Meet January Jones’s Son Xander Dane!

10/14/2011 at 09:00 AM ET
Frazer Harrison/FilmMagic

Mad Men welcomed a very special guest this week — January Jones‘s new baby boy!

The proud mom, 33, brought her 4-week-old son, Xander Dane, to the set of her AMC drama on Tuesday.

She was reportedly smiling from ear to ear as she introduced him to John Slattery and a few other cast members.

Xander, born Sept. 13, is Jones’s first child.

Mad Men recently began filming its fifth season, due to premiere in 2012.

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Anonymous on

Actually, the baby looks like an alien

Mom*of*boys on

So sweet and Tiny!

MollyFa on

Anonymous do you have anything nice to say? I guess you’re too chicken to show your true self. January’s son is cute.

angel on

That baby is beautiful. What kind of a person would post that a tiny human being looks like an alien?

K on

This is such a sweet photo! He’s absolutely precious.

Maryanne on

Awww. He is sweet. Congrats to her.

merry on

Don’t get caught by this anonymous troll, ladies.

Baby Xander is beautiful!

p on

beautiful photo! good for you, JJ! 🙂

ClaireSamsmom on

I love when babies just curl up and nestle right into you! What a sweet picture….very adorable!

aly on

omg he is tooooooooo cuteeee and tinnyyyyyy! i just wanna hold him that close like she is 🙂 super cute, so happy for january! xander is so adorable for just 4 weeks and he’ll just get cuter

Guinny on

Xander melts my heart! He is beautiful!

Anonymous is just jealous because her mommy never cared for her enough to teach her any manners. It’s sad really…..


The baby looks like a lot like Jason Sudeikis…hmmmmm. Just kidding. I hope January enjoys motherhood and baby Xander is sure to be loved.

sara on

Yes, the original “Anonymous” comment was stupid, but I never understand why people always respond with comments about the person being “anonymous” and that is somehow lends less credibility to the comment.

Do you not realize everyone here is anonymous? Do you think MollyFa or mer or sara whatever name you choose to call yourself here gives any clue to your true identity? Your comments (and my comment) are no less anonymous those of the person who literally signs as “Anonymous”.

Marsha on

Actually, he looks like a baby. If you feel babies look like aliens, that is your opinion. I personally think they are too cute! My daughter is 5 now so I really miss the cuddling like this. She looks very content as does Xander. Best wishes to mommy and son.

RKF on

Sara – agreed. I also love the hypocrisy – people chastise others for being rude, ignorant, [insert additional cliched adjective here] when they themselves sound no different.

On another note, that baby is incredibly adorable!

Lissette on

Way to be late in posting this Baby Blog…. lame. I saw this photo days ago.

Jillian on

Sara, your comment is exactly what I was thinking.

I don’t understand why ppl even respond to the stupid and negative comments. And then throw something nasty back, like, “you shouldn’t have kids” or “you shouldn’t have been born” or my favorite…..”you are jealous.” just ignore it. By responding they are just as bad!

Angel on

Awww…what a cute little pumpkin! Makes you just want to snuggle up with him.

Shannon on

He must look like his father!

Holiday on

So tiny!

Silly Mama on

You ladies are far too uptight. I believe Anonymous’ comment was kind of an “in before everyone speculates that the baby looks like so-and-so.” It was meant to be sarcastic and snarky, not mean and ugly.

Ashley on

Aww! Adorable picture!

Taylor on

I think a lot of newborns look like aliens. That doesn’t mean they’re ugly though! Newborns are probably the only things in the world that could be cute aliens.
That is one adorable baby though! He looks so snuggly 🙂

Maggie on

Xander is so cute! Loved the name since Buffy!

kendrajoi on

He looks like a lil old man, in a newborn baby way…but then again, most newborns look this way. Still cannot stand HER, though.

soph on

“Anonymous is just jealous because her mommy never cared for her enough to teach her any manners.”

Are you serious with this?

Amanda K on

Very sweet picture

Alivia on

S cute! Wonder who the father is

Anonymous on

Actually, I am a Mom of 4 and to the response from “silly mama”, yes this was meant in a more sarcastic way.

What amazes me is the attention a celebrity can achieve that has had a new baby, when there are newborns all over the world dying every minute from starvation and various diseases, but who gives them and their “mommies” the attention you all gave this “practically unknown” celebrity.

I had a very nurturing and loving childhood, I adore and worship the grounds each one of my children walk on. I gave birth, I nursed, bonded and tend to their every need, but I, as the majority of most Moms out there don’t get our pictures in People Magazine because of it with 40 million comments about how wonderful we are. We don’t want to, we are doing what we are supposed to be doing.

These Celebrities want “privacy” and “anonymity” and “special treatment”, well then why the hell did they go into that business if that’s what they wanted!! They make me utterly ill.

So, that was my point.

anna on

And once again ‘anonymous’, people come to this site to see those celebrity babies because we are interested and want to look at them. The majority are celebrities on this blog and I for one enjoy seeing the babies and hearing names. We and celebrities cannot stop starvation and poverty although some are trying. Don’t visit this site and don’t comment is my advice to you if the celebrities that you read AND write about make you ‘utterly ill’. Your point was not made by saying this very cute baby looks like something he is not.

Hea on

@ Anonymous – What makes me ill is not that celebs want their privacy. I think every damn one of us have the right to privacy. What makes me nauseated is finding pictures where the photogs have obviously deliberately trespassed private property, taken pictures of people who obviously didn’t want them there, publish pictures of people trying to hide behind clothes and whatnot…

These people have jobs. They support themselves doing what they love. I do to but the difference is that I teach pre-school and January for example is an actress. She has the same right as I do to go out, to and from work, pick up groceries and not be bothered by strangers wanting to exploit her or her family. If anything nauseates me then it’s the gossip tabloids. I think this place is pretty much OK because there seem to be at least some policy but this is the only site I go to.

Maddie on

Awww, what he sweet picture. He’s so little and precious.

Mermaid on

I and a lot of other people would like to know who the father is??? Will she ever say, or will she be like a Minnie Driver or Camryn Manheim?

J on

The buzz in Hollywood is that Ashton Kutcher is the father. (He and January dated a few years back) Thus the Demi/Ashton spilt.

A. on

It’s been over ten years since January and Ashton dated, so I would seriously doubt he is the father of baby Xander. Anyways to get back on topic, Xander is so adorable! Love the expression on his face. Such a cute baby.

Reese on

Hea, I agree completely.

As for the identity of the father, it’s no one’s business but the individuals involved. The speculation is a moot point at the moment and people can make a case for just about any male (i.e. Ashton, the mail man, the plumber, etc.)

Anonymous on

The baby doesn’t look like an alien, it looks like a 4 week old baby. And sometimes 4 week old babies look like aliens…but still, I hate these kind of comments

Brooke on

The Ashton Kutcher guess is not that far fetched really. You can SOOOOOOOOOORTA see a little Ashton in his alien features.

Guest on

I read today Ashton Kutcher is this cutie pie baby’s daddy (which would be his first biological child). I first thought…yah right and man never walked on the moon…but after thinking about it I’ve decided this time the e-gossip could actually be true. It would explain the possibility Demi and Ashton may have seperated a few months ago—status of that we can only guess). Ms. Jones and Ashton did date (and may have kept in touch)…stranger things happen, but the most important thing is that Ms. Jones loves her baby very much.

If interested: Google Ashton Kutcher, January Jones, Baby

Mermaid on

Solved: It’s Ashton’s son.

Mermaid on

She looks so lonely in this picture. A baby should ideally have a mother and mother to raise him/her. It sucks she’ll be a single mom. I wonder if she will go after the father for child support.

Indy on

omg so cuuuuute 🙂 just curled up to his mommy aaaaaw

Mia on

The baby does look a little like AK–nobody wants to be a single parent…it just happens.


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PART 2- Once you go home police can not force a sobriety test. He claims he saw her drink one beer at a hotel w/ a group of people and she asked for his # because she wanted HIM to do a kitchen remodle for her… He makes a point to say publicly that he has no idea why she called him of all people, who makes a point to make sure everyone knows they have no connection, when reports are over a minor finder bender? He’s married to an actress, maybe that’s why???