Warm Milk Baby Hobo: An All-in-One Diaper Bag & Nursing Pillow

10/11/2011 at 03:00 PM ET
Courtesy Warm Milk

Love your nursing pillow, but don’t want to lug it around every time you leave the house?

Then you’ll love Warm Milk‘s Baby Hobo Convertible Diaper Bag ($95).

Not only is it roomy enough for your mommy must-haves, but it also converts into a plush nursing pillow so you can feed or change your baby while out and about.

Just zip it open, clip the strap around your waist and lift up the secured flap and you’re good to go!

Added bonus: It features a cushy non-slip shoulder strap and stroller attachment rings so it’s easy to tote around.

For more information, go to warmmilk.com.

— Nancy Johnson Horn

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Grace2 on

Good God, what is on that woman’s head?

K on

Not for that much money.

Anonymous on

What a terrible name to give a product/brand!

Stella Bella on

Strange photo. Agree with Grace2.

Shannon on

$95? Did they mean $25???

Grandma on

Oh for pete’s sake

Marky on

What in the world ever happened to just simply holding your baby while you nurse? I never used any kind of pillow, support or whatever when nursing my baby who never had a bottle, ever. I just held her and she did the job, while I put a receiving blanket over my shoulder–very simple, no big bag or pillow. Can’t imagine thinking I needed a bunch of equipment to feed my baby; isn’t that one of the advantages to BF? No extra equipment–you’ve got everything you need?

sat on

I like the T-shirt sleeve with a daisy on it as headgear! Yeah!

MiB on

If you look at the pictures it’s a hobo bag style, so while I think the name is a bit uncreative, it is still absolutely corret, it’s a hobo ag for moms with babies.

Olivia on

While I understand the bag could also be used by dad or non-nursing partner or babysitter, it still seems kind of funny to have a bag with a nursing pillow and insulated bottle pockets.

Hannah on

As a soon to be mother, I love this bag, I think its fabulous!

Hannah on


Sara on

I love this bag! The hobo style is perfect since I always like to look stylish even when I’m out with my children and it has a ton of storage room! What could be better? I’m definitely getting one for my friend who is expecting- now I just have to pick a color!

mary on

I love when people make ridiculous comments that have nothing to do with the product. I also love the ignorance. Apparently unaware of what time and money go into research and development. You get what you pay for. I being a mom on the go am so in love with this idea. It is difficult enough remembering a purse, a diaper bag, and my child, never mind a nursing pillow too! This will really simplify my life by combining the items above all into one. I plan to also use this when I travel and I bet that pillow would make a great neck pillow. Have some imagination people.

mary on

FINALLY! a boppy on the go.. I love i t!!!! Warm milk CEO must be a woman and a mom Im sure. The colors and patterns are so well thought out….Best of Luck Warm Milk!

Grace2 on

Mary, I’ve nursed and been on the go with three little boys, so, I have a very good idea what baby products are necessary and those that aren’t. While I can see the benefits of this product, I also have a sense of humor and think that whatever the hell is on that woman’s head is ridiculous. So, lighten up.

Meg on

I love it when corporate shills (Sara and Mary) leave comments and expect us to believe that they’re somehow not affiliated with the product in question.

Chic Momma on

This is really a clever product!

Cassie on

Meg – so true! If those don’t read like a cheesy info-mercial, I don’t know what does.

cn tower on

Meg, haven’t you noticed? This happens ALL the time on this site whenever a product is advertised (under the guise of a review or feature about a celebrity).

Denise Smith on

I just used a pillow on my lap when I was at home but I guess this could be a handy little thing to have if you are out & about.