Tori Spelling Welcomes Daughter Hattie Margaret

10/11/2011 at 02:00 PM ET
Jeff Vespa/WireImage

It’s a girl for Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott!

“Our family’s so happy 2 announce [that on] 10/10/11 [our] baby girl Hattie Margaret McDermott was born at 7:08am! Xoxo,” the actress, 38, Tweeted, sharing a photo of her daughter’s feet.

Baby girl weighed in at 6 lbs. 14 oz. and is 20 inches long.

Early on, they decided to keep the baby’s sex a delivery surprise.

Spelling and McDermott have two other children together, Stella Doreen, 3, and Liam Aaron, 4½. McDermott also has a 13-year-old son, Jack, from a previous marriage.

After announcing she was pregnant in April, Spelling told PEOPLE she would love to have four kids, but said in September that this pregnancy might be her last.
— Liz Raftery

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klutzy_girl on

Yay! Congratulations to them. I love her name.

And it seems like the boy streak is officially broken with two girl births in a row!

Brooklyn on

Congratulations to them! I’m not sure about the name…I’m undecided as to whether I like it or not! It’s different.

Angi on

They like old fashion girl’s names. Congrats to the family.

AshleyB on

Oooh I really like the name! Nice choice. Congrats to them. I wonder if this baby will look as alike as Liam and Stella do?

Klutzy, don’t forget there was a boy in between there! Johnny’s baby girl Thurs, Ali’s baby boy Sunday and this little lady on Monday.

Paige on

Congrats to Dean, Tori, Jack, Liam and Stella! Tori and Dean are great parents and I think Jack, Liam, Stella and Hattie go perfectly together.

Lady on

That’s an interesting name…not bad, just old school. Congrats to their family, I guess I was completely wrong lol!

angela on

I don’t know if she’s named for her or not, but Tori’s beloved childhood nanny was named Margaret. If Hattie Margaret is named for that Margaret I find that really beautiful.

Sarah on

I LOVE her name!

Brooke on

Oh I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE her name. I adore the name Hattie.

Shannon on

Don’t love the name, but to each their own! Congrats to the happy family 🙂

sandrah on

Absolutely love her name, so sweet! I might have liked Harriet, called Hattie, even more! Congrats Dean, Tori, Liam, Stella & Jack – I’m sure she’s beautiful 🙂

Sus on

Isn’t Hattie the name of Tori’s nanny?

Kay on

Congrats! The name is not my cup of tea but it fits well with their family and it is cute. 🙂

amw on

i actually like the name. congrats to them.

Kat on

Someone is a Gone With the Wind fan!

Lovely name, it was my husband’s grandmother’s name and it is nice to see it again!

Micheley on

I love the name! Its one that I haven’t heard for quite awhile.

I also like the middle name, it goes really well with the traditional middles names that Stella and Liam have.

A. on

Yayyyyyyy, congratulations Tori and Dean and family!!!! I knew she was having another girl! 😉 And I love her name too!!!! They have such a beautiful family!

Holiday on

Congrats! a boy and 2 little girls is such a sweet family makeup!!

Emily on

Aw this is cute. A nice surprise that she had another girl with a normal name. I, too had a feeling she was going to have a girl just because there have been quite a few boys lately amongst people I know and celebrities who have had babies. Hattie is such a cute name – shame it isn’t Harriet in full though. Congrats to Tori, Dean, Jack, Liam and Stella!

lovesslj1 on

Congrats to the family. I like the name Hattie old fashioned yet cute.

saydee on

Yay congrats to the McDermott’s! I love the name. What a perfect little family they have – 2 boys and 2 girls. Awww 🙂

AllisonJ on

Congrats to the whole family! I was so sure Tori was having a boy! Looks like I was wrong. What a pretty name, too. Can’t wait to see pictures.

rebekah on

i love the name hattie, but would’ve preferred harriet myself -with hattie for short. still completely adorable, though!

L on

Patsy is the name of Tori’s nanny.

Brooke on

LOVE the name!!! Congrats to all of them!

Katie on

Awe how nice. Hattie is cute. It seems like a lot of people stop at 3. Is 3 children that bad? HAHA I’m going for 4!! 🙂

ClaireSamsmom on

So sweet! I love her name! I can’t wait to see Liam and Stella with their little baby sister!

Addison on

Don’t love the name(I think it’s a bit old) but I do love them! Can’t wait for the next season of Home Sweet Hollywood.. I wonder if Patsy is going to come back as Hattie’s baby nurse. Congratulations!

Sarah on

Hmm not too content on the name…but each is it’s own…better than some celeb baby names lol.

I am so happy for her and the family!!

Out of is Hattie prounced…is it like “Hati” sounding or like “HAT…tie” if that made sense! or maybe both of those are wrong?

Sam on

I love the name! It goes right along nicely with Jack, Liam and Stella.

Patsy is the nanny (baby nurse) for Liam and Stella when they were babies. Margaret Lockett was Tori’s childhood nanny and they were very close. I’m pretty sure this is where she get’s the middle name from.

saydee on

Ooh I hope Patsy will be back to help with Hattie & that she is included in filming of their show. She was such a positive influence on Tori. I loved her on their show.

Cortney on

@ Sarah is Hattie like the girl on Parenthood!

Lis on

I. FREAKING. LOVE this name!!!!!!!! I almost want to steal it!! 😉 I have a feeling Tori may have just started a trend with this one. 🙂

I am also expecting a delivery surprise and if it’s a girl, she’ll also have the middle name Margaret (after my grandmother). Beautiful, classic name.

Congrats! I cannot wait to see a pic of this angel!!

Mandy on

To those saying the name is old…. well she will grow into it right? She won’t be a newborn forever.

I personally love the name. Reminds me of Ella Enchanted too.

Very curious to see what the baby looks like. Stella is all Dean. I would love to see a baby girl that favors Tori in the looks.

marlee on

“Hattie McDermott” is a really cute name.

Brianne on

Congratulations Tori, Dean, Liam and Stella! I’m sure Hattie is ADORABLE! I wish all of you nothing but the very best!!!

kendrajoi on

Yeah, she should grow into the name around age 85. I don’t like it, it’s a stupid name, but not my kid. I’m sure she’s very cute and I am glad to hear she’s healthy.

JMO on

I really thought it was gonna be a boy! Well nice for Stella since Liam has Jack!!

I like the name too. I never heard of Hattie until Parenthood (her’s I think is spelled Haddie) and now I’ve heard it a few times since that show has been on! Cute!!

Kara on

I just looked up his Wikipedia page… am I correct that Jack and Hattie share the same birthdate, October 10?

Hen on

Love her name! Congrats to all.

t. on

The character on Parenthood is actually Haddie

soph on

Sweet name. Interesting to see a celeb pick it, although Hattie McDermott is a lot like Hattie McDaniel.

SAR on

Wow, it’s a girl? I was nearly certain it would be a boy!

Congrats to Tori, Dean, Liam, and Stella.

jenni on

sure it’s a cute name- if you’re a maid on a southern plantation in the 60s! just sayin. I hope this celebrity baby “old-fashioned” name trend is just about over.

ang on

kara,jacks bday is oct 9. i thought she might use margaret but was gunning for caitlin as a first name-kinda scottishy but hattie is cute. i work in a pathology lab we get lots of old ladies specimens with nicknames-biddy, elsie, nan, birdie….

olivia on

watched the propoasl last night ans thought hmm margaret is a nice name

eribri on

her name choice is very cool.

Congratulations to the family!!

Erika on

Yay for a baby girl! It is so wonderful to have 2 girls after a boy- the boy can be the protector of his little sisters. I liked growing up with a sister, and am hopeful that someday I will have daughters to grow up together. And Hattie is a cute name and sounds nice with Stella.

It seems like the past 20 babies on here have been boys, so it’s interesting that she had a girl. It always seems like it goes in waves and there are a bunch of boys, then a bunch of girls.

LoveCrazyBeautifulLife on

Congrats! But I’m not that crazy about the name

Kaia on

Love the name. There’s a character on the show Parenthood (a teen girl) named Hattie and I never once thought it sounded like an old lady name.

Me on

For the record, the character on Parenthood is Haddie, not Hattie. I prefer the spelling Hattie to Haddie, but cute nonetheless, though I would never use it myself.

Sarah M. on

LOVE the name! If I recall correctly, there was a character on an old show called ‘Promised Land’ named Hattie. I’m loving the name Hadley right now, and the 2 are very similar.

Congrats to them!

Tee on

Another daughter! Congratulations to Dean, Tori, Jack, Liam and Stella!

Marky on

I like the idea that Margaret comes from Tori’s nanny’s name–very nice! Hattie? Well, it’s their child, so they can name her whatever they like.

What I keep wondering is why do people seem to be so fond of this couple who love fame and attention and BOTH left spouses to be with each other, making even Tori’s dad criticize her behavior, yet, people criticize Angie and Brad every time they breathe, and make fun of their children incessantly. I literally see only one difference; Tori and Dean were each married to others and publicly left their spouses (and Dean left a child and disrupted an adoption), and Brad was married and had no children. I’m not defending anyone, I’m also not criticizing anyone; I just wonder what the difference is to those of you who criticize.

Megan on

Marky, people already answered you the last time you asked the same question on a Tori post. Why bring it up again, especially on the birth announcement?

I like the name, I think it’s cute and goes well with Stella and Liam.

Margaux on

Congratulations Tori and Dean! Hope the baby is healthy and happy 🙂 All the best!

NoTrollZone on

How sweet. I would love to hear if the names have special meaning or if Hattie Margaret is one or more persons’ namesake! I really like getting the history on a name, if there is one! Congrats!

Sarah on

Lovely name.

Why do I like Tori ? Because eventhough their way of getting together was not the classiest, they did not purposefully set out to hurt anyone and are still together several years and 3 children later. They work at their relationship, they are good parents. That’s why, for me.

Congrats to the MCDermotts …

Ali on

I was so convinced she was having a boy but it made sense that she had a girl with this flux of boys being born. Someone had to break that chain! Such a sweet, old-fashioned name. I like it. I didn’t think I did at first but the more I say it the more I like it! 🙂

Congrats to them!

RKF on

That is a great name — for a 95 year old grandmother.

Mermaid on

I do not like this name at all. Hattie is the name of a 1950’s, black southern woman from Louisiana. It’s very old fashioned. Stella and Hattie are old lady names. I think Tori will have another girl, and name her Gertrude, Agnes, or Prudence.

Mermaid on

I think she gives her kids awful names on purpose, because she wants other kids to pick on them, or resnt her.

ang on

oh ffs marky bugger off

Momof3girls on

Hattie?? Maybe she’s name her next one Mamie 🙂

Momof3girls on

Apparently I can’t type this morning…..I meant to type…Hattie?? Maybe she’ll name her next one Mamie 🙂

Reesca on

Holy baby announcements Batman!!! Congrats to everyone during these exciting times!!

Nic on

Congrats to the happy family!! Love the name Hattie!

Wonder if the nanny will be back?? I loved her. Patsy was her name maybe??

Jana on

Cute name….Congratulations Tori, Dean, Liam and Stella!!

Sheryl on

Anyone wonder why Jack’s name and age wasn’t in bold type like everyone else?? Kinda sad! : ( I love the baby’s name.

jenny on

Um, Jacks name is in bold! What are you talking about?????

Mina on

Hattie reminds me of a michevious little tomboy…

Bancie1031 on

CONGRATULATIONS to Tori, Dean, Liam and Stella …. I cannot wait to see a picture of Hattie … I’m not digging the name Hattie yet but I’m sure that it will grow on me …..

Cammy on

Not sure if anyone else posting is a movie buff like myself, but I haven’t read one posting that mentioned the actress “Hattie McDaniel” – the actress from Gone with the Wind, who was the first African American to win an Academy Award.It’s a beautiful name, and “Hattie McDermott” has the same sounding flow as “Hattie McDaniel.”

kimmie on

Marky, you already asked this on another post, and it was already answered, on that another post.

Sheryl on

Well….Jenny it wasn’t earlier! It was obviously corrected. I read the article through 4 times…..even asked a friend to look at it. It WASN’T in bold earlier.

tlc on

While a tad old fashioned, I think the name Hattie is cute. 🙂 I do picture a little tiny girly girl named Hattie though, not a rough and tumble tomboy. 🙂

Marky, what is your deal? Are you the Jolie-Pitt’s new publisist or something??? On the last two or three Spelling posts, you’ve asked the EXACT same question word for word. We get it, you do not like this couple or the way they got together. Are you Mary Jo’s sister???

Give it up…people will like and dislike who they want and there is nothing you or your nasty posts can do about it.

TJ on

Congrats! Not a fan of the name though. Stella will have special playmate.

Jesse on

Could they have come up with a more ugly name?

Cathleen on

Such a lovely name!!

soph on

Cammy: I posted that.

vicki on

Hattie is a very pretty name Hattie sounds like a girly girl name Congrats to Tori and Dean Hattie is a lovley sweet addition to the family

Bea on

Hattie is a lovely name. It’s about time it surfaces ! Congrats to you. Just keep smiling no matter what !

Carol on

Beautiful name. Hattie was my grandmother’s name. I’m so glad they are giving their children regular old fashion names. I’d hate to be named Apple or Blanket. Congratulations to Tori & Dean! Love your show!

Karen on

I didn’t give this couple much hope when they married but so far so good. I think the children all have great names and I’m very happy for Tori. I think someone that comes from a priviledged but tumultuous life deserves this kind of happiness.

pat on

i actually do like the name……it immediately reminded me of Hattie McDaniel of Gone With The Wind as well as GWTW author, Margaret Mitichell. May God continue to bless the McDermott family with health and happiness. the kids always seem happpy and content, that’s for sure!

pat on

congratulations on the birth of Hattie Margaret McDermott! Wonder if mom or dad was a Gone With The Wind fan as Hattie McDaniel was an actress in the film and the author of the book was Margaret Mitchell.No matter how they came up with name, it flows with the others and now there are 4 children, 2 boys,2 girls. Lovely Family. Again, congratulations to all!

Marky on

Actually, everyone who saw fit to bite my head off, I never saw an answer to my question before, and in truth, don’t see one here, but:

1) I do NOT dislike this couple or their family. I’m glad they seem to be happy and doing well. All these people are celebrities we do not know, and nothing they do changes our lives in any way, we are just interested in their lives (unless we are nuts and think they are our BFFs).

2) No, I am not the Jolie-Pitts’ manager, and have no idea who “Mary Jo” is. I simply wonder why one couple is treated so differently from the other when their circumstances are similar, and I was actually asking a sincere question, which frankly doesn’t seem to go over on this site a great deal of the time. Won’t make that mistake again….

Chantelle on

That is literally the worst name EVER!!!

jamey on

your family is beautiful. congrats on your new blessing and may god bless you in all aspects of your life.

lisa on

Hattie has been used for many years. I have two friends who’s daughters have this name. Their ages are 16 and 17. Tori Spelling didn’t just come up with that on her own or bring it back. People have been using it. I do love the name and I’m happy she used it.

MissJackieM on

Love,love,love their daughter’s name. It is cute and quaint.Congratulations Tori and Dean !!

Sandra Douglas on

For me, not a fan of the name either. I don’t think I could look down at a precious baby girl, then give her an ‘old lady’ name like “Hattie”. (IMO Harriett would have been even worse) Whatever happened to cute names like, “Michelle”, “Debbie”, “Susan”, “Angela”, etc…? I agree that it’s THEIR child, and maybe they were going for something “old fashioned”, but parents should also think of the CHILD when naming them, and try to look forward, to see if it’s a name that children might get teased about. I think the little one’s best bet, is to call herself, “Maggie”. Either way, congrats to them all!

Rhi on

Can’t say I’m a fan of the name. Nothing wrong with it but it’s definitely a name associated with the nursing homes, right along with Bertha, Prudence, Gertrude, etc. Very popular names 60+ years ago.

But congrats to them anyway. I hope Hattie won’t have her own reality show in a week or two but with how many they insist on pumping out about every aspect of their lives it wouldn’t surprise me.

tonya on

I don’t see anything wrong with the name Hattie. Its sweet, and the birthday was a surprise. congratulations Tori and Dean and family.

Kaia on

@me….thanks ever so much for swooping in to save the day by correcing my spelling of Hattie/Haddie. Does it really matter or affect the purpose of my post since they sound pretty much EXACTLY THE SAME when you say them outloud?

soph on

Sandra Douglas: Really? How is Hattie any different from “Maddie”? Could you look down at a baby and be satisfied with that one? Maggie is also very similar so I fail to see why it is so much better. But thanks for letting us know what a newborn’s “best bet” in life is. Susan and Angela are much like the name Sandra…old, and not cute.

Vivi on

@ RKF your not one to judge. Grow up and act your age for once

Mitsy on

It needs to be her last. Four kids are enough for anyone & she’s nearing 40 anyway.

MiniHipster on

there is definitely a comeback in popularity in old fashion names. How adorable is ‘Hattie”

Terri on

Hattie is nice. It seems traditional and Southern, which I love.



Omar on

She’s not ALWAYS pregnant. My losedt is only 3 months older than hers & my 4th will be born before her 4th. I’m not ALWAYS pregnant, so there is no way she is either. Stop being so ignorant. Even if she was always pregnant, whay is it to you? My 3rd pregnancy I had no morning sickness. This pregnancy is my only one I have felt braxton hicks with. Those are the two big differences. Other than that all 4 pregnancies have been pretty much the same.

margie on

This is 5 years old. Why was it even listed? She’s now pregnant with her fifth child.

Lisa Ling on

Good evening –

FYI: Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott have more than 2 other children. If I’m not mistaken, she’s pregnant with her 5th child!

Check your facts People.


Lisa Ling
Ottawa, ON Canada