Flynn is no cuter than Aleph, IMO. You can’t expect everyone to look alike.

Lau on

Abc, River is neither rude nor obnoxious, she (he) just likes the way Flynn looks better than the others, what on Earth is wrong with that? Paraphrasing you, you can’t expect everyone to think alike.

That being said, Aleph is super adorable! I myself find him a lot cuter than Flynn Bloom 😉

ali on

I know being a celeb it “comes with the territory” & they COULD have released their own photo, but I feel sort of sorry for the parents when their new babies are introduced by paparazzi shots. It just LOOKS intrusive.

Natalie probably should have released a photo. I know it isn’t her style, but if your privacy’s going to be invaded one way or the other, might as well do it on your terms. Not to mention, not confirming the name and not releasing your own pictures, the more they make off your pictures of YOUR baby.

Aleph is a cutie though. I did want to see him. Lol! And River, my favorite celeb baby is also Flynn Bloom. TOO cute.

Indira on

What of it?- I’m part arab, speak Arabic and it is exactly like naming your child A or Z. Yes, Alif or Aleph has special meaning in jewish religion but, to the modern jew(non-rabbi) or arab it will sound like a person saying A,B or C.

Cammy on

She can always name her second baby “Bet” (number 2 in Hebrew).

sara on

I wouldn’t call River rude, but I will call her (him?) really creepy. Those are sentiments that cross a line into inappropriateness when you’re talking about a child you don’t know personally.

Jillian on

He is adorable!!!!!!!!! I love his name, which does not only mean the first letter of the alphabet. It has other meaning by definition. So Indira, it’s not like naming your child A, B, or C if you pick the name due to the additional meanings.

tlc on

I was just thinking the other day while reading here that Natalie and Benjamin have been doing a great job of keeping Aleph out of the press.

He is stunning. I love his little cheeks and the way he’s “holding” on to his Mommy. Just precious…

Nat looks great too. 🙂

Calais on

Aww, he’s a little chubba 🙂 love it. Something about chubby babies makes people wanna go gaga. 🙂 I love his name. I think the meaning is very sweet. Aleph, means ‘first’ doesn’t it? Well Aleph is Natalie ad Benjamin’s first child & it comes from their heritage.

Anyways, Aleph is adorable, Natalie doesnt seem to be obsessed with losing baby weight & let me stay, still looks amazing & lastly, it doesn’t matter what someone names their kid, it is thei kid, no one can judge the name they chose. My kids names are weird too, I don’t care what people think & I’m sure Natalie doesn’t care either,

VEO on

I agree, Ali. Natalie has said over and over how she wants her privacy and she’s been able to get that in New York. As soon as she’s in California the paps were all over her. It’s very upsetting to think that a mama can’t get the privacy she wants for her baby 😦

Jane on

I think he has her eyes!

Annie on

Looks a lot like Darren Aronofsky’s little boy “Henry”. Hmm.. wonder why that is?

River on

Sara, How is finding a child cute creepy or inappropriate? You don’t make any sense. Some people on here make truly creepy comments like “I wanna kiss nibble on those cute toes” or “i wish I could have a bite out of those cute baby rolls” or “look at that cute baby butt!”. So making comments like that about a stranger’s child is not creepy or “inappropriate”, but simply finding a child cute is creepy? Jeez, you make it sound as though I am a sexual deviant for finding Flynn cute.

Anyway, I think YOU are creepy for taking what I said so personally when the children mentioned are not related to you in anyway.

Denise on

Yes, he doesn’t look like her at all. Beautiful child, he’s lovely!

biddie on

annie- I WAS THINKING THE EXACT SAME THING!!! i didnt buy into all the hype about them at first but am rethinking it now, after seeing aleph…. i dont think he looks like either of his parents.

and i think aleph is a terrible name, and flynn bloom is such a cutie!

stacey on

I guess I’m the only one who finds this baby extremely unattractive. It is precious though how he is cuddled up to his mom. River, I agree with you, Sara needs to get a serious grip.

Margaux on

Awww…how precious, I agree, he’s adorable 🙂

Anonymous on

He is super cute.Aleph looks like Natalie

Henrietta on

Anyone whos given birth knows that Nats “babystomach” is there because of her way of standing.. She looks great, no extrakilos at all! Just look at her face and arms… Slim as ever 🙂 And her little Aleph is really really cute, chubby as all babies should be! Great name too with a beautiful meaning, perfect for their first!