Spotted: Kim and Kourtney Kardashian – Candid Camera

10/11/2011 at 05:00 PM ET
Humberto Carreno/Startraks

Can’t catch me!

Kourtney and Kim Kardashian capture a scenic view of dapper Mason Dash, 21 months, while filming the second season of their Big Apple spinoff show in Brooklyn, New York, on Saturday.

“I dress [Mason] a little boho-preppy, like little moccasins, little vintage belts, Indian belts — I think it’s all about accessories, even if he has a cute pair of sunglasses or he’s wearing something simple,” the reality star, 32, recently told PEOPLE.

“The other day I put him in a Burberry scarf and it looked so [amazing].”

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Manal from Jordan! on

I love this picture!!!

meme on

I think the girls were taking a picture of themselves. It appears the camera is on them. No surprise. lol

Shannon on

Oh no, he looks like Scott now.

hatekourtney on

I don’t know why kourtney thinks she is/will be a good mom!The way she talks to Kris is awful,the words that comes out of her mouth adressed to her mother are terrible.bad daughter.that’s what she is teaching her son:to be disrespectful to his own family,and he doesn’t need more bad behavior around him with a father like scott.I know Kris is too much to handle but even dirty mouth Kloe is more respectful to their mom.One day she will hear awful things from mason too and she will regret forever.

Ally on

Even if you’re not a fan of the Kardashians, you can’t deny that Mason is a cutie!

Catca on

No, I can’t deny it either – Mason is a cutie! But I wouldn’t call the way Kourtney dresses him as being boho-preppie. I’d say she dresses him more like a doll! He’s a toddler – what’s wrong with play clothes? Even when this kid is pictured at the park going down a slide, he’s dressed up. Kourtney, I do think you are a devoted mother and considering that you are limiting your son’s exposure on your show, I don’t think you’re using him as a prop. You have my respect for that. But please let him dress in play clothes once in a while – he’s just a little toddler!

Lady on

Soooo cute!!!!

Ali on

He really is starting to look more like Scott! Let’s hope he doesn’t get Scott’s attitude. I can’t stand these people but he is a cute baby!

J on

@hatekourtney, she tells her mom that she uses her kids to make money and a lot of the times not in a good way. Kourtney isn’t exactly lying when she says it. How respectful is it of Kris to leech on to her kids nonstop and then expect them to like it?

t. on

Mason is adorable but is ANYTHING really candid with this family haha

Gaby on

agree with you catca…i dont think she ever believed in a onesie…sooo not “in style.”

Anonymous on

i love kourtney and her family. @hatekourtney- you’re jealous. i bet you’re fat, infertile, and broke. soooooo stfu and go away. i bet you watch keeping up with the kardashians RELIGIOUSLY 🙂

kellyduval on

LOVE this picture! So cute! Love the Kardashians and baby Mason! He’s looking like Scott more and more! Adorable!

Micheley on

Mason is adorable, and Kourtney seems like a wonderful mother! And Kim, as well as the rest of her sibings, seem like wonderful Aunts/Uncle.

I really don’t understand why people hate on this family so much.

ClaireSamsmom on

Mason is so adorable! But, i am definetly not a fan of the way she dresses him. Burberry scarfs on a one-year-old boy? I think playclothes are a must…esp. for boys!

Ashley on

Oh Ally: I CAN deny it. I have never—just my opinion guys—thought he was very cute at all….probably because he reminds me of Scott, who I never really cared for, but I’m liking him better these days for some reason. I think Kourtney is really pretty though, it’s a shame Mason doesn’t look more like her.

Mira on

Mason is just an average looking toddler, and she dresses him awfully. He always looks like an overweight old man.

Reesca on

Does she have a toddler or a doll to dress up?? This outfit is just ridiculous. And CBB, your article is wrong. The girls were trying to take a picture of themselves, the camera is backwards. There is absolutely nothing about this family that is appealing. Money hungry is all they are.

D on

most of you people are so very, very mean and, yes, jealous. So let them alone.