Julia Roberts Touched by Her Son Henry’s First Movie Role

10/13/2011 at 09:00 AM ET
Steve Granitz/WireImage

Julia Roberts‘s son Henry Daniel has made his big-screen debut … in utero!

The actress’s new movie, Fireflies in the Garden, was actually shot back in 2007, and features scenes in which Roberts is seven months pregnant with Henry.

“When I see it now, he’s this big boy who can dress himself and do all these things. It really is touching to see that,” Roberts said of those old scenes at the film’s Los Angeles premiere on Wednesday.

The family dynamic in Fireflies in the Garden is strained and often heartbreaking. But Roberts says motherhood is always tough.

“I think it’s challenging for everybody in different ways,” she says.

“My challenges as a wife and a mother are very different from the ones portrayed in the movie, but I think for everybody it’s a hard challenge.”

— Melody Chiu and Tim Nudd

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Tammy on

Parenting done right is definitely a hard but very rewarding job.

Elena on

Well said, Tammy!

Anonymous on

New movie? It was released three years ago.

saydee on

She is so fabulous!

Carol Senal on

Hard and often not very rewarding.

jsmith on

@Anonymouse……………Won’t be released in the US until tomorrow.

showbizmom on

@Anonymous it was shot in 2007 and is this week getting it’s first US release, it’s already been released overseas sometime ago. I’ve seen while overseas for work. I think back in 09. It was a good, not my favorite film but good. Good acting!

Mel on

The movie was released in different parts of the world three years ago but the US release is tomorrow

jld on

may want to read that again anonymous it says the movie was FILMED three years ago; meaning it has just now been released.

sara on

Anonymous is yet another person that forgets that this is a US-based website and that the posts here refer to things that happen in the US.

Ally on

Anonymous is correct. The movie is not new, it was released many years ago. The fact that is being released in the United States this week does not make her (or his) statement factually incorrect.

Tammy, you hit the nail right on the head. I do not yet belong the tribe of mothers, but I am constantly in awe by hard work that you ladies do. You ladies have the most important job in our society, as you prepare the future generation for greatness.

suzy diamond on

This movie is receiving TERRIBLE REVIEWS not by some critics but by MOST. Won’t waste my money! That’s probably why it was shelved in 2007 and just released now.

doreen on

I’M sick of Julia Robert and Tom Hawk movies, I like them but sick of seeing them on screen!!!

Torie on

She is so ugly

Katie on

Love JR and she is still an amazing actress I cannot wait to see this movie. It has a lot of great actors/actresses in it! Looking forward to it!!

moondancer on

Why does everyone knock Angelina when Julia stole someone else’s husband outright? She even pulled that bit wearing that t-shirt with a handwritten “A Low Vera” on the front when Danny Moder’s wife at the time, Vera, wasn’t giving into divorce. And for the film to take years to get US distribution, it must be a stink bomb. One thing’s for sure, Julia can act like a lady all she wants, but she’s far from it.

Cindy on

@ Torie…..that wasn’t very nice. Julia Roberts is a beautiful lady. Haven’t you ever heard if you can’t say something nice…..

The Woo on

LOL ! Torie – that was mean

Janie on

Wow, I never knew about the A Low Vera thing…hmmm.

shid on

Julia is known to park in handicapped spaces too. Check out the video sometime. Such a shame, considering she’s been anointed “America’s Sweetheart”.

Shannon on

The movie was horrible. Thank goodness I didn’t pay to see it. Sorry Julia!

Lulu on

Both my parents have passed away. I missed them tremendously even though growing up, my parents hardly talked to their children. They worked very hard just to put food on the table. Every day I feel sad when I think of them.

deb on

I’m kinda with moondancer on this deal..in one way, i love Julia Roberts but she is not now and will never again be “Pretty Woman”..she lost that luster & charm along time ago and it’s not due to her age. She went after someone else’s man and before that she went through men like she was in a candy store..her charm wore off along time ago..most people still love her only because of “Pretty Woman”..I think she puts on a good act and the laugh and her red hair were very charming and personable back in the day but she doesn’t have the “it” factor anymore and I think its because she don’t want to..she’s not passionate anymore and not nearly as fun to watch..”Eat Pray Love” didn’t even bring it back for her..its like she doesnt even try anymore..yawn..Lets move on already..

Jay on

This untalented chick is a multimillionaire many times over, she should have no worries, no matter what some think, money can buy happiness as your bills are paid, your medical is always taken care of, you can afford help, a nanny, a housekeeper, etc. This pathetic woman doesn’t have a clue about “challenges” as a poor working mother with no help or medical does. Julia needs to learn to keep her mouth shut.

mrw on

Jay and Deb-I agree with both of you. I’m sorry, do we need to get a pity party together? I raised three children as a divorced, single mom with every day being a finanacial challenge. Today, my children are educated (son-master’s degree. daughter-working on her master’s degree; daughter- started medical school this year). All on a budget that would buy Julia a dress and a purse. I don’t go to movies because I refuse to pay the price so actors like Roberts get paid seriously ridiculous salaries and then whine about their “problems” The last movie I went to with my grandson, during a middle of the day matinee, cost me $16.00 (nothing for treats as I always bring my own along). That was a rip off for a film that wasn’t worth a dollar at the Red Box. Julia Roberts stopped making watchable films years ago. And that holds true of most of these actors who make $10-$20 million per film (or for TV series for that matter).

Liz on

Homewrecker who exploited her unborn bsby!

whatever on

Do you people want to stick to the topic rather than waffling on about your lives & congratulating people you don’t know for popping out kids?

Erin on

I dont understand how this movie has just premiered. I’m fairly certain I watched a few years ago..?

Ralph on

Parenting is definitely a challenge. Somedays you feel proud and it’s rewarding. Other days it’s crushingly difficult. I have two healthy girls. I can not imagine how hard it is if you have an ill child or a child with other problems. Add no spousal or family support and it’s no wonder the kinds of things we read about happen.

Lennon'sMummy on

It must be such hard work for her watching the nannies raise her kids while she is on location.

mj on

Why do you people continue to bash women who supposedly “steal” a husband? You can’t steal a man if he is wanting or willing to leave his wife for someone else. Moder left his wife for Julia, Pitt left his wife for Jolie, Rhimes and Cibirian, and on and on and on. There were obviously problems in the marriages or the men / women wouldn’t have been tempted in the first place. Give it a rest people!

Hea on

I bought Fireflies on DVD a couple of years ago. Why is it “new” now?

Hea on

@ Liz – How is working exploiting your unborn baby? Should pregnant women stay at home?

AngieA on

My mom always told me: “if it’s easy, you’re doing it wrong.”

I’m glad Julia Roberts is forthcoming – being a parent is not all roses like some of these stars claim it is. It truly is challenging for everyone in many different ways because it’s not like the children come with manuals.

Diane on

Julia Roberts is a homewrecker, those shouldn´t be her kids.

Jeanine on

@ Torie….what is your definition of pretty if she is not?? Julia Roberts is one of the most beautiful women in the world…I would hate to see what you look like. Sad….be nice or go away.

Diane on

She is NOT a pretty woman, she has a BIIIIIIGGGGG mouth.

mckfish on

And it will be his LAST movie role, I’m sure. She has some really homely kids.

Linda on

Julia is a good mother, I like her husband Danny because I think he is not afraid to tell her off, to put it bluntly.

chris on

Thank you moondancer for validating my opinion…

Sonya on

What is wrong with some of you people? What has Julia Roberts ever done to you to deserve such horrible things said about her? This is the very reason I very seldom read any of the comments on this blog. Sheesh! Judgmental much?

deanna on

I have always liked Julia’s personality, however, I don’t think she stretches herself far enough for a “A” actress. She needs to get a more updated look now that she’s gotten older, she is still quite attractive…I think anyway.