Kristin Davis Welcomes Daughter Gemma Rose

10/07/2011 at 05:45 PM ET

Kristin Davis is a new mom!

The Sex and the City star, 46, welcomed daughter Gemma Rose Davis through domestic adoption a few months ago, PEOPLE confirms exclusively.

“This is something I have wanted for a very long time,” Davis tells PEOPLE. “Having this wish come true is even more gratifying than I ever had imagined. I feel so blessed.”

Davis, who is a global ambassador for Oxfam and a patron for the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, will next be seen in Journey 2: The Mysterious Island.

Courtesy Kristin Davis

— Julie Jordan

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gaga on

Congrats 🙂

Jordan on

Congrats to her! I love her baby girl’s name. It’s really sweet 😀

Susan on

Congratulations to Kristin!

Elle on

Aww, how sweet! Congrats!!!! I love this photo

Maryanne on

Good for her. Sweet baby. Congrats to her!

Yolanda on

Yay for Kristin!

Katie on

What a wonderful gift to give that little girl. And what a gift she will be to Kristin!! What a happy ending!

Ani on

Adoption rocks! Beautiful baby and beautiful Mama!

Ani on


Big Fan on

I love Kristin, and that is the most adorable baby! Congrats! How awesome!

gimma a break on

Ahhh! Congrats Kristin! What a wonderful surprise.

meghan on


googie on


missy on

Congrats! I’ve liked Kristin for a while. I’m so glad that she’s getting to experience motherhood.

Nancy on

Agreed!! Adoption does rock!! Just wondering if anyone knows if Gemma is pronounced with a hard “g” or a soft “g”???

Sarah K. on

Congrats on your beautiful baby girl! How wonderful that they found each other!

carol on

Thank you for going through the steps needed to give love and guidance to a child here in this country.

HappyGoLucky on

How wonderful!!!!

Anonymous on

Congrats to her and such a beautiful thing is being mommy..Whether on your own or adoption ..Its a blessing as she will have good home and a great life ahead of her.Loved her character on Sex And City.. Congrats

carol on

Thank you for adopting in the states.To many people ignore the children in need in this country.

Etsy on

I am all for adoption wherever it happens, but as an adoptive mother of a child adopted domestically and one adopted internationally, I’d like to remind people that a bad day in America cannot really be compared to a bad day in other poor, developing countries! Kids here waiting for adoption are clothed, fed, educated, and have their medical needs attended to. They may not have a traditional family to love them, but there is no reason in our rich country for them to be starving, dying of disease, prostituted etc….as are kids in many developing countries.

I am so happy for Kristin, that she found her daughter domestically and I wish them a wonderful life together.

Reese on

Congratulations to Kristin! A beautiful name, too.

Nancy, it’s pronounced with a soft G.

As for where she’s adopted from, that’s irrelevant. It’s not more of a celebration that she was born domestically as opposed to if she was born internationally. Adoption is a wonderful thing, regardless.


Dear Carol,
Its is difficult and heart breaking to adopt here in the U.S.A. We have tried just to have our hearts broken again and again. Its easier to do it else where, especially if you have money. I am thrilled for Kristin. The future looks bright.

Dawn on

That’s a beautiful thing, Kristin. It’s also very “Charlotte” ♥

Ella on

Was so surpised to come on here and read this. Loved her on “SATC” – so happy to hear such wonderful news! Congratulations to Kristin and her beautiful little girl. And I just love the baby’s name. 🙂

Samantha on

That’s the name my husband and I picked out if we have a daughter this time around! Love it! Congrats for her, such a cute baby girl 🙂

Valerie on

I never ever post but this made me sssoooo happy! I’m also a new mom to a baby girl born in Mali and it truly is life’s most amazing gift.

I agree with Reese, adoption is a beautiful thing, no matter where the baby if from.

Congrats Kristin, Enjoy!

Anonymous on

Why did she adopt a African American baby? Everyone will know she’s adopted……….

Anonymous on

Adoption is a wonderful thing! Congratulations Kristin on your beautiful daughter!

Sheri on

To “Anonymous” ~ What do you mean why did she adopt an African-American baby and people will know she is adopted?? Why is that even relevant?! And how do you know that Gemma is African-American … not that it matters, but we don’t know what nationality she is. The important thing is that Kristin has adopted a beautiful baby and will give this child a blessed, wonderful life. The next time you post, at least have the courage to leave a name and not just “anonymous” when you leave such an ignorant statement! Good Lord …

HappyGoLucky on

She doesn’t seem to care if people know her daughter is adopted. Why does it matter?

Mia's Mommy on

Anonymous, you’re not very smart. WHO cares if people will know if the child is adopted? That won’t change the love she’ll feel for her child.

alicejane on

Anonymous, why treat adoption like it’s a stigma? The point is, this baby has a loving mother. I’m just glad Kristin Davis is more open-minded thany you…

Congratulations to Kristin on a beautiful baby girl!!

Grace2 on

Aww, what wonderful news for the both of them. ANd I don’t care where a child is from, he or she deserves a loving home.

Congrats to the new mommy!!

Shannon on

So happy for them both!

Sarah K. on

Anonymous, you were kidding…right? Adoption isn’t something to be ashamed of and luckily Kristen realizes how blessed she is to have a healthy, gorgeous baby – regardless of her color.

Terri on

I can’t believe she’s 46. She doesn’t look it.

Mama and baby are beautiful. Congratulations to the Davis family!

Sammie on

Congrats to Kristin! I have been a fan of hers for forever! Adoption is beautiful 🙂

Julie on

What an outmoded idea. Adoption is too be celebrated, not hidden away.

Congratulations to the new family.

Anonymous on

She looks like a different race to me. I think adoption is good but she could have found a baby that looks like her.

soph on

“I think adoption is good but she could have found a baby that looks like her.”


Holiday on

That is wonderful that she adopted! I always admire people when they adopt, its such a great thing to do.

maggie on

“I think adoption is good but she could have found a baby that looks like her”

Then she would have gotten pregnant if she wanted one that “looked like her”.

I’m so happy for Kristin and I ADORE her daughter’s name!

Sarah S. on

I am so happy for her! I knew she would become a Mom someday! Welcome to the world Gemma Rose (awesome middle name-same as my daughter). 🙂

Lauren on

I only post when I really want to share an opinion and this one just really grabbed me. Congratulations to you Kristen! What an honorable act! Blessings to you and your newborn baby!

J on

Anonymous why do you think she needs to find a baby that looks like her. I hope you’re not implying that she should have adopted a white kid. How can you be so ignorant about someone opening their hearts and home to a child?

Brooke on

One of my favorite names……love Gemma

Anonymous on

I meant a baby of the same race. But who cares?

mimi on

I’m so happy for her, but me and my fiance literally had Gemma Rose picked out for our baby name. I’m a huge Sons of Anarchy fan and me and my sister talked about the name Gemma. He loved it too and we picked out Rose as the middle name because it flows beautifully. I really feel like I can’t use the name anymore. 😦

Personal story aside, I’m so happy for her and the baby. Congrats Kristen.

Brooke on

Anonymous I find your comment very rude I’m not adopted myself but I’m going to adopt.. It doesn’t matter her color I can’t even believe you even brought color into this! We are supposed to post happy messages to Kristen about her beautiful Gemma not hateful! Maybe Kristen can’t “have” kids! I can’t “have”kids but that doesn’t mean I can’t be a mom! Have some respect she may read all our comments.

Congrats Kristen she’s beautiful!!! 🙂

The One on

I don’t understand the blind support of celebrity adoptions. Quote “giving an ‘unfortunate’ child a ‘good’ home” is subjective. African children being adopted out of their countries and cultures isn’t inherently a good thing. It’s clearly the trendy thing to do now, as one after another white people (particularly celebs) keep adopting black children. Years ago it was chinese/asian babies.

It’s interesting to note that when it comes to adoption if a black couple wanted to adopt a white child, even if they had a ‘good home’ and could provide they’d be denied, and urged to adopt within their race. So why then are black children being so casually given to white people, even single people like Sandra Bullock and Denise Richards?

I don’t want to be misunderstood, I am all for love, family, and giving every child possible the chance at a loving home. I am also in total support of breaking down racial barriers, but when I see a trend like this [and I think at this point it is an obvious trend], I can’t help but feel disturbed…

Jenn on

She has a child of a different race for the same reason that Sandra Bullock does; during the adoption process you can choose the race of the child you would like to adopt. If the race does not matter to you, you may have a better chance, and may not have to wait as long. She clearly does not care whether or not the child looks like her; this is the baby that she was meant to have. Congratulations to the new mommy!

Ali on

Anonymous, Adopting a child isn’t about picking out a COLOR. It’s about parents and children coming together to form a family.

I know several people from my childhood that were adopted and all of them were Asian with caucasian parents but nobody ever JUDGED the parents for having kids that didn’t “look like them”. It was obvious that they were adopted children but it didn’t matter, nor should it ever matter.

I know a couple who recently DID adopt and made it a point to try and get a blonde haired child to match THEIR looks and I was personally disgusted at this. They did wind up getting the white-blonde haired, blue eyed child that they wanted by domestic adoption but I still take issue with how they were so vocal about it.

I would think that individuals adopting a child that looks more like them would wind up causing more problems in the long run whereas a child who is visually not like their parents would always be more aware and vocal about it…a child who looks like their parents but was adopted would probably be a little more emotionally tough to explain and be a bigger hump to get over conversationally.

I personally would never care where a baby came from or what they looked like. If they were given to me and I was blessed with them I would welcome them regardless of gender, color or any other superficial things that do not matter.

Vicky on

What wonderful news! I’ve been waiting years to hear Kristen is a mother!

Anonymous on

Mimi, go ahead and use the name.

CCT0303 on

Anonymous, you should have been given up for adoption when you were born, maybe you would’ve never left such a harsh comment. Your parents should be ashamed of even claiming you as their child..ANIMAL!!

tia2 on

Anonymous,I have lost all respect for you. At least this child will know she is adopted from the get go. My friend adopted a child that looked exactly like her. People in the community took it upon themselves to tell this child she was adopted. The child is having a very difficult time dealing with this.

Anonymous people like you sit around like predators waiting to prey on whoever you can. I suspect you have a pretty screwed up unhappy life.

Congratulations to Kristin Stewart for giving this child a home.

Jillian on

Why acknowledge the comment by anonymous? Ignore it because by addressing it the negativity continues and you are feeding into what they want.

anonymous on

Is that baby BLACK?!?!?!! I don’t get it she’s white, as if they’re ever going to bond!!

Marky on

Indeed, who cares about the race issue? My first adoption was Asian, and she couldn’t be more like me in personality, build, viewpoint, and every way except her appearance. We never hid the fact she was adopted, and have blended the food, and snacks from her country into our lives. Yummo for all of us! 2nd child was a blond haired, blue-eyed child who was our foster child. Looks just like 1/2 the family, but we also are open about his adoption, and he sees us as his only family. Race shouldn’t be an issue, unless you have a real problem in your life.

Congratulations to Kristen and her sweet baby girl, Gemma Rose!!

dsfg on

“Thank you for adopting in the states.To many people ignore the children in need in this country.”

Carol, you aren’t adopting a needy child in the US unless you adopt an older child or a disabled child. Have you done that?

Kat on

Anonymous, not only is that comment very close minded, but, historically, babies of color, especially those of mixed race (as this baby appears she could be) have had a lot harder time being adopted than white babies.

On the flip side of that coin, because those white babies (and babies in general) are the most in demand for adoption, it is harder for more mature parents, especially single parents (as well as homosexual couples) to adopt one. By being open to a child regardless of race, she increased her chance of finding her child, of being able to get a newborn/infant, and also of getting a child without any special needs or health problems.

I hope those things change because I think all children should be wanted and each parent/couple should be judged on their own merit, but I also don’t think having the same color skin or “looking alike” is what makes a family.

sara on

“I think adoption is good but she could have found a baby that looks like her.”

Good lord, you are a moron. First of all, not everyone cares if their children look like them. Do you think she’ll love her baby any less if she is a different race? Second, you obviously know nothing about the practical realities of adoption. Do you think they’re just handing out white infants to anyone who wants them? So many people do want white infants that there are not enough. Although wealth can sometimes expedite the adoption process, it’s still not easy. There are many more non-white children available for adoption, so it just makes sense not to limit yourself to one race if you don’t want to wait years for a baby.

sara on

mimi, if you limit yourself to names no one else has picked, there won’t be any names left. You’ll have to use some made-up non-name name. Get over it. Just use whatever name you want and stop worrying that there might be one other person in the world with the same name.

Nancy on

I can’t believe a couple of the posters on this board– probably both whom have never even considered adoption.

I am the proud parent of an internationally adopted child. My sister (who is white as can be), adopted 2 black children. I love my child as my own and my niece and nephew so much.

Be happy for how other people build their families, even if it isn’t how YOU would do it.

Whatever on

Beautiful family! Gemma looks like Louis Bardo.

Must match with mommy on

I did not read the whole discussion but I just have to comment with a laugh about the idea of choosing a baby that is “matching” with mommy’s looks! I am myself a parent of a child that does not look at all like me, even though she is my biological child. In our case it is also a matter of difference in skin color, but it is not for granted that your kids look like you even if you are the same shade! 😀

Sarah K. on

Anonymous, unfortunately there are a lot of people who still think like you. You clearly haven’t moved past the 1950s where infertile couple here adopted Caucasian babies and pretended they were biologically related to hide the shame of adoption/infertility. Adoptees often never knew they were even adopted.

Caucasian baby girls are the hardest to adopt because they’re in such high demand. By accepting a child of another race, Kristen increased her chances of getting a healthy baby. Kristen wanted to be a mother to a child, and she got her wish. There are so many minority, older, and special needs children who are ready and waiting to be adopted. We, as adults, just have to be open to something other than the 1950s model of healthy, white newborn.

Sarah Beth on

Anonymous – not to add, there are LOTS of women who have BIOLOGICAL kids who are not the same race or do not look like them. Sheesh.

ClaireSamsmom on

Wow. I can’t believe the comments from Anonymous. When you desire being a Mother…it is about the love and commitment you give in raising your child…..and for Anonymous to make such cruel and ignorant statements….well…I was really kind of floored. What a precious photo…and I am just so happy for Kristin and her new baby girl. What a blessing.

Lady on

What a wonderful gift to give that little girl, so happy for Kristin…can’t wait to see more of these 2!

AllisonJ on

What a blessing! I had a feeling Kristin was going to adopt one day. Gemma is a lucky little girl, and Kristin is blessed to have her.

As the mom of an adopted child (international) and biological child, I have a lot to say on the matter of adoption, but I will keep that to myself. There are a lot of trolls on this site who are trying to stir up trouble.

annachestnut on

adorable both

Jillian on

My naMe is Mary, not Jillian. That comment above was made by me. Anyone know how to keep my name? It’s been Mary for months and now I get a new one! What a joke!!

mimi on

I’m sorry Sara, but it’s not about the name chosen but who chose it. I’m the last of three girls and both of my elder sisters watched Sex and the City, as well as my mom. I don’t wanna deal with the whole “you named your baby after Charlotte’s” thing since I know they are gonna hear about this story. One of my sisters helped me choose that name.

Jessica on

Cutie patootie! Love the name too, it reminds me of a 50’s movie star.

Suzie on

There going to bond because they are mother and daughter My mom adopted me from Ethiopia when I was 3 she is my best friend and biggest champion I love her……..end of conversation

soph on

Mary/Jillian, is it really that important? Give it a rest.

Lisa on

Congrats to Kristin! I love the baby’s name and she is lovely! I was wondering when/if Kristin would ever have kids. She played such a wonderful mother to her adopted kids on SITC. Always my favorite character too. Best wishes!!

Jorp on

I have to say, she picked a pretty bad name for this child. Nothing wrong w the name per se, but a black girl named Gemma Rose sounds like a domestic servant from the pre-segregation South. Horrible connotation.

Holiday on

I am just shocked that people have ANYTHING negative to say about someone adopting a baby.

Beeno on

Would everyone please just ignore ANONYMOUS…….she’s/he’s just making those racially incendiary statements in order to get something started! She/he wants others to jump on the bandwagon, and to have all of our attention focused on her/him, and not on Kristen and gorgeous Gemma!

CONGRATS to both of them. They’ve likely saved each other, and filled voids in both their lives!

Jenna on

CCT0303 That is harsh! You sound like an animal! Why repay harshness WITH harshness. That makes you a hypocrite!

acorr on


Lauren on

Looking at Gemma’s super relaxed and comfortable sleepy baby posture and Kristin’s look of complete love, from this one picture, it looks like they’re doing well so far.

I hope this doesn’t sound immature and naive. I’m 22 and a grad student so children are not at all on my radar so I may completely wrong. I just don’t think one picture of an infant could predict what is going to happen or how she’s going to feel in 10 or 14 years.

Nancy on

To MAGGIE: Saying that if Kristen wanted a child who looked like her, she should have become pregnant. Excuse me, lots of people cannot become pregnant. Maybe that was the case with her, we don’t know.

Secondly, based on your logic, people should become pregnant for the sole reason that their child should look like them. If that is the case, I know a lot of people who should not become pregnant.

Amanda on

I just have to laugh because there are SO many people who have biological children that don’t look like them…and/or don’t look like the same race.

I will also say that this wasn’t an unfortunate baby ‘saved’ by Kristin. There are many people waiting to adopt a newborn in the U.S. But it’s not a competition, people adopt because they want to be parents. Some people adopt from the US because it’s cheaper and usually faster and some people adopt internationally so they don’t have the possibility of dealing with the heartbreak of a birthmother changing her mind.

sara on

Jorp, it only sounds like that to you. No one else cares.

Cynt on

To the poster Anonymous… you are so lame for coming up with such ignorant comments for the purpose of getting attention. if i had a belt, i swear id pull it out cuz you need a whoopin ESPECIALLY for bein grown yet so dumb.

Anyway, beautiful baby, lovely name, and much respect to Kristin for stepping outside the box and following her heart, not this crazy society.

Maria on

I am kind of surprised Kristin is single- I assume she is single anyway- just cause she seems (from watching SATC) to be so sweet and pretty etcetera- I guess being succesful and beautiful and kind (assumption on my part) doesn’t guarantee finding a partner- or maybe she just wants to be single? Anyway- glad she has a child now!

Mandy on

When I see this it reminds me of that quote from Baby Mama of Tina Fey’s character’s mom saying not to adopt a black baby like celebrities do. “Look at me and my black baby.”

Shannon on

She’s 46!? You go girl!

Jillian on

It isn’t really that important, never said it was. I will continue to ask until I fix it. There are many nice people here who have had the same thing happen to them and got it fixed. One of them will help me.


amie on

Tina: I agree. We’ve just had our hearts broken with a domestic adoption. It’s a difficult road. Wishing you all the luck with it, and to all those who are on the same path. We’re still on the path and hoping for success. Congrats to Kristin and for her now being a part of a “Conspicuous family” — we’re open to it too.

kimmie on

“Thank you for adopting in the states.To many people ignore the children in need in this country.”

Carol, why do you feel a need to personally thank her for adopting a child in the states? Is this your own child you gave up?

kimmie on

Mary/Jillian, you probably made a nasty comment in the past using fake name rather than your real one and the site kept it since

amz on

Of course adoption is a great thing to do, but think about it, if there wasn’t any teenage pregnancies, unfit parents, accidents and so on there would be no children to adopt.

Ali on

Love the name!

Allie on

amz – How insightful.

Hea on

“Why did she adopt a African American baby? Everyone will know she’s adopted………. – Anonymous on October 7th, 2011”

1. I suppose I would assume that Kristin had her child with an african american man if I even gave it a thought and didn’t know the child was adopted.

2. Where I live, you don’t get to pick a child if you adopt. You can turn the offer down and slip back to the end of a reeeally long line, or you accept the wonderful gift that the child offered to you is.

Jillian on

No. I have never said anything even negative about a post and only been posting for a short time. This is a shared network. Maybe that is why? If anyone has an idea how to change it please let me know.


Hea on

Jillian/Mary – Why don’t you log out Jillian?

Daniela on

What an adorable baby! I could eat her up! Congrats to the new momma!

And everyone should ignore Anonymous they are anonymous for a reason – to stir up trouble. Ignore their posts and it will go away.

N on

“The One”… I think the prevalence of adopting African-American children is simply because there are more of them available. At least… that is true where I am in PA. It is MUCH easier to adopt an African-American baby…. and the adoption agency we were going to go through actually actively recruits potential parents for African-American babies… and there are more tax incentives here too because there are more available. now, we could go on and on as to “way”… but the why is really unimportant and not relevant. It’s just the way it is.

Sheryl on

I thought the entire point of adoption was to be a parent to a child who needs one. It’s disheartening that people still choose to focus on race and have the mindset that a child’s color should match their own as if they’re matching furniture and home decor in the year 2011.

Michelle Z. on

Oh, Anonymous. You adorable, little troll. Now back to the woods with you…

Kat on

“It’s interesting to note that when it comes to adoption if a black couple wanted to adopt a white child, even if they had a ‘good home’ and could provide they’d be denied, and urged to adopt within their race. So why then are black children being so casually given to white people, even single people like Sandra Bullock and Denise Richards?”

The One, unfortunantly this is because there are more black children for adoption. Is it fair, no, but why should those children then suffer? Would it be better if these white couples/single parents rejected all potential black children until they got a white baby?

jones on

Beautiful baby and beautiful mom. You can tell by the picture that Kristin adores little Gemma and love is the most important component of a family.

Sarah K. on

“It’s interesting to note that when it comes to adoption if a black couple wanted to adopt a white child, even if they had a ‘good home’ and could provide they’d be denied, and urged to adopt within their race.So why then are black children being so casually given to white people, even single people like Sandra Bullock and Denise Richards?”

The One, do you know of an instance in which a black couple has wanted to adopt a white child and been denied? I happen to know of a couple of white children adopted by minority families. Is it common or the norm? Absolutely not. But, you also have to remember that black children are less in demand and therefore more available for adoption.

Also, you have no idea what Sandra and Denise went through with their adoptions. To say that they were casually given minority babies is completely made up by you. Both have mentioned that it took a long time to get matched (a couple of years) and it’s important to note that Sandra wasn’t actually single when Louis was placed with her.

As for it being trendy to adopt black children – are you sure about that? Katherine Heigl recently adopted from South Korea; Meg Ryan adopted from China; Angie/Brad have adopted from Cambodia and Vietnam; Rosie O’Donnell, Edie Falco, and Sharon Stone adopted white children; Hugh Jackman adopted multi-racial children; Denise Richards and Demarcus Ware adopted Hispanic babies. I could go on, but do you get my point? There is no trend. Non-celebs and celebs alike have been adopting children from a variety of races for decades. And for all of the celebrities that have adopted, so many more have stuck to biological children (once again, there is no trend).

I absolutely agree with your general premise about bringing more attention to the need among minority children open for adoption, BUT at least use actual facts instead of made up theories.

Deni on

Just my two cents on the adopted child not looking like the parent. I have two adopted brothers who are mexican descent. The rest of our family are european/scandinavian descent. We do not look alike. Both my brothers have been called “wetbacks” and had to learn to deal with the discrimation that we didn’t have to deal with (except on the sidelines). The fact that “we” didn’t have any issues with their nationalities, doesn’t mean the rest of the world doesn’t. So, adoptive parents need to keep that in mind.

Also, a friend of mine who adopted his step-son told me his experience. His stepson was biracial (black father, white mother). So, now with a stepfather that is white and a mother who is white and the child is black (in appearance). My friend told me a story from the park, when his stepson was playing with friends and his mother arrived to pick him up. He told the mother watching all the kids that his mother was here to pick him up. The mother ask where as she didn’t see his mother as she was looking for a black women not a white one.

So, to say race, nationality and looks don’t matter is naive. How it is handled within the family will provide support but it will come into issue some day.

That said I’m all for children being raise in a loving, happy, healthy home regardless of color, race, nationality or looks.

NoTrollZone on

Don’t feed the trolls, people. Some “anonymous” people come on here and say shocking things just to get a rise out of people and get attention (for which they are desperate) and it works! This “anon” person is obviously one of those. Beautiful baby and Mama and beautiful name!

NoTrollZone on

Her name is KRISTIN not KristEN. I bet she gets as sick of people misspelling her name as my daughter does.

Doreen on

I wonder why white women love to adopt black babies? Kinda like when I was little and played w/Barbies…for some reason, I liked playing w/my friend’s black barbie dolls. 🙂 Thank God for white people adopting black babies!! Now, for blacks to use protection…a word they’ve never heard of it seems!!

soph on

And what does your daughter have to do with anything?

KD’s name wasn’t misspelled in the headline/article so does it really matter?

soph on

Well, good thing your dolls weren’t actual babies, huh Doreen? Lucky for them…really.

nathalie on


Indianfire83 on

I’m happy for her.

I happen to be adopted. I am Indian, raised by White parents. There are four kids in our family-all adopted. We are all pf different nationalities. I’m grateful for people who are accepting and open-minded. But for people out there that feel the need to spread negativity, don’t say anything unless you know exactly what you are talking about. I’m very lucky to be alive today. I wouldn’t be if it weren’t for my adoptive parents.

Deborah on

Why are these stars all adopting baby’s not of their race? I don’t understand that. Is it for the attention or what?

Ayana on

Why are people so concerned with the fact that she adopted a baby of another race? I thought love, particularly parental love is unconditional, therefore transcends physical appearance. I am so happy and proud of Kristin hopefully this will inspire more people to adopt.

Patti Smith on

That baby will be traumatized for life with a white name like Gemma…what about naming her LaKeesha or LaTonda?

Georgia on

This picture is absolutely adorable. The baby could be hispanic. Would that be better? No!!!! Kristin is happy and deserves to be a mother.

Georgia on

It’s sad that we live in a country where people have coined names to being black and white.

FC on

Gemma is adorable. I love her name, and I’m happy for Kristin on her new baby girl. 🙂

wpsegura on

After reading some of the comments, I have to say that I a appalled by some. Gemma is a great name for the child, and why would you name the child a stereotypical African American name. I was adopted and I a Cuban, Haitian, and Dominican (birth mom Cuban, dad Haitian and Dominican) and was raised African American.

The only wish I have is that my mother spoke Spanish to me since she was the cousin of my birth mother. Other than that I had a great life. I would love to adopt myself and do not care what raise the child is. Love is all that matters. I wish more people would adopt, children need to be loved.

Inez on

I am half-black/half-white and was adopted domestically by a white woman and a black man when I was a baby. My mother was the one who raised me. Of course I realized early on that I didn’t look like her but that never bothered me. What bothered me was people needing to point it out or say that I HAD to be adopted because we don’t look alike. Why, yes, I am adopted but it’s very ignorant to assume that based on skin color alone. I could have just as easily been the genetic offspring of my parents rather than being adopted.

That being said, I am glad Kristin Davis adopted not just domestically but an African-American child as well. Statistically, we are the hardest to be placed because the overwhelming demand is for white infants, particularly girls. Often times African-American children are never adopted and are left to bounce around foster care until they age out of the system, never having a true home or knowing the love of a stable family. I am happy to see the “trend” of more an more African-American children being adopted whether by celebrities or by ordinary people. I am glad more people are open to having any child join their family, not just specific ones. Every child who has been placed for adoption deserves a good, loving, stable home no matter what their age, race, or health/developmental needs.

Emily Heizer Photography on

I was really happy about this. I had this distinct feeling when I’d seen her interviewed over the last few years that she really wanted a family and it hadn’t quite worked out how she’d planned. I’m SO GLAD her family has finally come to her! For anyone to get that gift… it makes me teary eyed. Looking at my future I am sort of in the same position and wondering how my own family will be formed.

It also makes me smile a little to think that fiction has become reality… Her character, Charlotte, adopted a child on SATC, a child of another race/nationality. She also had a child named Rose! It is funny how these little coincidences work their way into reality!

Cute Beltz on


Boomer on

I’m really happy she adopted, if that’s what makes her happy. Angelina Jolie adopted and raised her son as a single mom way before Brad entered the picture. TO the old prudes who say you HAVE to have a man to raise a happy child, that’s FALSE! The more you force that message onto your children and yourself the worse off you are. You only need at least 1 parental unit who shows you unconditional love.

“Traditional families” are out. Modern families such as this are in.

Elizabeth on

Gorgeous baby and mama! (I find it’s best to ignore people who seek attention on these boards by saying dumb things.) Let the ignoring begin!

ampy on

So happy for them !! Congrats!!

Shag on

Very nice.

Anonymous on

People , when you cannot have children like me it does not matter the colour if their skin. When a child gives you a hug it is a feeling I cannot describe!

Alana on

I think Sandra Bullock’s baby Louis is one of the more adorable babies around. He’s a little doll! Would love to see more pics of him.

What a cutie he is!

So happy for Baby Gemma and Kristin!

Ali on

Gemma is pronounced like Jemma…like a gem stone. It’s Italian.

Phoebe on

I have to agree with part of The One’s comment. There seems to be a blindness involved and I keep hearing about how important “love” is, however it is equally important to consider the history/present of the country (USA) that we live and the challenges that still exist today. To ignore these things and say “love” will make everything alright is not the case. An African American child may @ some point have to deal with racial slurs, etc. is the parent prepared to deal with those questions and handle them properly vs. saying “Oh they didn’t mean it that way.” Culture is a very important, especially when you are trying to find out who you are. I have heard too many times “I don’t know what to do with this child’s hair.” etc. Well that is something that should have been considered BEFORE the process began. No I am not saying that adopting across cultural lines is wrong, but I am saying that the white/black issue is much, much more of a minefield than other cross cultural adoptions. I have seen them first hand and no I don’t speak for every white/black adoption, but the ones I have seen up close need more than “love” to make it work. Common sense and knowledge go a lot further than this vague use of “love.”

anonymous on

I know a couple (they’re white) who adopted a little African-American boy. A few years later they were foster parents to a little African-American girl who they are now in the processes of adopting. When the mother of the little girl had another baby she was taken away almost right after birth and they took her in too and are are in the process of adopting that little girl too. They are well taken care of and happy. And when he walks away from the baby she cries for him. He is the only father she knows. She doesn’t care about the color of his skin. She only cares that her daddy left the room. Love doesn’t care about color.

Tamara Merges on

Only an idiot would think that race will stop a mther and child from bonding! Its a blessing to see others as God sees all of us….”Equal!” What a beautiful person Kristen! God Bless you and your beautiful baby!

Nikki on

To the person asking about why she adopted a child of a different race, I have personally seen many white people adopt Chinese babies and I have never heard anyone question that. That is an ignorant question. It is not about the race, it is about a human being that is loved by another human being and not only loved, but chosen.