Sarah Michelle Gellar: Charlotte Loves Starbucks!

10/19/2011 at 04:00 PM ET

Sarah Michelle Gellar and husband Freddie Prinze, Jr. both love their wake-up cup o’ joe.

But no one is in need of the daily caffeine more than their 2-year-old daughter Charlotte Grace.

“My husband and I both like our coffee in the morning and now [Charlie] has taken up to it,” the Ringer star, 34, revealed during a Thursday appearance on Conan O’Brien.

“Everything is Starbucks. [She says,] ‘We need to go get cacky?'”

Despite not allowing her daughter to actually indulge in the drink, Gellar understands how, for fellow customers, looks can be quite deceiving.

“Child Protective Services will get called one day because she likes to get water, but in a hot cup so it looks like she’s drinking an espresso!” she laughs. “They give her those little cups and then she runs around the store.”

And while the mother-daughter outing is usually a morning ritual, Gellar and Charlotte have been known to make a few evening exceptions!

“We’ll be driving home at six o’clock at night and she’ll be like, ‘Mama need cacky?'” the actress says.
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— Anya Leon

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Shannon on


Dee on

LOL That’s pretty funny!

rara on

that’s cute. My son always wants a chocolate milk or one of those fruit sauces 🙂

klutzy_girl on

LOL, that’s a cute and hilarious story!

Ringer’s my favorite new TV show this fall! I absolutely love it.

Amy on

@Shannon – Charlie is a very common nickname for Charlotte. If you have a problem with it, maybe you should ask you parents why they gave you a masculine name as well.

sky on

wow, she looks just like her dad.

Christi on

She has a striking resemblence to Sadie Sandler! That’s a compliment (by the way). Cute girls!

Anya on

Cute! My son is also obsessed with coffee but he does actually drink it (milked down but still coffee since he was 1 lol)

Kara on

Jeez Amy she was just asking, no need to be a bitch about it.

Bancie1031 on

Awe cute story … my daughter is 11 now and still likes to get her soda or water in a coffee cup if we go somewhere so she can have her “coffee” as well … I love this family

blessedwithboys on

Wow, she looks JUST like Freddie!

Bancie1031 on

I also love the clip …. I do miss BTVS …. I do like the new show Ringer, have my DVR set to record every Tuesday ….

Catca on

She’s talking really well for having just turned 2! Smart little girl!

J on

Jeez Amy, having a bad day or something?

TC on

My kiddo loves starbucks too, they usually give him apple juice in the small little cup like charlie gets and I actually laugh at the looks I get because I think there are people out there that think I just handed a 2yr old coffee

Shannon on


Maybe it’s because I’m a guy. Duh.

Amber on


Maybe it’s because I’m a guy. Duh”

That was awesome.

AmandaC on

Same thing here. I get a cappuccino from Tim Hortons and my daughter gets a small hot chocolate but walks around telling everyone she’s drinking coffee like momma. I get pretty nasty looks and say, its hot cocoa!

Sam on

What a little doll and yes exactly like her daddy. Cute story. She is beautiful! My daughter talked lots at 2 too, she would keep us laughing for days.

‘Amy’ way to try to start trouble! The MAN (hehe) spoke but a word and you were all over him. Not cool.

‘Shannon’, way funny (laughing with J and Amber!!) and your opinions are always welcome. :)))

Lillian on

That’s a cute story, I loooove my coffee in the morning too. My daughter caught on and now she likes to make me pretend coffee in her play kitchen. lol

Ang on

Anya did you say your son has had coffee since he was 1?

Melanie on

Ang, why are you questioning what Anya said? Scroll right up and have a second look if you missed it the first time around 🙂

I’ve seen a lot of young kids drink “coffee” since they were toddlers…and, by the way, “coffee” for them is a glass of hot milk and a splash of coffee. Perhaps it was the same with Anya’s son…

Twyla on

Where is that bag from?/ I love it!!

Melissa on

Melanie did you even read what Anya wrote?

She said that her son is obsessed with coffee but that he actually does drink it, milked down but still coffee since he was 1! Maybe YOU should scroll up & have a second look before giving Ang a hard time.

Jillian on

Ang, I wondered the same thing.

Melanie, I have never heard of any parent giving their one year old or two year coffee. I dont think many people have have heard of this either. And she didn’t say she gives him a cup of hot milk with a splash of coffee. She said coffee, milked down. Big difference. That’s how I would describe my moms coffee. Either situation, in MY opinion is wrong. A child of that age should not have any coffee. At one my children were still drinking breastmilk!

Jillian on

The pOst to Ang and Melanie was from me MARY. It never includes my name. Always gives me someone elses. Please update my name!!

Ang on

I’m not judging anyone I thought maybe it was a cultural norm

chelsea on

I think she looks just like her mom with dark hair

Melanie on

Melissa, your response makes absolutely no sense. You are, essentially, repeating Ang’s comment without actually taking in my point.

“Coffee, milked down” could easily mean the way I explained it OR the way others explained it. Either way, it’s not your kid so what do you care? And just because you’ve never seen kids drink it doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen. Obviously it does because I’ve seen kids drink it. Get over yourselves…it’s not like Anya is giving them shots of espresso.

Nickelle on

Love Sarah Michelle. She’s gorgeous and funny. Her daughter is adorable!

Karen on

FYI– My daughter (5 years) and my son (2 years) LOVE coffee. If I leave my cup where they can reach it, my son will grab it, run and hide to drink it completely. It doesn’t matter if its hot or cold, milked down or black.