Hatch: A Chic, Modern Maternity Collection

10/17/2011 at 10:00 AM ET
Courtesy Hatch

Let’s be honest, most maternity wear is not known for being especially chic.

And even if you find a piece that’s stylish, it’s often something you can only wear with a bump so it’s not necessarily worth the investment.

Well, all that’s about to change with Hatch, a finely-edited collection of 14 key maternity designs that work during and after pregnancy.

Created in 2011, the line was conceived by twobirds designer Ariane Goldman to give style savvy moms-to-be more wardrobe choices.

Standouts include the versatile Everything Dress ($298) and the roomy, yet fashion forward Button Down Shirt ($168 to $248).

Added bonus: The company donates $5 for every purchase to Christy Turlington Burn‘s Every Mother Counts organization, which helps build awareness and decrease the infant and maternal mortality rate globally.

To shop the full line, go to hatchcollection.com.

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Maggie on


neža on

Maggie, your choice, I’m sure plenty of others will.

Or maybe not, since that is some ugly combination of clothes on the pic.

Lisa on

I could put together an outfit (like the one pictured above) from any second hand thrift shop. Looks like she just crawled out of the nearest squat house.

Jurnee on

Oh my! For the cost these clothes should be spectacular looking! This looks like a bag lady outfit… no way does this clothing look high end. Pea In The Pod has gorgeous maternity clothes if you want to spend the $. Wouldn’t purchase this brand.

amw on

chic? it looks sloppy. maybe separately they would be cute, but all pieces together? nope. and the prices are laughable.

Lauren on

I totally disagree! I think these styles are amazing! I just had my baby and wish these items were available when I was pregnant. I still have a little belly and would love to wear that striped dress.

SH on

Chic and modern. Um, ok. Whatever you say. And with the prices – they should be donating WAY more than a lousy $5 for every purchase.

meme on

That is a lot of money to look like a hobo

Annie on

nothing that woman is wearing looks chic. If anything, she looks homeless.

JustMe on

Oh my… she looks like a hobo.

And I consider myself avant garde and very out there with my art and fashion likes…

Like another post said, you could easily put something like this together with a trip to your local Goodwill.

Actually scrap that- you could actually put together a decent looking outfit with what Goodwill has!

Katie on

LOVE this stuff!!! I am 30 weeks and wish it came out earlier! Putting my order in now!

RKF on

Chic? Yeah, bag lady chic.

e on

Well crap, I was hoping to see a discount code for this line! I saw it on a blog last week and was bummed that they weren’t offering any kind of discount. I would actually order the button down shirt, but not at full retail. I’m pretty disappointed that they don’t have any cold-weather pants that can be worn before and after. Silk drawstring pants aren’t exactly what I need when it’s 20 degrees, and I’m tired of wearing maternity tights. I guess I’ll have to find a pair of Mama J’s on ebay…

It’s too bad that Hatch is launching a warm weather collection in October.

ClaireSamsmom on

Frumpy. My favorite look when I was pregnant was boot cut jeans, a cute top and comfy shoes. You can find alot of cute stylish things at the Motherhood store or A Pea in the Pod (though that store was a little pricey for me). Target has alot of cute maternity fashions, too….that are stylish and unfrumpy. And you can make it more chic with accessories. This look would have made me feel blah.

Kay Sobel on

I love this! FINALLY!!! So sick of $20 Target dresses! I will finally have clothes to wear post-baby (on baby #3 now). YAY!

Kay Sobel on

Ouch! Can’t we all just get along? There is room in this market for all price points. That dress on its own looks stylish and comfortable. Sign me up for that before, during and after baby.

Kay Sobel on

I saw this collection featured in InStyle and want the entire line! Can I put this on my registry?

Katie on

Wow, tough crowd! I went on the website, and saw some really beautiful things. Definitely worth checking out.

Jurnee on

I checked out the website, too. Some of the items are cute, but at that price point they should be **much** more chic and stylish. They look comfy and simple, which is fine… however, the designer is asking too much. For example, for a plain button down shirt with little to no design/flair… simply overpriced. (And I don’t mind paying for something fabulous!)

Kay Sobel on

Love this collection! Chic and comfortable? Yes please. Can’t wait to wear it now and after baby’s here!

Kay Sobel on

I think it’s a beautiful collection! Easy to wear and stylish.

neža on

for those that might think our comments about the shown outfit were way too harsh let me just point out there is now a different photo 😉

ClaireSamsmom on

Well, this photo is better….not a fan of the boots…but this one is more stylish! 😉 Maybe it was the jacket before???

evie on

I have a dress just like that one (but not with the awful hanky hem!) which I bought from a non-maternity store for $30. Their range is nothing special and over-priced.

Jillian on

Kay, we get it…you like it, as all 5 posts show.

JustMe on

They changed the pic! lol… I wonder if they took it off the website too…

Shannon on

Love the name, hate the clothes!

Holiday on

Kay are you the designer or promoter of these hideous pregnancy clothes?

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