Viola Davis Adopts Daughter Genesis

10/18/2011 at 09:00 AM ET
Sara De Boer/Startraks

Viola Davis has become a mom — and her friend Octavia Spencer can hardly contain her excitement.

During a speech honoring Davis at an ELLE Women in Hollywood event sponsored by Calvin Klein and L’Oreal Paris in Los Angeles Monday, Spencer spilled the beans that her costar in The Help became a mom “like, two days ago.”

In her own speech, Davis, 46, confirmed the new addition, a baby named Genesis. The newborn is a girl whom the actress “brought home a few days ago,” Davis’s rep tells PEOPLE.

Davis and her husband, actor Julian Tennon, announced in August that they were planning to adopt. This is the first child together for the couple.

Tennon has two children from previous relationships.

— Aili Nahas and Liz Raftery

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lovesslj1 on

Congrats to Viola and her husband. Great news.

Mira on

Congrats to them. Genesis is not a great name, though.

Shannon on

Congrats! She is so pretty!

Brooke on

Wonderful news! Congrats Viola & Julian!

Dee on

YAY!!!!!!! CONGRATS on your newest addition!!!

Adoption ROCKS 🙂

bones_addict on

I actually really like the name!! Genesis is not only the beginning book in the Bible, but it is the beginning of a new chapter in their lives. He may have a middle name he’ll go by as he gets older.

Congrats to them!!

Nancy on

Yeah Viola!!! Adoption is great!! The name is interesting. I wonder if he will have a nickname.

emma on

i wonder if it’s a white baby since all the white stars adopt black babies?

tlm on

Bones and Nancy …. the baby is a girl not a boy. If they need a nickname it could be Genny but loved bones’ first line … a new beginning!! Congrats to the new family!!

Brooke on

Emma – Well done on being a racist!!! Idiot.

ANd it has changed from a boy to a girl since this morning. Good to see. Genesis is more fitting on a little girl. They could call her Genny, Sissy or Gen.

Sarah K. on

Hmm, first they reported it was a boy haha. Genesis fits better for a girl anyways. Congrats to the whole family!

Emma, by “all of the white stars” do you mean a tiny fraction? The list of celebs who have adopted white/Asian/etc. children far exceeds the list of those who adopted black children. Not to mention all of the celebrities who have never even adopted.

This “trendy to adopt black babies” thing is getting so old since it’s not even true. The fact is that more African American children are available for adoption in this country than white children. So, if the adoptive parent is open to different races, they will probably get a minority child. Despite that, numerous celebrities have adopted white children. It takes more than 5 people to make a trend.

Paula on

Congrats….but all of the other news outlets, are reporting that Genesis is a boy, not a girl….so I’m confused.

JC on

CBB initially said boy than it was just a baby now it is a girl. Also, didn’t CBB used to monitor these comments. I miss those days pre-People take over.

Jillian on

Paula, they are updating them now to say a girl. This site also first reported a boy.

JC, I agree and wish this site deleted the nasty posts. I think the best thing for ppl to do is ignore the nastiness instead of adding more comments bc all it does is bring more traffic here…..which is what this site wants!

Lissette on

Yay for adopting but that name is gosh awful. How could you saddle your daughter with that name for the rest of her life? She’ll probably change it to Genny or something.

Can you imagine the poor preschooler learning to spell that? Sigh.

Kat on

Lissette–Seriously? It’s the first book in the Bible. It’s not like some ridiculously unusual name. If they are religious, she’ll learn how to spell it really fast.

I mean your name isn’t exactly common–how long did it take you to learn how to spell yours?

Grace2 on

Aww, what wonderful news! I loved her in The Help. Congrats to her and her husband and baby Genesis.

Lissette on

I was called many nicknames mostly Liss or Lissy. But I had a hard time spelling my full name when I was younger which is why I said that. I understand its a nice name to them but it might take her awhile to really learn it. Its like the name Genevieve.

I just don’t personally like the name, we are all entitled to our opinions. At least I didn’t post anything racist like some posters above did.

carla on

It get someone not caring for the name Genesis but how on Earth can it be deemed hard to spell? It’s not even that long of a name and is pronounced just the way it appears.

Nhzinga on

Congrats to Viola and her family! I can’t wait until I’m in a position (financially) to adopt! I’ve posted this before, but it rings true here as well–for a celebrity, Genesis is a ‘normal’ name! Can’t wait to see pics!

Amanda on

There are ways to help children learn to spell difficult names. We have a 9 letter Polish last name that is not easy to spell, I usually have to spell it out at least twice to people and my children have all known how to spell it by kindergarten. We just made it into a song LOL

Michelle on

Congrats to her and her family. The name is not my style, but I find nothing wrong with it.

Viola is such a beautiful woman and great actress. She deserves every happiness.

Haha on

Congratulations!! Another unwanted baby who finds a loving family is always great news. I can’t help but think that 46 is too old to be a first time mother. She’ll be sixty by the time she is looking for high school for this child…Which what I am currently doing with my youngest daughter and I am 45. Anyway, good luck to them. She is one of our most beautiful and talented actresses.

Grace on

@Haha: It’s not appropriate to refer to a child who was placed for adoption as an “unwanted baby.” Just because a parent doesn’t have the means (whether it’s emotionally or financially) to raise their child does not necessarily mean they didn’t want their child. It means they wanted their child to have better than they were able to provide – that’s not the same as not wanting their baby.

Kaylee on

That is awesome!!! I HAVE a 6 year old girl named Genesis, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the name:) Congrats to this family!

Shan on

I am a Canadian living in British Columbia. I traveled to New York last year and had a wonderful time EXCEPT that racism was so evident there. I can see now that the news a child is adopted into a permanent loving home is tainted by people who want to discuss and criticize about skin color differences and not the fact that a child will be loved forever and have a place to call home. Who cares? What is wrong with the citizens of the USA that it seems to be all about black and white instead of about humanity and and multiculturalism. What a shame.

Dawn on

I totally agree with you Shan of British Columbia.

Una Aytch on

To the Canadian: I am sorry you experienced that in New York! People do not want to hear about the racism in the United States because they want to believe that it does not exist. As a person that comes from a family with many different races, it is evident that American has a lot of work to do. When minorities complain they want to make them look like complainers! Very sad!!!

Jana on

What a ridiculous name! on

Congratulations to them! Have you ever seen her in interviews? She just seems like the most lovely woman from anything I have ever seen her in, sure to be a wonderful mother! Blessings to them!

Mildred on

What a beautiful blessing. The baby’s name is Genesis. It is lovely. Someone said it will be difficult for the child to spell. Why is that? I suppose that person must have learning problems. Most elementary school children today would laugh at such a comment. Stop thinking of children as being dumb. Shame on the person who made such a comment.

Valerie on

Congrats! I love the name Genesis. And I love Viola. She and Octavia were fantastic in The Help. I certainly hope they are both recognized when awards time comes around. Now I hope V. enjoys her new gig – being a mom to baby!

Mandi on

I love Viola Davis! Congrats to her & her family on the new addition. I got excited when I saw the name Genesis, because that’s what I named my daughter. We call her Genna for short, & most people love her name. Not really my problem if someone doesn’t like the name I’ve chosen for my daughter as I’ve seen children “saddled” with much worse.

Christine on

Congratulations to Viola and her husband! They must be thrilled.

And as for you Shan, one person making a weird comment that may have been mean spirited or may have just a been a poor joke does not give you the right to call all citizens of the United States racist. We are not. For example, I do not feel that Canadians rush to stereotype everyone from a certain place as being all the same… Many of us work very hard to raise our kids to judge people on the “content of their character, not the color of their skin”; and plenty of people on here called Emma out right away for her comment. Please reserve your judgements to the individual and not the group you assume she’s from.