Johnny Knoxville Welcomes Daughter Arlo

10/11/2011 at 09:00 AM ET
Albert Michaels/Startraks

It’s a girl for Johnny Knoxville!

Wife Naomi Nelson delivered daughter Arlo on Thursday, Oct. 6,  the Jackass star, 40, Tweeted.

“Mommy and baby are doing great,” Knoxville says.

Arlo joins son Rocko Akira, 20 months, and Madison, 15, his daughter with ex-wife Melanie Clapp.

Knoxville and Nelson were married in September 2010 after he proposed with a vintage engagement ring.

— Sarah Michaud

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megan on

I don’t know why people keep naming their daughters Arlo. Where I live, Arlo / Arlon is a common name among elderly men

klutzy_girl on

Yay, someone finally broke the boy streak!

Congratulations to them! Arlo is an interesting name.

sara on

megan, luckily they don’t live where you live, so it’s not a problem.

Brooke on

Couldn’t put an M in front of that name, could ya Johnny & Naomi?

Lissette on

Megan, they obviously keep naming their children that because they like the name enough. I don’t think I know any old men named Arlo. Maybe its just in your town…

Julie on

Odd. In my area, Arlo is trendy name for little boys — there are two at my daughter’s preschool. I really have trouble imaging Arlo on a little girl, Arlie might have been a better fit.

Anyways, congrats to the family on their new arrival.

Cyndi on

Names change through the years. Ashley used to be a boy’s name, but now is mostly a girl’s name. I am not fond of the name “Arlo” and now know of only one person that has it, so it is obviously not common where I am from.

Veronica on

My SON is named Arlo. Arlo means Hill.
Gender: Male
Origin: German

Alexandra on

/HA(r)-low/, derived from the Anglo-Saxon here ‘army, troops; war-‘ and hlaw ‘mound, cairn, hill,’ thereby meaning ‘army hill.’ In Italian it can be a variant of Carlo(s), Karlo(s), equivalent to the English name Charles, which in turn is derived from Middle High German karl ‘man.’ In Spanish, its meaning is ‘barberry tree.’ Arlo can also be a variant of Harley and the first formant in Arlene, which derive from Old English har ‘hare, rabbit’ and ‘ear(n)’ ‘eagle.’ The second formant, giving -lo(w), -l(e)y, etc. are topographic names, such as the hlaw mentioned above. For example, the ancestors of today’s lee (and name Lee), loch, etc. As such, names like Harley, Arlo, etc. can also mean ‘eagle’s hill,’ ‘hare’s clearing,’ and so on.

It’s not German…Hill in German would be Hügel or Berg 😉

Kate on

Don’t like the name for a boy or girl. What a shame not to give her a pretty name.

J on

Oh no, they didn’t call you first for your approval, Brooke…

Holiday on

Congrats! The name is ok different and sort of cute. I didnt know he was 40!!

dmezz on

Alexandra thanks for posting the meaning of the name Arlo. My son who is a yr old we named ARLO GIANNI after my husband. I love it is different. I have never heard of it till I was searching names meaning Charles. My husband’s name is Charles. I wanted something different since I already have a 4 yr old son his name is Luciano. But yes Arlo is more of a boy’s name but everyone has their free choice to name their child what they want and as long as they are happy and healthy right 🙂

Barbra on

Congrats on the new addition. Love the name but I have to be honest made me think of Arlo Guthrie right of the bat. Guess I am showing my age.

Katie on

If you’ve had kids, then MYOB and be glad you named them what YOU like. If you haven’t WORRY about your OWN when the time comes. This isn’t just about the name of the baby & what everyone else likes.

Congrats on the newest edition! May she be blessed with a healthy life full of loving people.

rebekah on

i thought of arlo guthrie, too! maybe they’re fans. 🙂 i think it’s cute -boy or girl.

kjc on

Great names! I like Arlo and Rocko ( although prefer the spelling Rocco). They sound nice together.

Traci on

I think the name’s fine besides it’s their baby not yours. Poosha!!!

Brianne on

Congratulations Johnny, Naomi, Madison and Rocko! I can’t wait to see a picture of Arlo! I wish all of you the best!!!

Anonymous on

My little guy’s name is Arlo….I hate that two celebs have used it this year. Love the name and we get so many compliments on it. There is always someone who won’t like someones baby name. Thats why we get to name our OWN kids! ;^)

soph on

“Congrats on the newest edition!”

…of what?

Em on

Wow soph I don’t think I’ve ever seen a more clever comment in my life, do you feel better about yourself now?

crg on

Arlo for a girl? Sigh.

soph on

Haha, aren’t we touchy, Em!

June on

I thought he’d name the baby after Ryan Dunn…..

Reese on

Congratulations to the family!

June, if he considered doing so, he probably scrapped the idea thinking that Bam or others in the cast who’ve known Ryan since they were teens might one day use it.

Megan on

“If you’ve had kids, then MYOB and be glad you named them what YOU like. If you haven’t WORRY about your OWN when the time comes. This isn’t just about the name of the baby & what everyone else likes”

An ever so klassy response, Katie.

sara on

Why would anyone name their DAUGHTER Arlo?! It’s a male name for heaven’s sake!

Ashley on

SUCH a horrible name for a GIRL. Honestly, what is wrong with people??

annachestnut on

He’s a nice person. You can tell.

emily on

Megan, how was Katies repsonse NOT “klassy”, assuming you were being sarcastic?

People on this boards are beyond weird.

AshleyM on

To all the childish posters on this blog…

The day you concieve, the 40+ weeks that you carry it, the 12 hours of horrible labour, the nasty ring of fire (or the OR visit with a cut open uterus) is the day YOU can choose YOUR baby’s name. Until then I think it’s pretty pathetic to whine and complain about a baby’s name you will never have to wake up to at 3am for the 4th time since midnight.


Congrats to Johnny and his family, I’m sure she will be loved dearly 🙂

Calais on

Yes, i don’t understand the Arlo for a girl either. Arlie is a lot better but we need to realise they named their son Rocko. As if they were gonna give her a name like Lily or Isabella or something pretty like that. Oh well, i guess thats just the way some people think.

My kids dont have traditional names but they are slowly becoming more popular. And they are at least nice names. My kids names are Sage, Jameson and Ryland. I hear them more and more nowadays. But Rocko and Arlo sound like brother and sister.

I do think though that when Rocko and Arlo are older they will ask the question. “Why did you give Madison a normal name and we got stupid ones”. I honestly can see that happening.

lissa on

Arlo is defintley an old man name

Look up Arlo Guthrie

If they like the name good for them–Congrats on the new baby

Elizabeth on

What people chose to name their children is an exciting and monementual milestone in their lives. Pretty sad that people have to sit around and scrutinize such a wonderful experience that holds no relevance to them. Luckily you and yours aren’t famous to have your choice of “names,” if not other things under constant surveillance.

kari on

to be honest i dont see how he is still able to have children due to jackass and the soo many nutshots