Hilary Duff on Pregnancy: These Boobs Are New!

10/21/2011 at 11:00 AM ET
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A glowing Hilary Duff visited Chelsea Lately Monday, revealing that her pregnancy has been smooth sailing so far — and it’s not just a baby that she’s welcoming.

“These are new,” she joked, gesturing to her breasts on the show. “These are new and different so that can be a good and bad thing.”

Luckily the Devoted author, 24 — who’s expecting a baby boy with husband Mike Comrie — has missed any pregnancy pitfalls.

“Everything’s been really easy,” she added. “I didn’t get sick.”

Of course, Duff wasn’t spared the typical Chelsea Handler ribbing. “How did you get pregnant?” the E! host teased.

“Everyone thinks I’m such good girl,” Duff quipped back, “but I figured it out.”

— Rennie Dyball

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Zoey on

i just love her! She is so sweet! and Chelsea Handler is amazing!! 😀

DanaC. on

Ah, first time mommy excitement and anxiety. I feel ya girl.

Re: boobs the bad: having to wear 2 bras for support, the heaviness, getting a bra every few weeks…; the good: the husband likes em.

She is my pregnancy twin haha I had an easier first pregnancy with my boy. I predict the next time she gets pregnant she will have a girl and it will be a flip flop, she will have morning sickness up the wazoo. It’s crazy how different 2 pregnancies can be on the same body. Just how it works out from the diff hormones /theory.

LOL I love her response on how she got pregnant. I’m female and I even had trouble keeping my eyes off her chest. Poor thing. They look way bigger in the video. Chelsea is a funny lady and Hilary wasn’t so bad herself. What an eventful and memorable wedding funny now,I would have gone nuts.

showbizmom on

Ha! I remember that! Boobs came before the bump for me. Enjoy it, I say to new moms. As soon as the milk dried up, the boobs went away. I swear it’s the only reason why my husband wants more kids, he misses the boobs. 🙂

Melissa on

I am so flat-chested normally that for me the BEST thing about pregnancy was the boobs. I bought so many low-cut tops … I probably dressed the sluttiest that I ever have when I was pregnant, which is kind of hilarious in and of itself, haha.

Hilary looks great and loved the story about her tooth falling out on her wedding day – what a nightmare!

Brooklyn on

Love Hilary. She looks great and seems super excited to be a mom!

Andrea on

She is way too immature….I’m fairly certain she conceived this baby to save her marriage. I say that about 8 months after the arrival they’ll be separated

klutzy_girl on

LOL, I think you can’t help but notice her pregnancy boobs!

And wow, Andrea. Way to jump to conclusions.

AmandaK on

She looks great and seems happy. Those are some big jugs for sure! Haha

KM on


In my eyes she is one of the most mature “young” (she is 24, for goodness’ sakes, not 14!) actresses in Hollywood. She has never had the drinking, drug, etc. problems that the other Hollywood trashy bimbos have had.

Lemme guess…waited too long to have a baby and now you can’t get knocked up and think it’s your right to lash out at any woman under 35 who gets pregnant?

Mia on

I think it depends-I’m short but I have small waist with curves (34C)–so if I ever have kids it will just be extreme….hope I don’t fall over-LOL.

Courtney on

Thanks a lot to the ChelseaHandler YouTube channel for making this video unavailable to Australia.

Jane on

KM, your response to Andrea is just plain mean. And why would you jump to that conclusion? Anyway, it was just a mean spirited thing to say.

Helen on

Well, Andrea’s comment was mean spirited too 😉

Lady on

Andrea, go find your life, why would you say that about anyone, do you know them personally?! Grow up.

Anyways, she’s so cute, love her!

molly.one on

She seems so happy and is adorable! Cograts! I hope her pregnancy continues on so smoothly…can’t wait for the name when he arrives!

Jillian on

Andrea is allowed her opinion on this page about celebrities. I dint agree with her opinion but am not going to personally bash her like some of you. Such nasty people.

And the “get a life and grow up” comments are so unoriginal and immature.


Deb on

Andrea, are you referring to her husband Mike Comrie? Because I have heard not so nice things about him. Not here to breed more hate but I have heard rumors.

Maria on

If you think yer boobs are big now just wait till you give birth and your milk comes in! Bigger