Mini Must-Have: Honor Warren’s Plaid Blouse

10/20/2011 at 10:00 AM ET

Strike a pose!

On Sunday, we spotted Honor Warren hanging with mom Jessica Alba, dad Cash Warren and little sister Haven at a birthday party in L.A.

And the 3-year-old was rocking the cutest ensemble — plaid top, cut-off denim shorts and rugged work boots.

After some digging, we found out her adorable blouse is by Toronto-based fashion brand, Joe Fresh, which was created by a former founder of Club Monaco.

Best part: It’s only $14.

Want it? Lucky for you, the company has recently opened a few U.S. stores. Just call 908-575-0700 to order.

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TB on

This is the best I have ever seen her look.

Maryanne on

Too cute! Love the boots, too!

K on

Those are some short shorts! She looks so much like her dad. What a cutie!


I’m appauled Honor’s shorts are entirely too short for a child to be prancing around public in..Honor appearing this way would be every pedophiles’ dream! Jessica and Cash always have Honor dressed appropriately but they completely missed the mark with this outfit!

Sam on

Honor is adorable and yes,looks just like Cash. I love her posing in this set of pictures, so very cute. However, I don’t like the shorts. A nice pair of brown or white tights under her pretty blouse would have looked better. JMO :))

abbyc on

I’m so tired of seeing little kids dressed like young adults. It’s so weird. They are growing up way too fast.

Ashley on

TB: seriously?

Beeno on

She’s adorable. She looks just like both of her parents. And I also would’ve put her in longer shorts. But I don’t see what the big deal is. I’m sure they’d look longer if they weren’t kinda scrunched up like they appear to be in the photo.

Olivia on

ERICA2-That is a really disgusting comment. Pedophiles don’t care how a child is dressed. Saying that about Honor’s shorts is as bad as blaming a woman for being raped because her skirt was too short.

abc on

Jessica always dresses her so cute. I just love this outfit! I don’t see anything wrong with it. Some people are just too critical.

Karen on

Olivia – I thought ERICA2’s comment was it bit much, but she is not far off the mark. Philip Garrido, the man who kidnapped and held Jaycee Dugard for 18 years is a pedophile and it is a fact that he would go to parks to watch young girls in short shorts. Jaycee also says in her book that he used to flip through the channels, searching for anything with little girls wearing shorts.

While I don’t think it is terrible that Honor is wearing these shorts, I just wanted to point out, that yes, what a child is wearing does seem to make a difference to a pedophile.

Olivia on

– Karen – To one pedophile, not all. Putting a girl in long pants will not protect her anymore than putting her in short shorts will make her a victim. I prefer not to blame victims. (How does saying this about Honor make sexual abuse victims feel? Probably not very good.)

cn tower on

JoeFresh is okay for kids’ stuff – cheap, trendy and quality is roughly the same as H&M in my experience. Adult clothing is another story…..It will be interesting to see how they do in the US.

Lady on

She is soooooo cute!!!

nicole on

Joe Fresh has the best clothes. They are super cute and usually everything is under 20.00.


Olivia excuse me but I am not blaming the child nor would I blame a rape victim! If you take the time to read my comment I blamed the parents. Im pretty sure that Honor does not have her own credit card or have a licence to drive herself to the mall and go shopping for designer threads. Jessica and Cash dressed her in an outfit were you can barely see a trace of the shorts.

To me the outfit is highly inappropriate and may envoke a glace from a dirty old man. As Karen stated some peodiphiles do get turned on by seeing the skin of a young innocent child and in that picture all of Honor’s legs up to her ying yang are exposed. It is my opinion that a child should be dressed like a child and not like Daisy Dukes and I make no apolgy for it!

Olivia on

ERICA2-Blaming the parents is no better. Plenty of parents have done everything “right” and still have their children abused. Have a little sensitivity. There may be readers of this site who have had a child abused.

Jillian on

What a cute outfit! I am buying if for my daughter. Honor looks adorable.

Olivia, thanks for saying what I was thinking,but saying it MUCH more politely.

Not Jillian

Amanda K on

It’s a cute outfit. I don’t think Honor will need to worry about pedos coming after her though as I’m sure she is well supervised and likely has security detail as most children of celebs. I can’t believe an innocent photo brought up such an ugly issue.

annachestnut on


Millie on

Pedophilia aside, this outfit is just entirely inappropriate for a 36 month old toddler. Sorry. We have all become so jaded…so used to this…but she is just too young for that look, that stance, those boots, just the whole thing. 36 months on the planet, people.

Melissa on

The shorts are a little short because of the way the top looks but it was a pretty warm day in SoCal that Sunday.

abbyc on

Not to beat a dead horse people but let’s keep in mind she is three NOT thirteen. Daisy dukes are not appropriate at that age. Period.

sushi on

Quite sad that her parents are allowing her to run around in outfits like this and at such a young age. What the heck happened to being three and wearing overalls? Why do we need to put girls in over the top outfits just to go play? Are we afraid they wont be feminine enough? There really isn’t any such thing as femininity really. It’s all just made up.

As for the comment about her short shorts attracting pedophiles….Really? People need to realize that not all pedophiles like that sort of thing. It could be the shorts, it could be hair color, body type, age, etc…Don’t generalize all pedophiles.

(This doesn’t mean I’m sticking up them, it just means I’m sick of everyone sounding like a dumba$$ for picking out just ONE thing)

CCT0303 on

I LOVE her cute lil’ outfit.. Thank God we can dress our kids in whatever us parents want and not based on other ppl’s opinion, geez.. I hope all your kids grow up to be angels!!

NickyAngel on

This kid is so adorble…can’t I have her? 🙂

anna on

Her shirt exceeding to the same length as her shorts is probably making them appear smaller than what they really are.

kezie on

i love the top and she a very cute little girl
but as a mother of a 3 year old girl
i think 3 year olds should dress like 3 year olds
those shorts are too short
they dont really cover all that much more then her underwear would
21 year old girl sure.. but too short for a 3 year old..

stacey on

I think she looks fine. People need to not get so worked up about everything-Erica2 and abbyc. Gheeez!

Jenna B. on

Little girls used to be able to run around without shirts on for petes sake… pics of me as a toddler just wearing pants around the garden. And somehow, people have skewed it into being *sexual* for little girls to wear shorts or to not have tops on… puleese. this is ridiculous. There is absolutely nothing wrong with what Honor is wearing nor are her parents horrible people for dressing her in those clothes. pedophiles and other predators each have their own individual “triggers” and we can’t live our lives worrying every second if one of them is going to be turned on by how we dress ourselves or our kids. We’re not going to dress in burkas and paper bags to prevent ourselves or our children from potentially being attractive to some pervert out there. All you can do is watch your kids and be aware of those around you if you want the best chance at protecting yourself and your children…. get a grip on reality.

That top is super cute too. Joe Fresh makes the most awesome stuff.

noneedtoknow on

Love the short shorts..wish the Shirt was shorter too..very cute..peopke should not look at her that way

ecl on

Sometimes I dress my daughter in a onesie. I guess I am an irresponsible parent and at fault if she gets raped. New plan: dress all girls from head to toe like in Saudi Arabia.

Grace on

@Olivia: You’re being a bit melodramatic. It’s not offensive for a person to say that dressing children like that could draw the attention of a pedophile. Sometimes parents are partially to blame when something bad happens to their child. For instance, if a person is letting their child play unsupervised, it’s largely their fault if their kid gets kidnapped. That’s not to say the parents are always at fault – sometimes a kid gets kidnapped in the middle of the night or at school (the school’s to blame for that one), but sometimes it is their fault.

Nicci on

She looks so cute! Plus I love her little pose 🙂

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