Mariska Hargitay ‘In Shock’ About Son’s Adoption

10/20/2011 at 02:00 PM ET
Antoine Verglas

After unexpectedly welcoming son Andrew Nicolas, Mariska Hargitay encountered a problem — she had no baby clothes for a boy.

“It was so hilarious. My godson was born eight months ago and I gave all of [5-year-old son] August‘s things to them,” she tells PEOPLE with a laugh. “We came home with our baby and almost nothing. Friends are coming over with onesies.”

As the process to adopt 6-month-old daughter Amaya took a year, the Law & Order: SVU star, 47, and husband Peter Hermann figured they’d get a head start on a third child, and filed again over the summer.

The couple — already fully vetted by their agency after their prior adoption — were shocked to find their application chosen just days later.

“It was all very quick. It was a week that changed our lives,” Hargitay — whose celebrity status was not revealed in her paperwork — notes. “We’re still in shock. What did we do to get so lucky?”

Now that Andrew, who was born prematurely in July, is ensconced in his own burgundy and gold nursery — Mom vacated her office to make space — “we’re getting all squared away and settled,” the actress says. “I’m so happy he’s home.”

For more on Mariska’s surprise adoption and additional photos, pick up the latest issue of PEOPLE, on stands Friday.

— Charlotte Triggs

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Erica on

I love Mariska – she has such a good heart. Best of luck to the beautiful family.

Mary on

What a lovely mom, and what a terrific surprise for them. Best Wishes.

Lexi on

This is a beautiful story 🙂

Abbie on

So happy for her and her family!!! Congrats on another new family member This YEAR!

Amanda on

This story makes me so, so happy. Congratulations Mariska, Peter, Amaya, and August!

Jessie on

Congrats to them! I hope that answers some of the naysayers questions and people lighten up on them. Beautiful family.

Dahlia on

So happy for them! Kids are a blessing. Congratulations!

Mari on

Sometimes luck and fate collide.

Congrats to the new parents. 🙂

Megan on

Well I guess that kind of shuts up everyone who had to come into Mariska’s beautiful announcement post and start whining about her “celebrity status” and how quickly it happened! But I am sure they’ll find something else to bash her for…

I must say that I just find myself falling completely in love with this family…I am so happy for them–it may have come as a shock but they seem to be taking it all in stride–just enjoying their ever expanding family and that family is indeed gorgeous to boot! So happy for Mariska, Peter, August, Amaya, and Andrew…here’s to a lifetime of happiness and love!

Amanda on

I love Mariska! Congrats to her beautiful family.

Amanda on

I love Mariska! Congratulations to the happy family!

torgster on

He’s cute yeah, but I can’t take my eyes off that baby girl! What a doll!

afan on

Mariska you are an angel!!!! Congratulations and God’s blessings.

** Before anyone harps on me, she is an angel for taking this new little one into her home, not because she is a celebrity or anything else. I think quite highly of all adoptive parents who love and provide a home for their children that is – parents who want children not the ones who adopt and then abuse or mistreat their kids either.*

Madeline on

Give me a break! Was her name not on the application? Also, they did use the same agency so come on Mariska. Money and celebrity talk and loudly at that.

christina on

Her name has an extra h in it that she uses personally but not professionlly. Plus shes probably using her married name persnally as well. So its easy to hide that way

Abby on

celeb status, no – but the part where annual income is listed would probably help them 😉 Nevertheless, totally happy for her, hope she’s ready for two babies under one – I’d be freaked!

DOTSmom on

Love Marishka, wishing her the best.

Gina on

I just Love her. She’s the greatest. I wish her and her husband the best. If anyone deserves this it’s her. I watch Law And Order all the time. I really miss her and Christopher Melloni together.God Bless her and her new family.

Heather Lynn on

What a little miracle! I’m sure the entire family is delighted to have another member. Those kids are lucky to have such wonderful parents

Jess on

@Madeline, how do you know what was on that application? For all you know, they could have used Mr. and Mrs. Peter Hermann (since her hubby, I’d say, is less known in the public). Or it could have been a closed adoption where names aren’t shared. It took Sandra Bullock 4 years to get Louis, so maybe they were lucky. Regardless of pessimists like you, I wish Mariska and Peter love and happiness with their new family!

kindy on

did you ever think that maybe she had her married name listed on the application? use your head madeline!

congrats to a beautiful family!

AMY on

@ Madeline, Why such a Debbie Downer? Did you ever think that Mariska Hargitay may not be the name she goes by? This is a blessing, and I wish them the best of luck.

Shannon on

So she lucked out. It’s not her fault. What should she do, give him back?

Lady on

I absolutely love her, congrats to her beautiful family!!

Jamee on

@Madeline – Full names are not given on family profiles that are shown to birth mothers during the adoption process so it is likely that they were chosen for other reasons besides being a celebrity!

When we went through the adoption process, we were matched within 2 weeks of our profile becoming active. The match fell through but still sometimes things can happen quickly and not be based on fame or money. Our profile went active in Nov and brought our daughter home in June of the following year.

Susan on

I wish it were that easy for us regular people who can’t have children of their own, to adopt but I guess money talks. So unfair.

Rory on

Our adoption application profile listed neither our full names or our income, so it’s very possible theirs didn’t either. Congrats to them and their beautiful family. They are doing an amazing thing, adopting.

Tee on

What a great article! I’m so happy that Mariska and Peter were able to expand their family through adoption. I look forward to reading the whole story and hopefully seeing a family picture!

Nancy on

She is a true beauty!

AMY on

@susan, looks to me you need to switch agencies. good luck to you. hope everything works out for you.

Gigi on

What a great mom! Those are some lucky kids!!

Lala on

Adoption profiles don’t list full names, nor do they list income. So neither of those were a factor, in the birth mother choosing them. Get over it people! Just be happy for her, and this sweet family!

Also – why didn’t people add this into the first article, to shut people up in the first place? So many negative comments on the announcement.

Trixie on

Two beautiful babies with a Mommy who loves them so much! What is better than that? NOTHING!

jones on

It makes sense that if they were vetted for the first adoption that it would take less time for a second adoption. A child was placed into a home where he will be loved and cherised. That is something to be celebrated, not criticized.

AshleyB on

Lala, they need people to buy the magazine. No one will if they put the entire article up for free on the internet. They probably only posted this second piece after seeing all the stupid readers on yesterday’s post.

Like others have said, birth moms don’t see your name or your income, and she probably applied as Mariska Hermann anyway. Honestly it probably went faster 1) because they had just adopted, all their home visits and paperwork etc was all done and up to date, which make things MOVE – when my sister adopted her son, it was getting through all the bureaucracy that took the most time and

2) because they are clearly open to children of all races and issues. This baby was born prematurely – maybe birth mom was drug addicted or similar, who knows. If you just want a child, any child, it happens faster.

Also, who knows the situation. My sister ended up with two boys in 15 months because her son’s birth mom got pregnant again and wanted her boys raised together as siblings. My sister was only planning on one child to begin with and certainly not two under age 2 but there was no way she was going to say no to taking in her son’s biological sibling when the agency called – who would? Sometimes you just have to deal with what falls into your lap with grace. I’m sure it’ll be a crazy couple of years for Mariska but you get through it.

Trazey on

awwwww that’s a nice story! and what adorable little kiddies!! Her hubby is pretty hubba hubba too LOL

Sam on

Trixie, couldn’t have said it better! Above all negative comments, why can’t we keep this in mind? Another child to have a happy, healthy home.. nothing to be angry about at all.

Marcia on

Mariska Hargitay and Peter Hermann are not only gorgeous but seem like warmhearted caring people. Those children are fortunate to be in such a loving family. These kinds of stories are so great to read. Congrats!

T on

Congratulations to Mariska! I gave birth to a beautiful baby boy when I was a teenager and placed him with a family unable to have children. I have never regretted my decision and I know that he has been raised and cherished as he deserves. God bless the birth mother for making the unselfish decision for her baby.

Steph on

Oh, Madeline. Can’t you be happy that an unwanted baby has found a safe and loving home?

awww on

She is a beautiful person, awesome actress, classy lady. What a gorgeous picture.

Grace on

@Susan: Did you even read the article before leaving your negative, and extremely misinformed, comment. She was not able to adopt quickly because of her celebrity status or her money – those things are not listed on the application. It’s faster for people to adopt when they are open to adopting minority babies and babies with health problems the way Mariska did.

Sherrie on

Her little girl steals the show!!! WHAT A CUTIE PIE!!!!

KathyT on

Who cares if it was celebrity status. All that matters is two children have an apparently loving and happy home with two parents that have much to give. You whinners give it up.

Mary on

YES! So heartwarming….what a wonderful chain of events that led to this beautiful family! How lucky for all! Kudos to Mariska and Peter for realizing that you don’t have to focus on fertility-adoption is all about love, and opening your heart, and reaping the rewards of parenthood-which is what matters! From the happy faces in the photo, the blessings are already apparent-way to go Hargitay-Hermann family!

Darlin on

My husband and I tried to adopt when I was slightly younger than she is now and was informed I was “too old.” So, I’m not totally sure her celebrity status didn’t come into play here. None-the-less, I’m happy for her.

Sherrie on

Her little girl is a show stopper!! SO ADORABLE!!!!!

JB on

does anyone know what agency she went to for the adoption. we did an international adoption and planning to do local. It somehow seems that it’s quicker now to adopt here in the US?

Grace on

@Darlin: I’m sorry you were given false information. That happened to someone I know, she was informed that she wasn’t eligible for adoption because she had health problems, when it was really just that particular agency that wouldn’t work with prospective adoptive parents with health issues. Sometimes if you’re older (or you have health issues, etc) it can be harder to find an agency to work with, but it’s not impossible. I’m sorry to hear that the agnecy you worked with was not honest with you about the true situation.

Also (and I’m not sure the general public is very informed of this) if you are open to adopting a minority child, an older child, or a child who has health issue then the rules are often bent. For instance, you have to be married to adopt from China, but if you’re willing to adopt a special needs child then you can be single and still adopt.

Anonymous on

Mariska ur babies are so ADORABLE 8) and congrates Andrew Nicholas
is super cute i luv the name amaya she’s cute you are very sweet to adopt such a cutie CONGRATES !!8)!!

Sarah K. on

Darlin, sorry about your experience. It might just be that Mariska lives in a different state and used a different agency. Older people adopt all of the time. There is no legal age limit to adopt, but different agencies have different standards for screening.

Another Guest on

She is a beautiful person. I wish Mariska and her family the very best of everything.

Susan T on

Congratulations to the Hargitay-Hermann family.I think its wonderful that they don’t waste a lot time and money trying to have more kids biologically when so many babies/children need good loving homes already.

Momma2Leos on

Who cares how she adopted the child? That is one baby that will have a good life. I have many friends who have expanded their families through adoption and it is a BEAUTIFUL thing. And that includes children adopted from other countries. Sadly not all of us can afford to do that but for the ones who can that is great. All children deserve to have a good family and a good home life.

I would be a nervous wreck with two little ones under one! I have one due December and with my older two boys, I am so nervous.

I wish the family all the best of luck!

abbey on

as a birthmother you ignorant IGNORANT morons SINCERELY need to STFU.. An unwanted baby???? Sorry, not all of us birthmoms are druggies. Some of us are rape victims who dont believe in abortion and carrying a baby and placing it, and facing a pregnancy from a violent crime ….its mentally screwy either way. I sobbed my eyes out over placing him….but the thought of keeping him….its hard to say which was worse. I have an open adoption with his family which helps immensely. I wanted him to live. I wanted him to have a great life. I just couldnt be the one to give that to him. I didnt drop him off at a shelter like a puppy. Grow up you loons. Sheesh.

Tigerlee on

Congratulations! All those baby fat creases make me melt. I know a regular ol’ couple without celebrity status, 6 figure income, or connections who adopted a baby girl in less than 10 days from paperwork to baby in NYC. The baby (now a tween) is Black, was born premature, and with drugs in her system and was considered a high-risk, special needs baby. Thank goodness my former boss didn’t listen to everyone who told her and her husband to not adopt this baby. My boss felt like she hit the Lotto 10 times when she got the call and all the doom and gloom hateful people came out of the woodwork. Her baby had a few health issue as a young toddler, but with good doctors, she grew out of them and never had any behavior or academic problems in school. Not that it would have made any difference to my former boss.

River on

Darlin, you could always foster or adopt an older child. Whats wrong with that?

Older kids need love, too. I read that some agencies only let people over 45 adopt kids that are at least 10 years old.

anonymous on

madeline…will you just go get a life, and knock off being such a downer..try congragulating someone for a change, and, if not, stop posting…

Johanna on, you NEED to get a ‘Like’ button for the comments! There’s so often, like, 50-100 comments here that just go “I think A!”, I think B!”, “I agree about A!”, “She is so right on about B!”, or my favorite: “[the poster who commented 43 comments ago], I totally agree with you!” I myself haven’t commented on this blog since Danielle ran it, but sometimes I do wish I could ‘Like’ a comment (like, for example, AshleyB’s well-written one above). It would also make it easier for a bashed celebrity (if they read the comments) to see what the majority thinks, since even people who won’t take the time to comment (or wish to get into the fire), like me, often do take the time to ‘Like’. Also, I think it would put an end to all the silly pseudo arguments unique to this blog (where no one complains except the people who complain about other people complaining and the people who complain about those people complaining about the ones who complain even though they don’t exist) before they get too out of hand.

dsfg on

River, why don’t YOU adopt an older child?

dsfg on

Darlin, if you do a private adoption you can adopt at any age. Agencies usually won’t let you adopt an infant if you are over forty, though.

dsfg on

“Can’t you be happy that an unwanted baby has found a safe and loving home?”

Really, Steph? All babies are wanted by SOMEONE. . . even the birthmother may have wanted the child . . . she obviously cared enough about him to give him life.

Guest on

We adopted two babies (from start to finish) in 22 months. Our daughter was 10 months old when we brought our baby boy home. We also had 3 failed adoptions in that time. Income was not included on our profile. We were blessed tremendously in a short amount of time. It can happen. Congratulations Mariska!!!

Sara on

@ Ashey B – your sister’s story amazes me! How is it possible that the birth mom produced two unwanted children in less than 18months?! I am pleased they found a warm and happy home but that woman needs sterilizing!

Michelle on

Surely her ability to love a child and give them the best life possible is what is important? Congrats to the family and I am glad a bubba gets the love they deserve!!

snow on

Burgundy and Gold nursery? He’s a Gryffindor!

Donna Lynn BOURDEN on

Mariska is so genuine and honest. I’m happy for her and her entire family.

T. on

What is listing on an adopition application, I am gussing both parents jobs has to as well as your income. I would not let my baby go to someone without a job that is for sure. And the name thing, how many “Mariska” are there in the American, not many I am sure. Also, who does not know her husband last name??? Not many either, I am guessing.

If income is not listing like some posters are saying that is a major mistake. How would the birth mother know if the baby could be cared for??? This is going to require some research. I thing normal people get screwed all the time to the 1% in this country!!!

T. on

Well, poster “Johanna”- i guess there is no like button becasue this is NOT FACEBOOK!!!

hardcoregator on

@ snow… RIGHT ON! hahaha…. Congrats to all involved!

Grace on

@T: The income is not listed on the profile that the birthparents see, but they can be assured that the prospective adoptive parents can afford to raise the child because the adoption agencies screen the adoptive couples before the profiles are shown to the birthparents.

Dee on

@Annie….sorry to hear about your struggles but I am happy that you chose to live above yourself to make sure your child was taken care of. Kids dont ask to be born and as such we should (if we choose to give birth) make sure that they are taken care of. They really are innocent creatures who despite everything around them just needs to be loved.

CONGRATS to Mariska and family…YAY for adoption 🙂

Sarah K. on

T, as others have already said before you posted, the adoptive parents do not list their names on the forms seen by the birth parents in a closed adoption. The point of a closed adoption is anonymity, so there is no way the birth parents would find out the name until the child is 18 and also wants to know his/her birth parents. So, if the Hargitay-Hermanns did a closed adoption, the birth mother wouldn’t have known they who they are.

Nate on

I’m glad to see that this little boy is going to a home that can provide him with a good life after a rough start.

rafael on

Wow, that is a shock. I hope they’ve fully recovered.

Alice58 on

I think it’s great that her and her husband are adopting…HOWEVER… people that can’t be there for their kids when their kids really need them, in the latter years, really have got to stop having or adopting kids.

Before these kids are even 18, the parents will be senior citizens and possibly dead. When these kids are getting married, having their own families and need guidance, the parents will most likely be too old or dead.

I’m sorry, it’s a piece of cake to raise a baby, it’s the latter years, when your child, as an adult, needs you the most.

But bless them for taking in unwanted children. I do wish them happiness.

Huntergirl on

Wonderful news! My brother and his wife have 4 adopted children. Once the first child came to them, it was bang bang bang with the other 3. They are all within a year apart of each other. Good luck to this growing family and blessings to them for opening their hearts and homes!

Marky on

We had a bio child, adopted internationally, and had a “surprise” bio child shortly after the adoption. We thought our family was finished, but when we became foster parents, we had a placement that lasted several years instead of several days. By that time, we were all attached to each other and the bio mom decided to place him with us permanently, rather than someday disrupting his life by taking him back. She asked if we would adopt him, we said “yes” and there you go.

Fos-adopt is one way to adopt through the state or any other agency, and once that child is with you for 6 months, you have legal standing in the court. You would have to be ruled unfit to be prevented from being considered the first choice, since it is preferred that the child’s life not be disrupted after a certain period of time. Those who are afraid of being hurt–it’s part of the process. You can lose a pregnancy, just as you can have an adoption fall through.

I also worked in adoption later, and I can tell you that finances don’t count, and neither does fame. Mothers are looking for people who will love their babies as they do, and they are looking for someone who will give them a good home–happy and loving. Some of you nay-sayers don’t sound like people who would be chosen, because you are so negative and unwilling to look at yourself to see if YOU need to change.

C on

She is SO hot! Lucky kids.

Beautiful family. =)

JillyBean on

Alice58- Mariska and her husband will only be 65 in 18 years. That’s not exactly on death’s door. They have the money and resources to care for themselves and I’m sure health is a factor in passing screening for adoption. And I sincerely doubt they’d leave their kids struggling. These children will have far more resources at their disposal and everyone should be happy for that. And a 30 year old could adopt a baby today and be hit by a bus tomorrow. Life happens.

TM on

@Alice58, really? My mother had me when she was 18 and died when I was 28 years old and a new mom. That’s when I needed her most and she was gone and she was only 46. Should she have tried to have me when she was younger so that she could’ve been here for me???? Meanwhile, my best friends dad is 91 and still alive and kicking. There are no guarantees in life

To Mariska and her family, fantastic news. My kids are 14 months apart in age and it was tough…I can only imagine yours to be even tougher. Good luck! You are a beautiful family.

T. on

Well, to all the posters that are reply to my question, are any of in in the legal profession that works on adopitions??? I am in the legal profession and still not sure on how it works. I have heard that peopel wanting to adopt can not be over 40 and recieve a newborn and she nows has too newborns. I am sure each state is different, but it does seem like some strings were pulled for them. I don’t know for a fact, but it seems that way.

Gloria on

Congratulations to the family! I respect these folks a lot!! Lucky children…and parents! : )

T. on

If both of Mariska’s adoptions are closed adoptions(if Mariska’s name is withheld) how can she sell the pics of the newborns to People? Won’t the birth mother see it???

Angela on

Children that are placed up for adoption are NOT unwanted!!!!! Abortions are legal in this country and if these children were really, truly unwanted, trust me, the birth mothers would have taken care of it and not carried their children to term.

I have never placed a child up for adoption but did find myself with an unplanned pregnancy when I was 21. Abortion, for me, was not an option and I did consider adoption. Unfortunately, I was too scared about placing her with the wrong family. I had only recently read/heard about the “lawyer” that “adopted” his daughter, Lisa, and killed her while beating his wife and other “adopted” son.

Additionally, my best friend placed her son up for adoption and she desperatly wanted to keep him but her circumstances at the time prevented her from keeping him. (She is and lived in Germany at the time–don’t have the same laws and resources as the USA).

Unfortunately, the few posters (Steph for one) that have insinuated that children placed for adoption are unwanted, are not the only ones to feel this. My husband was adopted and feels that his birthmother did not want him. It’s taken ten years to get it through to his head, that yes, his mother wanted him but the circumstances surrounding his birth and her ability to take care of him made it difficult to impossible so his mother did the most SELFLESS act a mother could do–she gave him to a family that could provide what she was unable.

My hat and heartfelt prayers and thanks go to the many birthmothers that make the best decisions for their children even if it means that they will never see their children again (closed) or have a lesser role in their childs’ life (open). Adoption is the HARDEST of the three choices for a mom. Birthmothers are unsung heros in my book!

NC on

So happy for her – I’m pretty sure that her childhood and life hasn’t been all rosy.

People should research her before bashing.


Judy on

WHO cares what her status is, just know that Peter and Mariska took in two beautiful children who needed a home. Knowingly that they will have problems due to their moms past aggressions. EVERYONE be happy knowing that these two will not spend their life time in a foster home and have 2 loving parents and big brother who loves them both


carol on

I can’t think of a better mom for those children. She has so much love to give and it quite obvious with the way she looks at the babies. This probably is a dream of a lifetime for her and we know that she can juggle both career and mom duties. Those kids are certainly lucky!

Grace on

@T: After seeing your comments, which are riddled with misspelled words, typos, and poor grammar, I have sincere doubts that you are in the legal profession. And no, I am not in the legal profession. But I’m a prospective adoptive parent, and I have done a great deal of research on the subject. You don’t have to be in the legal profession to know the laws on adoption – anyone can find that information if you do some research.

And yes, people over 40 can adopt newborns. It varies from agency to agency (some agencies won’t work with parents over 40, or single parents, or parents with health issues, etc.) That’s up to the individual agency. But there are agencies that will work with over-40 parents.

In answer to your second question about Mariska selling photos to people, private adoption means that the birthparents don’t know the name (or any other identifying information) about the adoptive family. It does not mean that the adoptive parents have to hide their baby away from the public eye – it just means that the birthparents are not told who the adoptive parents are. I suppose that the birthmother of Mariska’s child could see the baby and recognize him (although I think that’s a longshot since babies change so much in those first few months), but she would have no way of knowing for sure if that was her child.

J on

I have to say that most celebrities seem so full of themselves and Mariska is a breath of fresh air.

THunter on

What a beautiful family. Congrats to the baby, and to such a lovely mother and generous woman. God Bless!

Sabrina on

I’m so happy for their family! 2 beautiful children have a loving and caring home. It doesn’t matter how they came into the home, all that matters is that Amaya and Andrew are being cared for and loved by Mariska, Peter, and August!

And to address the “everyone knows their name” comments, not everyone knows celebrities’ names and their personal information.

checi on

Healthy newborns are always wanted. All these celebrities are only adopting healthy newborns. I wish a few would go to the state and pull out a few preteens who so frequently have been removed from abusive or substance abusing parents.

Lisa on

Mine and my husband’s adoption profile didn’t list our income either. It also only listed our first names. We were on 1 adoption list for over 3 years and then switched agencies and only waited 9 months. We now have a beautiful son. There are so many things that are very confidential in an adoption. People need to get off her back. I am so happy for her and her family. As an adoptive parent, anything can happen!!! Congrats!!!

Julius on

Appreciate any story on adoption. There are so many kids out there who need families. Please consider adoption as a very good option. For those of us touched by adoption we are blessed by the birth mothers who gave us such wonderful gifts of life.

meghan on

Checi, can you read? Andrew was not born healthy. He was premature in July and was placed in October. That makes him three months old, not a healthy newborn.

Nicki on

I have family members who are hard-working middle class citizens (not rich by any means), who were in their mid-40’s and who were lucky to have been able to adopt a newborn child through an adoption agency within 1 month of the final paperwork being submitted. Whether you call it fate or good timing as the birth mom chose them to be her child’s adoptive parents. She didn’t know the adoptive parents last names or their income. She only had available to her a scrapbook that the agency asks prospective parents to put together that gives birth parents some insight into the individuals and their interests and family life.

Congrats to Mariska, Peter & August. You are blest!

sat on

T., you are not long for “the legal profession”. Congrats to Mariska and family!

Ella's Mama on

For all the would-be adoptive parents–it’s not hard to adopt a healthy newborn in a matter of months, just open your hearts and minds. I was a single woman looking to adopt a newborn in 2001, and it took only five months to receive a bouncing baby girl. It wasn’t “quick” because I am a celebrity (I’m not) or because I’m rich (I’m not). It was “quick” because I was open to a transracial adoption.

That being said, I’m grateful for every celebrity family that adopts transracially, because it gives me one more picture to show my beautiful daughter of a family that looks “just like us.”

betsy on

Congratulations, what a beautiful family.

I was 42 when my husband I adopted a beautiful baby girl from China. She is eight years old now and is the light of my life. There are many different ways to make a family … and many children around the world needing loving homes and hearts.

lisa on

Congratulations! I know two people who’ve had similar things happen. One friend and her husband got twins unexpectedly and another friend got a call about a second child while they were en-route for the first.

Any way it happens – kids are a blessing.

Mageen on

God bless you Mariska and your beautiful family! May you all have many, many years of happiness together.

Laura on

Adopters are heroes. There are millions of children who need good homes. If you’re looking to have a child, open your heart to babies of other races or to children who are past their infant/toddler years. There is no shortage, absolutely no shortage at all. Adoption should be our first option for children just as we accept it to be for dogs and cats.

Lucky Mom on

Clearly the critics of this beautiful family don’t know the adoption process at all. Names are not used in the adoption process if it is closed and if open – only first names (sometimes not that.) You don’t know the details surrounding this wonderful child’s placement so don’t critique it.

Being an adoptive parent is a true blessing. I know, we adopted our precious little girl nearly 5 years ago. She was one day old and we were shocked, in awe and in love with her right away.

We aren’t famous, we sure aren’t rich and from our approval process (courts, backgrounds, agency, classes, etc – a 9 month process), we were offically only on the “list” 20 days when our daughter was born. Sometimes the stars in the sky align that way.

Anonymous on

would someone please give Kevin Federline a vasectomy!!!

BellaTerra66 on

Madeline, what an unkind comment to make. Who cares how it played out? One more parent-less child now has a loving mother, a loving father and a loving home. (And the parents are rich!) How fortunate for this child! Best wishes to the whole family!

Annie on

What a cute story! I love Mariska and I am so happy for her expanding family.

AshannaK on

How blessed these children are. Congratulations to the family.

Libby Bradford on

I am adopted and I think they are wonderful for adapting. i just lost both my parents in the past 2 years and I miss them so much. I am proud they are giving children a happy home. I can’t imagine where I would have been in life had it not been for the loving couple that adoopted me and my brother. I wish more people wanted to adopt children here in the USA.

I also enjoy Law and Order SVU it is my favorite show on TV.

Adoptee on

We adoptees consider these types of adoption not helping the child at all. Their race-ethniticty-native language become loss for the rest of their lives. Please dont tell us that you will take the baby back to its roots and/or villages. That you will hire a private tutor to teach about the land they came or teach them a language at an age when they comprehend that no one in their home speaks it. We consider that we are saving these children when in reality they lose all of their birth right identity. Once they become of age the problems ensue when they go in search of their biological parents. Then we are labelled as persons who don t appreciate what “they” the adoptive parents did for them. People in the music and film industry have this chip on their shoulders that if they don t “save” a child from a far and distant land they don t meet the standards of their contemporaries . I was one of these saved ones and my original birth certificate as well as identity was stolen by someone who had no right to. Have you ever wonder why the United States has never been signatory to the UN Convention for Children’s Rights?

Grace on

@Adoptee: I think you’re posting this in the wrong place. You’re talking about international adoption. Mariska adopted in the U.S. And you have no idea whether Mariska or another other adoptive parents will keep their child connected to their heritage.

Cindi on

I totally agree with Angela-well said!!

My hat and heartfelt prayers and thanks go to the many birthmothers that make the best decisions for their children even if it means that they will never see their children again (closed) or have a lesser role in their childs’ life (open). Adoption is the HARDEST of the three choices for a mom. Birthmothers are unsung heros in my book!

Best wishes Mariska-you are beautiful inside and out.

Joy on

I love Mariska! What a beautiful family. All the best !

dsfg on

“We adoptees consider these types of adoption not helping the child at all.”

Why do you say “we”? You are speaking for yourself only, not all adoptees. How ignorant . . .

Shelli on

Not fair. Sorry. I don’t care how you slice it, she was given special treatment. Happy for her, ok. But still not fair at all.

dsfg on

Checi, have you ever adopted a preteen?

Randy on

“Mariska Hargitay” Mariska Hargitay.

(Quote from “The Love Guru”)

tw on

@Adoptee – yes it would be so much better to leave a child in foster care or a children’s home in limbo for the rest of their lives than to be adopted by a loving family. Evidently you have had an unpleasant experience but it is not that way for everyone. I personally have never met an adopted child/adult who was not grateful for the life/family they were given. I know bad adoptions have taken place and some children would be better off remaining unadopted but I do not believe that is the case here.

Congratulations to such a lovely family!

tw on

@shelli – why “not fair?” This isn’t preschool – “it’s not fair that she got a baby and i didn’t” That’s life, these children have a happy loving home and that’s all that matters. Negative attitudes bring about negative results.

Tracy B. on

For the people who want to bash Mariska and her husband for getting “celebrity status” preference it’s a known fact unfortunately that the majority (not all) do not want to adopt a baby of african/american background nor do they want to adopt a premature baby. I am so glad to see the celebrities who have recently adopted from the U.S.A. not overseas especially when there are so many children here that need a loving home. God Bless all the people who are able to give these beautiful children a chance in life.

Mary on

Appears to be a wonderful mother. Congrats to a wonderful family.

Mona on

CONGRATS to Mariska and Peter! God Bless you and your beautiful family.

Veronica on

What a beautiful family. They are so lucky to have one another. I am blessed by two daughters who were adopted. Adoption rocks!

Sarah K. on

T, I know a few things about adoption from the legal standpoint. If you are in the legal profession, I don’t see how you reached the conclusion that Mariska and Peter used their money to change the law (do you mean they bribed a judge or something?). There are no state-imposed age limits for adoption. But, different agencies have different rules for their screening. A private agency can impose their own age limit for adoptive parents. The agency can also choose to no age limit at all. Moreover, it’s the birth parents’ choice. If the birth parents don’t want an older parent for their child, they can just not pick them.

To be honest, this is getting really old. There have been 2 separate articles with 100-200 comments going over and over the same nonsense. Posters have provided numerous logical explanations of the adoption process and personal experiences of quick adoptions (ordinary people get lucky with rapid adoptions too!). But still, others continue to insist that there is some adoption line that Mariska cut, that they must have used their celebrity status, must have used their money to bribe someone. It’s obvious those people either don’t have reading comprehension skills or just don’t want to hear facts and logic.

cc on

Why cant you negative people just tell the family you are happy for them and wish them congrats and end it there. All the other info is really none of your business,the story really was to let us know they had a new son also. Some of you people just put BS into everything and try to make it appear they did something wrong.

Lydia on

I am so happy for mariska. Being adopted myself i feel for those kids. I understand the feeling you get when you are family home and have people that love amd adore you no matter what. Congrats to mariska and peter for having thr most adorable family ever. I am mariska’s number one fan ever i love her. August is so adorable and now a big brother to the most adorable children ever. Amaya what a beauty andrew i just surprise he can home so early. But congrate mariska love you ;-D

Mona on

I just love Mariska, much love & happiness to her new fella & family.

Melissa on

Love, love, love this story! And that baby girl, what an absolute doll! Those of you complaining about her getting “celebrity status”, get over yourselves! Who cares if she did or not? Two beautiful babies are now in a loving family!

Barbara on

It just doesn’t seem right that they have had two adoptions within a year. What’s going on with that? Aren’t there any other people desperately trying to adopt too? While I’m glad the baby has found a new home, it just seems that one adoption should have been enough for this couple for at least 2 years. Now with two infants is she really capable of doing it? Seems selfish to both children who now have to share her. I know I’m being cynical, but it seems that there should be a decent waiting period between adoptions. There are so many who are on waiting lists for years before they get one chance, here she is getting 2 in 6 months.

Tiff on

That’s sweet…they are one blessed family.

ToRo on

Did some of you read the article???? It clearly states the reason they put in adoption papers that quickly was because they were expecting the process to take a while. I don’t think they were expecting to get a baby this soon. However, they did. What were they supposed to do? Say no. C’mon…. Would anyone in their position say no?
This baby was born 3 months early (over the summer). I wonder how many prospective parents turned him down.

Another thing, I don’t know what waiting line some people are speaking of. Is there an office that handles ALL adoptions. Do we just go down there and take a number? There are different agencies with different rules and guidelines and clients. So some people are gonna luck into a child (or two) sooner than some. However, good luck to all the people who are still waiting for their child. I do wish you all the best

As far as raising these two babies at the same time. Parents of multiples do it.

Grace on

@Barbara: As others have already stated numerous times in this comments section, there is no waiting list. That is not how adoption currently works.

Maria on

Thank you Mariska for adopting children in the USA. We have over 130,000 children that are paper ready in the USA foster care system.

International Adoption is wraught with fraud and human trafficking. We must help our fellow American children and set up humanitarian efforts in other countries.

Natalie on

This adorable older child looks like Sandra Bullocks’s son, Louis.
Don’t you just want to squeeze him…so precious!!

Yasmin on

I’m so happy for her family! I think little Amaya is soo adorable. they have a beautiful family, and to those who think she can’t keep her celebrity status a secret, her legal name is not Hargitay, but Hermann and contrary to popular belief, her face is much more famous than her name. She is always so poised, and kind-hearted, so all the haters are welcome to go sit down somewhere, and keep your negativity to yourself. AUgust, Amaya, and Andrew are all truly blessed to have one another and their beautiful parents.

lizzy on

WOW – some people really have a grudge in life! We tried to adopt and still are trying. I am happy for anyone who gets to adopt. Its on life that will be saved. Listening to Madeline and Susan – you have some real issues in life and need to sort them out before adopting. Maybe your attitude is whats not getting you your chld. You have to remember in life things happen for a reason and not all things happen. Its in God’s hand. Take a good look at your life and maybe then you will be blessed with a child. Mariska – so happy for you! Money, fame and whatever – you obviously love those children ROCK ON!

Karin on

Congratulations. Love to hear such fantastic adoption stories. We had our baby 4 hours after inquiring about the domestic private adoption process (we already had all adoption requirements as we were waiting endlessly for an international adoption) our son was just sent from above and right into our arms. Nothing ever felt as much like fate as becoming a family with our son. It is overwhelming, thanks for the happy news story.

Brooke on

WOW!! All of you people on here that are starting drama with others are just plain out childish!! You should really get a life and stop trying to start a bunch of drama… I think what Mariska did is wonderful! Either STOP commenting on here or STOP the drama and congratulate them!!

dsfg on

“We tried to adopt and still are trying. I am happy for anyone who gets to adopt. Its on life that will be saved.”

Do your future adopted child a favor and realize you are not “saving” that child; if you don’t adopt the child someone else will. Any child you adopt is a GIFT not a charity case.

Sarah K. on

“if you don’t adopt the child someone else will.”

Dsfg, I agree with you that children are gifts and not charity cases. However, it’s not true that someone will necessary adopt them. Some babies and children are never adopted.

Lea on

Congrats! What a beautiful family!

Val on

Cogratulations to the family! I think it is beautiful for someone to open their home and their heart to children through adoption. If more people had the same loving ways, there would no children without a loving home.Children really are the future of the world. There is no better way to make a difference than to love a child who through no fault of their own is without a loving home or parents.

Mariska is a remarkable person to me. She came from a loving family, so I am not surprised that she decided to adopt! All of her children are gorgeous, and they are very lucky indeed. GOD BLESS Mariska and her family.

ruth gonzalez perez on

I think u are a great mom u have beautiful children I would like to meet u ,you are my ldle