Make Potty Training On-the-Go Easy with My Carry Potty

10/07/2011 at 02:00 PM ET
Courtesy My Carry Potty

How many times have you been happily playing at a park, the beach — or anywhere else without a bathroom, for that matter — when all of a sudden, your potty-training toddler has to go. Like, right now!

We’ve all been there. And sometimes a tree just doesn’t cut it.

Enter the My Carry Potty ($30) — a small, portable case that turns into a mini potty in a snap.

Not only is it super convenient, but it’s also designed so it doesn’t leak or let out odors.

So whether you’re just running errands or taking a long family trip, it’s a great option.

Because when they’ve got to go, they’ve really got to go.

— Stephanie Phoenix

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cannat on

Because what everyone wants to carry around is a case of poo.

bones_addict on

Good to know that I’m not the only one who thinks this is disgusting. It seems like one of those bad inventions I’d see in SkyMall

meme on


Bridget on

I am also glad to know that I am not the only one that finds it gross that your child would be carring around a bucket of poo/pee.

“Not only is it super convenient, but it’s also designed so it doesn’t leak or let out odors.”….really, now that is just nasty!

Grace2 on

are any of you parents who’ve potty trained children?

while i don’t have this particular potty, i have a baby bjorn one that i’d leave in the back of my suburban. when nature calls, especially when they are first becoming trained, you have to go. and there is usually no time to try to find a decent public restroom (like there really is a decent public restroom anywhere anyway).

when the boys peed, then i’d have to use paper towels, or whatever, to absorb the liquid until i could throw it away. and if i didn’t have paper towels, i’d try to find grass to pour the pee onto (nice, i know).

now they are older and can hold it or go into an empty water bottle yes, a water bottle.

frankly, potty training is gross. public restrooms and their floors, walls, etc are even grosser. i’d rather walk around with that thing than try to keep my little one’s butt from falling in a nasty toilet or keep him from touching God knows what…

amw on

i actually thought this was one of the more useful baby products posted to this blog. the price is also reasonable. i dont think you are required to carry the poo around in there, they are just saying its an OPTION if there is no other place to put the waste.

andrea on

i work in a store that sells these. is it leak proof? yes. does it take two hands and a lot of force to open it once it’s sealed? yes! i can only imagine trying to open that thing up and dump out the *ahem* “contents” only to have everything fly into the air. not unlike opening a stubborn bag of chips.

cn tower on

Grace2, I am one of “those” parents who has successfully potty-trained 2 kids without this product and lived to tell the tale. I wouldn’t bother commenting on this post if I didn’t have kids. Yes, some public washrooms are gross, but we managed without having to use too many of them.

elizabetholwigphotography on

Considering the product they are selling, that photograph is hilarious.

Bridget on

Grace2, I too have been through potty training 2 children and have managed perfectly fine without taking a portable potty everywhere I go. Yes, public restrooms are nasty, but they have to learn to use them at some point. One product that I love is this travel potty seat that attaches to a public toilet. It folds really small, I can actually fit it in my purse(inside a plastic bag). Here is a link that is similiar to what I have.

Julia A on

My only thought about this post is that the boy in the picture looks like a little Macaulay Culkin.

Grace2 on

I potty trained my two without it too, I guess my point is that this isn’t outrageous to me. I think the photo is funny (I mean what parent is gonna let their kid run through a park with a potty sloshing full of poo). But the concept is useful.

Bridget, I’ve seen the portable potty seat that goes on top of a toilet, but if you are in a park without a bathroom (most parks around here) or on a roadtrip in the middle of BFE, what would you do for #2?

Anyway, I’d rather have my kiddos waste sealed for disposal instead of hoping for the best when I stop suddenly or make a hard right. KWIM?

I can’t believe I commented twice about a potty seat…

Shannon on

LOL! No thanks!

Crimpe on

…or you could use a toilet. A public toilet. I have four kids, all potty-trained. Silver bullet for me was the public toilet. My first kid pooed in a grody bathroom in Chinatown in NYC and after that he was 100% toilet trained. Schools, malls, port-a-jons…something about the real world, combined with making them wear underwear rather than pull-ups, it just worked. For my kids, at least. At home they could whine and avoid, but they didn’t do it in public (mostly). Carry a case of poop? No thanks!

Megan on

Is the kid supposed to sit on the potty in the middle of the beach or park ? Yuck. I don’t wish to see anybody using the bathroom in the middle of a public venue. If you have a child in the midst of potty training, wouldn’t you think “gee, maybe it’s not a swell idea to take him to Oak Tree Beach and Public Park, knowing there’s no bathrooms and he can’t hold it long enough to reach one ?”

Pencils on

My daughter is about 80% potty trained at this point, probably even more now, and I just bought a folding potty seat for when we go out. But I have to say that she’s used regular restroom toilets before it arrived, it’s more of a comfort thing and for my peace of mind knowing it’s cleaner.

I also got a thing called a “potette plus” to keep in the car for emergencies on car trips. It can fit on top of a toilet, or you can fold down the little legs, fit a bag thing underneath, the child goes into the bag, which you wrap up and toss out. The ones that come with the thing have an absorbent piece inside, like a diaper, really, but I read comments on Amazon where parents said they just used grocery bags.

I don’t know if we’ll ever use it, it wasn’t expensive, and it certainly doesn’t seal the waste inside like the one recommended here! And it costs less than half.

Laura on

Amazon sells for ten bucks the potette. You use a plastic bag and then throw it out- it’s much smaller and less gross. I live in a big city and find it great at parks

Helen on

Thanks for the laugh, Andrea!

acorr on

A girlfriend of mine had something like this in the back of her car for her kids. They used it ALL the time…and so did she!!!!! LOL!!!!

Crimpe on

The picture really is hysterical…I can hear the music playing…”I’ve got poo, babe!”

Holiday on

LOL that was hilarious Andrea!!

April on

Yes, the Potette Plus is awesome! I’ve used it with my older two and will use it when it’s time to train my third child. Super convenient, compact, fits over regular toilets making it child sized and has legs that fold down for on the go (you use special bags with it so it’s easy to dispose waste). Way better than this product and cheaper too!

stacy on

i have used this product with my daughter and think it is great! We use it at home and on the road. I bring it to my mother’s house so my daughter can use a her own potty and my mother does not have to buy one.

Neither I or my daughter carry poo with us – grow up.

We tried the Potette. In the long run it is more expensive- you need to buy bags and it’s terrible for the environment.

By the way- what do you do with bags when they are full of poo and there are no garbage cans around?

smiavs on

Don’t know if I’d spend money on something like this or not, (although I do know a couple whose 3 year-old had stomach issues on a long car trip and then proceeded to knock over the filled potty, so one that closes seems a bit more practical) but I will say that I hope they have more gender neutral offerings in green by the time I have kids. I hate the pink/blue nonsense, but the yellows companies use are always hideous….