Mini Must-Have: Kingston Rossdale’s Colorful Sweater

10/13/2011 at 10:00 AM ET
Bauer-Griffin; Courtesy H&M

On Oct. 10, Kingston Rossdale stepped out in London with mom Gwen Stefani.

And gone is his rocker edge. The cool tyke is now going for a nerdy chic look.

From his Harry Potter-esque specs to his patchwork sweater, we’re loving it.

But the stylish 5-year-old doesn’t just look good, he’s doing good too.

Turns out, his multi-colored sweater ($20) is from the new H&M All For Children collection, which donates 25 percent of all sales to UNICEF.

To see more of the adorable charity line, go to

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Olivia on

Bill Cosby called. He wants his sweater back.

Beeno on

It’s nice to see that Gwen & Gavin are no longer bleaching Kingston’s hair, and hope that when/if Zuma’s hair darkens, they’ll accept it, and stop treating their children like fashion accessories. Bleaching is fine for Gwen, but not for such young children. Other than that, I love Gwen’s style! And she’s gorgeous.


OMG…now Gwen is dressing Kingston like Harry Potter…when will Gwen and Gavin let this poor child be. When Kingston gets older he is going to look back and slap his parents for making a fashion victim out of him LOL.

Amerie on

im glad they stop dressing him like a clown!

Alexandra on

Love the sweater! Great colors. Does he need glasses or r they just an accessory? He’s such a cutie.

@BeenO. I agree, chemicals can’t be good for children!

RandomTandem on

cute kid, ugly sweater. I miss his mohawk. I know that look is played…but he wore it well.

Jillian on

If the dyed his hair it can be done harm free! Look into it. I have been doing mine that way for years!


Amanda on

My first thought was that’s not Kingston. I can’t believe they were actually coloring his hair….she’d fit right in on Toddler’s and Tiara’s I guess 😕

Lady on

What a little cutie!

ClaireSamsmom on

He looks totally different! But better in my opinion. I don’t agree with coloring your 5 year old’s (or younger) hair.

Ashley on

Right there with you Amanda!!

Alyssa on

He was always such a little hipster of a kid…what’s with the Urkel look?

Mikaylah on

I think he looks super cute. And his mom is a fashion designer, so I am sure he has been able to explore the different looks he likes. Kids are creative and expressive. I doubt his parent’s MAKE him dress a certain way.

Tee on

Goodness, I literally didn’t recognize Kingston! Looks like a totally different child and I have to say that I much prefer this look!

Jamie on

I too get the feeling Gwen treats her kids like fashion accessories; however, I am just hypothesizing as I obviously don’t know these people personally. It’s just most boys I know could care less what they wear most of the time, and when they do, they typically want to dress like policemen or firemen.

cn tower on

Jamie, your comment about “most” boys rings true with me. I have a five year old and he couldn’t care less about being “fashionable” (my 3 year old daughter is another story – wants total autonomy over her wardrobe) and as you mentioned, is more interested in what firemen are wearing!

Jesse on

You people are judgemental and crazy… She’s not hurting him by anything she has done to him. Her and Gavin seem to be great parents… You don’t want to bleach your kid’s hair fine, but don’t judge her because she does. Her kids are not fashion accesories… Grow up people.

Amanda on

Actually Jesse, bleaching your kids hair is crazy and harmful for them. Not only the chemicals but the emotional aspect of it. Kids should be told they are beautiful and perfect as is, because they are! I have 4 kids, 2 of which are older than Kingston and there’s no way I’d do anything remotely close to bleaching their hair, cause they are kids!

Shannon on

I guess “he” decided to change “his” style.

Sus on

Is that really Kingston?

cn tower on

So true Amanda. What I want to know is how someone could convince a 5 year old boy to get his hair bleached in the first place, let alone sit still throughout the procedure.

pamela a on

for once that child is dressed a little bit normal, im pretty sure gwen styles him when they go out, most little boys his age have no clue when it comes to fashion, and would prefer to wear comfortable clothing or in some type of dress up clothes, but im glad she doesnt dye or bleach his hair anymore

MiB on

I guess “most” boys didn’t go to the kindergarten I worked in, because most boys in my class that had quite strong opinions about at least some aspects of what to wear, be it suspenders, a certain hat, different coloured socks, hair (one boy refused to cut his hair short as his twin sister was allowed to wear it long), mittens on the wrong hands, only certain colours or prints (had twins with a great number of pokemon shirts as that was the only thing they would wear).

On a side not, the first thing I though about when I saw this pictures was Elmo the elephant! (The second thing was Harry Potter in the orange sweater with yellow bobbles that his aunt Petunia couldn’t get him to wear)

Kresta on

Kingston reminds me of my sister’s son who has dyspraxia. His hair looks much better like this. I think Gwen would have preferred a couple of daughters to style.

ClaireSamsmom on

I guess some of us are just crazy moms for not wanting to bleach our children’s hair. Pardon me, but I will find a problem with a parent who bleaches their childs hair. I don’t think it it is safe or right…

Alexandra on

ClaireSamsmom: True. I wouldn’t dye my son’s hair either. It just doesn’t seem right. I’d be afraid to risk allergies and stuff. Bleaching IS aggressive.

Jesse: The only thing crazy is assuming they are great parents just by looking at pictures. 😉 I don’t doubt they are good parents, but what do we know?

Rebecca on

A. I do not think this is Kingston as his face does not look at all like him

B. @Kresta, sorry but what on earth does your sisters kid with dyspraxia have to do with this kid?!?!?

C. @MiB do you mean Elmer?! Elmo is on Sesame Street!

MiB on

@Rebecca, no I mean Elmer the Patchwork Elephant, but maybe he hasn’t reached the US yet.