Mariska Hargitay Adopts Son Andrew Nicolas

10/19/2011 at 09:00 AM ET
Antoine Verglas

When Mariska Hargitay welcomed her daughter Amaya Josephine six months ago, she started thinking about adopting another child down the line.

She never imagined the new addition would be right around the corner.

Within a week of processing their paperwork for the second time, Hargitay, 47, and her husband Peter HermannΒ brought home a son,Β Andrew Nicolas Hargitay Hermann, who was born over the summer.

“We never in a million years thought it would happen this quickly, but something inside of us knew that this was right, and we said, ‘Yes, yes, yes!'” says Hargitay, who is also mom to son August, 5.

“We knew this was our guy. Everything about it felt right. It felt divinely right.”

Two babies may be a handful, but the Law & Order: SVU actress — who will continue working four days a week, while Hermann stars in War Horse at Lincoln Center — says Andrew and Amaya have already bonded.

“They’ll lie in the crib together, and she’ll hold his hand and put her arm around him,” says Hargitay. “She’s already so protective of him.”

For more on Mariska’s surprise adoption and additional photos, pick up the latest issue of PEOPLE, on stands Friday.

— Charlotte Triggs

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Sweet! on

How sweet! What a beautiful blended family. A nice thing to read on a Wednesday. Congrats to all!

Good for her! on

Beautiful babies!! Best of luck to the family!

Anonymous on


jones on

Beautiful family and picture! She will be busy with two very small children and her older son, but she looks lovely and so happy.

Jazzy on

Ummm, How come August isn’t in the picture? Just a thought.

What a beautiful woman – and two very beautiful babies.

Anonymous on

oh my gosh! that was fast! i thought the adoption process was supposed to take years!… anyway, congrats to her… and why doesnt andrew get a “j” middle name like his siblings? i thought mariska did their initials ajh on purpose….

Melissa on

Congrats, that is awesome! I love Mariska on SVU

Heather Lynn on

How wonderful!! I’m so happy for this family. Andrew is absolutely adorable. Many congratulations and best wishes to the Hargitay-Hermann Family!

kelly on

What is with all these celebrities adopting children when they are in their late 40’s early 50’s?

klutzy_girl on

Congratulations to them! That was definitely unexpected. And I love the name.

Tiff on

Mariska is an amazing actress, and mom. I admire her .. I watch SVU all the time (even the re-runs) … it’s my fav. show ever .. keep up the good work!! πŸ™‚

lula on

she is amazing!! such a beautiful family!


She looks so happy! What a wonderful family, 2 sons and a daughter in the middle! Best wishes to all of them.

shell on

doesn’t always take years. When I applied I had a baby 8 months later, then 12 months later adopted his sibling.

LM on

Yay, congrats! It’s almost like having twins. It will be a hendul having two babies and a 5 year old, but so worth it!

Renee on

I am always happy to see children find wonderful families. It often seems as though people with money are able to adopt YEARS faster than mainstream America. But again, isn’t that the American Way???

Amber on

I am really happy for her and she has a beautiful family, however, I think it’s really sad that celebrities and wealthy people can get children so quickly. I don’t think I would have shared the fact that it only took a week. I know couples who have been waiting for years to adopt their first child. I suppose in an open adoption, the birth mother would choose a familiar face over your average couple. Again, I am happy for her family, but everyone should have the same opportunity.

dsfg on

Renee, it could be that she had been working on Andrew’s adoption for years. She didn’t neccesarily start trying to adopt him after she brought Josephine home.

Lillian on

Wow…..really? I understand the adoption process can take years, but how about spending some time with the children you have. Amaya just joined the family less than a year ago. Where is her bonding time? I hope they are adopting for the good of the children and not their own selfish needs.

Susan on

7 years ago my mother and I brought my then 4 year old daughter to NY to see the sights the week of Christmas. As we were walking down Park Avenue Mariska and her husband walked past us and my mom screamed and chased her down the street. I was mortified! She stopped her and proceeded to tell her how beautiful she is and how much she loves her show. Anyone else could have been annoyed but Mariska thanked her and then said “well then, that deserves a Christmas hug” and wrapped her arms around my mom so sweetly. She couldn’t have been more gracious and kind and I have loved her ever since. Good for her!!

Lady on

Wow, what a beautiful woman with a selfless heart. I had to rub my eyes for a minute to make sure I wasn’t reading this wrong…an amazingly blessed family…congrats!!!

Normi on

So Happy for Mariska and her family…she looks soo happy!! God Bless this wonderful family!!

Roll it on

You can certainly see Mariska’s Mother in her face. So many people either don’t know or forget that she is the daughter of 50’s movie star bombshell, Jayne Mansfield and her Dad was Micky Hargitay. I love her on SVU.

sue sussman on

i’m an adoptive parent. am happy for her, but have to say, it seems like celebs to get certain, ‘perks’.

our first adoption took 9 months…

the 2nd one, we had to pull out of after waiting for 2 years.

after our first we were told we HAD to wait one year, in order to make sure we bonded and were adjusting well w/ our child.

she files papers and within one week has a child? sorry, doesnt seem right.

but good for her, the child has a home.

RedRover on

I much perfer my 4 legged babies. They bring just as much love. Try it, You’ll like it.

Emily on

Actually, Renee that’s completely untrue. The adoption process really doesn’t work like that. It has more to do with the agency, the birth mom, etc. My best friend adopted a baby last year. They were put on the list in August, and were adopting a baby six weeks later. And they are regular, middle class people.

Faith on

I like her alot and wish her family alot of job

The new little one looks like a little rolly polly football player

How cute of a family

I hope they don’t harp on her like they do Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt for adopting

Adopting is wonderful

RedRover on

Her babies are beautiful and so is she. I’ll take my “fur babies”…they bring so much love and happiness. Try it…you will like it.

lovesslj1 on

Awww Congratulations on the new addition to Mariska and family.

Faith on

The comments here are really positive towards her- I like her too

Now all you should have the same attitude about the Jolie-Pitts adopting

They have only ONE more adopted child than Mariska now!!!

K on

I agree with what Emily said. It took my aunt and uncle years to get through the adoption process before they could bring home a son, but they brought home their daughter just a few weeks after going through the process the second time.

Susan – thanks for sharing! I love hearing stories like that about celebrities. They receive so much attention where ever they go, that’s it’s nearly easy to understand how annoying it can be.

Beautiful family!

dsfg on

Sue, she may have adopted the children privately, in which case the rules are different and she and her husband might not have had to wait a year between adoptions.

Elisabeth Robert on

Congrats!!!!!! More kids need homes! Good for them. E

dsfg on

“Wow, what a beautiful woman with a selfless heart.”

Why, because she adopted? I’m sure her children would have been adopted by someone else if Mariska hadn’t adopted them. Adopting an infant from the US is not doing charity work, it’s just another way to expand your family. She isn’t anymore selfless than the men and women out there raising their biological children.

jujub's mom on

It may not have happened fast because she is a celebrity, it may have happened fast because that beautiful baby boy needed a home. It’s already the middle of October and he was born in the summer, just something to think about! I think when it happens like that, quickly then they were all meant for one another! God Bless them all

Susan on

Congratulations to the Hargitay-Hermann family once again. I have to say, its refreshing to see that there are many loving families in the world who need an adoptive baby to complete them. SO many people,famous and otherwise spend so much money time and effort using IVF techniques ,to no avail , when there are so many babies/children in the world who need loving homes.

Janice Pielert on

What precious babies and what a lucky mom. God Bless.

Grace on

I don’t understand why people are always whining about how celebrities can adopt faster than average people. This myth that’s floating around that it always takes years to adopt is simply not true. Sometimes it takes years and sometimes it doesn’t. I know of at least 5 couples who were able to adopt within weeks of submitting their applications (and three of those couples went on to adopt a second, and in one case a third child, just one year after adopting the first one.)

RG on

You just never know when a blessing will come to you!!! How wonderful and beautiful!

Eve on

Beautiful family!!! Happy for them! Wow, such a great couple they are! Their children are truly loved. Congratulations! Blessings.

Kelly on

Love Mariska. So happy for her.

San on

Rich, famous people get whatever they want! We mere mortals wait for YEARS to adopt!

KarenB on

I am so happy for her. Congrats to her expanding family.

That said, I had a friend who adopted and it took her over a year. I hope that celebrities aren’t getting preferential treatment in the process.

christen on



dallas on

Money talks..that’s why the celebrities get to adopt babies quickly than normal people. I think they should wait in line just like everyone else does..just saying.

Janiera on

Love her, congrats!

Ashley on

Congrats to Mariska and Peter! They are absolutely wonderful parents and their adorable additions are very very lucky! God bless this beautiful family! ❀

Kat on

While it might seem fast, I’m sure Amaya is thrilled to have a baby brother. I see it with my 11 month old, she adores younger babies, and that is a kinship they’ll have for life.

Who knows why it happened so fast, there might be a lot of details they’ll never share, just be happy for this child and his family.

canada girl on

While I admire that they have adopted 2 kids. It seems like she is taking on alot very quickly. While I do not know her personally and she may be able to handle 2 little ones, they should have waited. Plus how did she get the baby so quickly, what about all those couples or single woman etc that dream of being a mom to just 1 child and yet it takes years for them to get through the adoption process.

I do hope to have kids one day and if I do end up adopting I would hope to not have a struggle.

Fel on

The adoption process doesn’t have to take yrs. My husband & I are in our late 20’s & decided to adopt. From the time we started the process to when we found out about a possible baby was 4 mos. Our beautiful baby was then born 3 months after. It can take years if you are not pro-active. Family knew we were looking & the opportunity came about.

Mimi on

I’m not really into kids,but I commend Mariska for adopting instead of trying to fight the aging process with IVF, etc. There are so many needy children in this world and I’m sure she’s a great mother. Congratulations!

Beth Ann on

That is amazing. I have 12 adopted children( I have been a foster adoptive parent for 20 years) and we are a blended family as well. It is amazing the bond that you form with them is no different than the bond that you have with your biological children. I often forget they are adopted. lol… It is not hard to love a child even if they are not yours. If we could all do this no child would go without love.Congratulations what a beautiful family!! God Bless you all!

Barbie on

Envy is such a horrible character trait. Be happy for the babies and be happy for this woman. If she got them in a week, or even 2 days apart – who cares?! Be happy for her. If that were to happen to you, you would be pleased.

The reality is that money facilitates a lot of things. It is what it is and no amount of complaining is going to change that.

I wish them the best!

Tifany on

Maybe her adoption went quickly because she is willing to take a child of another race. I think it’s wonderful!

Grace on

@Dallas: There is no line. That’s how adoption used to work – there was a waiting list and people had to wait years. It doesn’t work like that anymore. You should do some research on this subject before spouting your bitter opinions about it.

Ellen Smith on

For those of you who say they got a baby so quickly – Mariska and her husband were willing to adopt a non-white baby American baby, which many Americans are not willing to do, which is kind of weird because there seems to be much less stigma attached to adopting a foreign non-white baby than an African-American or Hispanic baby.

All the best to them and their beautiful family.

Susan on

I will take my 4 legged babies any day over a child any day!

vegagirl on

God bless her! I dont know how she does it, but Im glad she does! So many kids in this country need adopting. I love her! Always have.

ToRo on

Congrats to the Hargitay-Hermanns. Beautiful babies

vegagirl on

LOve them all1 Congrats.

Jessica on

Get over yourselves people! If it took 10 years or 10 days a child who needed a family is adopted!!! That’s all that matters. PERIOD!!

Whether she adopted her last child 10 years ago or 10 days ago a child who needed a family has one!!! Again that’s all that matters!!!

Congrats to Mariska, Peter and each of those three beautiful children because they all now have each other! How wonderful!!!

Melarie on

What a cute baby boy….Congrats to you and your hubby!!

Melarie on

What a cute baby boy……congrats!!!!!

Mike on

@Dallas: What Line are you referring??? I am not a celebrity and was able to adopt rather quickly. Maybe if you/others would open your/their heart(s) and adopt of another race or a child with special needs you would move to the front of the “line”.

I was able to adopt, at the age of 40, a baby born addicted and fetal alcohol syndrome. I am very happy to report 10 years later he is a very happy and healthy 4th grader.

mariae on

dsfg-Are you serious? Adopting any child-american or not-is a selfless act. Those babies are in this world w/out a family. Just because they are from america does not make them in any less of a need of a family. Get over yourself.

yo on

If you wouldn’t birth a baby six months later, I don’t think you should adopt a baby 6 months after adopting a newborn. The children deserve time to grow and adjust, thus I think she should have waited at least a year.

me on

I love Mariska but please don’t turn into Angelina Jolie!

Sam on

Lucky her. Most people I know trying to adopt have to wait years.

Jessica on


what about having twins…they have to share the time. How is this any different?!

Lori on

Awww! How sweet! I am very happy for her and her growing family!

meghan on

canada girl, why should Mariska have waited? She would be dealing with two little ones if she’d had twins. I don’t see the difference simply because they are two adopted babies.

meghan on

Yes redrover (and the other screen names you are posting the identical comments under, pretending to be someone else) you like dogs. Nothing wrong with that. Nothing wrong with babies either. Try another website if babies bother you.

Maggie on

To whoever said that she hurried into the second adoption and didn’t allow bonding time with the first adopted child, read the article. It says that she didn’t expect it to happen so quickly. I’m sure they filed their papers right away thinking it would take at least a year or so. Things just happened differently than they thought and of course they weren’t gonna say no!

I think it’s wonderful that these beautiful children have a new home. Mariska is a great woman for giving these kids a great life.

ann on

big fan of mariska. congrats on the new addition

effie on

that is so neat i am happy for her and her family

June on

@me, Ms. Jolie and Mr. Pitt have adopted two children over a 6 year span (three really, since their eldest is 10 years old, but Ms. Jolie did that on her own). She and her husband adopted two in one year. Don’t get what your comment means.

effie on

i am very happy for them i love her on law and order

stef on

I just read an interview yesterday with her in one of my magazines…MORE, I think it was? She was incredibly happy with the new addition of Amaya…I was beyond thrilled to log on today and learn about Andrew! Congrats to the entire family!

Stacey on

From what I understand, you sign up to be adoptive parents (the paperwork they referred to) and then wait…i’m sure they did expect to wait a long time and thats why they signed up when their little one is still so little.

However, when the biological parents make a choice and its YOU, you don’t say, naw, i’ll pass and wait for the next one. She made the choice of a loving mom who WANTS more children. Seriously, why do people have to criticize EVERYTING! and to the person who questioned where August was…um, probly SCHOOL. He’s 5! They wouldn’t be very good parents if they said – August you stay home from your class today for the People magazine picture! She is a beautiful person with a great family. Congrats! πŸ™‚

Good for her! on

@Meghan re. redrover, lol!

To all those whining about how fast she adopted: I have a friend who adopted 4, yes, 4 babies in a 5 year span as a SINGLE WOMAN. How did this happen? They were born to prostitutes and were addicted to drugs and had fetal alcohol syndrome. She would spend weeks walking the halls with them because they were screaming 24/7 while they detoxed. They are now teens/preteens and are doing just fine! Not that it matters, but they are a mixed family and are treated exactly the same as her biologicals.

If you open your hearts to children that may have issues, you’d get a baby in a snap. Everyone wants “healthy” children, but don’t realize what a blessing one may be that isn’t born perfect.

Lizzie on

CONGRATS a million times over, MARISKA is BEAUTIFUL, CHARMING, LOVELY~~~ What fortunate children to have MARISKA and her hubby as
their parents!!!!!!!!!!!!! BLESSINGS(SSSSSS)!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Julie on

Adoption took us 5 years, but that’s from the moment we decided to adopt — until we brought our daughter came home. International policies and politics held up our adoption, not that “Hollywood types” were getting preferential treatment. After we switched from an international adoption (Guatemala) to a domestic adoption from foster care, our baby was home in 6 months.

Generally a second adoption doesn’t take as long as the first, since you’ve already completed all of the classes, financial reports, psych evaluations, home studies, physicals, FBI checks etc.

Mia on

Congrats to them, its amazing and it’ll be hard, but God bless them!

Michelle on

I think it’s wonderful that she has another lovely baby! Congrats to the whole Hargitay-Hermann family.

I think Mariska meant for the children all to have the same first and last initials– AH– and not the middle ones. August’s name is August Miklos Friedrich Hermann. He doesn’t have a “J” name in the middle like Amaya. The children all share the same first and last initials but not the middle ones.

Sarah M. on

I LOVE Mariska Hargitay! Good for the whole family.

Judging by the fact that it says theat they didn’t expect it to happen near this quickly but it just felt right, I would guess they didn’t go in and say “If we give you ‘x’ amount of money, can we have a baby really fast?”

I’ve never heard anything bad about this family, only that they are very down to earth. So they really don’t seem like the type to me.

Others have given examples of either their adoptions, or those of people they know that didn’t take long, either. So it doesn’t appear to be just with the rich and famous.

And people would be able to get babies faster if they don’t have to have a healthy, white babies. They are obviously more open to other options. And we don’t know if Andrew has health issues. Not all health problems can be seen just by looking at a person. If he does have an issue, maybe they filed thinking it would take longer than it actually did, maybe it’s the agency they used, maybe he was just meant to be their son.

Either way, a baby now has a home that otherwise migh not have had one and parents who by all appearences seem to love their children now have another to love. Seems like a win-win to me!!

Shelly on

I am so happy for this beautiful family! I too am an adoptive parent and would love to add a sibling for my son to our family someday. I love reading about beautiful stories like these, instead of the garbage that is usually out there. Congratulations Hermann family and God Bless you all!

Emmy on

To those of you whining and complaining about her being able to adopt faster than others (which is also not true), shame on you.

If you truly care about children, you should simply be pleased that these babies are now adopted whether it took weeks, months, or years. It is one less child suffering in the world without a family.

JAS on

Gorgeous family and I am so happy for her!!! She is absolutley glowing and her children are adorable!!

As to all those people who believe there is faster adoption preference for celebrities, that is not necessarily the case. If this happened to be an “open adoption” it is the birth mothers choice as to where that baby is placed. So it could have been her prefernce, not the agencies.

I for one know about the “Open” adoption process because I gave my son up for adoption when I was 18. His adoptive parents may have been in the process for years, but ONE WEEK after I chose to go the adoption route, I met his new parents and chose them to raise him. 6 months after my son was born, they adopted another baby boy because that birth mother chose them, 6 months after that baby was born, another birth mother chose them.

doris on

I know how she feels as my first son was adopted, now 43
and 7 years later I had another son 36. I love them both
the same. They are precious to me.

joan on

It’s amazing what money and connections can do for an adoption!!!

moonstar on

In many cases the birth mom chooses the adoptive home for their baby. Of course the birth mom will choose a wealthier person / celebrity over a lower or middle class family!

Daisy on

Congrats on the new family member. The spacing is close, but if she felt it was right, then it will work out perfectly.

Michelle on

Congradulations to Mariska and her family! It is really nice to see stars adopting America babies!!!

Hea on

I thought there was a line. There is in my country. We don’t all live in the same country or by the same laws.

Anonymous on

@ anonymous The adoption process does take years for normal people. For rich people, they can use their money to make it happen sooner. My sister brought home a baby from the hospital- almost 2 yrs later, they haven’t finalized it yet.

Shannon on

What a blessing to those children and the couple. God bless them! My two boys were born a year and a day apart and it was rough when they were babies but it is wonderful now that they are so close in age. They can wear the same clothing, love the same toys, etc.

alicejane on

Wow! I was shocked to see this this morning; congratulations to Mariska and her family! Andrew is beautiful, as are Amaya and August!

Adoption is not such a black and white process that it boils down to if you have money or not. Like other posters have said, it can depend on the agency, if you do a private adoption, and sometimes simply the timing.
Sure, it’s true that money talks, but I just want to say that that’s not always the case.

When my aunt and uncle adopted, they had their baby boy a couple months after paperwork was filed. They are farmers in rural Saskatchewan, and definitely not rolling in money.

Lissette on

This came out of left field but its amazing news! Congratulations to the family and I just know August is thrilled that he has a sister AND brother now!

Tiffantre on

She is my FAVORITE! Congratulations to the beautiful family!

Diane on

God Bless them, beautiful family!

Sherrie on

Such cute kids!!! Where’s August??

cj on

she is beautiful, her mother is the sex symbol Jayne Mansfield & her father is the hunky bodybuilder Mickey Hargitay. congrats to this sweet family.

Grace on

@Anonymous (the second one who is claiming that it always takes years for normal people to adopt based on the fact it took 2 years for her sister): No, it doesn’t always take years for normal people. Your sister’s case sounds unique. It’s very rare for it to take over 2 years to finalize an adoption. The standard is about 6 months.

Barbara on

I love her work and admire all of her work in behalf of abused women. She is not looking for accolades, just happy being a mom of three now. Yes, they received their son quickly but only they know how long the process actually took as they might have been planning this for some time. She is a hands on mom and looks very pleased with her babies.

amy on

Wow! That is so shocking and so awesome! I wish them all the best. She seems so wonderful. Her kids are blessed!

Erin on

I find it sad that those with wealth & power are able to have more than one adoption take place in less than a year. There are people fighting for just 1 child and wait years and years.

Dont get me wrong, I am happy for her and her family, I just feel like anyone willing to open their heart to a child should be afforded that opportunity too even if they arent FAMOUS and wealthy. Just sayin….

Sherice on

I find it strange that so many people are calling the decision “selfish”…the last time I checked adopting a baby is a pretty selfless thing to do. The parents, who were already able to have a child biologically, opened their home to children who otherwise probably would have been shuffled from adoption agencies to foster homes half of their lives. She is more than financially able to care for these and many more children, and it seems to me she did it out of love.

I find it more commendable than seeing 16-17 year olds popping out a baby they can’t take care of every other year and having it glorified on TV. More power to those who are actually trying to create better lives for their children, regardless of how far apart in age they are or whether they are biological or adopted.

Shea on

The adoption timeline depends on many factors.

What state you are in, the type of agency and who picky you are.

I have an aunt and uncle that went through a state agency and stated they only wanted a healthy, white newborn. It took them 6 years to get a child.

I have friends that went through a private agency, and the stated they had no preference as to the sex/race/ethnic origin of the baby, and they would take a baby with health issues as well as a child under the age of 2 years.

They were selected by a birth-mother a bit over a month after releasing their “Hopeful Parents Bio”. They are now parents to a beautiful biracial little boy and then 11 months later received an unexpected phone call from the agency that their birth mother was in labor again and because they had the first child they had first shot at this second one. This time they didn’t need to have the home visits and all the pre-approval expenses only the actual court/lawyer fees for the adoption. They jumped on it and brought home their little boy’s baby sister….also biracial, but of a different racial mixture.

They are a beautiful happy family and were blessed with the adoption of 2 awesome kids in less then 2 years.

Rhonda on

Congrats to them – but my question is for all the people that wrote on the topic of adopting – My husband and I are interested in starting the adoption process and there is alot of information on the internet but which ones are the ones to go through? I would greatly appreciate any information you could provide with some names of the adoption places you used. We would like to adopt a baby.

Thank you

suzie on


Kat on

so cute! with only 6 mo apart, it will be basically raising twins once they get a bit older… I bet August is THRILLED… he went from being an only child to being a big brother with TWO siblings…

Nhzinga on

Congrats to Mariska and the rest of the family! I know of plenty of people that adopted at the speed of light like Mariska–they’re not celebrities, they were just blessed. Everyone, celebrity and average person alike, has to follow the law.

Grace2 on

A baby who needed a loving home now has one. A family who desperately wanted another child got their wish. What a lovely story.

Jennifer on

What a beautiful family!

Kitty on

Congrats Mariska, Nice to see a celeb adopting within the US and not going outside. Wonderful family. Happy for them all

jessicad on

This little boy is obviously where he’s meant to be, congrats to them and he’s so adorable!

Sarah K. on

Congrats to the family! This is unexpected, yet wonderful news! I like all of the A names.

All of the people who keep insisting that Mariska adopted quickly because of money don’t seem to want to listen to the numerous posters on here that also adopted quickly (or know people who did) without being wealthy. Do you just actually want that conspiracy theory to be true despite evidence to the contrary?

There is no “adoption line.” Different agencies work independently of each other. She very clearly stated that she did not expect another baby so soon. The most common sense explanations here are that the birth mother chose them or they were willing to take a hard-to-place child. Sometimes, you just get matched quickly (as other posters have experienced) and it’s mostly because you are willing to take a hard-to-place child.

Breigh Metcalfe on

I love it! I love that her family is in love with these children and want to give them such beautiful lives. To think of where their lives ‘could have gone’…and compare them to ‘where they are going’ is such a blessing. For all of them. β™₯

Linda on

How wonderful…Congratulations!!!!!

None of your business on

How refreshing. A Hollywood celebrity doing something that is commendable instead of being in the news for having a baby with the fifth boyfriend to whom she is not married, not doing drugs, not arrested. Paris and Lindsay take notice.

Hector Borja on

AWESOME,I take my hat off to her and her hubby. I enjoy watching her work and I feel good about how big her heart is, too bad there are not more like her. God bless her, her hubby and their children and may they have an everlasting beautiful life.

Nancy McFadden on

Congratulations to Mariska, Peter, August and Amaya! Andrew is one lucky little boy! I only wish August and Peter were in this pic!

Adoption does not necessarily take years. If you are not picky and will take a baby, regardless of race, age, etc., it can happen sooner than later. I am an adoptive, single mom with 7 adopted children. Three were full siblings and adopted together. Three of the other 4 are their half siblings and their adoptions were at different times. Kudos to Mariska and her beautiful family!

sandi on

Her children don’t have “J’s” in their middle name. Not sure why people thought they did.

August’s full name is August Miklos Friedrich Hermann

Diane on

Although I’m happy for her and her family, I find it hard to believe that she can adopt two children in just 6 months. My husband and I have been waiting for over 5 years and we didn’t stipulate it had to be a white newborn either. I just think it’s a crock when celebrities make a big deal of their adoptions and the process they went through, when you know it’s so much easier for them. They have the disposable cash necessary to smooth the way, especially with foreign adoptions. I just think it gives an unrealistic portrayal of how adoption really works, especially domestic adoption.

Carol on

I LOVE it, adoption is the BEST as we have so MANY children that are either orphaned or parents that are just NOT able to care for them properly. With so much infertlitiy these days I don’t understand why more couple don’t adopt. We have our daughter and my own son is adopted and it was the most amazing decision that we ever made as a family.

lorrie on

i am so glad for you. it is so nice tohave a woman as strong as you are to adopted two beautiful children congrads.

Jen on

I agree with the people who say they will stick to their four-legged babies. You can put me down on the list with them. I prefer a meow over whaa-whaa-whaa. And for those of you who don’t like our opinion, please have someone call you a whaa-mbulance.

Lilly on

Congrats & much love to you and your beautiful family :0)

Lissette on

2 things. First off, I am not Lissette and I am sick of my name being posted as such. I don’t want to be bashed because a user on here with that name makes cruel remarks.

Secondly, I must say Amaya is absolutely gorgeous. It was hard to really get a good look at her when she was very little because she was sleeping. I am hoping we soon get to see Andrew awake in some photos as well.

Gina Nicole on

❀ ❀ ❀

BEAUTIFUL actress, even more BEAUTIFUL heart!

Frances Williams on

Now this is truly beautiful. It’s what being a christian is all about,loving one another.Congratulation to the both of you Mariska.You and your husband are real christian.May God bless all of you and may His face shines upon you,congratulation again.

val on

heart-warming, what a wonderful person. she has a great soul.

Christina on

Why isn’t Peter in the picture?

Zoe on

CONGRATS!! Beautiful!

Hanna on babies are the new “it” thing, like it’s some kind of cool trend or something..gross

Whitney on

What a blessing! Congratulations to a very beautiful family:)

kim kusserow on

nice looking family. I have a boy and a girl. but a lot older.
You look very happy. thats good. I am a big fan I watch your show
almost every day. ( csi: Special victums unit) good luck with your new family member and enjoy them. They grow real fast.

Dee on

Hanna, I believe you have issues! Black babies are the new β€œit” thing, yes you definitely have issues.

olivia on


Sandy Cheeks on

AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWE!!!! So sweet & lovely…. :’) I hope to adopt one day too!!!

steve on

She is such a class act and a great actress. She also has her foundation, which says a lot about her as a person. She’s had a great career from ER to SVU and other terrific roles along the way. While we all know she has done exceptionally well financially, that’s not the issue. It’s who she is. I’m glad she’s financially set for life. She deserves it, compared to many of her “industry” peers, who couldn’t eve walk in her shoes.

Tee on

Wow, didn’t see this announcement coming! Congratulations on your new son! What a sweet family!

Ann Marie on

Hanna, are you attention seeking? I believe you are. Let me give you some attention….

Sorry, changed my mind. Now go away and play with yourself or with Uncle Bill in the basement.

Kat on

Congrats to her, what a beautiful family. I agree with Sue, celebrities must get some perks since we waited 10 months for our first son and we have been waiting a little over 2 years for a second one. Should be even across the board and not just get special treatment if you are a celebrity.

Tara on

oh my gosh! it’s like she’s becoming a cat lady.

Susan on

OMG he is beautiful Love u on Law& Oder SVU never miss it do miss ur partner though tell him to come back u look lonesome.

catlady1 on

Why could she not adopt white babies since she is white. These children are going to have problems as they grow up. I do know this because it is in my sons ex’s family and this child has no people he says. Who is he going to date, white or black, he says he is not black it is a shame what people do to children. Although these two are not her bological children, they still will have problems.

Shan on

So nice to see a good news happy moral lovely story out of hollywood for a change. I wish there was more of this and less of “Lohan-esque” type rubbish. What a wonderful family photo.

Holiday on

That is wonderful! Congrats to her! I love her as an actress and she seems like a great person too.

Grace on

@Kat: And how do you propose adoption agencies make things even across the board considering in most adoption the birth parents get to choose the people who will adopt their child?

Are you seriously suggesting that adoption agencies should say to the birth mother, “Sorry, your child can’t be adopted by the people you want to adopt them because there are other couples who have waited longer. You’ll just have to pick someone who has waited 2 years instead of the couple you truly feel is right for your baby because they have only waited a few months?” A birth parent has a right to pick any couple they want to for their child.

The sense of entitilement from certain prospective adoptive parents who think they are somehow owed a baby because they have waited X amount of months or years is truly startling to me.

Jessie on

Congrats to them!

To the naysayers, Mariska and her husband adopted non-white babies domestically. The waiting list is not nearly as long. Additionally, who is to say it all went that fast? The second adoption happened must faster than they anticipated, yes, as sometimes happen but who knows how long she waited, going through home studies etc. for the first one? A second one is likely to go faster as all the homestudies are done.

Anonymous on

Ann Marie- Yes Hanna’s comment was rude but telling her to go and ‘get molested’ was entirely UNCALLED for. Shame on you!

catlady- What difference does it? make what color a family is? These children will be loved more than they would have been had they not been adopted and been bounced from foster home to foster home or in an orphanage somewhere. Mariska and her husband welcomed these children with open arms regardless of skin color.

Lindsey on

As an african american I can say that it is possible that she was able to adopt so quickly because it was a domestic adoption and she adopted children of color. Oftentimes caucasian families are adopting and want a caucasian child and particularly newborn babies. Children of color tend to be more difficult to place. At the end of the day two children needed a home and now they have a loving one. I say that’s a win!

CWL on

I love these stories! I am an adoptive momma myself, and I love seeing blended families in the news! Congrats to them.

Also, for those of you making statements that celebs “get babies faster”…please know that is so uneducated. There is a lot of misconceptions around adoption, so please don’t spread the misinformation around. My husband and I were homestudy approved for 5 weeks when we got “the call”. 6 weeks later we were parents. It just takes the right two families to come together. That’s all.

Also, some people were curious how this family adopted two babies so quickly. In most states, the legal document allowing you to adopt (the Homestudy) is valid for multiple years, allowing someone to pursue a second adoption prior to the homestudy’s expiration. It sounds like the stars aligned for this family, and that is a very wonderful thing.

KCo on

Tara: oh my gosh! it’s like she’s becoming a cat lady.

Really? A cat lady? She and her husband have adopted 2 children who may have otherwise been neglected their entire lives. Show some compassion and care for those who are actually doing something to give our children better lives.

Hanna: babies are the new β€œit” thing, like it’s some kind of cool trend or something..gross

It’s not a trend. It’s called opening your heart and home to a child regardless of their race.

And maybe those waiting years to adopt a child only ‘want’ white babies. Ever think of that?

Lisa on

To Sherice, who finds it strange that so many people are calling the decision β€œselfish” and says the last time I checked adopting a baby is a pretty selfless thing to do.” I think you are misunderstanding the comment. Sometimes, people adopt in order to feel they are doing something good and validate themselves as a good person, to fulfill their own need to become a parent at any cost or to simply do what they see celebrities doing. The real test to see how selfish it is, would be to acknowledge that the adoptee has a history – biologically, culturally, etc – and to encourage adoptees to retain that connection, instead of pretending that this does not exist. Then you will know that you are truly altruistic.

annachestnut on


Rinaade on

I’m so sick of all the negativity some people are giving this woman and her husband. It takes a real selfless person with a big heart to do what she and her family has done. Maybe people needs to channel all this negative and harsh remarks to these women that are killing/murdering their babies because they want to party(casey anthony), susan smith and the list goes on.

Are you people seeing the pattern here….. You have babies that are born every day to unfit, irresponsible women who chose to do crack and drink during their pregnancy. So where is the out cry from all you judgemental fools on this blog. These babies are voiceless and if someone like Mariska can give these babies a wonderful home and unconditional love, She needs to be congratulated and not critize.

Shannon on

OMG! How lovely!

Charlene LeBel on

Congratulations Mariska and Peter on their new additions to the family. What a lovely gift. I know all of you will be very happy.

Ann Marie on

Anonymous, it is not ‘molestation’ if consensual, is it? Let me introduce a new word to your vocabulary: ‘incest’. Now, put that in a sentence and practice, practice, practice.

jujub's mom on

The adoption process can also be faster based on what your looking for. We adopted and our big request, a healthy baby…that was all and in a minimal amount of time, we had a beautiful little girl, and the second time around, the biological mother, contacted us through an attorney to see if we could adopt her second child…presto two beautiful little girls! Sometimes it just works out that way! People who only want white newborns, usually wait longer than those who just want a child…

t. on

All of these negative comments are negated by the fact that this is a family that has opened their hearts and home to babies that need both.



Kat on


I understand that it is the birth moms choice and NO they should not have to choose someone only because they have waited the longest. You took what I said wrong, maybe I did not state it clearly.

fuzibuni on

Aw, Congratulations! What a sweet little family they are! I wish them abundant health and happiness.

Amanda on

Congrats to Mariska!! She now has 3 beautiful children!

I sense a lot of jealousy on this one. Do some of you realize that maybe your negative attitude might come off in your profiles and that’s why it took so long to adopt? Most domestic newborn adoptions have the birth mother choosing the family she wants her baby to go to. They had two birth mothers pick them.

Monkeysnana on

She is the most amazing woman and this is a beautiful story. Best wishes to them all.

J on

I’d love to see a blog from Mariska here. She seems so down to earth and I’d love to hear her stories on adopting Amaya and Andrew, and having August. She could be a refreshing change from the recent celeb blogger here who does nothing but complain and then has the nerve to come back and try to scold people because they don’t care for her constant complaining, negative blogs.

April on

After suffering with Uterine Cancer, I decided that I wanted to be a mommy no matter what, but my state “underencouraged” me from doing that. I read and read, and finally, I decided to go to China, and today, I have a healthy child. I am greatful to the Chinese government for allowing me to adopt one of their beautiful children. I feel that any child that id adopted is lucky, and I do not think that people should put on their jealousy hats this way. If they are truly meant to have children, then they will, in one way or another. People should not be jealous of Mariska Hargitay and her family, or the Jolie-Pitts. They will have their own crosses to bear- like educating each of these children.

A. Cote on

Congrats to all. It’s great to hear that children are being adopted to families like this, being an adopted child myself. Glad to hear that all the kids have bonded! What a PERFECT family you all make.

Marcus on



Leslee on

Amazing how many negative comments can come from such a wonderful thing as a family being made. Whether it’s the Duggar’s, the Jolie Pitt clan or this family, negative is too often seen.

Congrats to this family, I hope they find much happiness in being a forever family.

Jackie on

Congratulations to Mariska, her husband and kids! They are a beautiful family!

For all those saying that she got to adopt so quickly because she is a celebrity and rich, that may or may not be true. I adopted THREE (yes THREE) healthy babies within a year and I am definitely not a celebrity and I am far from rich. In fact, I am a single woman in my 40’s. Not exactly someone who you would usually expect to be picked quickly!

If she adopted privately, then it is totally the birth mother’s choice who to pick and I think it can be expected that a rich celebrity would have a better shot. However, even she says that she never in a million years expected it to happen so quickly and, to me, that implies that there is probably something more than celebrity and money involved. She’s been through it before. If it was just her celebrity that got her placed quickly, well, she would expect that from the first tiem around.

The article states that this baby was born “over the summer”. Most healthy newborns when placed through a private agency are placed at birth. There are 100s (if not 1000s) of families waiting in line to take them home! Being that it is now October and she is just now getting the baby, it implies to me one of two things: 1) the baby for some reason was harder-to-place. Maybe he was a premie and just now released from the hospital or maybe he has some other special needs. The wait is much shorter (oftentimes only weeks) for those willing to take special needs babies; or 2) the baby was placed through foster care. This would help explain why she was able to do it so quickly as oftentimes foster care adoptions are alot faster than private adoptions (all three of my babies where placed through foster care, the first just 2 weeks after I was approved to adopt, the 2nd 3 months later, and the 3rd 6 months later).

roger on

What happened to the world we live in. Follow along, White babbies to White mommy and daddy, Black babbies to black mommy and daddy.

sara on

Marjorie, are you blind? There’s a picture of her with him (and Amaya) right at the top of this post. Also, please don’t type in all-caps. On the internet, that means you are shouting.

Jackie on

@roger: Thankfully, the world we live in seems to have evolved much farther than your narrow minded thinking.

Ali on

Congrats to the family! How wonderful!!! πŸ™‚

Also, this is NOT meant to be mean at all but Andrew TOTALLY reminds me of the baby dinosaur on that 90’s show DINOSAURS. The “not the mama” dinosaur baby. I have no idea why…he just totally reminds me of that. Cute!

bdcgal on

What a class act!!!!

Cathy on

I honestly don’t care how she got these kids; she looks happy, she seems like a pretty good person, and love is love. That’s all that matters. Whether it’s fifteen years from now or fifty, it’s not going to matter, is it?

lovely on

that hanna girl, wat is wrong with u???? im sure u some ugly ass white girl dont have nothing to do with ur life, why dont u go wash up or something, u problably stink!!!!!

Cyndi on

Very happy for her- BUT- it doesn’t seem quite fair, does it ? Someone already has 2 children, and within a WEEK of processing their paperwork, they are handed a brand new baby ? Why do other people wait years ? Especially those with no children ? Is it money ? Fame ? What price for a baby to be available to “common” people ?

mama bear on

It’s great that she’s adopted, but why don’t the same rules apply to her as the rest of us? The going rule no matter where you are seemed to be that you can’t piggyback one adoption on top of another. We were told we had to wait a year between adopting and if they found out that I was pregnant, the adoption would be cancelled until the bio kid was over 1 year old…

Why do celebs get special treatment with things like this? They are no better than the rest of us who have to follow the rules.

Sarah K. on

Sara, Marjorie probably just meant she wanted to see a picture of August and instead typed Andrew. Either way, her comment was positive, so it really didn’t call for a snarky “are you blind” comment.

And, I really feel sorry for all of the people who take time out of their day to spew racist garbage on an adoption announcement. Did doing that really make you feel better?

jen on

happiness can happen anytime at any age!! you go girl! πŸ™‚

KD on

I am assuming that they were matched quickly and given the opportunity to adopt this beautiful boy and jumped on it, something any of us would have done who are looking to adopt, no matter the ages of our other children. The other possibility is that Andrew was in foster care and Mariska and her husband are registered foster parents and this baby happened to be legally free and this available. Foster care agencies try to make sure that parents who are willing to adopt have first shot at babies so that they are not bounced from place to place.

I have also prepared myself for the fact that adopting a child mat take my husband and I years, but I am equally aware that it could be just weeks depending on if there is a child available, the moter is pregnant, we register with the state for foster children, etc etc. In addition, adoptiong agency also do not like to have babies who have not been adopted. So Andrew’s mother may not have matched anyone, but still wanted to follow throuhg with the adoption and no other family was willing to take him so quickly. There are lots of reasons this was so quick, very few of them having to do with celebrity status.

Denny chantler on

Mariska caught my eye doing her thing on Law and Order, and that is very rare for me. But she acts so real, packs the role with just the right amount of emotion, a finely honed sense of justice and a classic kind of dark beauty look, that Olivia just cannot be ignored. I sincerely hope that her private life is just as wonderful as her acting. And one other little note, that I find to be pertinent to some very bad attitude in the USA today…Thank the Goddess that some people who REALLY WANT to RAISE, LOVE and PROTECT children are color blind.

Sarah K. on

Sorry, I forgot to add – Mama bear and Cyndi, numerous other posters already addressed the concerns you’ve expressed. If you go back and read the comments you’ll find that several other posters have or know someone who has adopted quickly in succession. They are also just “common people.” It has very little to do with wealth and everything to do with birth parent’s choice, paperwork/home study already being complete, different states having different rules, and varying agencies, etc.

Helena on

okay money does talk sometimes..and maybe celebs get to adopt kids faster than some people but saying they should wait in line like everyone else is selfish to them and the kids! if they want a particular child, why should the child have to wait around for years for a home and why should the parents have to wait to receive them?

let them be adopted as fast as possible! stop being angry with mariska for being able to adopt fast and be happy for her and her kids. if you want to adopt children fast, go make some money…or find a non wealthy family who were able to adopt quickly and find out how they did it.

Adanna on

Wow. I enjoy reading stories like these. Congratulations to one of my favourite actresses. May she continue to be blessed. She looks like a fantastic mom.

Mandy on

Ann Marie:

Incest may be ok to you and you may allow that for yourself but no one here wants to know what happens behind the closed basement door at your house. Please keep those comments to yourself. Thank you.

I am so thrilled for Mariska and August is probably thrilled to have two babies in the house. I am sure he is a big help and a great big brother.

Allie on

Wow congrats to the Herman/Hargitay family. That’s a beautiful name and he is a beautiful baby!! I’m happy for her and her family!! Mariska is a wonderful women so he sure has a great mother!! πŸ™‚

pb on

Mariska and Peter,

Congratulations on the newest members to your family. You and Peter are amazing people. I can see in your face that being a mom is what you were called by God to be. You are a great actress, but not as important as being a mom and dad. God bless to all of you. Maybe in my next life I will actually get to meet you.

Bancie1031 on

Congratulations to Mariska, Peter, August and Amaya …. this is a beautiful family πŸ™‚ I couldn’t be happier for them!!

AshleyB on

I doubt Danielle is crying considering all the money she took for the blog. If you don’t like the change in the site then blame her for selling. Look at all the comments on this post, obviously People knows what they’re doing and what readers will click on. They don’t even have to incite anything, it’s like taking candy from a baby with how ready you readers are to fight.

Don’t love the photo. Video is interesting though, I always like seeing what goes on behind the scenes.

Lala on

I think all the people saying they know ONE person, who’s adoption has taken years, are naive. You know one person – who had this experience. There are countless families who have been through the process much faster. It all has to do with the agency, your preferences in a baby, and how fast YOU file and complete the paperwork. Some parents have all their documents together and filed right away. Others take their time, and their case goes much slower.

Andrew is also not a newborn. He was born in the summer, and she just brought him home. So that tells us that he either has/had health issues, the parent gave him up later, or he was placed to a family, and it didn’t go through. Do your research people, before you go spouting off.

meghan on

Mama bear and Cyndi, are you reading impaired? Read some of the other posts. You obviously don’t know much about adoption or you wouldn’t be questioning how this happened so quickly. It happens sometimes. My cousins are seven months apart due to a similar adoption scenerio and my aunt and uncle are working class and have no emmys between them. The opportunity presented itself and they decided to go for it because they thought they would never be parents and suddenly they could have two sons.

Furball is apparently also unable to comprehemd the written word because it clearly states that Mariska works four days a week. That’s more time off hen most working moms get. And she probably brings the children to the set, assuming she is staying on SVU. It’s been 13 seasons. She might be planning her exit strategy.

Renee on

I am happy for her but at the same time I am sad for many of the families who have been waiting for years and years. In Australia you’re looking at an average of 5 years… and that’s just to be approved. You then have to wait for a potential baby/child. There are laws in a lot of places where there can’t be an over 40 year age gap between the parents and child. I wish the laws would update here….

Liz on

LOVE this. πŸ™‚ I’m so happy for them. And they’re such a cute family.

Beth on

bless all your hearts .

Hannah on

For those questioning how it happened so fast, it really does happen sometimes. I know a few people who’ve adopted and some waited a really long time, and some seemed to hardly wait at all. A lot of it really is luck, when it comes to waiting.

Adriana on

I needed a pick me up…and I got one!!! Many blessings to you and your family!!!

Melissa on

So sweet! Congrats

Natasha on


D on

Is it all the rage to adopt a black baby?! Black people carry a certain odor with them all the time. Keep the lil guy clean Mariska!! πŸ™‚

Stephanie on

As a former student of Peter Hermann and friend I can say from experience he is such a loving and caring person. I often read that his wife is a great person as well. So these two children are no doubt very blessed to have found such great parents along with the gorgeous baby genius August. I wish them all the happiness in the world!

Jay on

Well, she saved the black baby from a life of welfare, food stamps and possible abuse, so that’s nice. But, it’s almost like you can fill out some papers and go to the store and pick out a baby. Like they’re sitting on shelves and you put one in your cart and take it home! Sad thing when kids are given up, they’ll wonder their entire life WHERE they really came from and who their birth parents were, etc. My boyfriend was adopted as a baby in the 60’s and it was bad. His adopted parents beat the daylights out of him his entire childhood, they even abused each other and he witnessed it daily. He’s really messed up because of this violent family he was placed with. Right after HS graduation he bolted, drugs, alcohol, they really pulled a number on him. It’s sad. Any child ends up with decent parents, hope they count their lucky stars, MANY parents are abusive.

St3f on

Are these adoptions of children here in the US? That would be a wonderful thing if they were US babies. Alot of famous/wealthy people are adopting children from overseas. It’s good to help children from another country to be able grow up and have a better life, but what about our own. US babies are losing out on loving families due to the seemingly strenuous adoption process, but those who REALLY want to be heroes/heroines should be patient and endure. The admiration and adulation should go to those who’ll take care of their own first, then help someone else.

SAR on

How wonderful! They are such a sweet family; congratulations on the new baby boy.

Amanda K on

What a beautiful picture. Congrats to her. Mariska is one of my favorite actresses and she seems to be a loving mother. How anyone can be negative about this is beyond me.

Newf on

Same name (first and middle) as my son! All the best to Mariska and her family

Isaac Baxter on

Too bad she doesn’t know how to parent correctly. You should never put babies in the same crib per the American Academy of Pediatrics guidelines. Co-sleeping increases the risk of suffocation and asphyxia.

Liv on

This just made my day! I love her! Congrats to her and her beautiful family!

Bab Lover on

News flash to the negative Nellies. Almost ALL private agencies have birth parents select adoptive families. Celebrities don’t have to pay more, but I guarantee a girl giving up her baby will choose a famous face because they know the baby will have a family with financial means they could only dream of. So don’t gripe about the celebs, gripe about the birth moms. Or better yet, don’t gripe at all.

Shag on

As Al Green once sang, “Simply beautiful.”

Just Lise on

Love Mariska. Great Actress. How she juggles fame, family and a fabulous show. I give her a lot of credit. I just hope she isn’t the next one to leave Law and Order SUV. Already miss Chris Meloni.

samkia2 on

How fantastic for this lovely family!!!!!!!!!!! Wishing you and Peter all the happiness that comes from adopting and truly loving little babies. It makes no difference where they came from or what color they are as long as they’re loved. These two babies will grow up with love and understanding from both parents. Best of luck to the family.

KEA on

All of her childrens names begin with the letter A!

August: LOVE the name.
Amaya: Not my favorite, I much prefer Maya. Unique though.
Andrew: Traditional.

Vanessa on

OMG well this was totally out of the blue (as was Amaya). I love this family so much. I wish them all the very best with their 2 new bundles of joy!

Marie on

Many of you are forgetting that this poor woman grew up without her Mother & maybe she wants to share love with some babies that would have experienced the same fate.

I do not know why people would bring 4-legged “fur babies ” in to it as one has nothing to do with the other.

I have worked with actresses & Hollywood wives & many do care for their kids, nannies or not. You have much more time on set to spend with your baby in your trailer than you do being gone 8 hrs. at a job where you cannot bring your kids.

I do not know them but they seem nice. My brother had done business with her Father & said he was very nice.

Jan on

I am the parent of two children, both adopted. Yes it took awhile to get both, but I have the children I was meant to have. Just as with Mariska and her husband.

kristy on

Why can’t we just congrate the beautiful mama and leave all this nonsense out of the main topic. Whether she has a nannie or how she was able to adopt so fast or not so fast is non of our business but theirs. How much she gets paid for being an acttress is not our problem either. if you wanted to get paid that much, feel free to be an acttress. say your congrats and leave it at that. GEEZ!!!!

treyc on

This is so wrong! So many deserving, YOUNGER parents that can give babies, just as good a home and they will never be able too. They are unable because of their AGE and other factors. This 50 year old lady gets to adopt, two????? This is really messed up! Want to adopt a baby, just buy one or two like all these celebs do.

Karrie on

Just want to say that she may have been on an adoption list for years and just was able to get them now. I know someone who waited 2 years to adopt a child and know someone who adopted two in a very short time. The one who took longer is a lawyer and so is her husband and they have loads of money and connections while the one who was able to do it in a short time is a teacher and her husband does construction so they are not rich. It really does depend. They have to go through the same process and I think its awesome they decided to stay within the US to adopt. There are so many children here that need homes and yes it is great with overseas adoptions, not knocking that by any means (we have a little girl from china in our family and we LOVE her) but it is nice to hear that people are adopting more within the US as well.

She may have more of the financial needs to go with adoption but keep in mind she does not seem to have a race preference and seems to be very open to children as long as it seems like a good fit. Granted I do not know the woman but from what I have read she seems like a loving mother and great woman.

We shouldnt be putting her down because she was able to adopt so fast the second time around. If my memory is correct her little girl was a little bit older when they adopted her (meaning not a newborn) so they could have very well have waited with her. They also could have had a number of adoptions fall through, just like many couples have to deal with. Some birth mothers actually may say no to them because they are celebrities.

Just some food for thought. I wish any couple that wants to provide a loving home for a child good luck! πŸ™‚

mg on

I’m happy for them*_*

Melly on

I have 6 kids, two of whom are adopted. The older of the 2 adopted came to us as our foster child at 7 weeks old when I was 3 months pregnant with our third biological child. When our third biological child was 8 months old, our second foster baby arrived at 4 days old. So, I have 3 kids, each about 8 months apart. REALLY tough but doable and even enjoyable. They are now 4, 3.5, and almost 3. The best of luck to you, Mariska!

Mary on

I love her and her show, that black baby is so ugly, what wrong with you people??????

guest on

Beautiful mom and babies! Congratulations!

dsfg on

“Many of you are forgetting that this poor woman grew up without her Mother & maybe she wants to share love with some babies that would have experienced the same fate.”

Actually, those babies WOULDN’T have experienced the same fate . . . regardless of whether or not Mariska adopted them, they would have been adopted by someone.

marie on

Love Mariska Hargitay on Law and order SVU. Such a classy beautiful lady and a heart of gold.God bless you and your family.Congrats Mariska,

Charleen on

I wonder if she is breastfeeding the adopted child. Given that she is breastfeeding her biological child, that would mean she is currently producing milk and if she is able to get the adopted child to latch on then she could actually breastfeed both at the same time just as you can with twins. Even if the adopted baby won’t latch on, she can still pump breast milk for the adopted baby. Since she has previously stated she is pumping part-time for her bio baby due to returning to work I wonder if she pump for her adopted baby too. It presents a unique circumstance in terms of feeding given how unusual it is to adopt a baby so soon after giving birth to one. Most adopted moms who want to BF have to go through a process of manually inducing lactation (and yes, it’s indeed possible to bring about lactation without having been recently PG), whereas she has the advantage of already lactating due to her recent PG.

Eizabeth on

At first, I thought that this was an old story of her first adoption. Adopting in your 40’s and 50’s is not ideal but many of us have been waiting for children a long time. Don’t judge people for sharing their love no matter what the age. I have wanted a child forever and I am 50. For various reasons, I have no children but it doesn’t mean I wouldn’t loved being a mom. too. People take much better care of themselves these days and are living longer. I am sure that she will be a fantastic mother. I have been very impressed by her in interviews I have read.

Sarah K. on

“Actually, those babies WOULDN’T have experienced the same fate . . . regardless of whether or not Mariska adopted them, they would have been adopted by someone.”

dsfg, we actually don’t know that since we don’t know if Mariska adopted through a private agency or through foster care. If this was a private agency adoption, then yes I agree, the birth mothers would have simply chosen someone else. But, if the children were in foster care they may not have been so lucky. Not all babies in foster care get adopted. Amaya is definitely a minority and it looks like Andrew is too. Also, the fact that Andrew was born over the summer, but they brought him home only now suggests something happened (he was sick, a placement fell through, etc.). I understand your point, but we don’t know all of the details here.

LoopsFroot on

Its a blessing when children are adopted. Let’s not complain and compare, please. I am happy for her and her family. I am happy for anyone that has enough love in their hearts to have children, whether they are biological or not.

Leah on

She has a big heart and her family is gorgeous. At the end of the day, if she and her husband felt capable of raising two babies at the same time, that’s great.I am pretty sure they will be just fine.

Sharika717 on

Congrats to Marika and hubby. I understand why she wants time off from Law & Order: SVU. She wants to be home with those beautiful babies of hers. She definitely has her hands full with two babies and a toddler.

BTW, I don’t believe for a second that celebrities can adopt faster. I think it depends on the agency used and the birth mother. Plus, I don’t think some celebrities are picky. Some are willing to adopt a black or biracial baby and there are more available for adoption than white babies. Kudos to those who aren’t picky and willing to love a baby that becomes available to them.

lovely on

all the people thats only focusing on the color of the baby i feel bad for you, yes i am a beautiful black woman, Mariska is a great person for doing that, do u freaking know how many babies are dying in this world, adoption is a great way for save them, so all of the haters of black people out there go screw urselves again go take a shower and brush ur teeth u have an odor πŸ™‚

ToRo on

It’s being reported that Andrew was a preemie(born 3 months early). Maybe that’s why they got him so quickly. He may have been hard to place. Either way…I’m happy for the family. God Bless

Barb on

What an awesome family!!! They are so blessed to have 2 babies!!!!

Amanda on

Charleen- Mariska’s bio ‘baby’ is 5 years old. The two babies in the picture are both adopted, Andrew is fair skinned and Amaya is dark skinned. I doubt she’s pumping for or breastfeeding her bio child at 5 years old with 2 infants to care for, maybe you are confusng her with someone else?

jesusjiminez on

How disturbing all of these apedoptions are to me.Why are they slighting their real children for the sake of these feral orphans?It makes no sense-is this akin to a fashion statement?I’m sorry,but I just find this bizarre and I am worried for the safety of the human children as with lions and tigers and all wild animals,these “children” will eventually become adults and the entire family will be at risk.

Letsbereal on

I think its disturbing that so many people are posting such negative comments about her adopting children. Unless you yourself were adopted, you wouldn’t understand just how big of a deal it is. Children are sitting in orphanages waiting for a home, and you are going to complain that she is undertaking a roll that many of you won’t and can’t do? Not to mention she is one of the founders of an organization (joyheart)that helps sexually abused women and children.

Why get so stuck on how fast she was able to adopt, or why she adopted, but instead pray for her that she give the child a life that someone apparently was unable to.

Sara on

I have 3 children, all adopted and the timeline isn’t always a long one. I actually got a phone call before I had actually gone onto the list from my adoption worker who told me that there was a little baby who was 3 months old whom he thought was a perfect match for our family. She is now nearly 5 and wonderful. Our little boy came to us at 9 weeks old and this was when we were actually foster parents and he was with a friend of ours. I actually called adoptions myself and let them know I would be interested. He came home a few weeks later. Our oldest and our last adoption came to us as a foster child for a week placement after her concurrent home needed a break. They changed there minds in that week and we fell in love. My husband and I chose to adopt from our own county and have had nothing but wonderful experiences.
Also with this economy now the number of children who come into fostercare has risen and the number of families able to adopt has dropped, these children are staying longer in foster homes.

yolanda on

I think it’s wonderful when people are able to adopt – there are many children that need homes. BUT my niece has been trying to adopt for years and still has not been blessed, how do these hollywood types get to adoopt and so quickly?? Oh, it costs money! why should it cost so much for people to adopt if they are loving caring people??

Torre on

Did anyone else notice all the names start with “A”. She has AAA for life now, they should give her a discount for the free advertising.

Money Talks on

I’m happy that she was able to fulfill her dream of having another baby; however, there are thousands of people/couples here in the USA who have been on adoption centers waiting lists for months if not years for a baby and still do not have one but yet she was able to bring one home a week after filling out the paperwork. Amazing what money does to speed things up for you.

shat on

I think to adopt 2 kids separately under a year is a bit much…we adopted and I know most agencies and adoption research recommends having at least one year between options..l

Many US parents wait endlessly for years, so for the people who know people who were matched in weeks…don’t kid yourselves, that is not the norm at all..
also when the usually young bio. mom picks a family, whom will she pick, you or I, or a Hollywood actress..

Lastly, adopting is not a charity thing…it’s a mutually beneficial relationship…so she is not selfless in this, she wants to be a mom again…

I say good for them if they did not jump the line, but please adoption professionals, let’s look out for the bonding needs of the child(children)

b on

So happy for her!

Grace on

The posters who continue to whine about how celebrities get perks when it comes to adoption and they’ve “jumped the line” seem to have a reading comprehension problem. There is no line – it all depends on which agency you use, whether you are open to minority children and children with special needs, and the preferances of the birth parents. And it is illegal for people to use money to advance an adoption, or for an adoption agency to give rich people special treatment. But I’m probably wasting my energy typing that because some of you can’t seem to get it through your thick heads that there is no set waiting time, and no line.

sydney on

One of my favorite actresses.

What a beautiful family.

Enjoy them- because before you know it- they will be adults..
I know this because my three sons are now in their thirties…

Best of the best to you and yours,


joan on

MARISKA, we love you here in the state of MAINE, bless you

Robert Robinson on

I add my congratulations to Mariska Hargitay and her husband, Peter Hermann on their successful adoption of two beautiful children, Amaya Josephine and Andrew Nicolas this year. These children are wonderful additions to their family and can be loved companions to their biological son, August.
To jesusjiminez: Your racist comments are disgusting. How dare you imply that the two non-white children are less human than the white son of Mariska and Peter.

B on

I myself had to put my baby up for adoption because the father up and took off b4 our baby was born.I went through 3 different agencies b4 I found one that I liked.The first 1 there was no communication and the second there were too many turn downs from adoptive parents.Then the third found my baby a great home right away.So there are adoption parents out there that are picky.
Congrats to the Entire Family and all those who are willing to take ANY child in to be LOVED…

Jillian on

My aunt and uncle adopted two kids within 11 months. At the time he was a police officer and she worked in an office. They lived in a two bedroom smaller house and drove a very old car and a decent car. They used every penny of their savings and our family helped them with the rest because she was infertile and this was their dream. Both birth mothers chose them. My point is, money and celebrity status means nothing.


Dan on

Adopting children of a different race, or even a mixed race, can be complicated. There are lots of older kids out there, too, that get looked over as these celebrities just want babies.

Sarah K. on

Dan, older children get looked over by most people, not just celebrities. The sad reality is that most people who adopt want babies. And yes, adopting a child of a different race can be complicated, but so can adopting an older child, adopting at all, or parenthood in general. But just because it’s complicated doesn’t mean it’s not worth it.

Regina on

Congratulations to this wonderful family. Mariska is a beautiful woman, inside and out, and will be a great mother. I noticed that the vast majority of comments are positive. Negative comments from people unable to narrow-minded see the grandeur of an act of adoption. I do not know why people bother with money from celebrities. Imagine if Mariska was not as altruistic and generous. Thankfully, she’s rich. Only in this way she can keep her foundation that has given so much help vitmas the sexual and domestic abuse and can adopt children who need a home. God bless you Mariska. You’re a beautiful woman, talented, loved by thousands of fans and has a pure heart and sweet.

jo on

congrats to them! πŸ™‚ they are doing a beautiful thing adopting πŸ™‚
to the bitchy comments, grow up you morons..

Terri on

Congratulations to the family! Amaya is such a cute little girl.

Dani on

Congratulations on the blessings of all of your children! So wonderful you go to experience the birth of a child and the wonderful gift from GOD on the two babies that needed you two as parents!

Susan on

I knew people would point to the fact that she was a celebrity as a reason for the swift adoption. I just wanted to support the argument that regular people adopt swiftly too. We waited, for financial reasons for our second adoption til our adopted daughter was two years old. We were selected by a birthmother immediately partly because we had already adopted a baby. Our son was born 3 weeks after we turned our paperwork into the agency. We have gone on to a third miracle. I’ve come to the conclusion that adoptions are like snowflakes, every one is different. Don’t assume.

Kelly on

Congrats to all of them! It bears repeating: I am so happy that a baby who needed a loving family has one, and that a family who desperately wanted a baby has one.

I don’t buy the statement that only celebrities adopt babies so quickly. We are a transracial adoptive family. Our son came home within 1 year of beginning the process – born only 6 months after we signed with the adoption agency. It all depends on the birthmother. She will usually find something within your bio that strikes a chord with her. Be real and be honest. Be open to any race/age/need/legal issues, but only if that is something you (truly) and your family/community are open to, obviously. Being more open to birthfamily contact, race/age/need makes things go much faster.

It does help to have $20K in cash for agency and lawyer fees because yes those things are expensive and no one should be forced to work for free. Low or no cost adoptions do happen but those are few and far between, especially for no-strings-attached newborns. I suspect that any child’s adoption finalization being held up for 2 years is being held up by the laws of the state/foster care situation/other legal issue. Ours took just 4 months. BTW, $20K isn’t all that much… we are a middle class family who just happened to be very careful with spending and saving. Our home appreciated and we took some equity from our home in 2004 to help finance the adoption.

Good luck to all those wishing to adopt. We researched all the popular and recommended agencies, even those that we had to travel by plane to. Sometimes the state that you reside in is not as adoption friendly as another.

Adoption is truly a wonderful gift. Birthmothers are incredible.

anonymous on

I would like to say I am surprised by all the racist comments here but as a mother of multi racial children I am not. Some people just disgust me that they can not see past the color of someones skin or the shape of their eyes. Thank god we are all not like that. And here’s a shocker all u racists get ready because in the next 30-50 years (or possibly sooner) ur monocromatic families will be the minority and multiracial families will be in the majority. I just hope I live long enough to see that day.

Every adoption is as different as every birth. There r so many different factors at play such as country, agency, state of residence, international or domestic, special needs or non special needs, budget, willingness to adopt outside race, age range of child, timing, etc. Nobody can predict what will happen in an adoption timeline until it happens. All u adoptive parents out there should understand that. We should all celebrate another child has found their forever family no matter how short or how long the time frame.

I requested and adopted 2 children at the same time. My agency was one of two agencies out of 45 that allowed the adoption of 2 unrelated siblings at the same time in that country, not a rule for the country but an agency rule for the other 43 agencies. If i had gotten pregnant ,with my agency ,i could still have brought my 2 children home as planned. These are usually individual rules decided by each agency and usually differ from agency to agency.. My children are born on the same day but not biological siblings. No problems with bonding at all. It was rough the first year but probably only a little rougher then twins. In every other way just like having twins which happens all the time and nobody critizes a Bio mother of twins or questions why she had them both or their bonding. So give us adoptive parents a break. Just because our kids did not come out of our uterus it does not give the general public permission to question our motives. We are just like every other family just grown a little differently. Please respect that.

To those of u wondering why her domestic adoption might have gone so quickly if u researched u would realize there is a need for parents of all races to adopt African American and Biracial babies in the US. Matter of fact there was such a tremendous need a couple years ago that we were one of the only first world countries exporting our children (all AA and biracial) to other countries (such as Canada,Ireland,France ) because we could not find enough adoptive families in the US willing to adopt them. Pretty sad huh? This is the reason why I pulled out of the overflowing Ethiopia program and decided to pursue a domestic adoption of a AA or biracial infant. This mama can’t wait to hold her new little bundle of joy and doesn’t give a flying fig if he or she is purple,red,brown,black or gold. And yes to all u racists out there I could have another caucasian biological child if I wanted to but don’t feel the need to bring another child (regardless of color) into this world when so many children (regardless of color) are already here, all over this world, that need a loving home.

Congratulations Mariska and family! Here’s to ur 3 gorgeous sweet blessings and to hopefully many more!
Cheers, Mommy to 5 plus- Bio Mommy to 3, Adoptive Mommy to virtual twins from Vietnam and Hopeful Adoptive Parent to African American or Biracial baby from good old US of A

Pat on

can’t we all just be happy that these children were brought to a loving home and leave it at that. Why are people so nasty?

wtf??? on

I have been a fan of Mariska’s for years; I am so happy for her familiy. Wish I could say that I’m suprised about all the racist/ignorant comments but I”m not.

If your preference is to adopt a child of your own race, that is your choice; however, making these idiotic statements are almost too dumb to comment on. If people think that “white” babies aren’t born to drug addict, welfare and foodstanp receiving, abusive parents, then you are really even more dumb than I could ever comprehend.

Stephani on

I LOVE Mariska and She is my all time favorite actress and person on Law and Order SVU!!! Congratulations to her and her new babies!!!

Millie on

Sounds like Hannah – who made the “black babies are the new it thing” comment – is a little off her rocker. Mariska is a beautiful, giving, selfless woman and she should be commended for giving these babies a home. So to Hannah – I sincerely hope you don’t get knocked off your high horse one day and have to eat your words.

sarah on

a cute little family best of luck

susie on


rina magdalene on

Nice post – I Appreciate the points – Does someone know where my company can get access to a blank CA FTB 100S version to fill in ?

Heidi on

we are a normal middle class family who have adopted three children. our last son, we were presented with as an option the DAY after we updated our information with our agency and he was in our home within six weeks. The more open you are regarding race, cultural background, medical background (or lack thereof) and special needs the easier it is, by far. We know people who will admit they waited a very long time because they wanted a perfectly healthy newborn and had a preference about the sex of the child. This does affect your position in the ‘roster’, because workers frankly feel more passionate about you if you are open-minded. So it’s not about money whether public or private adoption.

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