BumpWatch: Beyoncé Knowles – Case Clothed

10/19/2011 at 07:00 AM ET
Humberto Carreno/Startraks

City chic!

Mom-to-be Beyoncé keeps her bump covered up in a chic graphic tee and J Brand maternity leggings Monday while out in New York City.

“It was important to me that I gave myself time to focus on becoming the woman I want to be, building my empire, my relationship, and my self-worth, before I became a mother,” the singer, 30, tells Harper’s Bazaar in its November issue.

“Now God has blessed us with the ultimate.”

The singer and husband Jay-Z expect their baby in February.

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Nonni on

Yeah, too bad she’s not really pregnant tho. Fake.

Y on

She looks white in this picture.

Cooper on

Her emipre? WTH.

Shanice on

The empire that is worth over $300 million dollars, without including her husbands hundreds of millions to that. @Nonni, I didn’t know you were Beyonce’s obgyn or her surrogate. Unless you are, then how do you know? You don’t.

Anyways, I’m glad she waited and chose when she was gonna have a child. I was starting to think she really didn’t want kids. She’s cute pregnant. I like her laid-back style and I want a bowler hat so badly! Thanks a lot Bey.LOL enjoy your waffles.

Amber on

I don’t believe that she is pregnant at all. I have seen pictures where “baby bump” is folded in half, and she has gotten smaller, not bigger, since the awards ceremony where she announced that she was expecting.

It’s a shame, but all I can do is SMDH and move on.


Ali on

I saw that baby-bump fold video on youtube and it was kind of weird. I have had three kids and my stomach has never inverted when I sat down. So strange. I’m not sure what to think of that! Although, I truly doubt she would FAKE a pregnancy. That doesn’t make sense. But, still, that video was odd to me.

Christina on

Well I wish her and her hubby the best on their expected arrival.

fuzibuni on

was this post written by someone with a lisp?

Fatima on

Her preganancy is real people!!!!!! if you don’t believe me than Google the pics of her last month show off her bare baby bump in Italy. or watch this video proving it http://www.YouTube.com/watch?v=PhfnaQp22s I hate how the media is treating her right now. she has done nothing wrong or has not lied about anything, people always has to find a reason to hate her. and ya’ll falling for this “fake preganancy garbage” Stop believing in everything you hear & read, because the media lies too!!!!!! I hope & pray that she will have a healthy preganancy & baby 🙂 God Bless Them!!!!!

Fatima on

Her Preganancy is real people!!!!! if you don’t believe me than Google those pics of her showing off her bare baby bump in Italy last month.

I hope soon that she will do a TV Interview or Photo Shoot in a bikini,lingerie or nude to show all of the haters that her baby bump is real!!!!!! I hope & pray that she will have very healthy preganancy & baby 🙂 May God Bless Beyonce,Jay-z & Baby Carter!!!!!!

ps. if you still don’t believe me go on YouTube and look up
Sunday Night Beyonce bumpgate and you will know it’s ture.

Fatima on


Shannon on

She looks pregnant going by the changes in her face and boobs!

Fatima on

Here is the video proving that her preganancy is real

tlc on

I am also skeptical that Beyonce herself is actually pregnant. Her bump has changed from large to small to non existant to folding inward to middle sized to large in a matter of weeks. However, whether or not she’s pregnant or has hired a surrogate or is awaiting an adoption (why she’d fake it is beyond me though), is her business…I wish her luck and a healthy baby.

Fatima on

If you don’t believe beyonce’s preganancy is here is the video

Nonni on

Uhhh yeah, thanks Fatima.

Mandy on

I still say its fake. But uh…thanks for the videos. And anyone could fake a baby bump even in a bikini. Its called makeup and prosthetics. I am sure they both have plenty of money to spend on it to show ‘proof’ she’s pregnant.

Fatima on

Mandy she doesn’t need to fake a preganancy to get attention!!!!! go look up pics of her very real baby bump in a bikini last month in ltaly thiers no fake about that!!!!!

Jillian on

Fatima, thanks for the video. Only convinces me more that she is hiding something.

Mandy, I totally agree with you!

fab on

Ya’ll are the dumbest bunch of Beyonce hatin Jackass… Fake a pregnancy.. Seriously?? Stupid.. Jealous … Idiots!!! That VIDEO is what’s FaKE!!.. Go Bey GO!!! Baby is due in my b-day month!!! Even Better!!!

Fatima on

If Beyonce wasn’t pregant she would be planing her US/World Tour right now. If she wasn’t preganat she would be all over the world right now promoting her album, If she wasn’t preganat she would be shoting a movie right now, If she wasn’t pregant she be on the talk show cirucit doing a bunch of interviews, If she wasn’t pregant she would be working nonstop like normal does. but, she not doing any of those thing right now so that should tell you something!!!!! seriously?? get out of her uterus and let her live her life & enjoy her preganancy!!!!!

If you still convincing go on YouTube look up the view & jimmy fallon she did both those shows back in july and look closer you will see a tiny baby bump & she had a little bit of morning sickness.

MiB on

All I see in the video is a dress that glides up and folds in when she sits down, that happend, have you never sat down in a pair of pants and had the fabric suddenly bulge or fold in because you have a bit of a tummy? Or seen it happen to someone? I know I have. Have you never felt your belt getting tighter during the day becuase of something you’ve eaten or because of hormones? I know I have. Besides, she walks like a pregnant woman.

AmandaC on

It really doesn’t matter if she’s faking or really pregnant as long as she has a healthy baby in the end.

Me on

It is cute the way her nose is spreading out and her cheeks are puffing out. Let her be, people. She is obviously pregnant and I am happy for her.