Michelle Obama: I ‘Confiscate’ the Halloween Candy

10/20/2011 at 11:00 AM ET
Lawrence Jackson/Official White House Photo

With Halloween less than two weeks away, kids country-wide will soon be satisfying their sweet teeth with bags full of candy.

Among them? Michelle Obama‘s daughters Malia, 13, and Sasha, 10.

“I don’t want them to worry about how much candy they eat on Halloween,” the First Lady said during a roundtable discussion held Tuesday at the White House.

However, the “Let’s Move” project founder ensures that the collection of candy doesn’t quickly turn into a free-for-all for her girls.

“I let them hang out with that bag maybe a day or two, and then I confiscate it,” she explains.

“Because it’s like, you just don’t need to have this in your room; it’s not good. The temptation is too great.”

Her stance on supporting her daughters’ occasional indulgence in sweet treats is simple: work hard so you can play hard.

“Our philosophy is if you make good choices every day, then when it’s time for the holidays and the fun stuff and the birthday party, then you don’t have to worry,” Obama, 47, shares.

The balance between healthy habits and delicious desserts will continue through the holiday season for the Obama family.

“Around the holidays and when they go out, I don’t want them to have to worry about that,” she says. “That’s why it’s important for us to have balanced meals, to get all those vegetables in, when we’re [at home].”

However, despite the surplus of sweets at the dinner table during the upcoming celebrations, Obama jokes it’s not necessarily the children who need to practice moderation!

“What I find for the kids … there’s so much excitement around the holidays. Kids are out playing. They’ve got cousins over. They don’t even want to sit down really to eat,” she laughs.

“It’s the grownups. We’re sitting around the table all day. The question is, how am I going to deal with the holidays?”

— Anya Leon

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fuzibuni on

Dear People.com,

Please stick to your original agreement not to cover the presidential family. I come here to get away from political propaganda. You are ruining my fun. Thanks a lot.

Melanie on

fuzibuni, this has no political propaganda in it. Get over yourself.

Dee on

Bo is sooooo gorgeous!

Miche on

After getting to pick out a couple treats, the rest of our candy goes in the freezer for decorating Gingerbread houses at Christmas.

ForeverMoore on

Oh man, someone else who must blame Obama for all of Bush’s mistakes and shortcomings.

This is simply an article about a mom, her kids and Halloween candy – no big deal! I thought it was rather refreshing how normal it all is…as mothers, we all pretty much have the same things to deal with, no matter WHO we are.

mary on

I also confiscate my kids candy, that is if my husband hasn’t already taken them for himself! For myself, I take the chocolates and use them in cookies and chocolate croissants This helps a lot thru our holiday seasons!

Before anyone goes off on me for taking their candy, My kids really don’t like candy. They enjoy getting dressed up and seeing the other kids and the parents costumes.

jeepers on

Fuzibuni, there wasn’t a single political thing in the article. All she is talking about is the holidays and eating.

Corrie on

fuzibuni, you need to lighten up.

love this picture, Michelle looks great and Bo looks like he’s full of mischief & energy. 🙂

t. on

Not a single word of politics was in this post.

Get over yourself no one made you read the article.

Marilyn on

Gee, what could she being doing with all that candy?

cn tower on

Melanie, I think she is referring to the comments that follow such articles – not the articles themselves. Take a look back at previous posts on the Obamas and you will see that irrespective of the topic in the article, the comments were often political in nature

Sarah on

I agree. Get over it, Fuzibuni.

Tee on

It sounds like Mrs. Obama has a very good attitude in regards to her children’s eating habits. I like hearing about a Mom that is neither a food Nazi nor a McDonalds-six-days-a-week kind of lady!

Traxie on

Man, that dog is ugly. I’m sorry, I am a dog lover and I think that dog is hideous!! (okay, I’ll shut up now 🙂 )

Margaux on

Miche, great idea on saving some of the treats for gingerbread houses!

Rebecca Jayne on

Our daughter’s dentist actually will buy the candy from the kids, by the pound! So the goal is to get as much candy as she can so she can go get money from the dentist! I think it’s great, because in addition to all the sugar, my kid has a severe nut allergy, so most common halloween candy isn’t safe for her anyway, so I can avoid being the ‘bad guy’ by not having to take it from her.

Me on

Yes, Mrs. Obama looks great, Bo is cute and I really like Miche’s idea of using the left over Halloween candy to decorate Ginger Bread men and houses. I never thought of it.

Julia on

Yay. The Chicagoland royalty couple is “just like everyone else.” Why does the media keep asking dumb questions about What Would Michelle Do? It’s just weird how we idolize politicans and their families in the 21st century. Haven’t we learned yet that they’re not like us??

Emily on

My mom did the same thing with me and I’ll probably do the same thing with my son when he gets a little older.

@Miche, That is a great idea! I might have to do that this year.

Also, I wish people would turn off the comments when posting anything about a political family. The article may have nothing to do with politics in it, but people always have to turn the article into something political and say nasty things. Remember the golden rule your mother taught you, if you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say anything at all!

J-Lin on

Michelle looks great.

As I kid, I would usually eat the candy for about two or three days before getting tired of it. What was left was stuff I probably didn’t want.

Fuzibuni needs to get the fuzz out of her bun for Pete’s sake.

Nancy on

Forever More—There is plenty of blame to go around for both Bush and Obama. I dont care for either of their presidencies and I am a conservative.

Anyway, politics aside, I totally agree with Michelle on this issue. We can’t trust our kids with managing their sweet intake because they dont yet know the consequences of what too much sugar does to your body.

I allow mine 2 pieces of candy per day and it is up on the top shelf of the kitchen cabinet. It is amazing that there is still candy there through Christmas!!

Sara on

LOVE the idea, Miche!

What did this article have to do with politics? Practically every article Matt Damon gives is about how the Republicans suck. Yet, they post stuff about his family.

I thought it was a great article!

meme on

I do the same thing, I take it away after a few days. I really like the idea of the gingerbread house! I usually throw it out, but this year I will freeze it!

jgirl on

Great ideas on what to do with leftover candy. The past couple years, I let them pick at the candy for a few days, then take the rest to work for the breakroom!

J on

Forevermoore don’t start that crap please.

Tracy on

The Great Pumpkin comes to our house. The kids choose out 10 pieces of candy to keep and then set their buckets out for the GP. He comes as they sleep and leaves them a small gift (a $5 movie or a cheap Lego set, etc) in exchange for the treats.

I send the candy to work with Husband except for the hard stuff. I keep that and send it in a holiday care package to the troops overseas.

Everybody wins (my waistline most of all!)

Lady on

Gag me.

tori on

Bo is adorable.

Taylor on

Fuzibuni said nothing about hating them or being a Republican. Every day I come here, there’s a new article on Michelle Obama and People previously said they aren’t covering politicians, and they haven’t put anything about Carla Bruni-Sarkozy’s new baby on here.

Anyway, I really don’t like this family. It has nothing to do with their politics, they just rub me the wrong way. However, it is a good idea to take the candy after a few days because what’s leftover is usually the candy they don’t like!

Marissa on

When did they say they weren’t covering politicians? I always see political stuff on PEOPLE, both sides. Lots of coverage of the Palin family and I got my magazine this morning and there is a feature on Michelle Bachmann this week. Now that we’re heading into election season I would expect to see more but obviously with a family bend since that is what PEOPLE does.

And there is a link to the Sarkozy baby on this page, I just clicked it.

Personally I don’t see the issue. It’s important that we as American citizens all stay informed and CARE about what’s going on in this country, and if talking about Halloween candy or a Palin kid on Dancing with the Stars is the way to do it for PEOPLE readers, I’m all for it.

And if you don’t want to read a story it’s extremely easy to scroll on by. No one forces you to read anything and there is plenty of other stuff on this page to look at. I never understand people who complain about stuff they’re reading for free on the Internet.

meghan on

Taylor, everyday? Really? There have been two posts. How excessive.

Jillian on

Taylor, they posted Carla’a baby yesterday.

I agree with those saying People has been posting about political families for years. I will say, I don’t remember CBB posting them too much on this site though. I don’t care though. There is no reason why people need to bring politics into the posts, as they are doing….bashing Democrats or Republicans. This was done on the other Michelle post. But people will do whatever they want and if we bring attention to it, then this site will continue to post about the Obama’s because it brings attention and more posts to the article.

Not Jillian

Stella Bella on

I love the idea of putting the candy in the freezer and using it for a gingerbread house at Christmas! 🙂

ClaireSamsmom on

I soooo agree with Michelle. Let them have the candy for a day or two…and then move on. Kids are kids for a short time….enjoy the simple pleasures in life…and you can do it in moderation. We try to give our kids balanced healthy meals at home, too….but for those fun times (like Halloween) its okay to indulge a little. And my kids are sugar-obsessed either…since they do have a little from time to time. Love the gingerbread house decorating idea, too! 😉

fuzibuni on

Folks, if you think stories like these aren’t “political propaganda” you are misled and naive. If you haven’t noticed, Michelle is on a major press junket sponsored by the white house to make the presidential family seem relatable. The goal is to garner positive responses from women like you. Based on the comments above, I’d say it is working.

I remember back when Obama got into office this website decided not to cover them anymore. There was a distinct omission of any coverage of political families and their children on this website. I wish it would have stayed that way. And this goes for any coverage of people like the Palins or Bachmann’s too.

I worked in broadcast news and television for 20 years and believe me when I say stories like this are definitely used to influence and sway public opinion. Personally, I am an independent voter so I am not particularly for or against either party. The democratic and republican parties are pretty much the same thing in my mind, barring a few honest politicians.

I like my trivial entertainment free from the taint of our corrupt political system. It ruins the experience for me. But hey, if you all love it, carry on.

LP on

@fuzibuni–this website is doing the exact same thing for celebrities and trying to sell/persuade us (the public) to buy stuff. It’s all the same to me!

ClaireSamsmom on

kids are not sugar obsessed….bad typing.

fuzibuni on


The difference is that celebrities aren’t government officials running for public office. Currently, the Obama’s are on a presidential re-election campaign. These articles on Michelle are part of the campaign effort.

It is questionable for this website, which is non-political in nature, to begin publishing daily stories on the first lady as the election ramps up. If people.com is going to do that, then they should be giving equal coverage to the families of all the other candidates.

Personally, I would rather we just stick to cute babies on here. When I want to read about politics there are other websites I go to.

Grace on

@fuzibuni: You sound paranoid. And how nice to know that you think we’re all a bunch of naive sheep who can be duped by what you claim is propaganda.

I have always thought the Obamas seem down to earth – it has nothing to do with articles. It has to do with the way I see them living their life. I don’t care what people say about themselves in articles – I care about what I see them living.

But hey, don’t let my logic and rational thoughts interrupt your paranoia.

Michelle Z. on

Rebecca Jayne, what does your dentist do with all the candy he buys?

Stella Bella on

Paranoid? HUH? I don’t think fuzibuni is being paranoid in the slightest. Seems like logical thought to me. Now, whether I care or not is a different matter. I like Michelle Obama well enough but it won’t induce me to vote for her husband. The White House is hoping most Americans feel differently than I do.

fuzibuni on


You made my point with your comment. You believe the Obamas are “down to earth” based on “the way you see them living their life.”

Unless you are personal friends with the president and his family, you must be basing your opinion on what you see portrayed in the media.

Therefore, seemingly benign stories such as this one actually do have the intended impact of influencing popular opinion. It’s not paranoia… it’s just the facts of how American politics works.