Hilary Duff Confirms: I’m Expecting a Baby Boy!

10/14/2011 at 01:00 PM ET

Hilary Duff‘s gut instinct was right — she is having a boy!

The singer/actress, 24, revealed the sex of her first child with husband Mike Comrie on The Ellen DeGeneres Show in an interview set to air Monday, saying, “I had a feeling it was a boy the whole time.”

After many false alarms, Duff said, she and Comrie couldn’t believe it when they found out she was pregnant.

“My husband makes this joke that I think I’m pregnant like 12 times a year,” she told Ellen.

Michael Rozman/Warner Bros.

“So when it actually happened … he was in the shower and I just held up the test and I was like, ‘Oh my God.’ And he was like, ‘Ahh!’ He was soaking wet. We were just a mess and started crying. It was really exciting.”

Duff says her pregnancy has been “super easy,” but still leaves her feeling strange.

“No sickness, but crazy dreams,” she said. “It’s kind of like a little alien has taken over your body. You just don’t quite feel normal.”

Their baby is due early next year.

— Liz Raftery

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Mandy on

There’s something to be said for a mother’s intuition! Congrats to them!

RachelfromBoston on

aww yay! my husband is a (non-pro) hockey player and we’re expecting a little boy, too

Jen on

Yep, those crazy, strange dreams are common during pregnancy. My doc said it is a hormonal thing that also affects the sub-conscience (sp?) i.e. sleep/dreams.

Whitney on

regardless of her having money and the means to have a baby – I still think she is WAY TOO YOUNG!

Sherrie on

Congratulations!!! Little boys are GREAT…

Vicki on

She doesn’t look that big to me and not far enough along to find out the sex of the baby (20ish weeks)…

Mimi on

Enjoy all the attention now Hilary because you’ll soon find out that kids suck!

Lily on

I think its the year of the boy! Everyone I know is expecting or has already given birth to a baby boy. Very excited for her!

Mimi on

Enjoy the attention now Hilary, because soon enough you’ll realize that kids suck! You’ll be wishing for your old life back.

Kendie on

I really have always thought highly of Hilary Duff. She was a child star and never let the demons or the scandals of fame get to her. More young stars in Hollywood should take note of her, I think it has a lot to say of her character but also of the way she was raised by her parents.

With that said I am sure she is going to be a very good mother. Congratulations!

Mimi on


Mimi on

Divorce will soon follow – no doubt.

kjc on

I still think of her as little Lizzie McGuire, hard to believe she’s 24 and about to be a Mom! What an exciting time for her and her hubby!

Mimi on


Caroline Simini on

Congratulations! I can’t wait to see the new line of baby “Duff Stuff” haha! I love this girl, because she is one of the few who didn’t get corrupted by publicity and media. God Bless and Good Luck! Write a song about the good news, already, will ya!?

lenique chatman on

awwww im having a boy due early next year omg! thats soo cool i loved hilary duff and looked up to her as a child so this is mind blowing for me lol

Micheley on

I love Hilary and I am so excited for her!

Mimi on


Natasha on

Congrats Hilary!! I’m not surprised that she’s having a boy, because she may be small, but she’s a tough cookie! I know she’s going to rock as a mom. God bless her, Mike and their growing family.

Halley on

Whitney, when I was her age I had a two year old. Yes, 24 is youngish, but really not that you. And she’s happily married. So, I’m sure all will be well.

antiquegirl on

Wow, mother’s intuition, huh? Hilary had a 50/50 chance of getting the sex of the baby right. Maybe she should buy a lottery ticket. 😛

Reese on

Congratulations! Little boys are wonderful.

And yikes, Mimi. I hope you’re not a parent.

Siera on

Seriously, what’s with all the negative comments? Hilary’s just announcing the sex of her baby, say congrats and keep it moving. Obviously she doesn’t think kids suck, or she would not be having one.

Rinaade on

Attention Jane, Whitney and Mimi (miserable 3)

First of all Hilary Duff is not a kid. The law in America states at the age of 18, your are an adult. She and her husband are adults and make adults decision to have their baby boy(abortion was not a option for them) like most of you immature like girls wanting to play house, have unprotected sex and end ups in abortion clinics with/without your parents or become another Casey Anthony!!!!!!

Mimi, if your parents felt that way, you would not be here right now!! so please think twice before speaking and please never have children.

Whitney, your parents must have been miserable living under the same roof for you to assume that Hilary and mike marriage will not last. You are not God. You must be traumatize from all the fail relationships you’ve been in and therefore cannot be happy for two wonderful people.

congrat!! to Hilary duff and mike(cutie)….

kim on

congrats to her!! I knew 100% from day 1 that my first was a boy… I just had this crazy gut feeling. And here is he, 2 years later 🙂 I also had crazy pregnancy dreams with him, that was my main symptom. so exciting for them!

christine on

whitney.. how is that way too young? more and more women are waiting until they are way to old so maybe thats what you are comparing her age to.

Mimi on

Siera: the negative comments are because I’m sick of celebs having babies just because it’s the ONE thing they don’t have. Then they grow bored with it really fast, because changing diapers and listening to a crying baby gets old quickly, then they hire nannies to do their job for them, then they get a tummy tuck and talk about how they lost the baby weight so fast, blah, blah, blah and then get divorced from the person who was the love of their life a year go. It’s all so phony.

kim on

I would also like to add that I was pregnant at 24 with my son, and my husband and I were married 2 years at the time… fast forward and we are married almost 5 years and now have a little girl. Divorce has nothing to do with kids, if your relationship is on shaky ground it will end whether you have kids or not. This is such a magical time for them, I remember the feeling like it was yesterday. So stop being haters. Congrats Hilary!

heather on

LOL Mimi!!!!

Mimi on

Rinaade: I know how to use birth control properly and so I’ve never had an abortion. I had a wonderful childhood, but I still think kids suck. Dogs are awesome though!!!

Mary on

24 is too young to be having a baby?

Chelsey on

@ Mimi…you sound like a evil old bag…who must be a terrible mother if you have kids…God I hope you don’t have any because you probably make their lives hell…I have a daughter and I am currently pregnant and my babies are the best thing that God has ever given me. I would be completly lost without them…Yes parenting isn’t for everyone, but you just sound like a complete bitch…now go feed your cats and you can think about how alone you will be when you are old.

Melissa on

@Whitney: You do realize she is 24, not 16 or 17 right? I think a lot of ppl don’t realize she’s 24 now.

Kristina on

@Whitney….why do you feel she is to young to have a baby? I got pregnant at 25 and had my first baby at 25. Sooooo what is the difference? Im not trying to be mean or start a fight here, I Just want to know why is she any different? Many stars have had their babies at young ages. And their kids came out fine. I got married at 19 and my husband and I Have been married for 6.5 years now. And we are still going strong. Just cause your young doesnt mean that people arent mature enough.

I do however feel she acts younger than what her age really is….but she will grow up fast after that baby spends his first night screaming all night long.

And congrats to them

Cynthia on


I pray you are not a mother! I will also pray that you find happiness, because clearly, you need it in your life.

heather on

Vicki, not all people show the same. You should probably know this, unless you’re 15 years old. I didn’t show until my 7th month.

Erica on

Congratulaions to Hilary and Mike. Hope that everything goes well the rest of the way.

RKF on

Congrats to her – she seems like she’ll be a wonderful mom! As for her age, yes, 24 is quite young, but good/bad parenting and preparedness doesn’t necessarily have to do with age. How is a first time mom at 24 any different than a first time mom at 30? Maturity happens at different ages. She seems to have a good head on her shoulders, a close-knit family, etc… If she felt unready for children, she would have waited.

Dee on

wha’s with all the bad comments, dont liek then dont read! weirdos! she looks good and is taking care of herself unlike most “child stars” who pick a dif road that consist of drugs. at least she doesnt have brown cracked lindsey lohan teeth! lol anywho, she is doing great and not too young. and how can somone say kids suck? then use birth control before you open your legs!



Kt on

Wow, I can’t believe how mean people are. Just be happy for her and Mike and saying that divorce is sure to follow is total crap. You don’t know their relationship or how parenthood will affect them. I don’t think 24 is too young especially with shows like 16 and pregnant out in society.

I was 24 when I had my son and my husband and I have been married for 7 years this past August and expecting our second a girl in a month. I didn’t show until I was 8 months preggo with him and showed a little sooner with this one. Every body is differnt so you can’t judge that and Mimi that was just plain rude.

Kids are amazing and a true blessing. I am proud to be a mom but it clearly isn’t for everyone.

Danielle on

I love her!!! Congrats to the beautiful couple!!

RIS on


How does age have anything to do with being a good mother? My mom had me when she was 20, and was and is an amazing mom. I love how so many people are so quick to judge. Maybe you should try to work out your own issues.

Dena on

To the three haters- I got married at 18 and had my kids at 19 and 21…I am fixing to celebrate my 17th anniversary. Stop being so judgemental and making such broad statements. Everyone is different and your opinions are offensive to those of us who did do it all young BY CHOICE and don’t regret it. It is just rude. Sorry, but those statements irk me.

Sara on

Whitney…..What does age have to do with having a baby? I have my first child when I was 19 years old and still accomplished everything I wanted too. School, amazing job. Since then I’ve bought my own house, married, and due any day for my second and I’m 28.

I don’t believe there should be an appropriate age for a person to become pregnant. If your ready, your ready. I even know some amazing 16 yr old mothers who are better with their child then women my own age. Oh, and being rich doesn’t mean anything you can raise a child very well on the minimal income.

Sabrina on

What?????? I didn’t know Hilary was pregnant. I can’t believe it…remembering all the movies she was in it doesn’t seem like the girl she used to be. She was always the innocent girl in the movies… Congrats Hilary

Jill on

Whitney, you have no right to judge whether she is too young to have a baby. It is not your life. She is married and has the means to take care of her child. You wouldn’t want her to judge you. Thank about that before you judge someone else.

Ayantika on

Who cares if she’s “too young?” At least she was MARRIED when she got pregnant & isn’t going to be an irresponsible mother (hopefully.) But she doesn’t seem like she would be anyway. Wishing 4 the best 4 her & her Hubby!

Sonya on

I’m surprised that anyone would think that a married woman of 24 is too young to have a baby. I got married at 20 and had my first baby a year later. I’ve now been very happily married for 19 years and have two beautiful teenage daughters whom I adore. I loved being a young mom and highly recommend it! 🙂

Jackmama on

I am 24 years old, have a 4 month old and have been married for over a year. My mother was 18 when she had my sister, married and celebrated their 28th wedding anniversary, my sister was 21 when she had my niece, and just celebrated her 7th anniversary. age doesnt matter when you know its what you want.

and its her child with her husband. regardless of when she got married, or pregnant, it doesnt affect anyone but those two. talk all you want but shes obviously happier than all the people writing negative things. once again, get a life and if you dont agree with what you think shes doing “wrong” move onto something else. why comment?

debra on

I was a mother at 21…what is the problem with that? My daughter is now almost the age I was when I became a mother….she is a beautiful, young, loving young woman as is my second daughter….what is the issue with that? You can be 30 and be a horrible mother….you can be 21 and be a wonderful mother. Who cares? It is NOYB!

Jerica on

Congrats!! AMAZING!! I have a three year old daughter, and she entertains me soo much, LOVE being a mother!!:)

And I don’t think she’s too young AT ALL!! I was 18 when I had my daughter & am now 22, that is a little young, but I have raised her just fine!

Stephanie on

Everyone is ready at different times….if she is married, way over 18 and both feel they are ready who are we to judge?? I think the nasty comments are very rude and cynical and judgemental…..bad day…or life??? apparently so!!

I got married at 20 and had my only child at 23 and I’ve been married 16yrs. What works for one person may not work for everybody. Wish them congrats and move on or don’t say anything!!!!

Shannon on

She’s not too young. 24 is her Hollywood age.

Mimi on

Chelsey: I’ve got a wonderful husband and dogs and I personally think kids suck. I’m entitled to my opinion. You’re the bitch! Why don’t you go change a shitty diaper!

Mimi on

smh: I’m not a mother and I’m soooo happy about it. I love my life! I don’t need a kid to be fulfilled. Thank you very much.

Josy on

wow…whats with all the negative comments? …I am a 25 year old mother to a 5 week old, and..I don’t feel too young, I am happily married and am able to give my child a stable home and happy family that many 30 something moms can’t and I don’t regret it one bit she is the best thing that has ever happened to me and I can’t even imagine my life without her. So you 3 go get a life instead of trying to rain on everyones parade.

Jessica on

After reading how they both started crying together I started tearing up! So unbelievably sweet!! Awwww!

Mimi on

@Josy: I have a great life. Don’t impose your need for a child on me. Just becuase I have a uterus doesn’t mean I’m obligated to have children. If you’re happy with your baby that’s great. I thinks kids suck.

Holiday on

I really do not understand how people think 24 is too young. Maturity is a state of mind and not an age. Besides I hate how people on here think your 20s should be a time to get drunk all the time and sleep around. Not everyone wants that thankfully.

My husband and I got pregnant with out son when we were both 21 and had him at 22. We are great parents, our almost 6 year old son and 17 month old daughter are so loved and cared for and both are very happy kids. My son goes to a private kindergarten and I am one of the young moms at only 27. Most moms are in their late 30s early 40s.

Anyhow today was pajama and pancake day and only 3 of us moms volunteered and what do you know, its me and the other 2 young moms in the class! None of the other moms bothered to come and most of them stay at home. I was there with my baby strapped to my chest serving pancakes and juice to the kids.

So yes young moms can be great moms. I have actually found that lots of the younger moms are the better moms. Not always but I have noticed this.

RKF on

Yes, Mimi, everyone is allowed their own opinion, and you certainly expressed it. What an accomplishment! I’m sure your “loving” husband and dogs are thrilled.

Steph on

whitney shes freaking 24???? how is that 2 young? i have a 2 yr old and im only 21 and my sons wonderful and taken care of so just because ur young doesnt mean that you cant be a good mother to your child. woman we live in 2011 not 1960 geesh!

Niki on

OMG. I dont understand why anyone would comment negative things about Hilary. She is doing good for herself. She is married and it sounds like a mutual agreement between her and her spouse. They are ready for a child. Having a child isn’t the end of the world for happy, loving people…the individual who posted negative words should be ashamed for critisizing others they do not even know personally.

niki on

congrats. 2 loving couples (married) and making an adult decision. I couldnt be more happy for u!

Rachel on

aww Congratulations Hilary! How exciting on finding out you’re going to have a boy 🙂

Renee on

I found out the sex of my baby at 16 weeks. I’m at 22 weeks now and, with clothes on, I’m still not showing. Don’t judge.

Karen on

Well Said Rinaade!!!!!

Jenn on


You might be married and have dogs but I think your opionions should end there! I am sure you will bring many conversations to end at dinner parties and you will probably lose a few friends as a result of your childish ways. If you don’t care about children then why are you taking the time to comment on a website regarding them???

Violet on

@Sabrina: Of course she’s not the innocent girl she used to be…She’s a 24 year old married woman.

My husband and I had our first child when I was 25. For both my kids I didn’t show until around 6 or 7 months I love my life and wouldn’t change it for anything!!

Congrats to the happy couple!

Krystle on

Thank you for addressing the rude miserable woman everyone. Lets pray for them. they need help

Krystle on

hahahah Mimi if you are sooo happy you wouldnt spend your day addressing people trying to prove that you’re happy.

Lisa on

Way to young? She’s 24, and married. it’s not like she’s 16! I am 30 and expecting my 3rd w/ my husband, we had our oldest when I was 22, then one at 26 and now one at 30. Might I also add, we PAY OUR OWN BILLS!! Congrats to her and her husband! My husband and I are expecting a little boy now (I’m 20 weeks and tiny), to join our 2 little girls!

Maria on

Wow Mimi you are a horrible person. You probably suck as a person. Yeah everyone is entitled to their own opinion but dont rain on others people parade just because you are a bitter old hag. No one said you need to have kids but you could just have said Congrats instead of being a big time jerk about it.

Tara on

You can find out the sex at 4 months. Just because shes not very big doesnt mean shes not like 6 months along- some people are just little- she was pretty skinny to begin with. My friend was 9 months pregnant and you couldnt tell she was pregnant at all from behind and barely from the side depending on what she wore.

Shantelle on

She is most certainly not too young! Where would anyone get an idea like that? She is happily married to a man she loves and is having her first child. The girl is older than me! (Not by much though)

Best of luck to you Hilary… I will always see you as Wendy, the little witch who befriended a ghost.

Tara on

OMG Mimi you miserable wench- shut your pie hole. Seriously- how your husband can tolerate your shitty attitude is beyond me. He must either be as miserable as you or shuts you up by sticking his teeny weeny in it now shaddup and stop being so hateful.

My mom and gramma were both married and had kids at 24- 24 is NOT a young parent- 16 is a young parent- I dont get what the issue is with her age- shes a married woman- has been married. Its not like shes 18- got knocked up and is rushing down the aisle. Get a grip people!!!

Ashley on

Wow Whitney, how old are you? 65? Twenty-four is just about the perfect age to have children! At that age, the body is young enough to recover, old enough to handle the stress. Perfect. She’s married, financially stable, and YOU my dear are an internet troll with nothing better to do than make an incorrect and condescending comment.

Mimi on

– RKF It must be sad to feel like you’re useless without a child. I wouldn’t know. I’m laughing so hard that people are actually calling me things like “a horrible person” because I don’t like kids. That’s a riot!

Mimi on

– Krystle – I could ask you the same question…

Mimi on

– Jessica – OMG you’re pathetic. If they’re crying now wait until the kid becomes a teenager. Oh, but by then they’ll be divorced and on marriage #3 probably anyway. Ha, ha, ha…

Krystle on

im not trying to prove to others that im happy? and i dont put others down. I am proud to be the person I am and I dont think you could say the same

Belle on

Personally, I was 24 when I got married and 27 when I had my first daughter. Even though to some, having a baby at 24 is young, she is married and it sounds like this pregnancy was completely planned. All three of my pregnancies were completely planned too.

That being said, 24 would have been too soon for me to have a baby, but as I said before she IS married. I am glad that I waited until I was 27 to have my first daughter. But it looks like 24 is working for Hilary Duff.

As far as Mimi goes, it is perfectly fine to have your own opinion about not having children. I always remember wanting to be a mom and I am not going to insult you for not wanting to be a mom. It is not necessary to insult all of us that want to be moms though. Having kids has totally completed my life and my marriage became a family and I became totally fulfilled and happy because of it. I think that it is great that you are happy not having kids but think that you should respect Hilary Duff and other people that want to have kids no matter how old they are. I am glad to hear that you are happy in the life you have chosen. Now can you try to be happy for all of us that have chosen a different path?

tiffany on

Awesome for Hilary Duff!!! She will be a terrific mommy. To all the bad-mothers~~FUCK YOU!!!! She is not too young and children are one of life’s greatest most wonderful gifts. Instead of trashing her keep your mouths shut and find something good to talk about. If you can’t do that, try to grow up and get a life! CONGRATS to one of my favorite childhood stars and I for one am really looking forward to pictures! But please Hilary….don’t pick a hollywood funky name! 🙂 ❤ you girl!

BB on

and why do we care? she’s a nobody now…

Erin on

yeah Whitney she should wait until she’s 65 and pre-menopausal to even think about getting pregnant right?

Jessie on

Mimi sounds like an idiot. If you don’t have children, you don’t get to have an opinion on being a parent. Sorry, you just don’t know what you’re talking about.

CBB has gone sooooo far downhill since People bought it out. The old owners never would have allowed this crap.

Elana Gant on

I am so happy for the couple I have been a big fan of hilary insince I was probely 4 and now I am 13 and still a big fan. Congrates Hilary and Mike! But you will have your Hands Full! Love yall so much keep us all updated!

Brooklyn on

Future hockey player! 😉 So excited for these two!

Cindy on

What’s with the haters? Come on… Hilary Duff is one of the best examples of young actresses around these days. She is 24 and nowadays, that’s actually almost old to have a baby. If you make it to 28-30, you’re almost ancient by today’s standards. I was 20 when I had my first, my daughter was 18 (not what we had hoped for, but we love her and support her)… and they are really happy together. This is a very joyous time for them. Why bring your own negative thoughts and ruin their happiness? If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all.

Megan on

I met Hilary on Monday at her book signing, and she was stunning! Glowing! Best wishes to Hilary and Mike on their baby boy!

Loa on

Congrats to both of them!

Jen on

Can’t wait to see pictures of that little bundle of joy once he’s born! So happy for them.. 🙂

metoo on

The conveyor belt slinging out celebrity babies keeps a churnin’. I guess tattoos and belly piercings got too boring.

River on

RFK – that was an uncalled for. How do you know Mimi has a husband and dogs? And if she IS married, why are you implying that her husband is unhappy that she doesn’t like children? You think men only love their wives if they are baby makers? What backwards thinking on your behalf. Also, why do you assume she has dogs? Because she doesn’t like children?

There’s nothing wrong with not wanting children and choosing to have only dogs. You sound like you have a sad life, with your only life’s worth being pro-creating.

Cindy on

I’m really disappointed in those who feel they have to bash Hilary and her husband, especially during this very joyous time for them. The old saying “misery loves company” is what comes to mind. Maybe you don’t want kids but don’t judge those of us who do have or want kids. We all have our own views on kids and I don’t judge anyone because of their views.

Mimi, your dogs are your “kids”, your “furbabies”. Think about how happy you must have been when you got your dog. If a puppy, even more special because then you really get to raise them and watch them grow. That’s how those of us who have kids feel, but because they’re human beings instead of a canine shouldn’t matter. I feel the same way about my dog. He’s like another child to us, and he jumps up right beside us on the couch and takes walks and plays ball with us right alongside the kids. We love him just as much as the kids.

We don’t belittle you or bash you because you love your dogs and have dogs as your chosen “kids”, so why do you feel the need to do it to someone else? I just don’t understand those who feel they have to intentionally try and ruin someone’s joyous news. Only someone who is unhappy would feel like they had to make someone else unhappy, imho.

Helen on

She is, like, so immature and annoying!

Maggie on

Congrats to Hilary & Mike! Their baby will be adorable.

Maureen Mann on

Mimi…Please tell me you are NOT a mother! WOW, you are a sad person.

Jennifer on

Since when is 24 too young to be married with kids?!?!

My husband and I have been together since he was 14 and I was 16. We now have a beautiful baby boy and own 2 houses.

My husband was 23 when we were married and 24 when our son was born.

Obviously you aren’t mature enough to be married or have kids with that opinion

RKF on

@River – If you read her previous posts (clearly you didn’t), Mimi said she had a loving husband and dogs, thus I was repeating what she said. Learn how to read prior posts before asserting your snarkiness, and illiteracy. And considering I don’t have any children, how is pro-creating my life’s worth? Idiot.

Debbe on

Wow, I wish I could have felt what that felt like, my son’s father was angry and ignored me for a few days…and then ended up leaving when I was still pregnant. I thought I was picky and wise and thought I had finally found the right man. I am a serious person so decided no more kids after that and being a single mom for 18 years, but it would have been nice to know, even for a moment in time what it would have felt like to have this reaction as Hillary had with her man.

Erin on

SO excited for her and Mike!!

Jenni on

Now, people wonder why some kids are the way they are today. With some of the judgemental negative comments….kids learn it from somewhere. Congrats and Best Wishes Mike Comrie and Hilary Duff!

Shawna on

I had my first child at 21, my second at 23, and my third at 26. No it is not too young. They are now 11, 9, and 6 and are wonderful kids.

eribri on

She will be nearing 25 by the time the baby is born, that is not “too young”! If you haven’t noticed, age does not determine your maturity. She seems very well put together in her life so I don’t see why people are tearing her down with all this negativity on her age, husband or kids sucking comments! Grow up.

— Congrats to her & Mike

me three on

@ mimi….you were a kid once and apparently your suckiness didn’t wear off at all…..because you still suck! Apparently nobody ever told you if you don’t have something nice to say…STFU! Go take your leftover suckiness and spread it some place where it will be useful, like on a crappy Lindsey Lohan story.

me three on

and mimi….people, arent calling you names like “horrible person” because you dont want kids. They are calling you that because….well, you kind of sound like a horrible person. someone who enjoys other peoples misery and unhappiness…and enjoys spreading around their suckiness! Its a good think you dont want kinds, because you sound pretty miserable…and we dont need you breeding and spreading your suckiness on.

Nat on

Whitney what are you like 99? How is she too young? She is 24 and married! Not to mention having awesome financial stability is a nice bonus. You sound stupid.

soph on

“@ Mimi…you sound like a evil old bag…who must be a terrible mother if you have kids…God I hope you don’t have any because you probably make their lives hell…I have a daughter and I am currently pregnant and my babies are the best thing that God has ever given me. I would be completly lost without them…Yes parenting isn’t for everyone, but you just sound like a complete bitch…now go feed your cats and you can think about how alone you will be when you are old.
– Chelsey”

Oh hon, you’ve got it all wrong. Tell me, does a good mom overreact to such a degree and call someone an “evil old bag” and a “complete bitch”? Gosh, I feel so sorry for those kids of yours. I hope you don’t make their lives hell by saying such things in their presence! I think I’ll go pray for them.

Stella Bella on

C’mon guys, don’t feed the trolls!

Mary on

Geez, I got married at 18, had 3 kids, and recently celebrated my 31st anniversary. Leave then alone, yes she is young, but she can enjoy the kids now, and still be young when their grown up.

sks4188 on

she is not only an adult but she is also married too so who has the right to judge. i am 26 and have been married for 6.5 years. I had my son at 23 and my daughter at 24 and we are all doing just fine

Reese on

River, people are specifically directing their comments towards Mimi because she said “kids suck”. If she doesn’t like children, that’s fine. Nowhere does it state that every woman needs to be a mother nor should they want to. That said, it’s completely irrelevant on this website for her to have pity on Hilary who, by this article and various others, is clearly excited for the birth of her son.

Bonita on

I see another Ashlee Simpson situation coming. Why is she in such a rush. when you are you young twenties you only begin to know who you are as a person. She will end up with a lot of regrets. Yes you have the thrill of it now but this marriage unfortunately will not last. Jessica Simpson and Ashlee were mature and not all in the media when they were young and single but look what happened to them when they rushed life

Anita on

@ Mimi,

Sounds like you need some or something. Yes, kids may get on your nerves sometimes, but remember, they did not ask to be here. Don’t be so critical of others who choose to be mothers. I pray for your children, if you have any.

Amanda K on

Congrats to Hilary and Mike on their baby boy! What great news. To the person(s) stating kids suck I have a question for you. If you think they suck, then why come and write comments on a Moms & Babies forum? That seems stupid to me.

Jen on

@River: You are a moron. Read the previous posts and you will see Mimi SAID she had a husband and dogs herself! Why the hateful comments? You all look like trash for bashing people with kids. Just say congrats. geez no one said you had to have any!

Kylie on

Congrats! So excited for them! As for the haters, GET A LIFE! Work on improving your own instead of picking apart other peoples!

Mae on

Honestly, I think one of the only reasons why people are saying that she’s “too young” is because she’s known to all of us as “Lizzie McGuire”, the young teen some of us grew up with. Time flies, people get older. For example, Tiffany Thornton is getting married next month and people are saying that she looks “too young” because she played a teen on Sonny With a Chance, when in reality, she’s 25 and older than Hilary.

Grace2 on

Mimi is just stirring the pot. If you read the entire comments, you will agree. She posts the same thing twice because she was too impatient and didn’t see her comment post right away so she tried again. Then, she posts with a “test” comment too because this site remembers your name and won’t post a different name. She then posts another “get-’em-all-riled-up” comment. Whatever. If you hate kids, WTF go to a site about babies and children? Well, because you like drama. Silly, silly…

And for the record, I think it’s great if people who don’t want children don’t have them. I know quite a few people who’ve made that choice and are happy and fulfilled.

I sometimes think People plants these crazy commenters so that everyone freaks out, generating tons of comments.

SJ on

She’s been with Mike since 2007… so, if one does the math, she’s had roughly *48* false alarms…

Jena on

SO happy for ANYONE who is blessed enough to have babies! She seems very down to earth, and I’m excited for her to experience all the joys of motherhood.

Mimi, sad you missed out on the joys of being a mommy (although, based on your comments, it might be better if you dont have kids…doesn’t sound like you’d be a very good mom.)Maybe you could keep your horrible comments to yourself and not try to take away from others joy. If you do have kids, I will be praying for them.

And for the lady who said 24 is too young: I had two babies by age 24…and I was/am happily married and couldnt be more thankful that I am young enough to run around with my kids and do all the fun stuff they do…not all of us want to be popping out kids at 42.

Jen on

She is 24! That is not to young to have a baby, it’s not like she is 17 and knocked up by some guy she doesn’t know. She is married.

Steph on

I have to agree. I will pray that you do not have children that is the most awful thing to say. you know you were a baby once. Also, I have to Daughters and you know what life is still great after infancy. I love my children……… They absolutely dont suck. They are the most wonderful gifts that I have ever received and will continue to enjoy them every day. You need to keep your mean and self center comments to yourself.

Sarah K. on

Wow, I’m a little surprised at how this comment section has blown up. Hilary is a married, financially stable woman in her mid-20s – how is her having a baby at all controversial? She’s traveled the world, accomplished a lot, and made a comfortable nest egg for herself. She’s been with her husband for a few years and they seem pretty stable. This was a planned pregnancy. All of those factors indicate the perfect time to have a baby. There is pretty much nothing to criticize there.

Also, lol at Mimi who thinks kids suck but visits a celebrity baby site.

KMC on

That’s fine if you don’t like kids, but don’t you realize that your comment about others imposing on your rights about having kids is the same as you imposing your beliefs on the rest of soceity about having kids. Saying that kids suck is your comment and it is not mirrored by the majority of soceity. The majority of people love and want kids, the others who don’t so be it. That doesn’t however mean that having kids define us or that we need them to be complete. They are an added bonus in life.

It is probably better anyway that you don’t have kids with an attitude like yours. You sound like a total bi**h to be around. Just because you don’t like kids doesn’t mean that the rest of have to follow suit. No one ever said that you have to procreate just because you have a uterus. Thank God you won’t be, because you would probably be another Casey Anthony.

Marky on

Mimi is spewing hate and ridicule on almost every thread that comes up regarding children. it is beyond idiotic for a person to claim they have a right to state their opinion, then claim everyone who disagrees is stupid, lame, or worse. Why don’t the haters go to sites supporting their viewpoints and jabber away with people who agree with them? Of course, it’s possible they are getting all excited by irritating the rest of us. How pathetic!!

As far as her being too young, we all know many of us had children as young or younger than Hilary is. By the time I had my 28th birthday, I had 2 biological children and we had done an international adoption. Hilary has shown herself to be level-headed, family oriented, and a person who is as capable as many of us to make her own decisions. Let’s just say, “Congratulations!”

Jen on

Mimi, your a complete waste of womanhood! Motherhood may not be for everyone but you saying that “kids suck” is very disturbing to me. It breaks my heart to know you feel that way. If ever you decide to have a child I can only hope you’ve grownup.

Whitney, I personally don’t think 24 is to young. I was 22 when I got married and 23 when I had my daughter. She’s 4 now and let me tell you, being a young mom has been a blessing. I’m able to live my childhood once again through her.. 🙂 May God Bless all you fabulous, young moms who continue to do an awesome job at raising your angels…

Maeve on

Mimi quit trolling! we all know your some 15 hear old just being stupid to get attention

love Hilary Duff, Ive always been a fan of her. I mostly like that she never gave up on herself and she always strived to be the best. Plus you never really see her in magazines mostly when its big events or once in a blue moon they catch her walking her dog or something, so shes not really a fame whore.

Congrats to them both! hope they name it Gordo XD

Milly on

Someone made the comment that they thought Hilary Duff at 24 was too young to be pregnant. Seriously, fertility starts to go downhill at age 25. Those that have their first child in their early twenties have a lessened risk of breast cancer. Sounds like mother nature wants us to reproduce younger. Not talking teen pregnancy here, but many women that wait until their 35 to have their first child have difficulty conceiving.

mimi on

i think a lot of people forget while yes she is only 24 but she has lived a pretty full life already and she’s not a “normal” 24 year old. she’s had a fulfilling career already, she’s travelled the world and lived a pretty adult life for years. she’d be on par with most average women in their late twenties/early thirties! im the same age but at a completely different point in my life so i understand why people see 24 and say “oh but she’s too young”, but really, it seems like the perfect moment for her.

congrats to her and her husband – they seem like a nice, down-to-earth couple.

bitchmimi on


u don’t like kids or you cannot have kids(sour, sour). there’s a big difference in that. but either way, u don’t deserve to be one anyway.

being a mother(biological or not) is great. maybe that’s why your like that because your head is full of ticks now. eewww.

Ali on

I really like Hilary. I don’t think she’s an extremely good actress but I get a “I could be your best friend”-vibe from her and she seems nice & friendly. I also don’t think 24 is too young to have a baby. Besides, I think it’s important to remember that she kind of grew up in the world of television, and you mature a lot faster that way. So I think her state of mind probably is more mature than your average 24 year old.

Julie on


I hope you get pregnant! haa haaa!

Ness on

Mini why are you reading Celebritybabies when you don’t like children? Why don’t you go and get a life and do something productive like trying to remove your head from your a$se!

Sandy on

Congratulations to Hillary and Mike…so exciting for you and thank you for sharing with the us this wonderful time in your lives. I see a tiny pair of hockey skates in your future…enjoy!

coco judy on

Mimi, you should get a talking bird as a pet too. Then you could have conversations with something else that is flighty!!!!!! Just saying….

Michele on

@Mimi – What is wrong with you? You are such a pessimist. It’s a wonderful thing that Hilary is having a baby. She is happily married, is financially stable and seems to have a good head on her shoulders. These are all excellent qualitiies to have to be a mother. If you are not happy in your life, please don’t rain on someone else’s parade. Hasn’t anyone ever told you, “if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all”?

Having said that, Congrats Hilary!

Ann on

24 is a good age. By the time she’s 40, she’ll have a 16-year old. By the time she’s 45, her son will be 21. What’s the problem?

Michele on

@Marky – I love your comment! Right on girl!

NYC on

Too young to be doing big people’s things..You should be enjoying your youth.

JLP on

Congrats to Hilary and her husband! Very exciting!

@Mimi…If you are happy without adding kids to the mix, good for you. But spewing your negativity and dislike for kids on an article about someone who is excited about their baby, is just rude and uncalled for. Also, running around saying they will be divorced soon and things like that is just ignorant. You say you are married, well how would you feel if someone was saying you would be divorced soon? I really hope you are truly happy with your husband and that your marriage is perfect since you are running your mouth about other peoples marriages.

And as for kids…as someone else pointed out, your dogs are your kids. Do you feel good being put down for not wanting kids? Do you like everyone thinking that you are nasty? Since you are human, I’m thinking probably not. Yes, you are entitled to your opinion but, sometimes biting your tongue and keeping those negative, nasty opinions to yourself is better….cause it just makes you sound bitter.

Just be happy that she found someone that makes her as happy as your husband makes you…..also, be happy that the impending birth of her son makes her as happy as you feel when you snuggle up with one of your dogs. Remember, just cause its not your cup of tea doesn’t mean it’s not good for someone else.

JLP on

@NYC….How is she too young to be doing big people’s things? She’s been an actress and working for years….she probably done more ‘adult’ things then most of us have. Mid-twenties is the normal age to be having kids so, she is just doing what most normal people do when they are married and want a family.

You want to diss on people for being too young to have babies? Go find an article about the 16 & Pregnant or Teen Mom people. They are truly too young.

Mimi on

Mimi – it’s sad enough that you have the opinions that you do…but then to post almost the same thing more than once? I feel for you! You are obviously a very sad person. CONGRATS HILARY!!! You’re gonna have the time of your life being a Mama!

edie day on

i found out i was having a boy when i was 15 weeks. my doc said its easier to see if you are having a boy a little earlier than a girl. if there is a penis, its a boy (obviously!) .. if not penis, it could be a girl or a boy (the penis could be hiding).

hahawhatever on

i bet all the bashers on here are all the same person. because only a dumb person would laugh at another stupid persons comments.

Holiday on

NYC you sound like a little old lady! 24 is too you to be doing “ib people things” Seriously do you live in a nursing home?

Jen on

Mimi hates kids, and yet stalks a baby board? Troll.

Felicia on

I was was 23 when I had my first child. I had been married for years at the time. We are now going on our 12 yr wedding anniversary. Most of the time I see comments on here about how these celebs are evil for having babies out of wedlock, when one does go the marriage route first, there are still people who voice negative comments. Their damned if the do and damned if they don’t. Can’t we just all be happy for them?

Erinn on

My friend Deb had her first baby at 14, married at 15, had her second kid at 16 and her third at 18. Her oldest runs a multi-million dollar construction company that he started on his own with his two brothers. Deb and her husband were married for 33 years until she died of cancer at 48. No one can say what will work and what won’t. Its different for everyone. Keep your negative comments to yourself. Have a good day.

Em on

I know a few girls that I went to high school with and are starting to have babies (about Hilary’s age). I don’t agree with it, but if she wanted to be a young mother, is an a stable relationship and has the finances to do it (clearly, her husband is very very rich), then go for it. I wouldn’t want to be a young mother, but that’s just me!

And Mimi et al. I get your point. Not everyone is meant to be a parent. It’s good that you know it and are open about it. But there’s really no point in being so pessimistic. It’s a blog about babies!

Erinn on

My friend Deb had her first child at 14, got married at 15, had her second at 16, her third at 18. The oldest runs a multi-million dollar construction company that he started with his two brothers. Deb and her husband were married for 33 years before she died at 48 of cancer. It is different for everyone. Keep your negative comments to yourself.

dajaismom on

Let me go out on a limb here and guess that the reason MIMI is so bitter is because she is in an unhappy marriage. She’s probably barren. If your mammy hated kids as much as your sick a** do she should have aborted you and done the world a great favor.

KMC on

Erinn – I am very sorry for the loss of your friend Deb from cancer at the age of 48, but having a baby at 14, 16, and 18 is not something to brag about. That is way too young to be having babies. She was a baby raising a baby. She should have waited to have her first until she was at least 18. Having a baby at 14 and 16 is not something to be proud of. It is great that it worked out for her until her untimely passing, but lets be honest, that is not the case for 99% of young teenage mothers.

kimmie on

River, the person that uses nickname “Mimi” did say she is married and has dogs. She also said that children suck and dogs are much better. That is why all the comments. I have a little girl who is the most amazing person and does not suck at all, except on a lollipop. To tell another mother that her child sucks, well, what reactions would you excpect…

kimmie on

Whitney, agree. She is way too young. She should wait to have her first child until she is at least 55.

JH on

Why doesn’t anybody wait for the surprise. I actually think it’s kind of sad.

Jess on

I wish I could say I was surprised by all the negativity within the comments posted, but sadly I’m not. Can no one be happy for anyone else anymore? I personally don’t want kids, but best wishes to those who do. These two people obviously were trying for some time now to get pregnant and are extremely happy to be adding to their family.

Is it really such a bad thing to be having a child at 24 then it is at over 40 when the risks are much higher for many life debilitating diseases? (Not bashing those who have children past 40). At the end of the day no one owes anyone else for their happiness. Life is what you make of it so why not live it! One of my best friends got pregnant during her Junior year in high school, but she took responsibility and she is raising an amazing child. Happiness and health to your family Hilary!

Dee on

I knew I was having a boy too and nothing could tell me otherwise and I was right!!! Good for her…I am happy for her.

As for people commenting on her being WAY TOO YOUNG!!!! Gimme a break already. I work as a counselor in a high school and my 14,15 and 16 yr olds are WAY TOO YOUNG. My latest is 17 and his gf is due this winter.

At 24 you are more than adult, so seriously people. Get over it!!!

Cas on

@Mimi:: Okay, so I don’t see your problem. Just because she is famous doesn’t automatically mean she’ll be like that. You shouldn’t judge her like that. Especially when she’s done nothing to show that she’ll be like that. Plus, it isn’t your place to judge what she will be like. I bet you’d be a worse mother then Hilary could ever possibly be.

And for those saying she’s too young, I’m 18 and almost had a little girl, but miscarried. And I’m not too young. My body just isn’t ready. Age doesn’t matter, as long as they are ready for the baby and not still in high school or unmarried. They are ready and it isn’t our business what age she chooses to have a baby. I have always been a huge fan of Hilary Duff and it annoys me when people judge her like some of you have. 24 is a great age to have a child. I plan to have my first when I’m married and have my career started. Granted, that isn’t until I’m 24 or 25, but still. And she has done exactly that. She has had a career started AND she is married. I believe she is perfectly ready and you guys need to just be happy that she is happy and drop your problems.

Hilary Duff is perfectly ready for a child and it’s no one, but her and her husbands business whether they have a child or not. Obviously abortion isn’t in this, they want their baby.

Cas on

@Mimi:: also, just because you don’t like kids and won’t plan on them, doesn’t mean other people don’t like them. I LOVE kids and have ever since I can remember. I’ve lost two babies (no, I have never TRIED for pregnancy, and no I’m not a slut. I have had..things happen in my life) and it is very depressing whether a person plans to have children or not. You just need to grow up. Not everyone’s decisions and lives revolve around you and what you think and feel about anything. Honestly, I think you are just very selfish. Grow up and stop assuming things you don’t know.

Alexandra on

@Sarah K – she didn’t plan the pregnancy. A little while before she announced her pregnancy, she said that she wasn’t really ready for kids at that point in her life and I guess it just happened and she’s just embracing it now.

Cas on

I am also super happy for Hilary and Mike!! Kids are a blessing to anyone who can raise a child and are selfless enough to have them.
And during my first pregnancy, I miscarried my fourth month along and only had a little pocket of fat, looked like I had just eaten too much. But during my second pregnancy, I miscarried four months along, but I was showing. So, each person and each pregnancy is different. And especially the first pregnancy you don’t show as soon as the following pregnancies.
No pregnancy story is the same for two people, and most of the time, even the same person. I loved being pregnant and cannot wait until I have my first child in quite a few years.

Janna on

You know, if you just ignored people like Mimi, she’d go away.

--8 on

Hilary Duff was sorta like the George Lazenby/Timothy Dalton of Disney starlets, if we compare her to the rank of the James Bond actors. Thank god that Hilary Duff isn’t overrated as Britney Spears and Miley Cyrus are.

Mina on

I found out the sex of my baby at 15 weeks. It was right. You could clearly see a penis. Maybe it depends on the person doing it and/or the position of the baby. A lot of ppl were surprised I found out so soon. The lady was even 100 percent certain, and usually they will say “well we arent sure so dont hold us to it”. Its not impossible. And I am sure she is getting the best medical care.

sonie on

I’m sure they’ll divorce soon…like all Hollywood celebs.

tia on

Mimi,just because you can’t have any kids doesn’t mean you have to be so nasty to others who can.BTW I hate dogs they stink….like you.

Sarah K. on

I didn’t agree with Mimi’s comments either, but some of your responses have been that she’s probably barren, should have been aborted, dogs stink like her (great retort…), a complete bitch, a bitter old hag, a miserable wench, a waste of womanhood etc.

How are those who said that any better than she is? It is pretty ironic how you tell her she’s probably barren and then in the next breath tell her to be nicer. Saying she should have been aborted is not a proportional response to her saying kids suck. It is possible to respond to people without being vicious. Practice what you preach.

Lena on

The people bashing Mimi are more annoying than she is.

e on

This is so exciting! This couple really stayed under the radar as celebrities. Hilary looks beautiful.

Mimi – if you hate celebrities having babies, you may want to find a different website to browse. This one is kind of dedicated to that sort of thing…

Dahlia on


sara on

“I have a great life. Don’t impose your need for a child on me.”

Oh, this is priceless. I guess in addition to all the other criticisms Mimi has received, she also doesn’t understand the concept of irony. So…you get mad if think other people are imposing their choices on you, but somehow it’s okay for you to impose yours on others? You aren’t just defending your own choices, you’re claiming a celeb will discover what you know, that kids suck. Guess what – most people don’t think having kids suck, and your assumption that they will think that is absurd.

Also, seriously, if hate reading about celebs having kids, why are you reading this site? Are you some kind of moron? (That’s a rhetorical question. Of course you are. Obviously.)

anon on

i agree with you sarah K. i wish people would learn to have disagreements and discuss the differing opinions without attacking other opinions. Mimi has her opinion about children, and while many posters seem to disagree that doesn’t mean mimi does not have the right to voice her opinion. posters who disagree should simply say they don’t agree with mimi maybe give their reasons for their opinion and possibly ask a question about why mimi has her opinion. This should also be done for all posts that one does not agree with.

Lisa Dunn on

I am so happy for you Hilary Duff (: I have loved you ever sense Lizzie McGuier (I spelled that wrong). I wish you and your husband the best of luck with your new addition (: Congratulations (: I would love to meet you (: Love Lisa Dunn Marion, Ohio (:

tayte on

@mimi you are a down right rude person I’m 13 and I have more class than you, you are probly the girls at school who makes everyone else cry because you have an awful life I would feel sorry for you but karma will catch up and you will get drunk and get pregnant and you will have a monster unlike the beautiful angel Hilary will have

soph on

“How are those who said that any better than she is? It is pretty ironic how you tell her she’s probably barren and then in the next breath tell her to be nicer. Saying she should have been aborted is not a proportional response to her saying kids suck. It is possible to respond to people without being vicious. Practice what you preach.”

Yeah, I’m afraid that’s impossible on this blog…these dear sweet mommies are oblivious to the fact that they are raging hypocrites. Very sad.

soph on

Go to bed, tayte.

anon1 on

tayte, how do you have more class than mimi when you are attacking her for stating her opinion? i think that mimi could have written her opinion better in her initial post but in the end everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

I don’t see how anyone on this board has more class than mimi when many are just attacking her for her opinion. there are better ways to disagree with mimi than to attack her and call her names. where is the class in your statement “you will get drunk and pregnant and have a monster”? because i am having difficulty finding class in that. I appreciate that you disagree with mimi, and you are entitled to your opinion but i would hope that instead of attacking mimi you could just argue your belief that children aren’t terrible like mimi believes.

Jessi on

Congrats to Hill and her husband on their little boy. And to anyone saying 24 is young to have a child well that is your opinion but she is a married women and she has every right to have a child when she wants. Everyone now adays thinks 24 is too young but just think back 200 yrs and people would of thought something was wrong with someone that OLD have a child. The ages back than was 13 to 15 was the right age to have a child. So if you think 24 is to young than you really have no clue what kind of world you are living in. Seeing I deliver babies to 14 to 18 yrs old almost everyday. And I rather be delivering babies to 24 yr olds than delivering them to mothers that are just kids themselves.

SherriP on

I may be crazy, but maybe people just shouldn’t comment on things they know nothing about, such as having kids at certain ages if you haven’t, being barren if you haven’t, not wanting kids if you don’t- though I don’t know why you’d be here in the first place if you don’t like kids. If you haven’t lived it, you can’t relate, and a lot of the time even if you have, it’s still different for everyone. You can talk about your own experiences, but you have no right to judge anyone elses experience or opinions.

I’m 26, I’ve got twin boys (found out they were boys at 16 wks, and I argue that finding out before they are born is just as much a surprise, its just a surprise that allows you to plan a bit better)I had at just barely 25. I’ve always wanted to be a mom and I would have been one younger except that I didn’t get married till I was 24, and for me it was very much about doing things in what “I” believe is the right order. I’d been ready for years. I love being a mom, it’s the most fulfilling thing I have ever done, and I do have a degree, I worked up until I had my boys, and I have travelled all over the world. Nothing compares to being a mom to my boys. I hate the idea of ever going back to work outside of my home, though if it was necessary I would. I’m just glad I have a husband who supports me being with our children.

Anyways, Congrats to Hilary and her husband, they seem well grounded and very excited, I would have to say if she had false alarms, that doesn’t mean it wasn’t planned, but that maybe they had been trying for awhile and she just happens to be incredibly irregular, I can relate. False alarm, really is just a cliche anyway, its what one always says when they think they are pregnant and aren’t. If that was their reaction to being pregnant I’d bet that they have been hoping and trying it for it. My husband had a very similar reaction. Anyways, congrats again, love my little boys to pieces!

woaaah on

Mimi is jealous!!!!

Lady on

Why do people still give miserable MIMI attention on here? She does the same thing on every single post…..and you people are giving her what she wants….ignore.

Tarsha on

MIMI..if you think kids suck, why are you on celbrity baby blog anyway? Find a dog blog or something. I think in reality you really want kids but can’t have them…..

LEH on

I had my first babe at 25 (I’m 26 now)… kind of flattered that some people might find this alarmingly “young!” 😉

As for Mimi, don’t let her get you down, mamas! We all know that special joy – the kind that only your baby can bring. We know what it feels like to peek in on a teeny, sleeping newborn, and think that our heart might burst. We know what it really, truly means. And how it makes everything better, busier, happier, more meaningful. Thank goodness for those little beings that help us see the world in the way it’s meant to be seen!

Congrats to Hilary & Mike! Loved him when he played for the Sens!!

tlc on

The invention of the internet has enabled people to hide behind a screen and say the things they would NEVER say out loud to someone’s face. Unfortunately, the internet has also allowed said people, that are probably really miserable in their own lives, to spew their hatred without fear of reprecussion or outrage. Thus becomes the problem…

While it’s a great tool, it’s also become a sounding board for psychos and low lifes to get their jollies by trying to stir up crap on a message board/blog. Ignore them, they lose the thrill…

Congratulations to Mike and Hilary. I wish you all the best and a happy and healthy baby boy. 🙂

Larissa on

I also had my firsr child at 25 and I am definitely not too young and have handled maternity very well so far, plus it wasn ot the first time I had to change diapers!
To the hater desprate for attention Mimi:
Babies do become infants/todlers and they dont shit their pants forever, you sound like a misarable and sad person that knows absolutely nothing about maternity! But the sadest is definitely the fact you are posting on a BABY/Maternity blog! It sounds like you are the one needing a change of diapers!

Mickey on

Hey…I think the troll is gone. Congrats Hilary. You’ll always be LIzzie to me. Love you!!!

Eileen on

My 13yr. old daughter and I met Hilary this past Saturday in Irvine, CA., at a book signing. She is such a nice genuine person. Excellent role model for girls. Her books are excellent I recommend them for any one. My daughter has wanted to meet her since she was 4. Thank you Hilary for being there for your fans. Congratulations on your pregnancy!

Helen on

I love kids (although I never could have had them as early as 24), but I do see Mimi’s points–I just think she could have put it in a nicer way. It does seem like a lot of celebs have kids just to have them, generally speaking. However, I think Hilary will be a better mom than most. She is quite young, but she comes from a good family and has never been in trouble.

Whitney on

Rinaade – I said NOTHING about her marriage… I don’t know her and her husband.

We live in a world that we no longer only live 30 yrs so yes I think 24 is young to have a child. I never said she was a bad person or is going to be a bad mother…

So you can all stop flipping out. It is just my opinion.

If we did not have modern medicine yes she would be considered OLD to be having her first child… but not in the age of medicine today…

She may be the best mother and have the best relationship – ALL I SAID WAS I THINK 24 IS TOO YOUNG TO HAVE A CHILD….


Whitney on

I’ll add a little fire to the hate flame…. since I only said I think 24 is too young….. I’ll go on to say she may be the worst possible person to have child in her 20’s. She was a child celebrity – she has NOT lived a normal life…. but I will say it again…in 2011/2012 early 20’s is young for a child.

I am 29 FYI and I only have a handful of friends that have children… most are only now getting married or having kids… they wanted to live life first because they don’t get to have a nanny take care of their kids while they travel and enjoy all the wonderful things this wold has to offer…

I am not saying one should wait until they are 50… that is ridiculous… and I love children… I do not want my own but I love all my baby cousins, my soon to be niece/nephew, my friends kids etc. I have been babysitting since I was 9. So this is not about disliking children either.

You all need to get off your soap boxed. We are all entitled to our opinion… even if it seems stupid or you disagree…

Shea on

I so wish this site would turn off comments and just make it a celebrity baby news site. The comments from so many people on here are nothing more than fuel to start message board wars by people that have nothing better to do with their time than write horrible and nasty opinions about famous people they do not know and will probably never even encounter.

It’s rather sad and when you have had a long and tiring day and you want to just relax and enjoy some mindless celebrity news about things that are happy (babies are *ALWAYS* a happy blessings….if you think otherwise there is something wrong with you and you should be grateful your own parents didn’t feel the same way…) but, anyway it’s rather disturbing annoying that you can’t just relax and read about the birth or upcoming birth without negative trouble-makers spitting their venom.

Use your time and energy to do some good…find a cause to support and unleash that fury in that direction.

Lo on

I am happy for her. I think its stupid when people say she’s too young, i’m sure you don’t live your life perfectly either! She’s married, she is a successful young woman and can support the child. It’s her life…not yours! She is going to make an amazing mother and I’m happy for her!!!

BJ on


apperently your childhood couldnt have been that great since your parents obviously didnt teach you manners, havent you heard the sayin,
“If you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say anything at all”

not everyone thinks that kids suck so they decide to have them.
no one gives a F**K what you think, imagine if your parents didnt want kids, then you wouldnt be born.

im sure everyone on this page wishes your mum had swallowed.

yours sincerly BJ.

Chrissy Wissy on

Hilary Duff seems like a wonderful person. And she’s so adorable. She’ll look even more adorable with her baby boy on her hip. 🙂

And I know this little man will bring plenty of joy to the lives of Hilary and Mike.

Congrats to Mike and Hilary! 🙂

soph on

Seriously, BJ? You lecture someone on manners and then…type all of that?

Oh my, such idiots on here.

Sarah on

I so hate that this blog has become the way people.com had allowed it
I miss when all comments were proof read before
It was allowed to be posted. and bashing and ranting was never allowed.
This site has become like every other bs celebrity slam sight.

When did people forget that the shit
your saying too others online are connected
To actual human beings on the other end?!

Vivi on

@RKF (Ron and Kathleen) Sad how a wonderful news posting has to turn into a childish discussion.

Nikki on

I cannot believe the negativity of some people. First off she is not a child, she is 24. Not too young to have a baby. Second off why even mention abortion, Her husband and her obviously wanted a baby. And third off divorce, seriously!!! Children are not the reason for divorce. Some people seriously need to grow up!!!

Congrats on the baby boy Hillary!!! Children are wonderful and they grow up way to quick.

Megan on

Since when is 24 too young to have a baby? I was 24 when my THIRD baby was born. Congrats to Hilary and her husband.

canadiangirl87 on

Mimi, you must be on something. Stop trying to stir the pot and getting a rise out of people, your doing a good job haha but seriously, I really hope thats all your doing

yellomello on

I don’t believe Hilary is too young, however I do believe it’s too early in her marriage to add children to the newness of such a big commitment like marriage in the first place. They should have waited a few more years to travel, get used to being with each other. Once that child is here, it will be hard to do those things. But I wish them all the health, happiness, and bliss! And Mimi, you were once a child too, bitch! Maybe kids suck because your mother told YOU that. Get some counseling and some meds…………

Jazzy on

I am so thankful that I am not a celebrity.

Holiday on

yellomello my husband and I waited just 4 months before I got pregnant and we had our son when we were 22. We still travel… but to kid friendly places like Disneyland and recently a Disney cruise! Its not hard to travel with kids, it is obviously more work than traveling without kids but its a lot more fun!

Gia on

Hey now everyone, stop picking on Mimi! She’s entitled to her opinion. She didn’t say YOUR kids suck, stop taking it personally. She knows she doesn’t want children and is using birth control to prevent having an unwanted pregnancy. I think that’s a pretty mature decision. At least she doesn’t have children she can’t/doesn’t want to take care of. I’m 27 and pregnant with my first but I want to be a mom. It’s a major life change and extreme commitment, it isn’t for everyone. Let her be.

k on

Hilary Duff deserves the best! She has always been a dependable role model for young girls, and I hope she continues to be. Thank you Hilary for that! God Bless you and your baby!

Rebecca on

Hilary Duff is soooo cute! I am very pleased that she is a married woman whom is going to have a baby, and not the other way around. I do think Hilary is a bit too young to be having a baby, however I can see she is a mature young mom to be. And I do believe kids can make or break a relationship, meaning if you don’t ensure a strong, unbreakable bond between you and your husband prior to having a baby, well I don’t see how that union will endure. It is even biblical that the husband put his wife above all (except for God) things on his priority list, including before the children. I hope this will be the case for Hilary and Mike, and for all other married with children couples out there. God Bless You All! 🙂

Liz on

Most people think you can’t tell the sex until around 20 weeks because that is when the “big” ultrasound is done. But it is done then so the baby is more developed and a little bit bigger and it makes the ultrasound more reliable for all things (you know, making sure the baby is healthy as much as they can via ultrasound). And they don’t wait much longer because as the baby grows it gets harder to see because the space gets smaller and smaller.

hermione on

mimi you are a weirdo.

Violet on

Why are people having kids so young these days? Whatever happened to giving yourself a few years to go to college, travel the world, and make sure find the right person to spend your life with? Like diamonds, babies are forever, and if you go having them before you’re ready it’s only going to lead to lifetime of regret and undeserved resentment toward your poor child.

marie on

congrats to them.

Anonymous on

I like congrats to the happy couple..wishing you nothing but the best !!!

dana on

mimi i think you r jus jealous and to b quite honest, men dream about kids more than women and wen he is ready to start a family, becuz u r such a bitch he is goin to go wit someone like hilary young, smart, sexy and who doesn’t think kids suck. ppl must learn to jus shut up sometimes.jus b happy 4 ppl….congrats Hilary you will be a GREAT mother for your kid..

dana on


N on

Congrats Hilary! You’ll be a great mom!

Just for the people that think 24 is too young to have babies, biologically speaking, the early 20s is the best time to have kids. Fertility peaks at around 27 years of age and then its all downhill from there.

momof twins on

MIMI just because you use birth control does not mean you wont get pregnant its possible and when GOD says its your time to have a baby you will have a baby even if you dont want one or if you use birth control. My 23 year old sister was a birth control baby

I have 2 1/2 year old twins didnt plan on them didnt want to have kids yet but would NEVER EVER say i didnt want them or love them when i found out i was pregnant i was excited first ultrasound showed one secound ultrasound showed two they are my blessings a true gift from GOD i love them with all my heart and soul they put a smile on my face

Chantel on

I love hilary, she’s been my idol since family channel. I love keeping up with her updates on her life and pregnancy… People say shes too young. Thats a load of BS… She got engaged, and married, and now shes starting a family. THE TRADITIONAL way!!! Why not bitch about the stupid little junior high kids having random sex and getting knocked up… Hilary is the best role model, people need to follow her foot steps. Cause shes made it in life!!! Love you hil.

jen on

Whitney. What makes her too young. She is 24 not 12 and has been married for a little while. There are tons of people that have babies younger than that and do just fine in growing up and raising their kids. Maybe you should think before you speak.

grt5567 on


Samantha on

First off, I am excited for them. She is my age and I pretty much grew up watching her on TV.

Second. Ignore people like Mimi, they are just trying to get you to respond to them. If you ignore them, they will go away.

jo on

its great Hillary and her husband are having a baby boy 🙂 boys are beautiful 🙂

i read the posts, to the person who said kids suck well theats sad for you, you dont know what you are missing out on, but your opinion. i arent a fan of random peoples kids, probably because they dont mean anything personally to me lol. but i love my own old son and baby son/daughter to be soo much! :)-im at 19weeks with our 2nd baby and find out ourselves next week what we are having 🙂

people either want kids or they dont 🙂

stop hating everyone its turning into one of those bitchy shows lol.

hmm only in america… lol

Nickelle on

Mimi if you hate kids why are you patrolling a blog about babies? Not trying to be rude, it just seems counter productive. If you like dogs, go look for a blog about dogs. Leave baby blogs to people who like babies. See? Logical.

Congratulations to Hillary and Mike. I can’t believe she’s 24 now. She’s a lovely young woman and will be a great mom.

Beatriz on

Congratz hillary:)

nicole Rowe on

Hillary Duff does not look pregnant at all! you have to be atleast 19-22 weeks to find out the sex of the baby. Her stomach is flat, Im not sure what to think, reason being when i was pregnant at 19 weeks and went to find out the sex of the baby, I was round in the belly area and people could notice I was pregnant! Another one is beyance she doesnt look pregnant either. I had my son at 35wks and I was HUGE!! now , 6 yrs later, I cant get pregnant at all, I got all the tests done and they are normal, my husband is very fertile as he has 2 kids with his beast of an ex wife and a son with me. I just hate hearing stars getting pregnant, everything is so easy for them and its not fair, all I want is another baby and I cant get pregnant! I dont know whats wrong with me! the dr said Im normal and ovulating but each month I get my period, its so frusrating! good luck MRS. Duff!

robin on

@ mimi just shut up!

i am a 19 year old who beleives that Hilary is old enough to make her own decisions and she doesn’t need a complete moron like you going around and saying she’s to young and you hate kids.

if you hate kids then never have one!! its that simple so grow up and get a life!

Tara C. on

DAAAAANG!!! SOO many hate comments!!! Give it a REST, people! I’m so glad Hilary is moving on in life. I’ve been a fan of hers from the start and I’m so proud of the decisions she’s been making. She’s one of the smarter child stars. Keep up the great work, Hilary. I look up to you 🙂


I think mimi cant have kids thats why she is the way she is

coco on


Madison on

Congratulations, Hilary and Mike! I am so happy for you two and anticipate the birth of your little boy. 🙂