Roc and Roe Cannon Make Their TV Debut

10/18/2011 at 01:00 PM ET

Six months after their very special third-anniversary gift — the birth of their twinsMariah Carey and husband Nick Cannon are ready to give the world an inside peek at their family life.

Son Moroccan Scott and daughter Monroe — their folks call them Roc and Roe — are introduced to Barbara Walters, who interviews the parents inside their Manhattan apartment. The segment airs on Friday’s 20/20 at 10 p.m. ET.

In a teaser clip, Walters asks Carey if she trusts Cannon. “Sometimes,” replies the songbird, as Walters raises her eyebrows.

Donna Svennevik/ABC

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Tee on

You know, anytime a celebrity “introduces” their baby via a magazine cover, people get up in arms about them selling out their child. Personally, I like the people that choose to release snapshots instead of a magazine spread. (Victoria Beckham with Harper, Jessica Alba with Haven, for example.) But I don’t have a problem with people that choose to do a magazine instead. That’s their prerogative.

That having been said, I am really looking forward to hearing the comments on this article. These babies are being introduced on 20/20. That’s overkill, even for me! I’m interested to see what other people think about this.


I can’t wait to see the twins faces! Nick and Mariah are glowing from the happiness the twins have brought to their lives.

Lady on

Who cares how they are doing it, they were going to have to do it at some point…at least they waited a while & their doing it how THEY want to do it!

I can’t wait to see what they look like, Mariah looks great!

Guinny on

Aw, can’t wait to see their cute faces, I bet they are beautiful! Little Roc is missing his shoe =).

Brooke on

Since Mariah has constantly been crabbing about how awful the twins’ birth was on her, I don’t know…..she seems off to me. I wonder if she has PPD a little. Nick seems over the moon. Mariah, even on Twitter, not so much.

JRW on

Wait. They’re calling them Roc and Roe… like rock n’ roll…

jgirl on

Yes, JRW, I think they are serious…and it is pretty crazy.

Anyway, all the best to the new parents and their babies!

Tia on

Mariah as a mom=”MOMMY DEAREST”

Mariah didn’t introduce her kids earlier because she wanted to loose the baby weight first. Everything is a show for Mariah.

Nick is a young guy that got in way over his head.

lala on

My GOD….YOU PEOPLE ARE CRAZY….You complain about any and everything!

m on

Cute nicknames for weird first names

Tamika Francis on

Um Mariah was on was on HSN promoting her new clothing collection and jewelry after the babies were born and she hadn’t lost the weight. She seemed ok with it. I think they just wanted to wait and now they are giving their fans a great introduction.

Elisa on

sorry but the boy’s name is awful! seriously how can they don’t feel sorry for this child who will have to carry on that name and suffer bullying in school because of it?

Sarah on

Elisa, he’s Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon’s son. If he gets picked on or treated differently (positive or negative) it’ll be because of that, not his name.

I can’t wait to see the babies. I’ve always been a fan of both parents, even though so many people seem to be convinced they’re both evil.

crazykraut on

Jessica Alba did several pages in a magazine. Don’t rember the name of it anymore. I read in Germany.

Mandy on

I bet we see 2 seconds of the babies and the rest of time is devoted to Mariah and how Mariah is doing and how Mariah survived the birth and how Mariah is as a mom.

Anyone see a pattern in my post? HAHAHA.

But seriously, she is so stuck-up and full of herself that its ridiculous. Mariah, get your head out of your own butt and leave the limelight for people who are actually cool.

Poor Nick is so whipped he will never get out. She brainwashed him really well.

I think her daughter will grow up to resent herself because she is not Mariah Carey.

Sandra on

I love when people talk about how “young” Nick Cannon (and Ashton Kutcher honestly) are even though they are both men over the age of 30. I wonder if Nick would be considered a “young guy over his head” if he was married to a 20-something. Where’s all the “shes’s too young” outcry when men marry and impregnante women 10 years (because that’s honestly the difference between Nick and Mimi) younger?

Margaux on

Awww…what a couple of blessings 🙂

River on

I feel bad for Moroccan. Monroe is pretty bad, too, but its tolerable. Moroccan, on the other hand, is just plain idiotic, stupid, retarded, and HIDEOUS! Moroccan is not Moroccan, has no Moroccan heritage or ancestors, so his name doesn’t make sense. Even if he WAS of Moroccan descent, his name would still be idiotic; why name a child after their ethnicity or nationality? That is like if I were to name my kid “American”. LOL.

Nicole on

A 20/20 Barbara Walters reveal is only appropriate for the HUGE fan base Mariah Carey has. This is a special gift for the fans. She is fabulous and “dem babies” reveal will be fabulous as well.

Rebecca on

As in “America” Ferrara? 😉

Rebecca on

I agree, Mariah is all about Mariah.

Shelby on

This couple just seems off to me. The photograph just confirms my way of thinking; an odd coupling. I have no interest in watching a 20/20 segment on them but wish them all the best as a family.

Ellen Smith on

Barbara Walters will fawn over anything or anyone to get an interview. Mariah may be all about Mariah, but Barbara is certainly all about Barbara.

Melissa on

I’m curious to see the babies but i can stand how stuck up mariah is so i don’t know if i could sit through this. She is obnoxious and obsessed with herself, i don’t see her being a real hands on mom she probably has a bunch of nannies.

kristen on

From the looks of the outfits it looks like a casual interview… I can’t get past how silly the nicknames sound. And the son’s name is just ridiculous; Morocco maybe but Moroccan? Seriously?

fuzibuni on

No Rebecca, Moroccan would equate to “American” not America. The first is an adjective, the second is a noun and a legitimate name.

Lotus on

Awwww, their nicknames are so cute! I can’t wait to meet Roc and Roe.

Mia on

Wow-their twins are absolutely gorgeous…beautiful faces.

I think they favor Mariah more-but I see some of Nick too….very pretty babies!

Congrats to them!!

Tee on

Crazykraut, I stand corrected! I remember Jessica Alba doing a spread when Honor was born but didn’t see one with Haven.