Ali Landry Welcomes Son Marcelo Alejandro

10/10/2011 at 06:30 PM ET
Steve Granitz/WireImage

It’s a boy!

Ali Landry and her husband, director Alejandro Monteverde, welcomed son Marcelo Alejandro¬†on Saturday, Oct. 8 in Los Angeles, the actress’s rep tells PEOPLE exclusively.

Baby boy was born at 5:40 p.m. and weighed in at 8 lbs. and 21 inches long.

Shortly after announcing her pregnancy, the former Doritos spokeswoman, 38, told PEOPLE that she was using grilled cheese sandwiches to battle morning sickness.

Landry and Monteverde, 34, also have a daughter, 4-year-old Estela Ines.

— Liz Raftery and Jennifer Garcia

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Alma on

I LOVE the name Marcelo! Makes me think of the Real Madrid player Marcelo LOL

Alma on

Congrats btw!

Taylor on

Congrats Ali, Alejandro, and Estela! I’m sure he’s adorable, Estela certainly is.

I think it’s a little funny that the only cred they ever list for her is that she is a former Doritos spokeswoman.

Anyway, congratulations again!

Liberty on

Love the name Marcelo on its own, but its a little bit of a tongue twister when said alongside his big sister Estela’s name. Congrats to the new family of four!

Ali on

Wow! ANOTHER boy! Where are the girl babies?! They all seem to be hiding out! So funny! Congrats to the family! Marcello is a cute name!

Reese on

Congratulations to the family! I’m sure Marcelo is just as beautiful as his big sister. On a side note, I didn’t even realize Estela was four, already. Time flies.

Romy on

nice name! she has done other things besides Doritos commercials right? wasn’t she just shooting something?

Megan on

LOVE the name. Great choice and I like it with Estela.

She was just shooting a movie, however the Doritos girl was her “it” role. If you were trying to explain who she was to someone that’s most likely where they’d recognize her from, you know?

Nicole on

She was also in Bella with Eduardo Verastegui.

Margaux on

I love how Ali embraces her husband’s heritage with her children’s names! You rock, Ali!

Ali on

Margaux, why shouldn’t Ali embrace her OWN heritage? Just because she is a woman??

ZaraB on

Congratulations! And finally – a celebrity with great taste in names!!

guest on

the movie Bella was absolutely beautiful to watch-and Estela is so pretty-of course look at her parents and I bet they have a gorgeous boy

Jordan 1 on

Awesome a boy!! She has the best of both worlds

Marky on

Why are you so touchy, Ali? Do you think she’s rejecting her heritage by using Hispanic names for her children, and only doing it because she is doesn’t care about anything but making her husband feel good? Maybe those are names she likes and she really has embraced his heritage.

I am of Welsh descent through both my parents, and my husband is German. Am I rejecting his heritage because our children have Welsh names? Really, some people are just too easily freaked out and critical on this board.

Janna on

Ali Landry is French, and Marcelo is the Italian variant of the French name Marcel, so maybe she *did* embrace her own heritage.

kate on

Marcelo Monteverde has a really nice ring to it.

sara on

Marcelo is not Italian, it’s Spanish.

Ali on

I’m not touchy…I was just asking a question. I think a woman sacrifices a lot in her life to be with the man she loves. She loses part of her identity by taking on his last name. Then when women have children we hear a lot of boys being named after their father’s to “honor” them but rarely any girls being named after their mother’s to honor them. I just feel like women still don’t get the credit they deserve in marriage and society and sure, I get a little defensive about it but I’m not trying to bully anyone or anything.

Just wondered why it was so commendable in Margaux’s opinion, to celebrate her HUSBAND’S heritage but not HER heritage? If she did in fact celebrate herself through Marcelo (which I assumed was Spanish but it could be derived from the French Marcel) then good for her. I have a right to feel and think a certain way. I am not trying to be mean to people. I was merely asking a question that I felt deserved some explanation.

Janna on

I agree with just about everything you said, Ali.

Nicole on

Maybe she chose the name because it went well with the last name. It’s not like Pierre or Winthrop flows with Monteverde.

Shannon on

Beautiful name!

Mae on

I think both of her kids have beautiful, fitting names. Estela Monteverde and Marcelo Monteverde both flow very well.

Jana on

Love the name! Congratulations:)

Sarah S. on

Both of the children’s names are beautiful…flows nicely on the tongue.

Pamela on

I know two people with variants of “Marcelo” … a Marcello and a Marcella. Both are of Italian descent, not Spanish or Mexican.

doodlbeug on

Ali Landry was Miss USA in 1995. She then got small acting parts, the doritoes commercial, behind the scene commentator at Miss USA a couple years and the part in Bella. She was wonderful in a very beautiful movie.

FC on

Aww, congrats to Ali and her family on the latest addition, Marcelo. I hope she’ll share a pic of him later on.

Michelle Miller on

For those of you who obviously dont know, Ali Landry is of Latin decent. So while I’m sure she is honoring her husbands heritage with the names she chose, she is also honoring hers.

Smarty Pants on

^^^ According to babynames[.]com Marcelo is a variant of Marcello which is Latin in Origin. To Americans any Latin sounding name is Spanish to them. Also, did you know the name ‘Ali’ is not even French but Arabic! Makes all this discussion about her kids not having french names a bit silly, when Ali herself don’t even have a French name either!

FYI sometimes your name has nothing to do with your heritage. I’m mexican & my name is Russian for example even though I have no Russian heritage on neither of my family’s side. My grandma after meeting a teacher just happened to like the name and sound of it when she named my mother and when I was born being the first girl and all I was name after my mother, not because of her heritage as we have no Russian heritage, but because it rhymes/has a nice flow with my (father’s) last name too. I’m sure that was the case with Ali’s name too since it flows well with Landry.

weather French, Spanish, Italian names they all Latin derived xD so I don’t know what the big deal is here xD