Nia Long: I ‘Asked God’ for This Pregnancy

10/18/2011 at 04:00 PM ET
Courtesy EBONY

Nia Long‘s wish is finally come true.

After a doctor’s visit left her with little hope of having children with boyfriend Ime Udoka, the actress turned to her faith for answers.

“I honestly asked God for this,” Long, 40, says in EBONY‘s November issue.

“I remember I was driving home from the doctor, and I called Ime, and I was like, ‘Babe, I’m really kind of sad right now … the doctor actually said if I wanted to have more children, it would be hard.'”

Despite the unsettling news, however, Long — already mom to son Massai, 11 — and Udoka, a professional basketball player, remained hopeful about expanding their family.

“The next time [Ime] came to visit, he said, ‘I don’t believe that.’ I said, ‘You don’t?’ He said, ‘No.’ And I said, ‘Good, me neither,'” she recalls. “Then I got pregnant.”

Due with her second child this fall, Long feels women should make the ultimate decision on when — or if — to have children.

“The medical [profession] tries to tell every woman, ‘Have your babies before 40 because you shouldn’t have children after 40,'” she says. “Society tells us, ‘Get married before 30, because no man wants a woman after 30.'”

But according to the expectant mother, the best things in life are worth waiting for.

“You are not half the woman you’re gonna be until you turn 30. You’re not even half of that woman yet,” Long explains. “So I think if we’d just take our time as women, and do what comes natural to us and for us, we would make fewer mistakes.”

— Anya Leon

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K on

I cannot believe that she is 40. She is absolutely stunning.

m on

I am so tired of this naked pregnancy pose! It is so overdone! Yes, the photos are beautiful, yes pregnant women are beautiful… But seriously. I feel like if you wouldn’t pose naked on Ebony/People/whatever else NOT pregnant, then why pose pregnant???

Nancy on

And there are many people I know who asked God for a baby and it didn’t happen.

kimdione on

Congrats to her on her new addition! She has THE most beautiful complexion!!!***

amanda on

She looks great!!! No way she is 40…WOW!!! I hope she will shop for her nursery were I work.

alli on

@Nancy, so she because other women suffer from infertility she should just shut her mouth? How DARE she share her story without first considering the feelings of all women, everywhere, on planet earth.

Ali on

I just saw another interview with her. She is having a boy.

Jennifer on

It’s not society telling women to not have babies after 40, it’s nature. The fact is your child is at much higher risk for a whole host of life-threatening conditions as you age. Telling people otherwise is dangerous and poor judgement.

Shannon on

She is gorgeous!

Mother of 2 on

@Nancy-Those people who asked God for a baby and didnt get one, well, maybe they need to have more faith, and get closer to GOD. HE ALWAYS works in those who believe, have faith, pray, fast. There’s more to it. Either way, i’m happy her prayer was answered and she looks beautiful!

River on

@ Nancy

I totally agree! LOL! Silly christians, always giving credit to God, when in fact there is no God, and they were just lucky. What about the thousands (if not millions, worldwide) of women who asked God and were not as lucky? Many of them women in their 20’s, who are healthy overall. But no, it MUST be God…right?! hahahaha

Nia is acting as though it is a miracle she became pregnant. Last time I checked, 40 isn’t that old. I remember reading statistics somewhere that the average woman during/after World War 2 had her last child at 42. IVF was not around in the 1940’s and 50’s, so clearly it wasn’t and still isn’t that difficult for a healthy 40 year old woman to get pregnant naturally.

River on

@ Mother of 2

Failed logic. Where is your proof that he “always works for those who believe”? And why would anyone worship such a petty God who punishes people just because they don’t believe in him? Is God so narcissistic and immature, that his feelings are hurt so easily, so he makes people suffer in return? What a nice, peaceful, loving God! Not!

Nia Long may be a “christian”, but she is not a true christian, she is just a liberal apologist who believes in God, but doesn’t follow the bible. However, there are REAL Christians out there who follow the bible 100% and devout their whole lives to God, yet their prayers aren’t being answered. Explain that!

Jillian on

Mother of 2,
“he always works in those who believe.”

What a joke!! My cousin died at 3 of one of the most horrible slow deaths. Her parents and she believed so much in god and prayed to him everyday. It didn’t work. She suffered slowly and died. So the thing you believe in doesnt always work for those who believe.

FLgirl on

River, thanks for posting that. I’m so tired of all of this crazy talk. “God” would not allow all of the sufferings in the world if he truly existed. There is no logic to it.

And I cant believe Mom of 2 had the audacity to say that those who have not been able to have a baby arent getting one because they arent closer to God. I’d like to see her answer as to why all of the children in the world that starve to dealth everyday arent getting the food or water they pray for? Is it that they arent praying hard enough? Or how about parents that lose a child to a terminal illness? Did they not pray hard enough? Religion is the biggest problem in the world. How many wars have taken place? Even now- Palestinians and Israelis fighting over the Gaza Strip for generations over religion?

All the people that have died for it. And now here at home religion is deciding factor in government more than it has ever been before and all it is doing is destroying our country.



Mother of 2 on

@River-WOW! All I say is that if someone is, in your words, a true christian who follow the bible 100% and devote their whole life to God, then believe you and me, God will not dissapoint.

If you follow the bible, THE BIBLE is “proof” of all things God can and will do if you have FAITH. Why would they continue to “follow God and devote their whole life” to someone that you say is letting them down and punishing them? No one would do that.

I could give you TONS of examples that have happened to me personally of how God has blessed me, not man. But you dont know me so it’s talking to a wall. You clearly have no clue about God and what he can and cant do, or maybe you have some issues with christianity. I feel sorry for you.

The bible clearly says that children are a blessing from God. He has healed the sick, given barren women children, blessed people with health and finances….Yes, hes a jealous God. He wants us all for Him! I’m sorry, I choose to follow his path, not satans.

I will pray for you because I can tell you have some serious issues with God.

About answering prayers, what does the bible say? “Ask and you shall receive, knock and the door will be opened”…..if you have faith, believe, and follow Gods ways, YES, your prayers WILL be answered. Maybe not when you want it, maybe not with your timing, but with Gods timing.

I know a lady who prayed 14 years to have a baby, and God blessed her with one. Why so long? She went through horrible health problems in those years, and now she is healthy enough to raise her baby! As a matter of fact, she just had her 2nd baby.

So if you dont believe in God and dont have patience to wait for his blessings, then I say you use those knees that he blessed you with, and pray until he does.

Mother of 2 on

Also, would you rather worship Satan who punishes you for not following him? Its either God, or Satan. GOD DOES NOT punish people. He is a loving and forgiving GOD. Satan does! Read the BIBLE! I would go on but we are getting off topic here. Again, congrats to Nia!

Rose on

She looks amazing !

Marky on

Whether any of us like it or not, there is more than one answer to a question or prayer. Any true Christian knows the answer can be “yes”, “no”, or “not now”. Even Abraham waited for years before the birth of Isaac.

I’m really tired of people knocking Christians when they say they prayed about something and actually got it. I don’t know whether Nia Long is a Christian or not, but if she chooses to give God praise for her child, then what right do any of you have to be offensive about it?

nettrice on

River, you need to do a bit more soul searching. Each one of us can have a different view and relationship with divine spirit.

Sara on

Pregnancy at 20 means a 1:1800 chance of a Down’s Syndrome child.

Pregnancy at 40 means a 1:68 chance of a Down’s Syndrome child.

Its not society, honey, its statistics. You might be double the woman at 30, 40 than you were at 20, but your body isn’t.

Nancy on

River—Love your posts.

Mother of 2–Jesus asked for this cup to be taken from him and God didn’t. He had a different plan.

Also, mother of 2– you sound like you have lived a charmed life and whenver you asked God for something, you just got it because of your amazing faith. I guarantee you that sometime in your life, God will not answer a prayer which is the desire of your heart and you will be devastated. Because you prayed and prayed right???

I apologize for my post. Nia just CAME ACROSS to me like she had God in her back pocket and she just prayed and there came a child. I can’t read her mind and I shouldnt try. I am just saying that for some, he doesn’t answer their prayer to conceive and he may answer it another way, like say through adoption.

No matter what you asked for, it shakes your faith when your prayers are not answered.

Shelby on

Oh goodness, this debate is going to get UGLY and fast. I missed the days when Danielle owned this blog and comments were moderated. Let’s not get into a religious debate ladies because no one will end being right. I have my own opinion on the matter but I am going to keep it to myself regardless. Congrats to Nia on the pregnancy, she looks amazing!!

Pamela on

@ Sara-are you insinuating having a child with down syndrome to not be a blessing as well?

Deborah Ruck on

God always answers.. yes, no and not yet.

k on

Sorry folks but God has nothing to do with you having sex and getting pregnant.

kirsty on

I get tired of the Christian bashing, if that is what she believes (as well as myself) why does it bother non believers so much? God does answer your prayers, it might not be the answer you want! Maybe more people need to follow what my church stands for: open hearts, open minds and open doors

Lady on

She’s stunning, quit hating people!!


Again, there is no “god”,as an ATHEIST,She got pregnant by having SEX! If she is so religiuos,why no marriage,something else I DON’T BELEIVE in,you people are “IDIOTS”,”GOD?,NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Stella Bella on

Yesh, folks, God is not a magic eight ball. But I fully understand Nia wanting to give Him credit for her pregnancy. I would, too, in a similar situation.

Mary on

She’s crude.

KLS on

Just more proof that there are some really BITTER, MISERABLE and HATEFUL people in this world. If you are NOT a believer, there was really no need to say anything in response to HER beliefs. Whether you are spiritual, Christian or Atheist, there is still a need for humanity, love, civility and tolerance.

Sara on

No, I don’t know anything about raising disabled children, but I do recognize that raising them requires extra care, attention and financial resources which most women who are pregnant would struggle to cater for if they had a Down’s child.

Don’t be so damn touchy ladies, everyone is entitled to their opinion!

rachel on

m, it may be “overdone” but at least this way people won’t be crying out that Nia’s faking it on every post about her like they’re doing and gonna continue doing for Beyonce from here on out.

Kendal on

WOW, I’m shocked after reading all of these posts. I am a Christian and I totally believe in asking God for help. I was told I couldn’t have children the old fashion way because of polysistic tumors and I have been blessed with two babies. One at age 33 and another at 43. I had two miscarriages in my twenties. I knew their souls were meant to be born and they were. Some people are not as lucky and I feel sorry for people who can’t get pregnant, but no reason to put each other down. Shame on you Stanley!!! SERIOUSLY????? There is no reason for people like you to be on this website and put people down. You need to get a life.

FLgirl on

I for one believe in freedom of religion. People can believe in whatever they want- more power to them. What I personally have issue with are comments from people like Mother of 2 who are so self rightous in their beliefs that they feel the need to impose their critism for anyone who is not as devout as they are.

Its insulting to say that you feel sorry for someone for not believing what you believe and its worse to insinuate that anyone that doesnt believe what you believe must certainly believe in Satan. Seriously? We all have different levels of spiritual belief.

Mother of 2 on

@Nancy-Yes, so far in my life, GOD has answered EVERY prayer of mine. This does not mean that I have lived a “charmed” life. I have been through my fair share of struggles. There are times when he’s surprised me and answered them in ways that I didnt imagine, but GOD never dissapoints me. Even if he chooses NOT to answer a prayer of mine sometime in my life, then I THANK him for that because it will be for a good reason and it will make sense to ME. That’s just me having faith in the religion that I believe in. If you dont believe in it, that’s your own opinion. I am entitled to defend the faith I believe in.

@FLgirl-I am simply defending the religion/faith that I believe in. I am sorry if I offended you, but I also got insulted when River was bashing God. Thats why I was just defending what I believe. Whatever your spiritual beliefs are, that’s between you and God. I’m just stating what I believe.

Either way, this is not a religion forum, so I will not answer anyone of these comments.

FLgirl on

The BIBLE is a BOOK of stories written by Man…Its not *proof* of anything. The notion of following a book 100% and getting divine results is as crazy as tarot card reading. Religion was created for one reason and one reason only- PROFIT..

stacey on

Amen motherof2, and k, God has everything to do with the unbelievable creation of a baby.

River on

@ Mother of 2

You’re pathetic. There is no God, there is no Satan. There is no proof that God answers prayers. There is no proof of a god at all, either. Until you religious crazies show proof, God is nothing more than a myth like Santa Claus or the Tooth fairy.

Also, why would you worship a “God” that has such petty, human emotions? Why is God jealous? Why is God so narcissistic and arrogant? Why is God so immature? This is not a God worth worshipping.

Also, why doesn’t God answer the prayers of other people in the world? Some of the most religious countries in the world are continuously plagued by natural disasters. Take Indonesia and Malaysia, for example. They are VERY religious muslim, yet they always have earthquakes, tsunamis, volcano eruptions, etc. How do you explain that? Or is it because they are not Christian?

What about the children starving to death in Africa? Most people in Africa are very religious, whether they are Muslim or Christian, they pray a LOT, and God is not answering their prayers. How do you explain that?

What about all the natural disasters that happen all over the world, in general? What about Hurricane Katrina that killed a lot of religious Christians in louisiana (a pretty conservative, christian state)?

What about innocent children who get cancer, are born with genetic disorders, etc etc??? What kind of sick, evil God would make an innocent child suffer through such a horrible disease?

Tell me, why would God do this?

Of course you won’t have an answer. But whatever, keep worshipping your “God” who could basically kill you at any moment despite you being a true believer.

Kiat on

Nia is absolutlely stunning!!!

IronMaiden on

Does no one else see the irony of a woman having her second out of wedlock baby preaching about her faith and God’s blessings? Anyhoo, the baby IS a blessing who I’m sure will be healthy and very loved.

Sandy on

I don’t trust anyone who claims to have a direct line to God.

Shannon on

I don’t trust anyone who claims to have a direct line to God.
– Sandy on October 19th, 2011

Huh? We ALL have a direct line to God…

Meghan on

You guys need to respect her religious beliefs. If she was on here bashing some religion, everyone would be commenting on how disrespectful she was or whatever. Grow up.

JK on

What ‘enlightening’ posts…one thing God does teach us is to love rather than hate. Learn to see with your hearts, not your eyes. Religion is an affiliation…it doesn’t change anyone. Has anyone ever thought…what IF there is a God…that thought alone would make me live like there is one.

mama bear on

I’ve been asking god for a pregnancy too…for 7 years and 5 rounds of IVF.

Apparently, he ain’t listening.

Mimi on

I keep asking god to win powerball and it ain’t happening. Praying is such BS – there is no god.

River on

JK – By your logic, what IF there is a Santa Claus or a Tooth fairy or Eastern bunny? What if there are multiple gods like the hindu gods, for example? What if Christianity had never spread, and people in Europe would still be believing in Norse gods such as Thor, etc? Or Greek/Roman Gods like Aprhrodite and Zeus? Before Christianity, Islam, and Judaism spread around the world, most of the world was polytheistic, meaning they believed in multiple gods.

So, tell me, why not live your life as if all the mythological Gods that ever existed in history exist?

Milly on

Ummm, the “world” tells women to have babies before their 40 because it’s good advice. Over 40 you have decreased fertlity, increased risk of miscarriage, increased risk of of birth defects. It’s just common sense. That being said I’m happy for Ms. Long and her pregnancy- Many 40 year old women wanting babies are not so lucky.

Mimi on

Mother of 2 – Stop preaching your BS to others!

Anna on

River and FLgirl, I will pray for you.

Kia on

She looks amaze!!!!!!! Congrats to her. God knows what we can handle, not the doctors, we must continue to keep our faith strong.

Traci on

I’m happy for Nia on her upcoming new arrival.

BTW, God is real.

Anonymous on

If she’s a christian, she should get married before having a baby. Either you follow what the bible says or you don’t. Don’t like people that are doing whatever they think is good for them and leave important stuff out. So if that means if you have to poke your eye out when you’re lusting after someone, I say go do it. I’m not being sarcastic. Either you follow the bible or you don’t.

Stella Bella on

Yeah, IronMaiden, I caught that as well…

Tammie on

Seriously River you wouldn’t be spouting out all kinds of cr*p about religion and God if you had one inkling what so ever what you were talking about.

We get it you don’t believe in God good for you special K, but there are a lot of us that do believe in God and thank him every day for what he has blessed us with.

I don’t need to shove my religion down your idiotic throat; therefore I don’t need you continue to shove your non religious beliefs down my throat.

BTW, I will be praying for you, because you definitely need it.

Have a wonderful day.

Jo on

I’m probably going to get slammed for saying this, but God does not bless sin…sex outside of the confines of marriage is sin. She got pregnant because she had sex..plain and simple. Yes, children are a blessing from God but you can’t “rearrange” the bible to suit your lifestyle. You can’t pray… Lord, I’m going home to have sex with a man not my husband so please bless me and give me a baby because I want one. God is NOT our “yes” puppet because we believe and have faith in Him.

jones on

She looks beautiful and I’m glad that her prayers worked for her and she is having a baby she so clearly wants. Her comment about society telling you to have babies by 40 is a little off, though, because it is just a fact of biology that it becomes very difficult for most (note that I did not say all) women to have children after 40.

Stephanie on

Wow, she is absolutely gorgeous. Congratulations to her, many other women are not so fortunate. If she believes it was ‘God’s’ doing, that is her private right. It may or may not be true. Whatever works for you. I don’t mind people who have religious beliefs. I mind when they say that bad things happen to me because I don’t share their beliefs.

slawson on

I like Nia, however, I’m sure God wasn’t excited about you and your boyfriend fornicating and producing children outside of marriage. Nevertheless, God is no respector of persons and rains on the just and unjust.

Jester on

You keep on posting here, River and FLgirl!!! You are both writing exactly how I feel without having to do so myself. Maybe I need to pray to god to not be so lazy, or maybe Anna will pary for me, too? Sorry, but I don’t understand why the ‘religulous’ ones always say that they will pray for you? Pray for what?

Lillian on

@anonymous…umm yeah ok. The Bible also says that no man is perfect but God. It also says no man shall judge but God. Maybe you should read it before making judgments since you’re so perfect. She never said she was a perfect christian woman. She only stated that she prayed to have another child and her prayers were answered. What is wrong with that?

It is sad that we live in a society were people can’t even say they pray anymore. Some of you are disgusting and sad. If it bothers you that much maybe you should look in the mirror and revaluate your life, or try getting one. Anyway, Nia looks beautiful!

Shannon on

Me and my husband are both Christian and we suffered through years and years of fertility treatmets, after our 2nd IVF failed we decided to adopt. I used to cry and cry and wonder why God was punishing us and not allowing me to get pregnant. Once we moved into adoption things were so easy- it was like it was meant to be, then I met our daughter. I now know why I never got pregnant- because we were meant to adopt, and we had to wait for our daughter to be born and come to us.

God does answer all prayers, but sometimes it’s not the way we would like him to, and sometimes we don’t truly understand why things happen until later down the road.

Lillian on

It’s also not Nia’s fault that other peoples prayers weren’t “answered”. Get over it people! Go to church and complain….oh wait…just come on CBB and complain. That makes more sense.

Denette on

Psalm 14:1-3 The fool says in his heart, “There is no God.” They are corrupt, they do abominable deeds, there is none that does good. The LORD looks down from heaven upon the children of men, to see if there are any that act wisely, that seek after God. They have all gone astray, they are all alike corrupt; there is none that does good, no, not one.

This Scripture comes from the Bible. If you don’t read or believe in the Word of God, it is written just for you.

Hope4274 on

Wow. If there is a God, I can’t believe that he meant for me to have a miscarriage. If you have never lost a child then please shut up. Let people believe what they want. Who cares how we cope as long as we find the strength to move past the pain and keep living. Everyone relax, mind your own business and breathe.

JCali on

I am so tired of people saying God answered their prayers for children when they aren’t even married! God does not desire for people to have children outside of wedlock. So annoying… if you’re going to profess Christian faith, then at least try to live accordingly. In this case, it’s just the luck of biology and an ignorant doctor….

Karen on

She asked God and He said, “Get married first!”

bb on

In my opinion Atheist are just as bad as Christians when it comes to arguing about who is right and who knows more. News Flash, NO ONE knows the ultimate truth about if there is a GOD or not. Thats the bottom line. So stop arguing about it because you both sound like idiots. If this woman wants to believe in God, who gives a shit. It doesn’t matter. She is happy. Also, every person that I have ever know that has had a baby over the age of 40 have all had healthy babies with out downs.

kel on

Mother of 2 you sound so foolish. How can you say someone isn’t praying enough for a baby. Why are you religious bible thumper’s so arrogant? FYI- the bible is a collection of STORIES, not written by God or Jesus. It’s made up!

♥ELUNA♥ on

How can you look at a rose, the moon or the sun & think there’s no God?

Annabelle on

@mother of 2 – AMEN! We may not understand God’s plan for us, but have faith and serve Him, and you will be blessed. Thank you for sharing the glory of the Christian faith so elegantly!

And Congratulations to Nia – she is stunning.

Amy Hale on

Nia Long is beautiful woman, but don’t credit God with “blessing” her with child. God doesn’t reward you or punish you, I don’t think. What about the Holocaust? Did God hate Anne Frank, who was just a child when she suffered and died? Did God hate the people who died in 9/11 or the people who sunk on the Titanic? Of course not. Nia Long got pregnant because she had hot sex with her boyfriend and didn’t use birth control. God had nothing to do with it.

Tracy on

I think that all of you who are bashing Nia and her beliefs are just sad and angry people. Life hasn’t dealt you as many blessings and you’re bitter. You are the reason for your misfortune. God is willing and able to provide you with everything you need. But what do you do? You have forsaken him. That is one thing He won’t forgive. Who will you be crying out for when everyone else has left your side? You need to seriously think about the things you put out in the universe.

Rinaade on

To Karen, River and the rest of you fools who are bashing christians, look around the wolrd and see what’s going on now and still don’t believe in God and that through Him, all things are possible. Just because a person prayed and does not get a quick results from God, those not means He’s not listening. Do you know how you fall asleep at night, the air you breath out of your nostril and lungs are not man-made. If man and science were greater than God, why they still have not created a Human Being and found solution for all the terrible diseases? Blessed are those you have not seeing but still believe.

And about Marriage, every child has the right to be born and not threw away in some dump or murder by unfit parents

TJ on

This is another example of what happens when a big business (Time Inc./ purchases a small business (Danielle Friedland’s blog). I agree with Shelby. This blog was so much better when Danielle owned it and monitored the posts. This is absolutely ridiculous! Freedom of speech gone wrong!

Mother of 5 expecting #6 on

God is REAL. I truly believe in HIM and LOVE him with all of my heart. I even went through a horrible ordeal. We lost our daughter at term. She was a still born, then went on to have a miscarriage. I still truly believe he has a greater plan for me. He needed my daughter in heaven. I will continue to ask for things from him but if he doesn’t feel that is something that I need at that moment then he will not grant that prayer. We all have paths that we are meant to walk. God created those from the moment we are conceived. Asking God is NOT a bad thing but you need to know that just because he may not answer those prayers does not mean he is NOT REAL.

We are also forgetting the real reason you are this site. And that is to congratulate Nia for her upcoming arrival. She is truly blessed to be having a baby at any age.

Adria on

Yes there is a God. No he is not a genie.

Some of you think the only answer is ‘Yes but you have to wait.’

And the rest think ‘He didn’t give me what I want so He doesn’t exist.’

I don’t know if God ‘gave’ her a baby or not. I don’t understand how a couple can try for years or never have a baby but two crackheads on welfare can have a kid a year. But I do know that God is a god who by grace has given us free will and we pretty much do as we please. You should pray and thank as well as pray and ask if you believe. If you don’t… what do you care? Go flick a penny in a wishing well. Everyone believes in some kind of hope in getting their way. One thing you all have in common is selfishness and a need to bicker.

In the meantime God’s still good, Satan’s still devilish and I’m going to pray for all of you. Peace.

Dave on

Does everyone see the irony of this story? Wouldn’t most Christians believe you should be married before conceiving children.

E on

To all the Christians on this post, we do not have to explain why we believe in Jesus Christ. Just continue to pray that God will open the eyes of all the unbelievers the same way he did for us when we were in darkness. It is God’s will for all to be saved so lets stop arguing and start praying and witnessing. One day every knee will bow and evry tongue will confess that he is Lord. I can’t wait for that day – its coming soon.


No kids on

My husband and I (36) have tried for many years to conceive with no luck. I do not go to church but I am a good person and believe in a god. I help others and although I do not go to church I believe that GOD has helped me in many other ways. I still hope that one day a miracle will happen and that I will have my own child. God does not punish anyone. If Nia Long believes GOD helped her then he may or may not have. Life happens, why do some get cancer and some don’t. For those people who are so negative let it go and even though someone does not have the same views you have it’s ok.

Robbie on

Ok. God loves everyone! He may not give you exactly what you want or how you want, but he puts people, things, situations, and everything else in your path. It is your choice whether to accept his gifts. God is our Father and as such he doesn’t have to give us everything we ask just because we as children stamp our feet and scream. My children are not given everything they ask because I as the parent am responsible for helping them to become more than a greedy ungrateful self-absorbed person. Stop blaming Him for everything wrong in your life, make a change! As far as not being physically able to have children; adopt! Two of my best friends are adopted…and it was the best thing for both.

kel on

@Tammie.. I like how you’re calling people idiots and other names when you’re so Godly. Hypocrite… pretty typical of a Bible Thumper. Good for you that you have faith.. Practice what you preach!!!!!!

Mabel on

Absolutely love your posts!

jaci p on

how sad that there are so many seriously angry people out there. no matter how you feel about out of wedlock parenting or faith in God, this was intended to be an uplifting article. Rain on a parade much?

Jess on

Congrats to her that she got pregnant but God had nothing to do with it. Sorry.

LmB on

I had no idea she was 40, she looks amazing!! That being said, I do have a little bit of food for thought about these women having children at 40 or over. My mother had me at 42 and while I love and respect her more than words can say I have to admit that it is slightly dissapointing that now as I have had my children, she is in her mid seventies and cannot completely enjoy them. She enjoys their company and loves to see them, and I do appreciate that but she cannot babysit for them or even pick them up. Before anyone decides to post mean comments remember that this is my expierence and although I am most definitely glad that she had me at all, it has come with some sacrifices. Just think about it, that’s all I’m saying.

L on

I agree with m….the naked pregnancy pose is so overdone and tired! It should have stopped with Demi Moore…It was new and its old and worn..

Michelle on

Mother of 2: you believe in luck, but you do not think there is a God? If you do not believe in God, how is it that you believe in luck?

It is easy to believe and have faith when you have all prayers answered, true faith is believing even when your prayers are not answered.

tlm on

E …….. you have made more sense than anyone. Thank you!!

Michelle on

To the person who thinks that it isn’t difficult to get pregnant at the age of 40 or after, you need to check the statistics…to summarize, you have less than a 15% chance to get pregnant, let alone being able to actual deliver a child. At the age of 42, your chance of getting pregnant in any one month is 5%, yeah that sounds easy??!!

Lisa on

All things happen for a reason, good or bad. And God definitely exists. For those who don’t believe, I feel sad for you, and hope you open your heart and mind to Him. Either way, when your time on Earth comes to an end and you pass, you’re in for a surprise.

June on

Well, God helps those who help themselves and she got pregnant either due to sex or science. God has the good sense to stay out of people’s bedrooms. And by the way, God is not a Christian.

Anonymous on

Long feels women should make the ultimate decision on when — or if — to have children.


I honestly beleive she had to use fertility drugs like all the other older actresses that got preganant ….Nia is beautiful but she has had cosmetic help to enhance that beauty…look at some of her younger pictures….


I believe that she used fertility pills like so many other actresses have to do , Nia is beautiful but she has had cosmetic help to enhance her beauty look at some of her pictures from when she was younger

dawn on

Pamela – I don’t beleive that anyone was insinuating that a child with Downs or any other issue is not a blessing, but the point being made is that Nia makes it sound like the medical community just up and decided that woman should have babies in their 20s just cuz, when the reason is that is when a woman has the best chance for a healthier baby, which I think is what we are all hoping for when we get pregnant right?

Sarah on

Isn’t funny how liberals claim to be so open-minded, yet they are the first ones to bash Christians. I mean, if you are going to be liberal…be liberal. Let people be. We should all COEXIST!

MY2cents on

It’s amazing the bitterness on this forum. Why can’t Ms. Long have her faith and express without being criticized? Why the name calling when someone states they are a Christian? Homosexuals wants tolerance, transgenders wants tolerance, Muslims want tolerance, minorities want tolerance. Why is it then when someone expresses belief in an Almighty God they are belittled and called “pathetic.” Why can’t people just be allowed to believe what they believe without being insulted. I will never understand the double standard.

Congrats Ms. Long…every baby is a blessing!

Kat on

God has very selective hearing.

Jay on

That photo is just gross and plain nasty, have NO idea why women like her want to flaunt something so personal, it’s trashy. And god? There is no god, like there is? Oh he’s giving her a baby while he kills thousands daily in hospitals, car crashes, murders, etc. around the world, he decides to give her a baby. This chick is delusional. There is no god, if there was, with all the people that die horrendous deaths daily from whatever, he sure must be a mean god that exists, like he’d care to give her a baby, he’s too busy killing people the world over in hositals, murders, accidents, etc.

Chelsey on

all you idiots on here thinking that if you ask God for something he will give it to you…you guys are all stupid and selfish…if God doesn’t give you what you pray for He has a reason. everything happens for a reason. God has a plan for your life! how about everyone on here open a Bible or attend church and learn something before you talk.

Lisa on

She looks amazing. Yes, God does deliver miracles and blessings. But even when what we pray for doesn’t happen as we hoped, there are reasons for everything. Another road is traveled, a different blessing discovered.

Lisa on

Doesn’t anyone get married anymore???

Antionette on

I find some of these comments laughable!!

First, let me say that children are a blessing from God!!! But, God doesn’t bless mess. In other words, you cannot be living in sin and pray to God to bless you while you’re in sin. It’s not happening. It’s like me saying, “God I’m about to go rob this bank, but I pray that I’ll get enough for this down payment on this new car or house.” I don’t profess to be a perfect Christian, but that just isn’t the way it works. We all struggle with some things, but I would never ask God to bless me with a baby and I’m having sex without being married.

Secondly, it amazes me how people constantly bash Christians for their belief, if you don’t believe then why comment when someone is acknowledging God? I’ve been a Christian for a little over 12 years (28 now) and my life hasn’t been without suffering. I’ve had to deal with some pretty hard things, but that has only strengthened my Faith. I truly believe that if it wasn’t for a God of Grace, Mercy, Kindness, Peace, Comfort, and truly my everything, I could of lost my mind, committed suicide, etc. you name it. Just because there is suffering, diseases, disappointments, and heartaches doesn’t mean that there is not God. While I think @ mother of 2 could have worded a couple of her post differently, I agree with her. God doesn’t always answer us how we want Him to. His answer could be yes, no, or maybe not right now. Whether people believe or not, since Day 1 God has always showed Himself mighty and strong in my life.
PS: I love everyone even if you disagree with me or don’t share my beliefs!


Um, it’s a little scary how many of you don’t seem to know how a baby is “made”.

Spanish Fly on

GOD GOD GOD- how about if it happens it happens, no one can tell you GOD did it. people crack me up. Where is GOD when kids get napped, raped by a priest, die?? pallleeesssse!! give yourself some credit not this “GOD”

anoymous on

@nancy wat the heck?? if she wants to give credit to God for giving her a baby when the doctors told her it was impossible, then let her do it. Its HER interview, and please stop bashing the woman just because she gave credit to God. The only person that is being pathetic, is YOU!

Good for her! on

The doctor only told her that conception would be hard, NOT impossible! They weren’t struggling for years! To ask God for a baby when you have already had one and are single just seems wrong to me. MY OPINION folks!

Keisha on

Its so sad to see so many of these comments, that sound so bitter! If you do or do not believe in God, thats on you. But dont lash out on God because of what did or didnt happen in a persons life. Its extremely sad one way or another that tragic things happen in life, that is beyond our control. That should be the focus. But the main thing here, is that Nia Long, this beautiful woman, is expressing how she feels, and what she believes, and you cant judge her for that. Let her be. Shes happy, so stick to YOUR life, and be happy.

sally sue on

Good job E. You’re so right!!!

soph on

“If she’s a christian, she should get married before having a baby.”

Yeah, I was waiting for someone to post this…

erica on

I like her! A lot of people say I look like her even though I am puerto rican! We have the same smaller eyes and short hair! All the best to her and her baby!

Lydia on

Well said Jo. Not wanting to “judge” her decisions but they do not line up with the Word of God and it would be hard for me to believe that her pregnancy is the result of an answered prayer.

Kimberly on

Yeah, yeah, yeah I know its not necessary and I am always happy when a baby is happily brought into the world, but when she was asking God for a baby, did she also ask God for a marriage. I’m not talking about a wedding, but marriage.

B.J. on

I agree with River. One doesn’t NEED a God. My life is wonderful, and I gave up my faith at 15 when I realized the Bible made no sense, the story of Jesus had been copied, and that it just wasn’t what I wanted. I don’t worship the devil, nor do I worship a divine anything. I respect the earth and acknowledge the changing of the seasons. I can see soil, without it there wouldn’t be crops and we’d be dead. I stopped believing in God, and guess what? I’m still alive and thriving.

Amy Hale on

The irony didn’t escape me. When does a Christian God condone hot, unmarried sex with a “boyfriend” and answers the “knocked up” prayer?

Oh yeah, God’s going to answer that pray, but completely ignore the 6 million people who suffered and died in the Holocaust.

I’m not bashing Nia Long, she’s a beautiful lady and I’m happy for her. However, our society is just plain silly when it comes to religion.

Gloria C on

@Stanley……You are about as dumb as a box of rocks !!!!

Toya L. on

@E – Thank you for your post, there aren’t any more words that need to be said. Congrats to them!

C.C. on

I think she has the right to thank whomever she wants for her pregnancy.

Marie on

Thank you mother of 2 and all of the other believers. To the ones who do not believe… is that your final answer??

Marie on

Love the post from E… you are so right!!

Tifany on

Mother of 2, try telling someone who has lost a child they didn’t pray hard enough, or have enough faith. How elitist you sound. So God loves the people who get pregnant more than those who cannot? Those who get pregnant are better Christians? God does not pick and choose who will get pregnant and who won’t. We had a woman here in our city today who just delivered a baby addicted to meth. You want to try telling me God did that? And please, none of that Satan did it crap ok?

stars on

I love how christians are trying to post how godly they are and how athiests are posting how smarter they are. No one knows why things happen the way they do, if we did, we would have no feelings, nothing to live for, no anticipation, anger, love or trust…….we would never truly grow. Christians cannot anticipate something will happen because they ask for it and athiests cant prove that acts are completely random. Becoming our personal best is the ultimate godliness.

V on

She asks God for a pregnancy and not a Husband first? SMH

Marie on

Although I don’t have all the answers; I do know that God exists. When I was a little girl, I saw beautiful bright angels that visited me. Everyday they would ask me, by my name, how I was doing. I don’t remember all of our conversation, but I do know my mother used to ask me why I was laughing in my room. I used to see them in the corners of my ceiling. I remember when my mom asked me what I saw and I tried to tell her about the angels. They didn’t have wings, like we are used to, and I tried to explain that to my mother and when I saw the confused look on her face, I told her that they had wings, because I could see that she get wasn’t getting what I was trying to explain. Whenever I tell this story, I tell people that if God knows your name and he is very concerned about you. Angel guardians are God’s gift that know his will for us. Believe…

LOL on

Well, I won’t really answer the GOD bashing because people who arent christians will only state ALL the bad in the big bad WORLD and ask”why” there is no reason for me to argue with you.GOD is not a geni that says YES all day-do you? Do you tell your kids yes ALL day? Doubt it.Things will happen and this world will never be perfect. People will die.Do you think they will live forever? Oh no, they have to die in a bed of roses with sweet songs.Or how about we all live.Every person EVER born should be here.We have the kid but the truth is, it is impossible. Now, we are here to talk about her having a baby. Should she have one and be unmarried.Nope not cute but single women are adopting.So, I mean I don’t know which on you would rather have.Anyway, peace and blessings to my Christian brothers and sisters…and to all….

Muttlikeme on

I have no children and I ask God EVERYDAY for a baby. I am still waiting after four years.



Valerie on

Wow. So many “If Then” statements. Stuff happens in Life and you try to live the best life you can because there are no guarantees. You take the hand you’re dealt and play it. It’s not always fair. Many receive a spade less hand, but can’t throw it back. They have to play it. That’s how I view atrocities around the world. None of us know why we didn’t get the other person’s hand, we’re just thankful/lucky/blessed that we didn’t. The question is, what’s it hurting to believe? I’d rather die and find out there is a Heaven than die and find out there is a Hell. I don’t need proof that there’s H2o in the Ozone. I just know it’s there because I can breath. I can’t see it or touch it, but know it’s there every moment that I’m alive. You can’t go through life not believing in higher higher and more powerful than yourself even if it’s Mother Nature, but don’t rule something out just because you don’t understand it or it’s not a true hypothesis that can be proven or dis-proven through the scientific method. Somethings in life defy logic. At the end of the day, it’s whatever gets you through the day that matters. There’s certainly enough going on to take us out.

juliafakename on

love nia long!

and i absolutely love her advice to women here. on point!

Kazper on

@ mama bear: that attitude could be the reason why. Seems like youre testing Him, not praying. Sometimes praying is not enough, you have to live your faith as well. That also helps you understand that His will may not be our will and I believe He knows whats best better than I do. Child-like faith is all He wants from you.

Mother of 2 on

@Tifany-um…..clearly the woman who delivered the meth addicted baby DID THAT TO HERSELF!! Hello!! For crying out loud, did she not have common sense? You are pregnant and you are doing drugs? I dont think it takes God to tell you that’s wrong and stupid. Therefore, your comment makes no sense in trying to compare this incident to God. He gave you common sense, USE IT.

Everyone else who is asking why all these bad things are happening in this world, and why God isnt stopping them….IF you believed in the bible, which clearly you dont, you would read that we are living in the “end times” and these things are going to happen. They are supposed to happen, and sorry to break it to you, but it’s just going to get worse. If you believed in the bible, you would read on how we as christians should live our lifes so that we can be saved and protected from these things. Yes I know that the Bible was written by man, but I believe it. Just as you all believe the news or magazines or whatever you read, that is also written by man. Just because Man wrote the bible doesnt mean it’s a lie. In that case, anything man writes can be a lie and we shouldnt believe anything we ever read.

@Muttlikeme-I also prayed for a baby and god blessed me with one after 4 years as well. I had my second child right after. They are 11 months apart. Keep praying and have faith, he will work.

Either way, all of you non-believers can sit here and bash God all you want, or bash my comments all you want. You will not change how I feel about my faith.

@Jay-WHERE IN THE WORLD did you ever hear of GOD killing people?? Where is your proof on that? I have never heard something so insane. One of the 10 commandments is “thou shall not kill”. So you are telling me that GOD is going against his own commandment and killing people? Wow! Just wow!

@Michelle-i’m not even sure what you are talking about. I never said I believe in luck, and I DO believe in God. So i’m confused as to what you are trying to say.

@My2Cents-THANK YOU!!!!! I agree with you 100%

Everyone else who doesnt believe….keep bashing GOD. One of these days you will need HIM the most and I want to see what you will do when he turns his back on you. As the bible says, you turn your back on him, he will do the same to you. It will be a sad day for those people.

Mother of 2 on

@River-You can call me pathetic and any name you want, you clearly have issues with God. I dont understand why you get so upset and start with the name calling for somethng I believe in. If you dont believe in it, then move on! I clearly dont believe in buddah, or Islam, or Gays or Lesbians, but you dont see me going around calling them names and getting all bent out of shape. Relax.

@Mimi-I wont even respond to your comment. I’ve seen you on other posts making ridiculous comments. You clearly are here for drama. And I know you have mentioned that you dont like kids and they “suck” and you would rather have dogs….so why are you reading a baby blog????

Just Wondering on

I’m just wondering why is it that some people who do not believe in God are so upset when other people do believe in God? Is it really so offensive to you that someone else believes in something you don’t? BTW – the question is not meant to be rude, mean or judgmental. I actually want to know.

River on

@ Mother of 2

Nice that you ignored everything I said. What about all the other religions out there? If Christianity hadn’t been spread by force, with many people raped and killed, you’d be a polytheist. Why don’t you believe in all the other “Gods” out there?

Also, why does God do all these horrible things to the world, especially to people who are true believers? As I said before, some of the most natural disaster prone areas are filled with the most religious people in the world. How do you explain ?!?!

Why not just believe in Santa Claus or the Tooth fairy? Or the flying spaghetti monster? Or the invisible pink unicorn? Or how about Zeus, Aphrodite, Lakshmi, Kali, etc etc??

FLgirl on

So I thought I was done posting here until I saw some of the reasonings given by the Christians posting on this board about why God actually does exist..

First off, save your prayers for someone else. It is that elitist attitude that bothers me the most about Christians. You are not any more special than anyone else that you can ask “God” for anything on my behalf. Of all faiths- Jews, Catholics, Baptists, etc Christians are absolutely the most pretentious. Most all other religions practice what they want and leave other alone to believe as they choose. Christians (fanatics especially) feel like they are better than any other God believing person. They constantly want to pray for you when you don’t agree with them, they are very judgemental and most of all they have a contradictory answer to explain almost everything. Some of the comments that stick out most tonight are, “He is a jealous God” but at the same time the bible teaches that envy is a sin. Another: “God doesn’t reward sin” but “He will bless any child even those born out of wedlock”. Seriously??

The biggest problem with you conservative Christians is that you manipulate the interpretation of the Bible to suit your personal needs. Religion is just a way that weak minded people get through hard times. Its much easier to ask their “imaginary friend” to make it all better for them rather than take action and be strong enough to solve a problem on their own & feel confident about themselves. Then when they fail or don’t get what they want its easier to say that its, “Gods will”.

And then there are those that talk about sin and then come up with some lame excuse as to why there are always some exceptions because “God” forgives.

For those of you ready to tell me that I’m unhappy or miserable or that you feel sorry for me and all your other crap, save it. I have a wonderful life. I have a beautiful family & husband. I grew up in a religious home and once I shed the handcuffs of religion and realized that my success and happiness is up to me I was a much happier person. There was no more disappointments & unanswered questions because I determine my OWN life.

Anonymous on

God is sovereign!

KRS on

Ah, thank you Valerie…good old “Pascal’s Wager” – I can’t believe it took over a hundred posts before somebody brought that up! Here’s my take as an atheist: I know that I only have one lifetime, and I live it to the best of my ability. I don’t need an imaginary father figure to give me my morality(I thank my actual father for that!) I know that I have myself to blame for my mistakes, and I also give myself the credit when my hard work and good choices (or luck!) bring me “blessings”. I don’t need to fear death and judgement because I know that I’ve lived well…and on the off-chance that I meet “god” after I’m gone I can’t accept that a god worthy of any respect would punish someone simply for being skeptical, especially after providing so little for anybody to go on! If so….most of the really fun people would be in hell anyway, so what the heck!

Mother of 2 on

@River-why dont you ask GOD? I am not GOD and I do not have answers to why there is famine in the world, or why someone got rapped. I do not claim to have answers. All I am saying is that the bible says these things will happen and will get worse. Why? ASK GOD! I believe what I read. I do not question God. If he says it will be done, then I believe it. If you dont understand it, well then, maybe you need to do some soul searching. You seem to consume yourself with these issues, so hopefully you will get your answers. I for one am content with my life and my beliefs.

Mother of 2 on

@Just Wondering-I agree! I dont understand what the issue is here! I bet that if I said I support gays and lesbians, I would get all kind of positive feedback. Geez! I believe what I believe. Get over it!

Mother of 2 on

@FLgirl-I agree. There are a few contradicting comments on here. I for one do not believe in having children out of wedlock. Yes, people interpret the bible in whatever ways suite them. Not good. However, if you are content with your life, and you are happy, then good for you. I have an issue with all these people getting mean and nasty about people believing in God. Since when is that so wrong?

Anonymous on

I don’t normally comment here, and even now I am not going to say much (though there is certainly plenty I could say about this debate!). All I am going to say is that I think we tend to forget this simple, but most important thing: Let s/he who is without sin cast the first stone.

guest on

lol. “she asked god” let me guess, she also had intercourse? so unless she had sex with god, it probably wasn’t him.

FLgirl on

And lastly, Christians arent any better than radical Muslims because the attitude behind it is the same. Both think they are superior than all other religions & think that anyone that doesnt believe what they believe is sin. Both have tried/are trying to make laws and government decisions based on their religion. Before you get all bent out of shape and say “how could you compare radical Muslims to Christians?” Easy… If you look at the political movement in this country that is the direction it is moving. Its only a matter of time before someone pushes te envelope and decides that non christian government must be stopped. When people are more concerned about President Obamas muslims roots or Mitt Romneys Mormonism rather than what suits the needs of all out people there is a serioud problem in this country.

guest on

if you follow the bible, I hope you remember that slavery is ok, so is giving your daughters up for rape to spare strangers (angles) and to scarifies your children.

Tara on

she is a beautiful girl but this pic of her face ain’t flattering at all! such a shame 😦

and let’s not bring God or religion into it. i mean c’mon. really? would God seriously condone the many ways (and positions) that children are conceived? doesn’t seem very holy to me.

Mother of 2 on

@River-I forgot to say another thing regarding why I dont believe in other “gods” out there. I was born and raised a christian. The values I have were instilled in me as a child. I was baptized in water and with the holy spirit. I was raised to believe in God and Jesus. As I became an adult, I chose to continue my faith and my beliefs. God has helped me in my personal and professional life. He hasnt let me down. If I was “taught” to believe in santa claus or any other “god” you mentioned, then i probably would still believe it to this day if “they” proved me to do so. That is why I believe in God. You can believe in whoever you want! I chose this life and it works for me. Why it bothers you so much is beyond me.

Katherine on

– Mother of 2 your comments are so absurd. Did you actually type them with a straight face? How dare you say God answers prayers and if he doesn’t, it’s because people don’t have enough faith?!

Religion when practiced properly should make you humble….. your posts reek of arrogance. There are plenty of good people who pray every day whose prayers aren’t answered.

Nia looks gorgeous on the cover though I’m not fond of the pose.


No where in this article does she say she is a Christian, so why the heck are people assuming she is! She said she asked God, not Jesus. I love how presumptuous you people are in thinking she means Jesus, maybe she means Buddha. Open up your brains people, it’s a big world out there!

In any event, congrats to Nia, she’s gorgeous and faithful to whoever she believes in and good for her!


FLgirl – Couldn’t have said it better myself! Love your post – exactly the truth.

Christians are typically more f** up than everyone else, hence the burning desire to be redeemed!

Mother of 2 on

These verses are just a few of the reasons why I believe:

Psalm 62:1-2
My soul finds rest in God alone; my salvation comes from Him, he alone is my Rock and salvation
he is my fortress i will never be Shaken. ♥

Psalm 91:7
At your side one thousand people may die. Or even ten thousand right beside you, but you will not be hurt. You will only watch and see the wicked punished.

Psalm 33:6
The sky was made at the Lords command. By the breath of his mouth he made all the stars.

1 Peter 3:14
But even if you should suffer for what is right, you are blessed. “Do not fear what they fear ; do not be frightened, take courage.”

VP on

Kazper- how dare you even try and put the blame on Mama Bear for not getting pregnant because she is “testing God”. “Sometimes praying is not enough” you say? So what about Mother of 2’s statement of “ask and you shall receive”? Where’s the straight story here? Don’t you two supposedly believe in the same religion?

Getting pregnant is biological. That’s all there is to it. I think it’s illogical to blame anyone, even God, for not getting pregnant. You could be spending your time researching, talking to doctor’s, seeking out alternative medicine, etc. If Nia Long wants to thank God for this pregnancy, fine, but she got pregnant because her boyfriend’s body and her body worked together at the right biological time.

Kazper and Mother of 2 sound like they’re high on Joel Osteen’s Health, Wealth, and Prosperity Gospel where the motto seems to be “If I don’t get what I pray for, it must be because I’m in sin/God’s unhappy with me/I need to put more money in the collection plate”. It’s all BS.

Reality on

Well, she may as well have asked the tooth fairy. Sorry sweetie, but it’s called biology and science. To deny this is to deny reality. Grow up.

geez on

“And god told me to lay down”. Well, it worked.

My theory on 35+ women, or any woman who gets pregnant is this: What’s meant to be will be. If you get pregnant, it’s just as nature intended. Statistics are not exact. Yes, the risk increases with age…but I’ve seen a whole lotta gals around me have wonderful pregnancies and healthy babies at 37, 40 and beyond. Go for it. Enough with the fear mongering.

Onyeka on

@ fly girl i’m from one of those poverty stricken impoverished countries in Africa, where some of those horrible things are happening but that has never and will never make my faith in God wane. i still believe he is the almighty and the Great I Am and it is these beliefs dat carry me thru those tough times.

We are all entitled to our beliefs though and in the end the truth will be revealed for all to see.

Congrats Nia.

Guest on

Put some clothes on. Demi already did it years ago. Keep it between u and your man.

Nella on

First off I want to Congratulate Nia and her boyfriend. She looks wonderful and best of luck to them! After reading all the posts I have a few things I would like to say. Let me begin by saying that I consider myself a liberal and agnostic. I respect other people’s views on religion and therefore cannot attack someone based on their beliefs, but I do not like others preaching to me about what is the right thing to believe in .

What Nia said might not make sense to all of us, but she is entitled to that belief. Do I agree with what the bible says? Absolutely not, some of the things in bible are rational while others not so much. To me it’s just a book written by a regular men, but then again all religions are formed by regular human beings with many flaws and then those views are taught from generation to generation and so on.

That is my opinion on that topic, but I am sure religious people have their reason for believing in it and that’s fine with me. It would be extremely disrespectful to only say Christian religion is right or Islamic or Jewish or Hinduism and so on…Each religion has their own set of beliefs and people following those religions are obviously going to love their religion the most. It’s just important to understand that this world consists of so many different people with different views and the best thing to do is respect that. It’s pointless to argue with someone over a baby blog over which religion is right and whether god exists or not.

Religion is a sensitive topic that will always involve disagreements. My point is if you want to be religious and follow a certain religion go for it, just don’t shove it down people’s throat and consider them miserable human beings because they don’t happen to believe in god, same goes for atheists. If you don’t believe in god that’s fine, you’re entitled to it, it’s just about being respectful to those around even if we disagree. People need to relax a little, this is just a baby blog after all.

Anyways, have a great day everyone! 🙂

Cindy on

The doctors are not always right.

I’m 40, I look like 32 and I’m pregnant for the first time.

Cindy on


there’s always a chance for down symdrome, even women younger than 40 can get a child with down syndrome. For some people it is a blessing to have a child with down syndrome.

And you can always do a test.

Cindy on

Well written.

lizzy on

Why is everyone .. well almost upset over Nia thanking GOD.. that is her choice and what she beleives..I am a firm beleiver but I am also not going to ram it down anyone’s throat but if I choose to give thanks then so be it.. .. Her beleif is working for her so GREAT! Why is this thread becoming a religious debate. Everyone is free to beleive what they choose.. move on.. geesh! Some of you are ultra sensitive and get so personal.

Anyway congrats to NIA!!

Sian on

I don’t believe her having a baby had anything to do with God. Why would her honor you having a baby out of wedlock????

CanGirl on

Everyone needs to relax! To those devout Christians on here, doesn’t God teach people to love thy neighbour?! Well, no offense, but you’re doing the exact opposite by criticizing those who do not have the same beliefs as you. As far as I’m concerned, we’re all people with beliefs whether you’re atheist, christian, muslim, buddhist…there is no right or wrong when it comes to religion, there is; however, a problem when people take religion to extremes. I think we need to start learning to accept, accept others for who they are, accept what they believe in (or not). How do wars get started? No acceptance or respect! Now everyone chill and learn to respect, respect each other’s beliefs. There is no need to preach that your religion is better or to insult those who do believe!

-Moral of the rant: Stay on topic…Nia looks amazing. End of story

Cheekee on

What a bunch of lunatics you people are. Getting overly excited, and obsessing over other people’s comments, because they don’t believe in the same things you do. Get a life!!

Jamie on

I feel really sorry for alot of you!! God always answers prayers!! It may not be the answer we want or as timely as we want, but He always answers prayers!!!

lizzy on

@ Nella.. Thank you!!! lol.. People are getting all worked up… geez!

M on

I have never commented on any posts before but wow some of the posts really bothered me. I have struggled with infertility for over five years. We have tried EVERYTHING and nothing has worked. I have PRAYED like you would not believe and still no baby.

The most difficult thing for someone struggling with infertility is the platitudes given by people who have no infertility problems. I get so tried of people telling me God will give me a baby when its meant to be or you should do this or that. Unless you have been in this situation, think before you speak. I feel anyone who has struggled with infertility and has been able to have a baby has the right to tell their story. I am happy for anyone who is able to have a baby after infertility. I am realistic enough to know that even the most faithful don’t always get a child. However, I still hope and pray everyday that my husband and I will have a baby.

jones on

M, well said and I wish you and your husband the best of luck.

JK on

@River…because they are ‘myths’…that’s why. Big difference between gods and God. The tooth fairy or Santa Claus hands were never nailed to a cross to SAVE me. I really PRAY for non-believers that some where in their life, they’ll have a spiritual encounter with truth! Nothing is happenstance…our roads are pre-destined but God never BEGS you to serve him – we were giving free will. The choice is yours.

J on

@ M —- I hope that you get your baby some day! I have a 10 year old son and I recently miscarried. It was so heartbreaking and it still is. I want to believe that God will bless me with another child soon. The age thing does scare me because I will be 35 in January but who am I to put a time table on God. I am really learning that for sure. Faith! Got to have Faith, it gets hard at times because of all the negativity that is around but that is when you really have to fight hard to keep the faith.

jamtx on

@ River, God is none of those things you are describing. God is loving. Faith is what I go on and so far it is working out really well for me. I am sorry that you are such a angry person.

Joscelyne D. Rita on

I for one, am so shocked by many of the posts on this topic. First of all, we live in a country that believes in freedom of religion and the lack there of. Second, Nia Long NEVER said that she was a Christian. She said that she prayed that she could conceive and she received “her” blessing. Last time I checked, there are thousands of religions that believe in a higher power. What if she was a theist Buddhist? The point is, you shouldn’t assume that she is a Christian unless she said so.

Second, for all those who have a problem with God and religion, you are entitled to your opinion but please do not mock and insult those who do. I have always found it interesting that people who claim that God does not exist say that religion is the cause for all the problems in the world yet; they also say that the Bible is just a man-made book. If it is “just a man-made book and not the divine word of God, then wouldn’t mean that man is the cause of our problems ( I’m not referring to the male gender just people as a whole).

The truth is, whether we like it or not, there will ALWAYS be people who believe in a higher power and those who don’t. And while it is ok to discuses one’s own personal belief system, it is not ok to offend or condemn those who don’t share the same beliefs. We are our own worst enemy not God or even Satan. We are the one’s killing, abusing, and belittling one another. Religion is nether the cause nor the solution to the world’s problems. It’s tolerance and until we all start practicing this, the world will remain the same.

alicia on

1. Congrats to Nia and Ime!
2. Just because you pray to God doesnt mean He will give you what you want. Or that He doesnt hear you. Sometimes His answer is NO! Just because He didnt give you what you want doesnt mean He isnt real. Too many people look at God as if He is Santa Clause, He is not. If something doesnt go your way, stop questioning God…that is a sure sign of unbelief! God does not promise us eternal lige ON EARTH? He doesnt promise that we will live until old age. Death is inevitable. Does it suck that some people are taken young? Yes! But that doesnt mea God is cruel or not real. As for things like the Holocaust and the genocide in Sudan, bad things will happen. Does it make it right/fair? No, sometimes the righteous will gi through tragedy and trials (i.e. Job), sometimes they will triumph over it sometimes they wont. Your, our goal as Christians isnt supposed to be to strive for eternal life on Earth, but to strive to have eternal life with God. If yoi dont believe in God, thats a separate issue. But if you claim the name of God, if you are a believer of Christ, if you clam Him as yoir Lord and Savior,there shoild be no doubt that EVERYTHING works for the good of those who love the Lord. This includes death and misery as well as love and happiness. To the lady whose cousin died, I am sorry for your loss. I am sure everyone prayed that she would live, and she is living just not here on Earth but in Heaven with the God that she died believing in. I know that probably doesnt comfort
you, but reflect om thehappy times with her and know that she is no longer in pain.

Amy on

I am so tired of people attacking others for believing in God. If you don’t, fine, but do NOT attack someone because they do. How vile of a human being can you be? I am so sick of it. I am so tired of the double standard that those who don’t believe can share their opinion as much as they want, and no one better not attack them, but it is perfectly fine for them to attack people.

If you do not want attacked for your beliefs do not attack others!

Amy on

And I say that because I see it literally eveywhere! And Nia said God, not Jesus, so you do not know if she is a Christian or if she prayed to some other god.

alicia on

sorry for the typos I was on my Nook Color when I was typing.

Stella Bella on

For those who are struggling with infertility, I want to recommend the book Taking Charge of Your Fertility. It is possible that you aren’t infertile but only ovulate once a year or so. Either way, this book would give you the tools you need to make that determination.

Mother of 2 on

@Katherine-YOUR COMMENT is absurd! And yes, I typed ALL my comments with a very straight face. It’s what I believe. If you dont believe it, then move on little lady. I am entitled to my own opinion and that’s all there is to it. I’m not trying to convert anyone to christianity or to my beliefs, but I am entitled to defend them. If you feel that’s “absurd”, then oh well.

Either way, this debate can go on FOREVER and EVER and i pretty much said all I need to say. SO i’m done.

se on

Its wrong for her to say get married before you are 30! Not everyone will be able to get married when they want too. Its all about God’s plan.

Mother of 2 on

@VP-I do not watch Joel Osteen. You clearly do so more power to you! I believe what I believe. If you have a problem with it, to bad.

@Amy-Thank you!! The bible warns us to people like these…..people who will be against us and will try to take us down. It’s a sad world we live in. I feel sorry for these people. They must be old and angry.

@Katherine-And yes, I BELIEVE that having faith has A LOT to do with answering prayers. See, I DARED to say that! Woo hoo!! Shoot me now! Get over yourself people!

MeliRodSan on

As a 33 year old mother of one, I have come to realize that it is your body that allows you to have children. I as just told that I am currently going through menopause after having my first child over a year and a half ago. I am not sure whether or not I will ever be able to have another child – still in the process of seeing doctors and specialists – so those that are able to have children at any age are blessed that their body hasn’t attacked them and stopped them from creating life.

Nancy on

Mother of 2—somewhere down the road, tragedy will strike (by the way it happens to everyone) and I wonder what you will do. If God takes one of your loved ones and you prayed and prayed for God to raise them from the dead, what will you do? You think that God answers prayers based on the faith of the person but it is actually based upon HIS will. He let his own son die on the cross. He let his disciples all be terrible tortured and martyred. You will be shocked because you think you can control God through prayer.

Many people have let the ORGANIZED CHURCH because of name it and claim its like yourself.

Jana on

God she is amazingly beautiful! on

We can infer from the created world around us that there exists a supreme Being. The planets could no more have come into existence of themselves than a town could be built of itself.

The astronomer Kirchner had a friend who doubted the existence of God. He had a globe made and placed in his study. His friend came to see him one day and asked where the globe came from. Kirchner answered that it made itself. When his friend laughed at such an answer, Kirchner replied, “It would be much easier for a little globe like that to make itself than the great one on which we live.”

There was once a widower who had a daughter, whose education he himself undertook. He taught her history, geography, etc., but he resolved to try an experiment: he avoided absolutely ever pronouncing the name of God before his child, to see whether the knowledge of God’s existence would develop naturally. This he continued for a long time. He at length began to notice that every morning she left her room and went into the garden to pray to the sun. He soon saw what it meant and questioned her about it. The child replied innocently that she recognized nature must have an author, and had concluded the sun must be that author because of his gentle heat and influence on the world. The father quickly explained to his daughter her error, making known to her the real author of all things–God, and was glad to find that the idea of God is given us almost at our birth.

Among all nations, even the most degraded, we find invariably the worship of some kind of deity. We find towns without walls, without a ruler, without laws, without coin, but never without some sort of temple, without prayer, without sacrifice. Now, universal consent is a mark of truth. The belief in God is an inner conviction, which may be said to be inborn, inasmuch as every one can arrive at it with the greatest ease.

Mother of 2 on

@Nancy-I do not think I can control God! Are you serious? As I said before, I pray to God and I worship him to the best of my abilities. I LET HIS WILL BE DONE! He answers my prayers the way HE thinks is right. I know this. God forbid tragedy does happen, I will still worship God. I am devoted. I dont understand why you all cant comprehend that. I will not leave my faith or religion when tragedy strikes! It’s like leaving your marriage when you run into a bump in the road, or your job when someone drives you insane….there are things you have to deal with in life. I want to be saved and have a place up in heaven. Therefore, I will not depart from GOD. No matter what! I’m sorry you cant understand that. I will not wash my hands clean of whatever you think will cause tragedy in my life. I have to stick by my religion and move on with life.

Jillian on

Mother of 2, I thought you were done? That is what you said, but you keep on going.

Katherine, love every second of what you said!.

It is very condescending and disrespectful to tell someone you will pray for them when they say they don’t believe in god. Some of you who believe in god feel attacked for believing, while I feel the same for not believing!! I can’t tell you how many sites I have been on, where those believing in god have tried to make me feel like I am a sinner, bad person, inferior to them because I don’t have their beliefs. It has always been Christians that these encounters are with.

I would never go back to church or consider there is a god bc I wouldn’t want to associate in a world with some of the people who speak that way. The attitude and preaching and thinking they are better than everyone. I see it all over this board. I see contradiction and people explaining how god works when you have no proof he exists!!! After reading this page, I am glad I don’t have the same beliefs as some of you. Some people don’t realize how they speak to others and when I did believe in god, I don’t believe that’s how he condoned speaking to others 🙂

Amy on

I have to say there is nothing wrong with claiming things. Christians claim health, healing, etc….it is thinking positive! Do you want to have cancer and think negative like “Oh, I’m gonna die!”?? I doubt it! You want to believe that you are going to fight it and make it! It’s the same thing basically. I got saved at 23, so I had been through enough as an unbeliever to understand where poeple are coming from. And not all of us like Joel Osteen’s style of warm and fuzzy preaching, it’s fine for a pick me up but that is all he does. I’m done now. Lol.

Amy on

I understand how you can feel like that Jillian. (Couple comments above) As a Christian I see where some Christians are their own worse enemy and instead of helping people turn to God through the love they have, they turn people away from lecturing and judging. As a Christian I have wanted to turn away from and stop going to church because of the cliques and judging that goes on. The only reason my family has stayed in this church is because of the awesome Pastor. I have to remind myself that it is not about the people in the building with me, it’s about my relationship with God. Not saying that everyone is horrible there.

I think Christians should be able to give their opinion on the topic at hand, but don’t go around judging others for not agreeing with you. I know as a Christian I do not like it when I am attacked for sharing my opinion, but I don’t think it’s right to attack others either. We are supposed to rise about that, Jesus did.

Like Ghandi said: “I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians.”

And the Dalai Lama: “Of all religions, Christianity is without a doubt the one that should inspire tolerance most, although, up to now, the Christians have been the most intolerant of all men.”

Christians: think about those quotes. Non-Christians: do not take the negative things Christians have said to you as a reflection of Christ.

7th Sun on

@ All non believers,

God answers prayers, sometimes his answer is no.

Ex. A child asked to have a cup cake or some money. The parent (in this case The Father)says no.

By the way, there no proof that God does not exist.

cc on

Nia said the doctor told her it would be hard if she wanted to have another child, no person can say what they should believe in or their faith. I for one an glad to know that her faith brought her the happiness she has in bring this new life. I wanted to have more than one child but that is all I was able to carry. I cried and asked God to give me more but my daughter was the only live birth I had. But now I know God had his reasons for me not being blessed with more children, but I have been blessed with beautiful granddaughters and grand sons.

Jillian on

By the way, there no proof that God does not exist.

– 7th Sun on October 21st, 2011

By the way, there is no proof god does exist.


Tori on

To all the people that say lot of people pray to GOD for a child and it never happened, ever think that maybe his answer was no? I think too many times, we pray to GOD expecting him to answer our prayers the way we want it. I am a pediatric nurse and I see families all the time ripped apart by the death of a child. They end up angry with GOD because they pray that he will heal their child. I think they and we should all pray not only for loved ones, but also for the ability to accept whatever is to come. “thy will be done” is in the prayer but so few people can accept that. Maybe it is GOD’s will to not let some people conceived because he may have a different plan for their life.

Just my opinion. Anyway, I cannot believe she is 40! She looks amazing.

meka on

@River…the explanation is that God needs no explanation. He giveth and He taketh away. If you read and study His word, it states that He is the creator of all. Have you ever heard a story where He explained Himself to anyone, or had to give excuses? No. It’s okay that you are not Christian, everyone will not be. But Christians are not silly because they believe everything starts and finishes with God.

Whether or not Nia Long follows the Bible is one thing, but this is Ebony, and they are not a Christian magazine… let’s stop being theologians for magz that don’t profess anything specific and do not ask for our religious views of their article choices.

T on

All those people insulting God are STUPID, IDIOTS. etc etc!!!!! Everyone is entitled to their own beliefs. By you trying to convince someone that it is not God but another mechanism by which they got a child. ARE you not pressing your opinions too. One is entitled to their own beliefs and opininons and have the right to stand by them! Very HYPOCRITICAL if you ask me!! You are all just foolish!

Wanda Baker on

@ River you are a fool. If there is no God how do you think you are living ,and breathing? You didnt wake your self up this morning God. He breathed the breath of air into your lungs and woke you up. You also have the use and activity of all of your limbs and your heart is beating, so tell me who’s doing that? Also for the ones who are bible 100% and not receiving answers they need to continue seeking him until he gives them a answer. God always answers prayer, you need to be able to hear him when he speaks wether its in someone else a scripture, or a dream you need to know when he’s talking and dont give up on your faith. Now that’s BIBLE.

Lynn on

She is beautiful. Now this is a true pregnancy unlike Beyonce. I still don’t believe that she was ever pregnant. Way to go Nia.

Terae on

Im sorry i really dont think GOD has anything to do with people getting pregnant. I believe he gave us the parts but i dont think he has anything to do with it after that. I see to many little girl having many crackhead…to many people who shouldnt and abandon or beat their children…all the while i have been praying and believing for ten years! I love the lord and i want to be closer to him everyday…To say someone needs to get closer to GOD is a religious load of BS….THe Bible also says he would give me the desires of my heart…im sorry but why put the desire there if your not gonna provide….im just saying….some people need to learn to be sensitive to certain situations like this…you dont know their story and i dont know yours…but for someone like me who see tons of people get preggo everyday and say stupid things out of their mouth because they cannot relate…if you have never had a problem with getting pregnant YOU SHOULD NEVER talk to someone who has and act like you know everything…its kind of a club you dont want to be part of kind of like when a parent dies and people who come up to you and say im sorry for your loss and i understand but have never lots a parent…you dont want to hear it and its not rude its just they dont understand because they havent been there…the only thing you should do in that moment is just encourage…im sorry but religious people who say “JUST TRUST GOD” have a serious problem with reality…GOD is not something you use in your word because you dont know what else to say “HOney i know its tough and life isnt fair and i dont understand why thing happen the way they do, but im gonna believe with you and when your weary and hurting im gonna stand for you” not “Trust GOD or get closer to GOD” that religious BS turns ppl away from GOD and IM sure JESUS would not of said that…He chose to love and not judge….so i will chose not to judge you for your ignorance….

someone who love the LORD and has tried for 10 yrs and nothing is wrong with my spouse or I. We are in our early 30….the hard thing are watching people who say they hate their kids or beat them or throw them in a dumpster or kill them…seeing selfish little teenagers having babies and not taking care of them, and hearing women who have never had a problem having kid and have them saying things like i understand or it will happen…if you want people to be sensitive to what you have to say you have to think of other and not spew your religious jargon all over the place…just saying

Bea K. on

Let me get this straight, SHE’S NOT MARRIED, but asked God Almighty (who’s HOLY and RIGHTEOUS and says that MARRIAGE is ‘Holy’, Hebrews 13:4) to “give her a baby with her unmarried boyfriend”?? Do I have the word stupid written on my forehead or what?? Why do people keep calling on God or Jesus if they’re NOT willing to follow what ‘They’ say???

Although, society might say, “it’s her life and her business, don’t judge etc.”, once again what does GOD have to say about this??? When are the so-called adults going to grow up and think about these children (and how these decisions will affect them down the road) now that they have them??? How about they stop being so selfish already (these children didn’t ask to come here, but I guess their parents don’t care)?

P.S. While I also realize marriage isn’t perfect by any means, it’s still right to do what’s right, and sometimes the out come does work in your favor, especially when you lean on God (yes, christians get divorces too, but I’m talking about the ones who ‘stick with it’, and their marriages DO last).

look on

@River, it’s obvious by your words that you not only don’t have relationship with God, you don’t know the first thing about Him. And that’s fine if you want to live in your own ignorance, but don’t go spouting off like a PhD with hollow words to spread it around. Be responsible with your words, they are, after all mightier than the sword.

sarah on

do you think that I can have a baby boy named jesus

John MIllor on

John travels, ministers and teaches with his wife, Julie. God’s signs and wonders follow John & Julie wherever they minister. Every meeting, God shows up and blind eyes and deaf ears are opened, diseases & tumors disappear,barren women get pregnant , creative miracles of missing organs and bones being restored take place, cripples walk, mental illness leaves, emotions are healed and souls are saved.the Ministry’s healing anointing is so strong that many are healed while they sit in the meeting. An atmosphere of great peace, joy and freedom pervades the meetings and a fresh revelation of God’s overwhelming love for us touches can contact us via or Facebook(John Millor)God bless you as you join us

Velli vell on

Hi this message is for Nia Long God sent me to you .To tell you that I am your Husband you been praying for one a long long time.