Look for Less: Mason Disick’s Classic Style

10/18/2011 at 10:00 AM ET

Mason Disick is giving both mom Kourtney Kardashian and dad Scott Disick a run for their money in the style department.

During a family trip to N.Y.C. on Oct. 5, the 22-month-old looked oh-so dapper in a classic two tone elbow-patch cardigan, a braided brown belt, 7 For All Mankind‘s Straight Leg Jeans ($69) and Venettini‘s Randy Loafers ($77.50).

To top it all off, the stylish tyke wore a plaid newsboy cap.

Love Mason’s mini metropolitan chic? You’re in luck. We’ve rounded up similar items — all under $34!

Courtesy Gymboree


Let him kick off the fall season in Gymboree‘s sporty, yet classic Football Sweater ($18). The side neck buttons make it easy to pull on and off.

Courtesy Macy’s


Little boys in crisp denim is one of our fave looks. And Osh Kosh‘s Little Boys Classic Denim ($20) fits the bill with its clean, dark wash.

Courtesy wayfair


Step up your little guy’s shoe wardrobe with Wee Squeak‘s preppy-style Boys Loafers ($34). Best part: They make a fun squeaking noise with each footstep.

Courtesy Janie and Jack


Keep your tot warm and cozy with Janie and Jack‘s Pinstripe Cap ($15), which is fully lined with soft cotton and comes with a handy chin strap.

Courtesy Cokies Kids


A tailored belt instantly adds polish. Our pick: Levi’s Braided Faux Leather Belt ($10).

— Anya Leon

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jessica on

He’s such a cutie!! But that is an absurd amount of money to spend on baby clothes. Oh my god $77 for shoes that he’s going to grow out of in like a day!! That seems a little much but i guess if you can afford it then go for it. He does have a cute style though and i like the cheaper options.

Mari on

He’s a cute little boy, but not a fan of slip on shoes for a child of that age.

Beeno on

Has Kourtney ever heard of a simple pair of jeans and a decorative t-shirt for her toddler son? She’s almost as bad as Gwen Stefani when it comes to usuing their children as fashion acccessories! I wonder if Mason’s recently lighter hair color is due to bleaching…. like Gwen does with her son Kingston.

Jillian on

The price for them is not bad at all! People need to realize how much money they earn per year compared to the average person. They are spending about the same percentage as the rest of us. I don’t make anywhere near the amount of money as her,but have spent that much on items for my daughter. Not for a lot of things.

And Beeno, children’s hair naturally lightens. Masons hair doesn’t look any different or even close to being bleached/dyed or whatever!

Brandi on

@ Beeno, he IS wearing a simple pair of jeans and a sweater (which is more season appropriate than a tshirt). I am not a celeb, nor do I make anywhere near the money they make, but I don’t see this as being too over the top. $69 for a pair of toddler jeans isn’t that out of the ordinary now (but we wear our fair share of Target and such for much cheaper too). I thought this was a rather sensible outfit for such a well off family. And now that my kids are older, I spend that much on their sports cleats (to wear in the dirt for one season), so $70 for shoes doesn’t seem so bad either.

J on

$70 for toddler shoes isn’t bad? LOL!

Brandi on

Nope, it isn’t in my opinion. I’ve paid well over $50 for tennis shoes for a while now and it only goes up as they get older. Just because you do not choose to splurge on your children, it doesn’t mean it’s wrong or over indulgent.

RachelfromBoston on

they look so much alike in this picture! adorable!

I’m due with a little boy on Mason’s birthday 🙂

VEO on

It just doesn’t seem practical to me to put a toddler in a belt. That just makes changing diapers so much more difficult! But I understand sometimes the length of pants fit but the waist is a little loose.

Helen on

Love this little cutie!

Catca on

I think Mason looks adorable and this outfit is fine. I’m not a fan of skinny jeans on toddlers or little kids in general as I just don’t think they’re comfortable for active little ones like that, but I don’t think there’s anything wrong with putting your child in them. If the child doesn’t complain and is moving around fine, then it’s fine.

In the past Kourtney has had Mason very dressed up at places like the park which I thought looked ridiculous simply because the park is not a place that calls for being dressed up in a suit jacket with loafers, and for awhile you never saw Mason in play clothes, but Kourtney’s been toning that down. Lately I have actually seen pics of him in play clothes, but still looking stylish and adorable.

JRW on

My problem isn’t with the price of the clothing. I prefer to purchase quality items so I get that. But she always accessorizes this child to the point of ridiculous.

fuzibuni on

Instead of calling this post “The Look for Less” it should be titled “How to make your child a fashion accessory.”

Cathy on

Um…let’s not forget who Mason’s father is. I am sure he plays a big role in dressing his child!

cn tower on

LOL fuzibuni!

Tia on

I just came back from a consignment shop.I bought an almost new RL coat for $15 for my daughter.I think Mason looks dapper in his outfit.You need to realize that these people have a lot of money.$69 for a pair of jeans is nothing for them.

Rosy on

What I find strange about this woman is that she’ll dress her son like a little gentleman but then give him his dummy – it makes him look absurd. Obviously he doesn’t have it in this picture, but I’ve seen it in others and it just looks…well, strange. I mean, dressing your kid fancy is obviously to show them off but if you’re not going to complete the picture but scrapping the dummy then why bother?!

Heather on

Meh I make much less than these people do and I don’t bat an eyelash over spending 50 dollars on a pair of shoes for my kids. They also get 60 dollar dresses and 40 dollar jeans. If that’s what I choose to spend my money on, whose business is it but mine?

ecl on

No one said you can’t spend large amounts of money on toddler clothes. But no one said we can’t judge you for it either. It’s called being superficial. The only reason I ever spend much on toddler clothes is because the cheap boy’s clothing is overly gendered. I hate crap that says “Mommy’s Little Solider” or “Daddy’s Little Princess.” I don’t feel the need to dress my son only in footballs, airplanes, and camo.

Gaby on

Whoa either this is a bad picture of kourtney or her age is catching up to her.

lola on

The outfit is tacky. But what do you expect from America’s tackiest family?

Kristine on

Ha, I just spent $84 at Carters for my 3 yr old and bought a rain coat, 5 pairs of pants and 6 shirts…sure Kourtney is spending the same percentage on her kid as I am when you look at annual salary…but it’s ridiculous. I sure hope she donates these goods to someone when Mason outgrows them.

Jillian on

What a cutie! Great picture of mom and son. I see no problems with the price. I am getting that sweater for my son. I have no issues spending that amount on my kids. I would rather spend more for higher quality. Our money to spend! I also don’t think she needs to donate. Maybe she hands me down to a friend or family member.