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10/12/2011 at 12:00 PM ET

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Mandy on

Beyonce is faking her pregnancy. She was on on a show ans bent down and her stomach amushed in. Its a fake belly. She has a surrogate having her baby so she won’t lose her figure

Mandy on

Is Beyonce faking her pregnancy? The video is all over the web. Anyone see it?

marina on

I’ve seen the video, and the belly did disappear, I don’t know if she is faking it or not, or why would she, but it was quite strange!

alicejane on

Mandy, about a month ago there were pictures of Beyonce at a beach in Croatia in a bikini, and she definitely had a belly. There was a picture on this website as well. I don’t get why everyone looks for conspiracy theories when celebrities get pregnant.

Indira on

I don’t know if she’s faking her pregnancy entirely but, I definitely thinking she’s wearing a prosthetic to make herself look farther along than she actually is. The pictures from Croatia she’s wearing a belly emphasizing bikini bottom and she still had abs.

Jacqui on

I watched the Beyonce video and looked at the still pictures of the same video and I have to say, something is not right with her belly! It seems so strange to think she would wear a prosthetic for any reason, but what could possibly explain her belly folding up and going concave the way it did?

If I were Beyonce and there was indeed no prosthetic, I would get myself into a bikini quick to put the rumors to rest!

Lissette on

There’s no way her stomach would do that if there wasn’t a prosthetic in there. Its ridiculous that she has to fake a pregnancy and can’t carry a baby herself. Or at least say a surrogate is carrying it. Why go to all the lengths?