Melissa McCarthy: My Daughter Doesn’t Care About My Emmy

10/17/2011 at 09:00 AM ET
Paul Buck/EPA/Landov

Even as so many of her professional dreams — an Emmy award, aĀ Saturday Night Live hosting gig — are coming true all at once, Melissa McCarthy can count on her kidsVivian, 4, and Georgette, 19 months — to knock her back down to earth.

“The morning after the Emmys, my oldest one woke me up and she was like, ‘Mama, last night they made you a princess,'” McCarthy tells PEOPLE at the Art Mere Art Pere for Livestrong event in L.A. of the awards show, where along with the trophy, she also received a tiara, sash and roses on stage with her fellow Emmy nominees.

“She was so excited, and I said, ‘Do you want to see it?'” the Mike & Molly star says.Ā “And she’s like, ‘I want to see it,'” McCarthy continued.

“I took her in and showed her the Emmy and she’s like, ‘No — the crown,'” says McCarthy, 41. “She was literally like, ‘What is this piece of tin?'”

“She was so irritated,” the Bridesmaids actress continues. “She clearly had had it with me. And really all she wanted was the crown.”

Despite her daughter’s fascination with the tiara, McCarthy is still happily reeling from the events of the past several months.

“It’s a little crazy,” she says of life post-Emmy win. “It’s been the time of my life, everything about it — the show and the Emmy and then doing SNL. … I appreciate every day. It has not escaped me that something crazy is going on.”

— Scott Huver

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Dee on

LOVE LOVE LOVE HER! Loved her since Gilmore Girls and couldn’t be happier for her!

Bancie1031 on

Dee – I agree with you …. I LOVE HER!!

I’m so happy for Melissa! She is hilarious on Mike & Molly!

Tieraney on

Ditto the above comments. Love, love this lady! Great actress and great sense of humor. I don’t usually watch SNL but made an exception when she hosted, she was great!

saydee on

Melissa is hilarious! I had never heard of her until I saw her in Bridesmaids. She was hysterical in that movie!!!

shad on

she was toooo ofunny on SNL…love melissa…keep up the good work

Halley on

Melissa is one of my new favorite actresses! She was a complete scene stealer in Bridesmaids and was hilarious on SNL. I love Mike & Molly. I wish her so much success, she’s so wonderful to watch šŸ™‚

mom on

Love Melissa Mccarthy! Bridesmaids was Fantastic, as was SNL!

Anonymous on

I loved her since she was on Gilmore Girls :O)

Joanne on

I didn’t watch Gilmore Girls, but she’s incredible on Mike & Molly. I record it every week, even if it’s a re-run! Melissa rocks!

Mermaid on

She should lose weight to set a healthy example for her daughters. I actually thought she was pregnant while she was on the Emmys.

anonymouse on

Mermaid, despite what you “actually” thought, I’m sure that Melissa is setting an excellent example for her daughters with a healthy body image. Who’s following the example of that judgment of yours?

Dee on

Mermaid, thank god someone else who will speak the truth. Anonymous, there is nothing healthy about being obese and learn to spell why don’t you.

DaisyMoon on

She killed it on SNL…Loved it!

Josh on

Dee and Mermaid…get a life. If all you see when you look at her is her weight, you need a life and some major help.

noam on

@dee and mermaid: she’s actually addressed her weight issues before. she has said that she exercises regularly, eats a balanced diet, and is considered healthy by her doctors, in terms of blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetes, etc.

she has a really positive interview at lifescript ( where she basically says, “yes, i am heavier than i want to be, but no, i’m not going to stop living until i get to a certain number.”

she’s not morbidly obese, and clearly she’s able to live an active life, so why the negativity? i think she’s beautiful and hilarious!

Angela on

I moved to Plainfield a year and a half ago and it made me so proud to hear her mention her hometown in her acceptance speech. Thank you, Melissa!!

Dee on

JOSH, my life is just fine thank you, which is more than can be said of anyone who is obese being that any such person is, by definition, at an increased risk of every health problem there is – which was the point I was making – and yes, when I look at an obese person I see an obese person, as do you unless you are blind.

I was not making a value judgement on Melissa as a human being. I would suggest that if you are so consumed by political correctness that you cannot acknowledge the adverse reality of obesity then it is you who is misguided.

sara on

Dee, yes it is possible to acknowledge the adverse effects of obesity, but is also a fact that her weight is none of your business. Just like any other personal life choice a person makes.

Dee on

NOAM, on the contrary she HAS NOT addressed her weight issues, that’s the problem – obesity and good health are mutually exclusive. “I’m not going to stop living until I get to a certain number” – translation – I’m not interested in exercising self discipline and self control. The inevitable result being that her daughters will find themselves motherless at a prematurely early ‘number’ – think about it, you don’t see OLD obese people now do you.

anonymouse on

Dee — I can spell just fine, thank you. I like mice. I also like nice. Melissa seems nice. You do not. (Dee for Dreadful.) Unless you’ve hidden under the examination table as Melissa has spoken with her doctor, you don’t know a damn thing about how healthy she is. Have you? Would you be happier if all overweight people just died off? And please learn how to use proper punctuation.

Back to Melissa: I hope she gave her daughter the crown. Love their names, too, Vivian and Georgette.

noam on

dee- did you even go to the article i posted? she says much more than what i wrote, which, btw, is not a quote from her at all, but rather how i felt after reading the article. apologies if i did not make that clear.

to answer your question–yes, i have seen older people who are overweight. while weight issues contribute to health problems, it IS possible to be on the heavier side and still be healthy and have a normal life, just as it is possible to be thin and have high blood pressure, hypertension, cholesterol problems, etc…

i just feel that if most people met this woman in an atmosphere outside of hollywood,they wouldn’t have such an extreme reaction to her weight. she doesn’t appear to be obese, she is still able to lead an active lifestyle,etc…

Mia on

I loved Gilmore Girls too-the other Sookie that was before True Blood šŸ˜‰

Ali on

Aw, she’ll always be “Sookie” to me šŸ™‚ And I love the name “Georgette”! I have to agree though, obesity is not healthy, nor is being underweight. It would be a good thing if she tried to get to a healthy weight, but of course, that sounds easier than it is.

dsfg on

” . . . Iā€™m sure that Melissa is setting an excellent example for her daughters with a healthy body image.”

Sorry, but she’s not setting a healthy body image for her children any more so than any of those anorexic actresses are . . . and I don’t care what Melissa said in an interview, there’s no way being at that weight is healthy.

Dee on

Love Melissa, she is awesome!!!!!

As for her weight, get over it people because it surely is none of your business.

If the first thing you notice about this woman or any overweight person is their weight before seeing them as a HUMAN BEING then you are a sad little person.

Furthermore, it is refreshing to see an average sized woman in the industry…..I’m sick of seeing these rail thin women trying to convince us that they are healthy and giving our young girls a negative self image. Having girls starving themselves and excercising to death to look a certain way.

That’s whats not healthy. Address those issues before you all start harassing people over being healthy.

Dee on

And yes I said average because in North America, average is a size 16!!!!!!!!

mimi on

loved her since she played sookie on gilmore girls! so happy she won an emmy, she deserves the recognition.

as to her weight, that’s her issue and her issue alone. personally, i DO think she looked her best on GG but as long as she feels she is okay and happy that’s all that matters.

Amy on

I love Melissa too!! Watched her on Gilmore Girls along side Lauren Graham and just loved the two of them together! I miss her character, but I get to watch anytime since I have all of the seasons. She was hilarious in Bridesmaids and caught her on Mike and Molly last night…she’s a wonderful actress!! Congratulations!!

JMO on

I agree with others. I loved her back during Gilmore Girls. She and Lauren Graham are awesome! I’m so happy for her success!! I still always think of her as lovable Sookie though šŸ™‚

Sarah on

Love her and have for years. I remember seeing her as a Groundling in LA and laughing so hard no noise was coming out. She owns the characters she plays — super talented. So thrilled for all her recent success (though she has been a talented actor for years).

meme on

She is awesome. Definitely one of my favorite actresses!!!

Milosh on

She’s a biggun.

kozzyg on

Dee… are you a split personality? I’m confused… first you were all over her weight and now you post later for people to get over her weight issues.

What gives? Change of heart?

erika johnson on

I’m glad everyone is defending Melissa about her weigh. It’s nice to know that there are nice people on the internet. The bottom line is her weight and health is none of our business. Fat people don’t need to be told that their fat (they know). Saying “she’s overweight” is like saying “the sky is blue.”

unknown on


WOW you had nothing more to say than to criticize her weight. You made no mention of her talent as an actress at all you went right for a comment on her weight. That right there says alot about you as a person. From that comment alone I’d say you are a unhappy and mean person who is so unhappy in her own life she had nothing better to do than to criticize someone else. I’d really hate to see how you treat a friend, child or family member if they don’t meet your idea of a “healthy person”.

Also I’m sure you are the epitome of perfect health and have a medical degree as well.

Beckie-Lynn on

Melissa is gorgeous! I LOVE her. And who cares what her size is? We all have imperfections… bad hair, ugly feet, too tall/short, too fat/skinny, lazy. And I’m sure every person who commented on her weight has their own unhealthy issues with drugs, alcohol, unsafe driving (you know you TEXT while you drive), junk food addictions, etc. What-the-heck-ever! She is beautiful and a talented actress and from what I see, a great Mommie. Oh, and since my sister actually knows her, I happen know she’s a great person… and THAT’S what matters! Power to her! šŸ™‚

Amber on

LOVE LOVE LOVE her… she was my fave in the movie… although they were ALL hysterical… this is my fave movie now!!! šŸ˜€

Anonymous on

I can’t believe people actually talks about her image!!! This is a GREAT actress and this is all that matters. Her body and image suits her just fine! Love Melissa and I hope to see you in a lot more movies.