Jewel’s Body After Baby: Not So Mellow Yellow!

10/13/2011 at 01:00 PM ET
Doug Meszler/Splash News Online

Talk about bright and beautiful!

Proving yellow is her color, new mom Jewel made an appearance Wednesday on Today, three months after delivering son Kase Townes.

The singer/songwriter, 37, looked svelte as she discussed her new album of children’s songs, The Merry Goes ‘Round.

The record is actually Jewel’s second for children, and she describes it as a collection of daytime songs rather than lullabies.

“I listen to a lot of kids albums. … You kind of want to stab your ears out with pencils,” she told Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb.

“I wanted something that parents would like.”

Kase is the first child for Jewel and her husband, professional bull rider Ty Murray.

“I hit the baby lotto,” she says, glowing. “He’s just a really sweet, easygoing little baby. I’m so lucky.”

— Liz Raftery

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Eve on

FINALLY a celebrity that looks normal and not overly skinny after having a baby. You can tell she has embraced her new curves from being pregnant. Way to go Jewel, you look absolutely beautiful!!!

saydee on


Ally on

Her dress is beautiful and very flattering. I’m sure if they showed a side view she’d still have a bit of a tummy, but that’s okay. Her breasts are so huge now! Her son is definitely enjoying those (hubby, too)! :p

saydee on

@Eve Well said! I agree!!

Estelle on

She looks beautiful! Love a woman with curves!

Erica on

yeah, what Eve said! For sure!

t. on

She looks amazing!

Ali on

She looks the best I have ever seen her. Really beautiful! Her figure looks better now then ever before.. Hourglass all the way!

Ali on

She looks hot!

Maddie on

She is glowing! She looks beautiful.

PeopleReadingHousewife on

Hot mama! Now Jewel can add MILF to her resume.

Shannon on

Jewel is gorgeous.

Angel on

She looks great!

Courtney on

She looks amazing!

BBB on

Prominent clavicle, slim arms, trim waist…that was quick Jewel!

ALH on

She looks great, as usual, but she’s not “debuting her body after baby.” She’s debuting an album of songs she wrote and performed. Because she’s an artist — not “a body.” She’s a person and a professional and should be recognized as such, not as… whatever it is PEOPLE wants us to think women are. This body after baby, baby bump, bikini body bullmess is SO RIDICULOUS and gross.

Diana on

Where did she get that dress? Love it!

annachestnut on

looks fab

Nicole-Lynn on

She looks stunning! So happy for her!

Halley on

well said, ALH

Anais on

She had the baby in early July (July 11)… If this is a recent picture she looks terrible. I don’t see why she hasn’t bothered to shed the baby lbs yet. She is a cute girl, but this is really gross.

Kimmer on

She is absolutely amazing, YOU GO GIRL!

BJ on

Anais doesn’t know what she’s talking about. Jewel look’s awesome.

Like a REAL healthy, breast feeding mother should. Not like an anorexic model or actress from Hollywood. Never doubt that you’re gorgeous Jewel, and doing what YOU think you should be doing.

Kari on

It really is hard to lose baby weight. I tried for a year then got help from a free weight loss program online (myfreedomfit) that helped me a lot. I like it that she isn’t making a big deal about being a size 0 two weeks after having a baby. I cant imagine that its healthy if someone loses the weight so soon!!

torgster on

Love her to bits. Always have.

torgster on

Why can’t people tell when the lurkers and flamers are here trying to goad us? Don’t respond to Anais and her kind – it’s just what they want us to do!

Babybliss on

She looks stunning! Not only because of her make up, gorgeous dress or her curves, but because she glows from within!

Amanda K on

She looks fantastic as always

Ali on

I agree with ALH.

Heather on

The album is great! Anybody with little ones would really enjoy it. She also has another album “lullaby” that my kids love and we play it all the time.

Jaclyn on

Who cares if someone loses baby weight fast and then the next person at a slower pace, one is not better than the other. It’s a personal choice, stop worrying about what these people are doing & stop passing snarky judgements on “anorexic models and actresses” you don’t even know.