See Tina Fey’s Daughter Penelope Athena

10/14/2011 at 11:00 AM ET

Tina Fey and 9-week-old daughter Penelope Athena enjoyed a nice New York City outing this week – one borough north of 30 Rock.

Fey, 41, was spotted Monday with Penelope, born Aug. 10, and her elder daughter Alice Zenobia, 6, taking a stroll around the Botanical Gardens in the Bronx.

It’s the first photo of Penelope in public.

Fey initially agonized over having a second child, but has said that she and husband Jeff Richmond “decided that we felt rather than risk having 30 Rock end in several years and feeling like part of our family is missing, that we were going to prioritize our family.”

— Tim Nudd

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ourdalyplate on

So refreshing to see a postpardem mom still in maternity pants. It seems that there’s such extreme pressure to look perfect and have a flat stomach within a month of delivering. You go, Tina! Rock those stretchy-waist pants for at least a few more months 🙂

Colleen on

She’s cute! And it looks like Maggie Gyllenhaal is putting her in the stroller.

Kat on

Colleen, sadly not Maggie – it is the nanny. Her husband was with them too.

mdmor on

I second that! I’m SO glad to see some other Mom besides me still rockin their maternity pants after the birth of their child. I’m sick to death of these celebrities who are back in their pre-pregnancy jeans by the time they leave the hospital. You go Tina!!

sara on

Seriously, Colleen? What a stupid comment – you can’t even see the person’s face. (And for the record, there are more pictures on other sites. It’s an older woman, probably one of the grandmothers, although it could obviously also be a nanny or a friend.)

Becky K. on

Love her name! My oldest is named Penelope, too.

Karen on

Colleen, it DOES look like Maggie G.! LOLOL Not crazy about the name….maybe for a little girl, but not an adolescent-grown up.

Colleen on

What I said wasn’t stupid. I thought the woman looked like Maggie Gyllenhaal. I think it would be a compliment to the nanny. I wasn’t interested in going to another website just to see if it was Maggie or a nanny. Seriously @sara, calling people stupid is mean. Bullying is an issue that we deal with as kids. But I guess you’re still one.

Kendie on

Cute name,cute baby! But honestly why all the attack on all these blog entries? Colleen didn’t SAY it was Maggie Gyllenhaal putting her in the stroller she said the woman looked like her. Her comment I’m sure was meant in good fun! To call someone else’s comment “stupid” is about the “stupiest” thing you can do.

I just wish everyone would remember we are discussing children on a parent and baby blog,yet everyone attacks one and other..probably while teaching their own children at home not to call others stupid, and/or make mean remarks to others.

Amanda on

I think she’s adorable and I love Tina, but this is one of those times I don’t think I would bother with a nanny.

Lila on

I think it’s a cute name, and Penny will be a cute nickname.

Tina looks great!

RKF on

She needs a nanny to adjust her own baby and stroller while she’s standing right there?

Holiday on

Hopefully thats not a nanny because I am sorry to say this but it is pathetic if you cannot take your 2 kids out without the help of a nanny~ I have a 5 year old and 17 month old and would never dream of having a nanny come on outings to the park with me.

Ashley on

Well said Kendie! It does look like it could be Maggie Gyllenhaal to those of us who just go on this site as opposed to Every baby site out there where we could possibly see a celebrity baby. It’s not ‘stupid’ that the bottom of the woman’s face, hair and shape look like somebody famous.. *sigh .

Anyways baby looks very cute and her mama is lookin good and happy yay!

Jenni on

Finally, a celebrity who didn’t name her daughter something stupid like “Apple” and “Honor”! Congratulations Tina, the baby is gorgeous!

Cee on

I just don’t get why celebs always have to have their nannies with them…even for normal, everyday activities like going to the park.

Nina on

you people should get a life. maybe if you had a nanny you wouldn’t be judgmental unhappy people looking to find fault with every single post that is on here.. go play with your kids and stop complaining.I love Tina Fey..cute baby 🙂

River on

I don’t mean to be judgmental, but is a nanny really necessary when you only have two children?! It could be a family member, I suppose, but I notice that many celebrities in general do have nannies coming with them on family outings. Why? There is nothing wrong with having a nanny if you need someone to watch your child while you are at work, or need some alone time with your husband, etc; but if you and your husband are both present, what is the need for one? Is it that difficult to take care of your own kids?

Sorry for the rant. I’m not saying that Tina Fey or other individuals who choose to have nannies around all the time are bad parents, I’m just trying to understand them, and to me, it just doesn’t make sense.

meghan on

How do you even know it’s a nanny? Could just be a friend or family member who took it upon themselves to make an adjustment. Celebs do have people in their lives who aren’t on the payroll.

SadieA on

I think it’s her mother or her mother-in-law. I’ve seen the other pictures and the woman is talking in every one of them. I don’t think nannies are usually the ones directing conversation.

Also, the woman is wearing a dress. Maybe I’m reaching, but would a nanny be wearing a wrap dress to work as a nanny? I’ve never seen a celeb nanny more dressed up than the celeb they work for.

And finally, in the other pictures Tina is lifting and moving the car seat and doing everything. In this one she looks kind of annoyed. It doesn’t look like she’s looking at her nanny, it looks like she’s looking at an overbearing grandma lol, but that’s JMO.

Faye Carris on

@ sara is an idiot!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Eliza on

Penelope is absolutely adorable.

As Meghan points out – none of us know for sure if that’s even a nanny who’s with them, could be anybody. Or maybe it’s a new nanny they’re just getting to know – or maybe not. Either way, I wouldn’t jump to conclusions.

Erika on

I didn’t think Colleen’s comment was stupid at all. I say people look like other people all the time. She wasn’t speculating that it was Maggie Gyllenhaal, just stating an observation. And for the record, I think the woman does look like Maggie from behind.

Penelope is a very cute baby!

Laura on

I don’t even have kids but I know if I had two children and was rich enough, I’d take a nanny with me when I go out. Sure I might not HAVE to have them but if I can afford it why not? I can make sure there is one adult to each child. When at the park, I can go play on the slide with the older one while the nanny pushes the baby in the swing and vice versa.

I’m sorry but to me having an extra set of hands when you have two kids does not make you a bad mom. It just makes your life easier and if you can afford the luxury then I say have it!

Meela on

I love the title, “Meet Tina Fey’s daughter”

As if it’s not a photo that was sold by the papparazzi while staking out the playground.

It’s not like Tina Fey posed for it!

It’s but it strikes me as funn!

Reese on

Holiday, would you like a medal for your achievements?

Amanda on

Oh people, quit with the judgements. I have 4 kids, ages 7 and under, and if I could afford to have a nanny/mother’s helper with me on outtings, even with just 2 of my kids I would like the help.

It’d be nice to be able to just focus on playing with my son at a park while someone held the baby. Or for someone to entertain my toddler while I grocery shopped. LOL I can get out of the house with all 4 by myself and in comparison 2 is easy…but if I could have a little help, I would.

She probably needs a nanny for while she’s working anyways and the best way to get kids used to someone who will be caring for them a lot is for them to be around them even with mom/dad. You also have to remember that an extra set of eyes/hands would be nice if you were well known. Look away for a minute to feed/tend to baby and some creep could take her daughter for $$ or some other sick reason because she’s on tv.

canuck on

I never comment on these things, but seriously, people, get a grip. Who cares if she has a nanny with her or not? If she does, good on her!! She can afford the extra help and so be it. I would feel so lucky! And who knows what she is going through post-delivery.

My goodness, I feel for these celebs who look so down to earth yet are always criticized in the public eye.

Gossip on

You anti nanny people comments are so unnecessary! Tina looks great and was probably taking a break with the kids while working! A Nanny or helper goes to make sure the kids care in everyway is the best care! Parents love their children so much they provide the constant care that is needed for their family needs!

Celebrity wealthy life is not the same as yours, you will not have fans and potential security issues like Tina attracks! Tina may even be still recovering from giving birth you critical jealous judgmental don’t have fame and cannot afford a nanny people!

kategetzschman on

I was a nanny and now I’m a mom. I would absolutely have a nanny spend time with me and my kids so that I could really get to know them and my kids. I would want to see the way the interacted for longer than the 15 minutes it takes for me to get out the door for work.

Stop being so judgmental of everyone who has a nanny, she’s spending loving time with her kids, who cares who she takes with her?

Sarah M. on

Likely scenerios:

1) It helps the kids get used to a new nanny if she’s there with mom and dad, too. Kind of like a “Hey. Mom and dad like her, I think I can trust her, too!”.

2) It was just a little extra time with mom and dad in between work. I’m a nanny and have gone places with the parents and kids. Mom was working from home and decided to go get lunch from the grocery store. She wanted to get a little extra time with the baby at the same time. I tagged along, rather than sitting at the house twiddling my thumbs until they got back and I took over again. She held her the whole time and I had some company.

3) It’s an au pair, she could be new to the country. (You can’t always tell where someone is from just by how they look.) I work with a family that just got an au pair from Poland (just got in today, actually!). It’s the first time she’s been to this area. She’ll be alone with the girls sometimes, but is going to the older child’s soccer game WITH the family tomorrow. She’ll do other things with the whole family there, too. She might not have a car, so she might not have transportation, so it’ll give her a chance to get out a bit. It’ll also get her used to the area at first.

4) It very well could be a family member or friend. Unless you’re there, you don’t know.

5) She could have met up with them in between stuff for work. Rather than go home to ride together, go to where they are, go back home to drop them off, then go back to work again, it could’ve been easier to just meet them there.

6) Tina is in the public eye, thereby more of a need for extra hands while out in public. With paps following you. And kids, no matter what age, can be unpredictable.

Sorry to ramble. But unless you were actually there and talked to them, none of us really know what the situation was really like. It could be anything.

Now, to the actual post!! She’s a cute baby! Judging by interviews, it always sounds like a fun household. 😀

Melanie on

I’m a nanny for your average middle class family. They are not celebrities and I frequently accompany the mom to the grocery store or on outings to the park with just ONE child. I’m paid to be there every day from 8-5. The mom’s job is one where she occasionally works from home and wants to take a break and go do something with us for an hour. So, if she’s paying me anyway, why wouldn’t I go to the park with them? What else would I do, sit at their house and wait for them to come back??

It seems silly to me that there is so much judgment in having a nanny come along. It’s perfectly fine if you don’t want to or it’s not right for your family. But for some people, that’s what they want and they shouldn’t be judged for it. From a nanny perspective, I would rather have the relationship I do now…where I can spend time with both the little one AND his parents. It cultivates a closer and more trusting relationship.

Lena on

Thats not a nanny you whiners… It’s her mother in law.

Janna on

Sarah M… You put way too much thought into all that.

Rachel on

Tina Fey may very well have a nanny (and probably does considering she does work), but I don’t think this is her. Honestly my guess would be this is either Fey’s mother (she looks a lot like her) or her mother in law. For one, I’ve never seen a nanny dressed like that (and I’ve been one myself)… and secondly, in all the pictures ever seen with Fey and Alice, I’ve never seen a picture of a nanny. Tina seems like a very hands on mother.

Rosy on

What a cute baby girl. I love her name – my friend’s daughter is named Penelope and she gets called Penny.

Sarah M. on

Janna – Just like others put too much thought into whom else is with celebs while they are out and about, and why. Just showing how it can be done on both ends. It comes from the fact that EVERY time a pic is put up of a celeb while out, the number of people saying something awful about nannies is overwhelming. All (but maybe the au pair idea) has been mentioned before, just in paragraph form rather than list form. By people other than me. Middle class people have nannies, too. Not just celebs. People seem to forget that!

Anonymous on

I think as a celebrity you would need as many hands as possible to help. There are unfortunately alot of crazies out there that might take advantage of the fact that a celebrity is alone without any help. We mothers should promote solidarity amongst mothers, not bash each other.